801 Apurva
Pet name: Apu/ Aurva/ Purva/ Ava
Meaning: Trendy
802 Aqiba
Pet name: Aqi/ Aiba/ Qiba
Meaning: Result, Consequence
803 Aqidah
Pet name: Aqi/ Aidah/ Idah/ Qidah/ Aiah 
Meaning: Faith Or Belief In Something
804 Aqsaa
Pet name: Aqaa/ Aqsi
Meaning: Utmost, Farthest Or The Pinnacle
805 Arabella
Pet name: Ara/ Abella/ Bella/ Aella
Meaning: Eagle Heroine
806 Aracelli
Pet name: Ara/ Acelli/ Aelli/ Celli
Meaning: Variation: Aracely
807 Aracelly
Pet name: Ara/ Celly/ Acelly
Meaning: Altar Of Heaven
808 Arachana
Pet name: Ara/ Rachana/ Achana/ Ahana
Meaning: Trendy
809 Arachelvi
Pet name: Ara/ Achelvi/ Rachelvi/ Aelvi/ Alvi/ Avi
Meaning: Creative
810 Aradana
Pet name: Ara/ Radana/ Adana/ Anna
Meaning: Lord Shiva
811 Aradhana
Pet name: Ara/ Radhana/ Adhana/ Dhana/ Ahana
Meaning: Worship
812 Aradhita
Pet name: Ara/ Adhita/ Ahita/ Radhita/ Hita/ Rahitha
Meaning: Worshiped
813 Aradhya
Pet name: Ara/ Adhya/ Radhya/Ahya
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
814 Arafaa
Pet name: Ara/ Rafaa/ Afaa
Meaning: Knowledgeable 
815 Arakodi
Pet name: Ara/ Rakodi/ Akodi
Meaning: Righteous Girl
816 Aralai
Pet name: Ara/ Ralai/ Alai
Meaning: Flower
817 Aramagal
Pet name: Ara/ Ramagal/ Agal/ Aram/ Aral
Meaning: Righteous Girl
818 Araminta
Pet name: Ara/ Raminta/ Ramina/ Ainta
Meaning: Lofty
819 Aramoli
Pet name: Ara/ Ramoli/ Moli/ Amoli
Meaning: Righteous Word
820 Aranga
Pet name: Ara/ Anga/ Ranga
Meaning: Easter
821 Arani
Pet name: Ara/ Rani/ Arai
Meaning: The Sun
822 Aranya
Pet name: Ara/ Ranya/ Anya
Meaning: Wild Forest, Generosity
823 Aranyaka
Pet name: Ara/ Ranyaka/ Anyaka
Meaning: One Who Lives In Forest
824 Arasi
Pet name: Ara/ Asi
Meaning: Queen
825 Arathi
Pet name: Ara/ Rathi/ Arthi/ Arhi
Meaning: Creative
826 Arati
Pet name: Ara/ Arai/ Arai
Meaning: Worship
827 Archa
Pet name: Ara/ Acha
Meaning: Worship
828 Archana
Pet name: Ara/ Rachana/ Ahan
Meaning: Atom
829 Archini
Pet name: Ara/ Rachini/ Rachi/ Achini
Meaning: Ray Of Light
830 Archisha
Pet name: Ara/ Ari/ Chisha/ Isha/ Aisha/ Risha
Meaning: A Ray Of Light
831 Archita
Pet name: Ara/ Rachita/ Achita/ Ahita
Meaning: One Who Is Worshipped
832 Ardeen
Pet name: Are/ Areen/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Reen
Meaning: Warm, One Who Is Passionate And Enthusiastic
833 Arden
Pet name: Are/ Aren/ Aden
Meaning: Valley Of The Eagle
834 Ardice
Pet name: Ardi/ Ari/ Adice
Meaning: Flowering Field
835 Ardra
Pet name: Ara/ AdraC
Meaning: 6th Nakshatra, Blooming Meadow
836 Areeba
Pet name: Are/ Ara/ Aeeba/ Reeba/ Eeba
Meaning: Brilliant, Witty And Smart
837 Aresha
Pet name: Are/ Aesha/ Esha/ Ares
Meaning: Under An Umbrella
838 Aretha
Pet name: Are/ Aetha/ Retha
Meaning: Virtuous
839 Arezo
Pet name: Are/ Aezo/ Ezo/ Arez
Meaning: Wish Or Desire
840 Arfaana
Pet name: Arfa/ Aana/ Afaan/ Rafaanac
Meaning: Wisdom, Decisiveness
841 Arhaa
Pet name: Araa
