1 Naabhak
Pet name: Naabhy/ Abhak/ Ahak
Meaning: Belonging To The Sky
2 Naabhay
Pet name: Naabhi/ Aabhay/ Abhi
Meaning: Trendy
3 Naabih
Pet name: Naabs/ Naabi/ Abih/ Abi
Meaning: Noble, Famous, Eminent, Outstanding
4 Naadhir
Pet name: Naad/ NaadAdhir/ Ahir/ Adir/ Dhir/ Adhi
Meaning: Dear, New
5 Naadir
Pet name: Naad/ Naair/ Adir/ Adi/ Aair
Meaning: Fresh, Rare
6 Naagender
Pet name: Naag/ Naags/ Naages/ Indra
Meaning: Creative
7 Naagendra
Pet name: Naag/ Naags/ Naages/ Gendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Of Serpents
8 Naagesh
Pet name: Naag/ Nages/ Agesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Mountains, Cosmic Serpant
9 Naagpal
Pet name: Naag/ Naags/ Agpal/ Pal
Meaning: Savior Of Serpents
10 Naagpathi
Pet name: Naag/ Agpathi/ Pathi/ Ahi
Meaning: King Of Serpents
11 Naagraj
Pet name: Naag/ Agraj/ Araj/ Ara/ Raj
Meaning: King Of Serpents, Sheshnaag
12 Naaif
Pet name: Naais/ Naas/ Aaif
Meaning: Trendy
13 Naair
Pet name: Naas/ Naais/ Aeer
Meaning: Light, The Sun
14 Naaqid
Pet name: Naaqs/ Naaqis/ Aaqid/ Aaid
Meaning: A Critic, A Reviewer
15 Naarang
Pet name: Naar/ Naaran/ Arang/ Naaran
Meaning: Orange, Human, A Twin
16 Naarayan
Pet name: Naar/ Naaray/ Arayan/ Rayan/ Ayan/ Raya
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Refuge Of Man
17 Naarendra
Pet name: Naars/ Naares/ Endra
Meaning: Trendy
18 Naashit
Pet name: Naash/ Naashis/ Ashit/ Asit
Meaning: Energetic, Dynamic, Fresh
19 Naasiih
Pet name: Naas/ Nasiis/ Aasih/ Aasi
Meaning: Advisor
20 Naasir
Pet name: Naas/ Naasis/ Aasir/ Aasi/ Naair
Meaning: Protector, Friend, Helper
21 Naathan
Pet name: Naath/ Naat/ Ahan/ Haan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
22 Naayak
Pet name: Naay/ Naas/ Aayak/ Aaya
Meaning: The Guide
23 Naayir
Pet name: Naayis/ Naas/ Ayir
Meaning: Trendy
24 Naazim
Pet name: Naaz/ Naazis/ Aazim/ Zim/ Naaim
Meaning: Arranger, Adjuster
25 Naazir
Pet name: Naaz/ Naazis/ Aazir/ Zir
Meaning: Bright, Radiant
26 Nabeel
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabees/ Nabees/ Abeel/ Beel/ Aeel/ Abe
Meaning: Nobel
27 Nabhan
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhs/ Abhan/ Ahan/ Aban
Meaning: Nobel
28 Nabhay
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhs/ Abhay/ Ahay
Meaning: Lord Shiva
29 Nabhayan
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhay/ Abhay/ Ayan
Meaning: Fearsome
30 Nabhij
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhis/ Nabhiju/ Abhij/ Ahij/ Aij
Meaning: Lord Brahma
31 Nabhya
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhys/ Abhya/ Abhy
Meaning: Lord Shiva
32 Nadan
Pet name: Nad/ Nads/ Adan
Meaning: Very Simple
33 Nadeen
Pet name: Nad/ Nads/ Nadees/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Adee
Meaning: Lord Of Rivers, Ocean
34 Nadeep
Pet name: Nad/ Nads/ Adeep/ Aeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Lord Of Wealth
35 Nadeesh
Pet name: Nad/ Nadees/ Adeesh/ Ade/ Aeesh/ Eesh/ Deesh
Meaning:  God Of River, Ocean, Hope, Lord Of Water
36 Nadhir
Pet name: Nad/ Nadhis/ Adhir/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Warner
37 Nadhivardhan
Pet name: Nad/ Nadhiv/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Ahan/ Dhan
Meaning: Brother Of Lord Mahavir
38 Nadim
Pet name: Nad/ Nadis/ Adim/ Aiim
Meaning: Noble, Highborn, Honorable
39 Nadir
Pet name: Nad/ Nair/ Adir/ Nair
Meaning: Rare
40 Nadish
Pet name: Nad/ Naish/ Adish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Ocean
41 Naeem
Pet name: Naees/ Naeems/ Aeem
Meaning: Comfort, Tranquility, Ease
42 Nagabhushan
Pet name: Naga/ Nagas/ Bhushan/ Bhus/ Ushan/ Uhan
Meaning: One Who Wears Snakes As Ornaments Or Lord Shiva
43 Nagarjuna
Pet name: Naga/ Nagar/ Arjuna/ Arjun/ Arjuu
Meaning: Strong, Brave, Confidence
44 Nagasata
Pet name: Naga/ Nagasat/ Agasata/ Agasta/ Asata