Meaning: Calm
842 Aria
Pet name: Ari/ Aia/ Ria
Meaning: Lioness, Noble
843 Ariah
Pet name: Ari/ Riah/ Aiah
Meaning: A Beautiful Melody
844 Ariana
Pet name: Ari/ Riana/ Aiana/ Anan/ Ria
Meaning: Very Holy
845 Arifa
Pet name: Ari/ Aifa/ Rifa
Meaning: Knowledgeable
846 Arika
Pet name: Ari/ Aika/ Rika/ Aria
Meaning: Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity
847 Ariksha
Pet name: Ari/ Aksha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Healer, Comfortable
848 Ariktha
Pet name: Ari/ Riktha/ Iktha/ Riks/ Aritha
Meaning: Fulfilled
849 Arila
Pet name: Ari/ Ila/ Aila/ Rila
Meaning: Trendy
850 Arisha
Pet name: Ari/ Risha/ Aris/ Aisha
Meaning: Peace 
851 Arishma
Pet name: Ari/ Rishma/ Rish/ Ishma/ Isha
Meaning: Trendy
852 Arithi
Pet name: Ari/ Rithi
Meaning: Wish, Desire, Cravings
853 Arivarasi
Pet name: Ari/ Rivarasi/ Arasi/ Arsi/ Rasi
Meaning: Queen Of Intelligence
854 Arivoli
Pet name: Ari/ Avoli/ Rivoli/ Arioli
Meaning: Ray Of Intelligence
855 Arivudai
Pet name: Ari/ Rivudai/ Udai
Meaning: Intelligent
856 Ariya
Pet name: Ari/ Riya
Meaning: A Ray Of Hope
857 Arizah
Pet name: Ari/ Rizah/ Aizah/ Azah/ Riza
Meaning: Trendy
858 Arja
Pet name: Arju/ Aja/ Ara
Meaning: Divine
859 Arjuni
Pet name: Ajju/ Arjuu/ Aruni
Meaning: Dawn, White Cow
860 Arka
Pet name: Arak/ Ara
Meaning: The Sun, Rays
861 Arkali
Pet name: Ara/ Kali/ Ali
Meaning: Abundant, Flood
862 Arkita
Pet name: Ara/ Akita/ Arrki/ Aita
Meaning: Plentiful
863 Arlene
Pet name: Arle/ Alene/ Aene
Meaning: Oath
864 Arleth
Pet name: Aelr/ Aleth
Meaning: Ari/ Ani
865 Arni
Pet name: Ari/ Ani
Meaning: Sun
866 Arohi
Pet name: Aro/ Rohi/ Ahi
Meaning: Growth, Music
867 Arona
Pet name: Aro/ Rona
Meaning: Mountain Of Strength
868 Aroob
Pet name: Aro/ Roob
Meaning: A Woman Who Smiles Often
869 Arooba
Pet name: Aro/ Rooba 
Meaning: Happy And Optimistic Woman 
870 Arpana
Pet name: Arpa/ Arana/ Ara/ Aana
Meaning: Surrendered, Gifted
871 Arpita
Pet name: Ara/ Apita/ Arita
Meaning: Dedicated To God
872 Arsha
Pet name: Ara/ Asha/ Arha
Meaning: Prayer Ceremony
873 Arshi
Pet name: Ara/ Arshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Ara/ Arshi/ Ashi
874 Arshia
Pet name: Ara/ Arshia/ Asia/ Asia/ Aria/ Ariha
Meaning: Heavenly, Divine
875 Arshika
Pet name: Arshi/ Ara/ Ashika/ Aika/ Shika
Meaning: Creative
876 Arshitha
Pet name: Ari/ Ashitha/ Ahitha/ Arshi/ Hitha
Meaning: Divine
877 Arshiya
Pet name: Arshi/ Ara/ Shiya/ Siya/ Arsi
Meaning: Creative
878 Arthi
Pet name: Ari/ Rathi
Meaning: To Give, Beauty
879 Arti
Pet name: Ari
Meaning: Hymns Sang In Praise Of God With Lamp In Hand
880 Arubiyyah
Pet name: Aru/ Abiyyah/ Rubiyyah/ Aubi/ Ruby
Meaning: One Who Is Fluent, Eloquent
881 Arukeshi
Pet name: Aru/ Rukeshi/ Ruke/ Keshi/ Eshi
Meaning: Trendy
882 Arulammal
Pet name: Aru/ Arul
Meaning: Blessed Girl
883 Arularasi
Pet name: Aru/ Aula/ Arasi/ Rasi/ Asi
Meaning: Blessed Queen
884 Arumai
Pet name: Aru/ Rumai/ Armai/ Amai
Meaning: Unique
885 Aruna
Pet name: Aru/ Runa/ Auna
Meaning: Dawn, Red Cow
886 Arundhathi
Pet name: Aru/ Andhathi/ Dhathi/ Aruna
Meaning: A Small Star Near The Great Bear
887 Arundhati
Pet name: Aru/ Aruna/ Dhathi/ Hathi
Meaning: A Star
888 Aruni
Pet name: Aru/ Auni/ Arni
Meaning: Rising Sun
889 Arunima
Pet name: Aru/ Anima/ Aruni/ Nima
Meaning: Glow Of Dawn
890 Arushi
Pet name: Aru/ Ashi/ Rushi/ Aushi
Meaning: First Ray Of Sunlight
891 Arusi
Pet name: Aru/ Arsi/ Arsi
Meaning: Sun
892 Arutpa
Pet name: Aru/ Rupa/ Rupta
Meaning: Divine Song
893 Arva
Pet name: Ava/ Ara
Meaning: Fastest Motion Wind, Moving Air
894 Arvana
Pet name: Ava/ Arva/ Avana
Meaning: Quick, Fast
895 Arvi
Pet name: Ari/ Avi
Meaning: Fresh Water Or Green Water
896 Arvia
Pet name: Ari/ Avia/ Avi
Meaning: From The Sea Shore
897 Arvinda
Pet name: Arvi/ Ari/ Avinda/ Vinda/ Inda
Meaning: Empowered
898 Arwa
Pet name: Ara/ Awa
Meaning: Graceful And Beauty
899 Arwaa
Pet name: Araa/ Awaa
Meaning: Softness, Lightness
900 Arya
Pet name: Ara
Meaning: Noble Goddess
901 Aryaa
Pet name: Araa/ Ayaar
Meaning: Friend, Faithful
902 Aryah
Pet name: Arya/ Ara/ Ayah
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Honored
903 Aryahi
Pet name: Ara/ Arahi/ Ayahi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
904 Aryana
Pet name: Ara/ Ayana/ Arana
Meaning: Very Holy One
905 Aryanna
Pet name: Araa/ Arnaa/ Anna/ Araana
Meaning: Very Holy One
906 Aryia
Pet name: Ara/ Aria/ Ariya
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Honored
907 Aryika
Pet name: Ari/ Aryi/ Ayika/ Arika
Meaning: Noble Lady
908 Arzah
Pet name: Ara/ Arz/ Azah
Meaning: Passionate, Intelligent
909 Arzu
Pet name: Aru/ Azzu
Meaning: Wish, Hope, Love
910 Asah
Pet name: Asa/ Sah
Meaning: Plant Known For Its Greenness
911 Asalah
Pet name: Asa/ Alah/ Asala/ Asalh
Meaning: Purity, Nobility Of Descent
912 Asali
Pet name: Asa/ Asil/ Ali
Meaning: Made Of Honey
913 Asani
Pet name: Asa/ Aani/ Asni
Meaning: A Flash Of Lighting
914 Asarat
Pet name: Asa/ Aarat/ Asara
Meaning: Creative
915 Asavari
Pet name: Asa/ Asav/ Aari/ Avari
Meaning: Creative
916 Aseelah
Pet name: Asee/ Aseea/ Aseela/ Aselah/ Alah
Meaning: reeper Of Hope
917 Aseema
Pet name: Asee/ Aeema/ Seema/ Aeea/ Emma
Meaning: Limitless
918 Asenath
Pet name: Ase/ Enath/ Senath/ Aenath
Meaning: Belonging To God
919 Asenka
Pet name: Ase/ Aenka/ Senka
Meaning: Graceful
920 Asfaq
Pet name: Asaq/ Asfa/ Afaq
Meaning: Very Holy One
921 Asha
Pet name: Sha
Meaning: Hope
922 Ashaja
Pet name: Asha/ Haja/ Aja/ Aju
Meaning: Trendy
923 Ashaki
Pet name: Asha/ Ahaki/ Shaki
Meaning: One Who Is Beautiful
924 Ashalata
Pet name: Asha/ Aha/ Lata/ Ahal/ Alata
Meaning: Creeper Of Hope
925 Ashantii
Pet name: Asha/ Ahantii/ Shanti
Meaning: Thank You
926 Ashavari
Pet name: Asha/ Ash/ Avari/ Ari
Meaning: Spirit Of The Heavens