Meaning: Mountain Of Truth, A Holy Mountain
45 Nagdhar
Pet name: Nag/ Nagdh/ Agdhar/ Adhar/ Dhar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
46 Nageesh
Pet name: Nagees/ Nagee/ Ageesh/ Aeesh/ Geesh
Meaning: Trendy
47 Nagendra
Pet name: Nag/ Nagend/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Shiva
48 Nagesh
Pet name: Nag/ Nages/ Agesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
49 Nageshwar
Pet name: Nag/ Nagesh/ Agesh/ Eshwar/ Ehwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva, God Of Serpents
50 Nageshwaran
Pet name: Nag/ Nages/ Nagesh/ Agesh/ Eshwaran/ Esh/ Aran
Meaning: Lord Snake
51 Nahan
Pet name: Nah/ Nahas/ Ahan
Meaning: Love, Attractive
52 Nahid
Pet name: Nah/ Nahis/ Ahid/ Naid
Meaning: Stainless
53 Nahil
Pet name: Nah/ Nahis/ Ahil/ Ail
Meaning: Creative
54 Nahiyan
Pet name: Nah/ Nahiy/ Ahiy/ Hiyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Wise
55 Nahush
Pet name: Nah/ Nahus/ Ahush/ Ush
Meaning: Neighbor, Fellow Man
56 Nahusha
Pet name: Nah/ Nahush/ Ahusha/ Husha/ Usha/ Ush
Meaning: An Ancient King
57 Naif
Pet name: Naffy/ Nais/ Aif
Meaning: High, Magnificient
58 Naiin
Pet name: Naais/ Aiin
Meaning: Trendy
59 Naim
Pet name: Nai/ Naims/ Aaim/ Nim
Meaning: Happiness, Comfort
60 Naimesh
Pet name: Naim/ Nais/ Aimesh/ Iesh/ Mesh/ Esh
Meaning: A Saint
61 Naimish
Pet name: Naim/ Naimis/ Aimish/ Mish/ Ish
Meaning: Inside Viewer, Wink, Transient
62 Naindeep
Pet name: Nain/ Naind/ Aindeep/ Deep
Meaning: Eyes Full Of Light
63 Nainesh
Pet name: Nain/ Naines/ Ainesh/ Anesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord's Third Eye, Divine Eye
64 Nair
Pet name: Nais/ Nais/ Nir
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Leader
65 Naishal
Pet name: Nais/ Naish/ Aishal/ Ishal/ Aish/ Shal
Meaning: Parvat
66 Naitik
Pet name: Nais/ Naits Aitik/ Aiik
Meaning: Good In Nature
67 Naitvik
Pet name: Nais/ Nats/ Aitvik/ Vik/ Aiik
Meaning: Creative
68 Najair
Pet name: Naj/ Najai/ Ajair/ Jair
Meaning: Little Star
69 Najeeb
Pet name: Naj/ Najee/ Ajeeb/ Ajee/ Jeeb
Meaning: Noble Descent
70 Najeed
Pet name: Naj/ Najee/ Najee/ Ajeed/ Ajee/ Jeed/ Aeed
Meaning: Highland
71 Najeeh
Pet name: Naj/ Najee/ Ajeeh/ Ajee/ Aeeh
Meaning: Sound, Good (Opinion)
72 Najib
Pet name: Naj/ Najis/ Ajib/ Aib/ Jib
Meaning: Noble, Distinguished, Noble Descent
73 Najih
Pet name: Naj/ Najis/ Ajih/ Jih
Meaning: Sound, Good Opinion, Successful
74 Naju
Pet name: Naj/ Najs/ Aju
Meaning: Proudly, Noble
75 Najwan
Pet name: Naj/ Najwa/ Ajwan/ Awan
Meaning: Saved, Liberated
76 Nakash
Pet name: Nak/ Nakas/ Akash/ Akas/ Ash/ Kash
Meaning: Calm
77 Naksatra
Pet name: Nak/ Naksat/ Aksatra/ Aksa/ Atra
Meaning: Heavenly Body, A Constellation, A Pearl
78 Naksh
Pet name: Naks/ Aksh
Meaning: Moon
79 Nakshin
Pet name: Naks/ Naksh/ Akshin/ Akshi/ Ashin
Meaning: Trendy
80 Nakshis
Pet name: Naks/ Naksh/ Akshis/ Ashis
Meaning: Creative
81 Nakshith
Pet name: Nak/ Naksh/ Akshith/ Akshi/ Ashith/ Ahith/ Hith
Meaning: Power Of Lion
82 Nakul
Pet name: Naul/ Akul
Meaning: Sharp Minded, Lord Shiva
83 Nakulesh
Pet name: Naul/ Akul/ Nakul/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Intelligent Person
84 Nala
Pet name: Nal/ Ala
Meaning: Nothing
85 Nalan
Pet name: Nal/ Nala/ Alan/ Lan
Meaning:  Smart Boy
86 Nalesh
Pet name: Nal/ Nales/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: King Of Flowers
87 Nalikan
Pet name: Nalis/ Naliks/ Alian/ Likan
Meaning: Trendy
88 Nalikanth
Pet name: Nalik/ Nalikan/ Alikan/ Alikanth/ Anth/ Lianth
Meaning: Sun
89 Nalin
Pet name: Nali/ Nalis/ Alin/ Ali
Meaning: Lotus
90 Nalinaksh
Pet name: Nali/ Nalins/ Alin/ Naksh/ Aksh/ Ali
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
91 Nalinaksha
Pet name: Nalin/ Nalina/ Alin/ Ali/ Naksha/ Aksh
Meaning: Lotus-Eyed
92 Naman