927 Asheeyana
Pet name: Ashee/ Eeyana/ Heeyana/ Aeeyana/ Sheeyana
Meaning: House, Nest
928 Asheley
Pet name: Ashe/ Eley/ Ash/ Heley
Meaning: Ash Meadow
929 Ashely
Pet name: Ash/ Ashe/ Hely
Meaning: Ash Meadow
930 Ashi
Pet name: Ash/ Ahi
Meaning: Trendy
931 Ashia
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahia/ Shia/ Sia
Meaning: Lively
932 Ashika
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahika/ Shika/ Shia/ Sia
Meaning: Infinite, One Without Sorrow
933 Ashima
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahima/ Hima/ Aima/ Ima
Meaning: Limitless, Without Borders
934 Ashiqa
Pet name: Ashi/ Shiqa/ Shiq/ Hiqa/ Hia
Meaning: Sweet Heart, Beloved
935 Ashita
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahita/ Shita/ Sita
Meaning: River Yamuna
936 Ashiya
Pet name: Ashi/ Aiya/ Shiya/ Shia/ Sia
Meaning: Trendy
937 Ashle
Pet name: Ash/ Ale
Meaning: A Form Of Ashley
938 Ashleen
Pet name: Ash/ Ahleen/ Aleen/ Aeen/ Leen
Meaning: Dream
939 Ashleey
Pet name: Ash/ Ahleey/ Aleeny/ Aneey
Meaning: Creative
940 Ashlei
Pet name: Ash/ Alei/ Alei/ Ashei
Meaning: Creative
941 Ashlen
Pet name: Ash/ Ahlen/ Alen/ Aen
Meaning: Trendy
942 Ashlesha
Pet name: Ash/ Alesha/ Aesha/ Esha/ Ashle
Meaning: A Star
943 Ashley
Pet name: Ash/ Ashle/ Aley
Meaning: Ash Tree Meadow
944 Ashmika
Pet name: Ash/ Amika/ Ahmika/ Mika/ Ahika
Meaning: A Beautiful Women With Long Hair
945 Ashmita
Pet name: Ash/ Ahmita/ Amita/ Mita
Meaning: Nature, Very Strong
946 Ashna
Pet name: Ash/ Ahna
Meaning: Perfumed, Beloved
947 Ashni
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahni
Meaning: Lightning
948 Ashritha
Pet name: Ashi/ Aritha/ Ritha/ Shritha/ Shri/ Ashri
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
949 Ashrutha
Pet name: Ash/ Arutha/ Rutha/ Shrutha 
Meaning: Fearless Or Brave
950 Ashti
Pet name: Ash/ Ashi
Meaning: Peace
951 Ashtin
Pet name: Ash/ Ashi/ Ahtin
Meaning: A Form Of Ashton
952 Ashton
Pet name: Ash/ Ahton/ Aon
Meaning: From Ash Tree Town
953 Ashtyn
Pet name: Ash/ Ahtynn/ Atynn
Meaning: A Form Of Ashton
954 Ashvini
Pet name: Ash/ Avini/ Aini/ Vini
Meaning: Light, Horse Tamer
955 Ashwathy
Pet name: Ash/ Ashwa/ Awathy/ Ahwathy/ Wathy
Meaning: An Angel
956 Ashwika
Pet name: Ash/ Awika/ Ahwika/ Aika
Meaning: Goddess Name
957 Ashwini
Pet name: Ash/ Awini/ Ahwini/ Winni
Meaning: Star, Wealthy
958 Ashya
Pet name: Asha/ Ahya/ Shya
Meaning: Devoted Women
959 Asiah
Pet name: Asi/ Siah/ Aiah/ Sia
Meaning: A Form Of AsiaC
960 Asifa
Pet name: Asi/ Aifa/ Sifa
Meaning: Organizer
961 Asika
Pet name: Asi/ Aika/ Sika
Meaning: Dagger, Sharp
962 Asikni
Pet name: Asi/ Aikni/ Asiki
Meaning: The Dark One, The Night
963 Asilia
Pet name: Asi/ Ailia/ Silia
Meaning: Honest
964 Asima
Pet name: Asi/ Aima/ Sima
Meaning:  Protector, Guardian
965 Asira
Pet name: Asi/ Aira/ Ara/ Sia
Meaning: Honored, Chosen, Preferred
966 Asistha
Pet name: Asi/ Sistha/ Asis/ Asitha/ Asiha
Meaning: Active, Very Quick
967 Asita
Pet name: Asi/ Aita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: The River Yamuna
968 Asivini
Pet name: Asi/ Avini/ Aini
Meaning: Wealthy, A Star
969 Asiya
Pet name: Asi/ Siya/ Sia
Meaning: Beautiful Sunshine
970 Asiyah
Pet name: Asi/ Siyah/ Sia
Meaning: Pretty
971 Aslesha
Pet name: Ase/ Asler/ Aesha/ Lesha/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: A Star
972 Asma
Pet name: Asa
Meaning: Excellent, Precious, Daughter Of Abu Bakr
973 Asmaa
Pet name: Asa/ Amaa
Meaning: Chaste, Virtuous, Precious, Valuable, Excellent
974 Asmani
Pet name: Asa/ Amani/ Mani
Meaning: Heavenly, Divine
975 Asmee
Pet name: Ase/ Amee
Meaning: Ase/ Amee
976 Asmi
Pet name: Asi/ Ami
Meaning: Creative
977 Asmita
Pet name: Asi/ Mita/ Amita/ Mia
Meaning: Pride , Very Hard And Strong
978 Asna
Pet name: Asa/ Ana
Meaning: Eating A Lot, Voracious
979 Asnat
Pet name: Asna/ Anat/ Ana
Meaning: Belonging To God
980 Astha
Pet name: Asa/ Atha/ Asha
Meaning: Faith
981 Astikya
Pet name: Asti/ Stikya/ Ikya/ Asi
Meaning: Belief, Faith, Faith In Scripture And God
982 Astrti
Pet name: Asti/ Arti/ Ari
Meaning: Invincibility
983 Asvarya
Pet name: Asva/ Arya/ Svarya
Meaning: Marvelous
984 Aswani
Pet name: Asa/ Awani/ Wani/ Aswa
Meaning: Creative
985 Aswathi
Pet name: Aswa/ Asa/ Wathi/ Asa
Meaning: Grace
986 Aswathy
Pet name: Aswa/ Awathy/ Awa
Meaning: An Angel
987 Aswini
Pet name: Asi/ Aswi/ Awini
Meaning: Strong Women
988 Asya
Pet name: Asa/ Sya
Meaning: Creative
989 Atafah
Pet name: Atafa/ Afah
Meaning: Trendy
990 Atalaya
Pet name: Atala/ Alaya/ Laya
Meaning: Watch Tower
991 Atara
Pet name: Ata/ Ara
Meaning: Crown
992 Ateret
Pet name: Ater/ Aere/ Eret
Meaning: Crown
993 Atfah
Pet name: Atfa/ Afah/ Atah
Meaning: Friend
994 Athalia
Pet name: Atha/ Ahalia/ Alia
Meaning: God Is Great
995 Atheena
Pet name: Athe/ Aeena/ Ateena/ Eena
Meaning: Wise, Goddess Of War
996 Athena
Pet name: Athe/ Aena/ Ahena
Meaning: Goddess Of Wise
997 Athera
Pet name: Aera/ Ara/ Aher/ Hera
Meaning: Path
998 Athira
Pet name: Aera/ Ara/ Aher/ Hera
Meaning: Path
999 Athulya
Pet name: Auya/ Aulya/ Alya
Meaning: Unique, Perfect
1000 Atifa
Pet name: Atia/ Aifa
Meaning: Affectionate
1001 Atika
Pet name: Aiki
Meaning: Overflowing, Outdoing
1002 Atira
Pet name: Aira/ Aira
Meaning: Fragrant, Aromatic, Perfumed
1003 Atiriya
Pet name: Atiri/ Riya/ Tiriya/ Aiya
Meaning: Very Dear, Loved
1004 Atitheya
Pet name: Atitheya
Meaning:  Humble, Hospitality
1005 Atiya
Pet name: Ati/ Aiya
Meaning: A Gift
1006 Atiyyaat
Pet name: Ati/ Atiya/ Aiyyat
Meaning: Gifts
1007 Atmaja
Pet name: Atma/ Aja/ Amaja
Meaning: Born Of The Soul , Daughter
1008 Atmika
Pet name: Atmi/ Amika/ Mika
Meaning: Light Of Divine
1009 Atmikha
Pet name: Atmi/ Amikha/ Mikha/ Aikha
Meaning: Light Of Divine
1010 Atreyi
Pet name: Atri/ Areyi/ Reyi
Meaning: Receptacle Of Glory, A River
1011 Atriya
Pet name: Atri/ Aryi/ Riya
Meaning: Over Flowering
1012 Attarah
Pet name: Atta/ Arah/ Ara
Meaning: Perfume Seller Or Perfume Maker
1013 Atubah
Pet name: Atuba/ Aubah/ Abah
Meaning: Gentle And Delicate
1014 Atula
Pet name: Atu/ Aula/ Atul
Meaning: Unequalled
1015 Atula
Pet name: Atu/ Aula
Meaning: Incomparable
1016 Aubrey
Pet name: Aub/ Abrey/ Arey
Meaning: Elf Ruler
1017 Aubriana
Pet name: Aub/ Ariana/ Aiana/ Aiana/ Anna
Meaning: Rules With Elf Wisdom
1018 Aubrie
Pet name: Aub/ Arie
Meaning: Noble Ruler
1019 Audey
Pet name: Aude/ Udey
Meaning: Noble Strength
1020 Audreanne
Pet name: Audre/ Areanne/ Eanne/ Anne/ Reanne/ Rea
Meaning: Trendy
1021 Audree
Pet name: Audre/ Aree/ Auree/ Aee
Meaning: Strength, Noble
1022 Audrey
Pet name: Aur/ Arey/ Adrey/ Aurey
Meaning: Noble Strength
1023 Audriana
Pet name: Audri/ Ariana/ Riana/ Ria
Meaning: Nobility, Strength
1024 Audrie
Pet name: Audi/ Arie/ Aurie
Meaning: Trendy
1025 Audrina
Pet name: Audri/ Arina/ Ari/ Rina
Meaning: Noble Strength
1026 Augusta
Pet name: Augus/ Austa/ Gusta
Meaning: Great, Magnificent
1027 Aurel
Pet name: Aur/ Arel/ Ael/ Urel
Meaning: Golden Angel
1028 Aurora
Pet name: Auro/ Arora/ Aura/ Aro
Meaning: Dawn Or Early Morning
1029 Auruthi
Pet name: Aru/ Aur/ Aruthi/ Ruthi/ Uruthi
Meaning: Trendy
1030 Aushi
Pet name: Ausi/ Asi/ Ushi
Meaning: Long Lived
1031 Austynn
Pet name: Austy/ Atynn/ Aynn/ Uynn
Meaning: One Who Is Venerable , Majestic
1032 Avaani
Pet name: Avaa/ Vaani/ Aani
Meaning: Earth
1033 Avabha
Pet name: Ava/ Abha/ Avaba
Meaning: Shining, Brilliant
1034 Avanati
Pet name: Ava/ Avan/ Anati/ Vanati
Meaning: Bowing Down, Humble
1035 Avani
Pet name: Ava/ Vani/ Ani
Meaning: Earth
1036 Avanni
Pet name: Ava/ Vanni/ Anni
Meaning: Earth
1037 Avanthi
Pet name: Avani/ Ava/ Vanthi/ Vani
Meaning: Name Of A Historical City
1038 Avanthika
Pet name: Avan/ Athika/ Avanthi/ Ahika/ Aika
Meaning: Infinite, Humble, Modest
1039 Avanti
Pet name: Ava/ Vanthi/ Anti/ Avi/ Avati
Meaning: Endless, Modest
1040 Avantika
Pet name: Ava/Anthika/ Vanikia/ Anika/ Avanti
Meaning: The Princess Of Ujjain
1041 Aveena
Pet name: Avee/ Aeena/ Aeen/ Veena
Meaning: Trendy
1042 Avelin
Pet name: Ave/ Velin/ Elin
Meaning: Strength
1043 Averi
Pet name: Ave/ Aeri/ Aari/ Veri 
Meaning: Elf Counsel Or Ruler
1044 Averie
Pet name: Ave/ Aerie/ Arie/ Verie
Meaning: Elf Counsel Or Ruler
1045 Avery
Pet name: Ave/ Aery
Meaning: Wise
1046 Aviana
Pet name: Avi/ Viana/ Vina/ Avia/ Ana/ Anna
Meaning: Like A Bird Or A Bird
1047 Avichala
Pet name: Avi/ Achala/ Vichala
Meaning: Unmovable
1048 Avigail
Pet name: Avi/ Agail/ Vigail
Meaning: My Father Is Joy
1049 Avijita
Pet name: Avi/ Aijita/ Avij/ Jita/ Ijitha
Meaning: Unbeatable
1050 Avika
Pet name: Avi/ Aika/ Vika
Meaning: Brave
1051 Aviksha
Pet name: Avi/ Viksha/ Vik/ Iksha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
1052 Avil
Pet name: Avi/ Ail
Meaning: A Bird
1053 Avila
Pet name: Avi/ Aila/ Vila
Meaning: Bird, Strength
1054 Avinashi
Pet name: Avi/ Vinsahi/ Ainashi/ Inashi/ Aina
Meaning: Indestructible
1055 Avinchala
Pet name: Avi/ Anchala/ Vinchala/ Achala
Meaning: Unmovable Or Cannot Be Changed
1056 Avini
Pet name: Avi/ Aini/ Vinni
Meaning:  Avi/ Aini/ Vinni
1057 Avipsa
Pet name: Avi/ Ipsa/ Aipsa/ Avip
Meaning: The Earth
1058 Avira
Pet name: Avi/ Aira/ Ara
Meaning: Brave, Strong
1059 Avishi
Pet name: Avi/ Vishi/ Ashi
Meaning: Earth, River
1060 Avisi
Pet name: Avi/ Asi/ Visi
Meaning: Mortal, Heaven
1061 Avisya
Pet name: Avi/ Aisya/ Visya/ Asya
Meaning: Desire, Desirous
1062 Avital
Pet name: Avi/ Aital/ Vital/ Atal
Meaning: My Father Is Dew 
1063 Aviva
Pet name: Avi/ Aiva/ Ava/ Viva
Meaning: Springtime
1064 Avivit
Pet name: Avi/ Vivit/ Avit
Meaning: Spring Time, Innocent
1065 Avleena
Pet name: Avee/ Aleena/ Aeena/ Leena/ Eena
Meaning: Loved One, Cared One 
1066 Avni
Pet name: Avi/ Anni
Meaning: The Earth
1067 Avrill
Pet name: Avi/ Arill/ Aill/ Rill
Meaning: Second, To Open
1068 Avvai
Pet name: Ava/ Avai
Meaning: Name Of A Famous Ancient Tamil Poetess
1069 Avyakta
Pet name: Avy/ Ayakta/ Yakta/ Vyakta
Meaning: Lord Ganesha, Invisible As God
1070 Awaidia
Pet name: Awa/ Aaidia/ Waidia/ Dia/ Awai/ Awaidi
Meaning: A Consoler
1071 Awaisha
Pet name: Awa/ Aisha/ Asha/ Waisha/ Isha
Meaning: One Who Is Having A Good Life
1072 Awaitha
Pet name: Awa/ Aitha/ Awai/ Aitha
Meaning: Unique, One Without Second
1073 Awaiza
Pet name: Awa/ Awai/ Aiza/ Waiza
Meaning: Consoler
1074 Awamira
Pet name: Awa/ Amira/ Wamira/ Mira/ Aira/ Ira
Meaning: Long Lived
1075 Awantika
Pet name: Awa/ Antika/ Aika/ Aanti/ Waika
Meaning: Goddess, Princess
1076 Awatif
Pet name: Awa/ Atif/ Watif/ Awati
Meaning: Kindness, Feeling
1077 Awdiya
Pet name: Awa/ Diya/ Dia/ Widya
Meaning: Valleys
1078 Awira
Pet name: Awi/ Aira/ Wira
Meaning:  An Interesting Personality
1079 Awja
Pet name: Awa/ Aja/ Waja
Meaning: Top Or The Highest Point
1080 Ayaana
Pet name: Ayaans/ Anna/ Yaana
Meaning: Innocent
1081 Ayah
Pet name: Ayaas/ Yaah
Meaning: Sign of God, Sign
1082 Ayakoz
Pet name: Ayak/ Yakoz/ Ayaoz
Meaning: One With Beautiful Eyes
1083 Ayala 
Pet name: Ayal/ Yala
Meaning: Female Deer, Wonderful, Great
1084 Ayana
Pet name: Ayans/ Aana/ Yaana
Meaning: A Beautiful Flower
1085 Ayaneh
Pet name: Ayan/ Aneh/ Yaneh/ Aneha
Meaning: Revolution
1086 Ayani
Pet name: Ayai/ Yani/ Ani
Meaning: Trendy
1087 Ayanna
Pet name: Ayana/ Anna/ Yanna
Meaning: Beautiful Blossom
1088 Ayanshi
Pet name: Ayan/ Yanisha/ Anisha/ Ani/ Nisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
1089 Ayathi
Pet name: Ayahi/ Yathi
Meaning: Royal
1090 Ayati
Pet name: Aya/ Yati/ Aati
Meaning: Stretching The Future, Majesty, Royal
1091 Ayda
Pet name: Ada/ Yada
Meaning: Returning, Visitor
1092 Aydenn
Pet name: Ayde/ Ydenn/ Yenn
Meaning: Pledge, Fire
1093 Ayeesha
Pet name: Ayee/ Aeesha/ Yeesha/ Eesha/ Ayeesha
Meaning: Alive, Beautiful
1094 Ayeisha
Pet name: Ayei/ Eisha/ Aeisha/ Isha/ Yeish
Meaning: The Life Of Woman
1095 Ayelet
Pet name: Aye/ Yelet/ Aelet
Meaning: Deer, Gazelle, Musical Instrument
1096 Ayesha
Pet name: Ayes/ Yesha/ Aesha/ Esha
Meaning: Daughter Of The Prophet
1097 Ayini
Pet name: Ayii/ Aini/ Yini
Meaning: Food, Rice
1098 Ayisha
Pet name: Ayii/ Aisha/ Asha/ Sha/ Yisha
Meaning: Woman, Alive
1099 Aylla
Pet name: Aya/ Alla
Meaning: From The Oak Tree
1100 Aymelek
Pet name: Aye/ Melek/ Ayme/ Alek
Meaning: Moon Angel
1101 Aynoor
Pet name: Ayno/ Anoor/ Ynoor/ Noor
Meaning: A Beautiful And Gorgeous Woman
1102 Ayodhika
Pet name: Ayodh/ Yodhika/ Aohika/ Ahika/ Ahika/ Ayohika
Meaning: Never Quarrels, Sedate
1103 Ayomi
Pet name: Ayom/ Aomi/ Aymi/ Yomi
Meaning: My Joy
1104 Ayomukhi
Pet name: Ayom/ Yomukhi/ Aymi/ Mukhi/ Aukhi/ Akhi
Meaning: Iron Face
1105 Ayothi
Pet name: Ayyi/ Ayoth/ Ayou
Meaning: Trendy
1106 Ayperi
Pet name: Aype/ Ayeri/ Peri/ Aeri
Meaning: Moon Fairy
1107 Aysha
Pet name: Ays/ Asha/ Yasha/ Sha
Meaning: Prosperous Woman, Alive And Well
1108 Aysia
Pet name: Ayi/ Aysi/ Sia
Meaning: East
1109 Ayushi
Pet name: Ayus/ Aushi/ Ushi
Meaning: Long Living
1110 Ayushmati
Pet name: Ayus/ Ayush/ Amati/ Ausha/ Usha/ Amathi
Meaning: One Who Has A Long Life
1111 Ayyubia
Pet name: Ayyub/ Aia/ Yubia/ Aubia
Meaning: Trendy
1112 Aza
Pet name: Azzu
Meaning: Powerful, Influential, One With Authority
1113 Azade
Pet name: Aza/ Azzu/ Zade/ Aade
Meaning: Free And Independent
1114 Azalia
Pet name: Aza/ Azzu/ Alia/ Zalia
Meaning: Spared By Jehovah Or Reserved By God
1115 Azarel
Pet name: Aza/ Arel/ Zarel
Meaning: God Has Helped
1116 Azari
Pet name: Aza/ Ari/ Zaari
Meaning: Azarnoush
1117 Azarnoush
Pet name: Aza/ Arnoush/ Azari/ Arno/ Ousha
Meaning: Right In Faith
1118 Azayiz
Pet name: Aza/ Zaiyz/ Ayiz/ Aziz/ Azaiz
Meaning: Mighty, Powerful, Respected
1119 Azbah
Pet name: Aza/ Abah/ Zbaah
Meaning: Fresh And Sweet
1120 Azbana
Pet name: Aza/ Abana/Zbana
Meaning: Trendy
1121 Azeebah
Pet name: Aza/ Zeebah/ Azee/ Abah/ Eebah
Meaning: Fresh And Sweet
1122 Azeeza
Pet name: Azee/ Zeeza/ Eeza
Meaning: Precious, Cherished
1123 Azegha
Pet name: Aze/ Zegha/ Egha/ Eha
Meaning: Trendy
1124 Azhaar
Pet name: Azha/ Zhaar/ Ahaar
Meaning: Flowers, Blossoms
1125 Azima
Pet name: Azi/ Aima/ Zima
Meaning: Magnificent, Glorious
1126 Aziza
Pet name: Azzi/ Ziza/ Aiza
Meaning: Noble, Honorable, Illustrious
1127 Azizah
Pet name: Azzi/ Aziz/ Zizah
Meaning: Esteemed, Precious, Cherished
1128 Azra
Pet name: Aza/ Ara/ Zra
Meaning: Virgin, Maiden  
1129 Azrah
Pet name: Aza/ Arah/ Zrah
Meaning: Protection
1130 Azza
Pet name: Aza/ Azzu
Meaning: Young Female Deer, Female Fawn
1131 Azzah
Pet name: Azza/ Azzu/ Zaah
Meaning: Young, Female Gazelle