Pet name: Nam/ Nams/ Aman
Meaning: Kind, Pleasant
93 Namish
Pet name: Nam/ Namis/ Amish/ Mish/ Aish
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Courteous
94 Namit
Pet name: Nam/ Namis/ Amit/ Nait
Meaning: Modest
95 Namith
Pet name: Nam/ Namis/ Amith/ Aith/ Mith/ Naith
Meaning: To Bow In A Humble Greeting, Worshipper
96 Nanadan
Pet name: Nans/ Nand/ Adan/Anadan/ Anan
Meaning: Nans/ Nand/ Adan/Anadan/ Anan
97 Nand
Pet name: Nans/ Nandu
Meaning: Father Of Krishna
98 Nandagopal
Pet name: Nand/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Gopal/ Opal/ Pal/ Gopi
Meaning: Father Name Of Lord Krishna
99 Nandak
Pet name: Nan/ Nand/ Nandu/ Dak/ Anaak
Meaning: Pleasing
100 Nandakishor
Pet name: Nan/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Kishor/ Kihor/ Ishor
Meaning: Lord Krishna
101 Nandakishore
Pet name: Nan/ Nanda/ Nadu/ Kishore/ Kihore/ Ishore
Meaning: Lord Krishna
102 Nandakumar
Pet name: Nand/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Aumar/ Kumar/ Kum
Meaning: Lord Krishna
103 Nandan
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Adan
Meaning: Enjoyment, Son
104 Nandapal
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Adan/ Dapal/ Apal/ Andaal
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Protector Of Nanda
105 Nandhan
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Anhan/ Ahan/ Anaan
Meaning: Pleasing Or Son Or One Who Brings Happiness
106 Nandin
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Adin/ Anin
Meaning: The Delightful, Devotee Of Lord Shiva
107 Nandish
Pet name: Nand/ Anish/ Nish/ Andish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
108 Nandishwar
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Nandi/ Ishwar/ Ish/ Iswar/ Dishaw/ Anish
Meaning: Creative
109 Nandna
Pet name: Nan/ Andna
Meaning: Daughter, One Who Bestows Happiness
110 Naqeeb
Pet name: Naaq/ Aqeeb/ Qeeb
Meaning: Leader
111 Naqib
Pet name: Naqi/ Aqib/ Aib
Meaning: President, Head, Chief
112 Narahari
Pet name: Nara/ Hari/ Rahari/ Ari
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
113 Naraindiran
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Indrian/ Drian/ Indriin
Meaning: King Of Men
114 Narashima
Pet name: Nara/ Naras/ Shima/ Ahim
Meaning: Brave Man
115 Narayan
Pet name: Naray/ Naras/ Aryan/ Ayan
Meaning: Trendy
116 Narayana
Pet name: Nara/ Rayan/ Ayan/ Yaan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
117 Nareesh
Pet name: Naree/ Narees/ Areesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Trendy
118 Naren
Pet name: Nare/ Nares/ Aren/ Aeen
Meaning: Best Of Men
119 Narender
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Arender/ Aender/ Ender
Meaning: King
120 Narendra
Pet name: Nare/ Arendra/ Aendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Of All
121 Narendran
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Arendran/ Endran/ Eran/ Edran
Meaning: King Or God Of Men
122 Narendranath
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Endranath/ Endra/ Eanath/ Nath
Meaning: King Of Kings, Emperor
123 Naresh
Pet name: Nare/ Aren/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Men
124 Narin
Pet name: Nar/ Nariis/ Arin/ Aiin/ Naiin
Meaning: Delicate
125 Narind
Pet name: Nars/ Narin/ Arind/ Arin
Meaning: Delicate, Smooth
126 Narinder
Pet name: Narin/ Narind/ Arinder/ Ainder/ Rinder/ Inder
Meaning: The king Or Ruler
127 Narish
Pet name: Narii/ Naris/ Arish/ Rish
128 Narshimha
Pet name: Narsh/ Narshim/ Arshimha/ Arshim/ Shimha/ Himaha
Meaning: Brave Or Fearless
129 Narsimha
Pet name: Nars/ Arsimha/ Arim/ Imha/ Simha
Meaning: Half Lion & Half Man
130 Narun
Pet name: Nar/ Arun/ Aun
Meaning: Leader Of Men
131 Nasar
Pet name: Nas/ Asar/ Naar
Meaning: Help, Support
132 Naseem
Pet name: Nase/ Aseem/ Aeem/ Asee
Meaning: Fresh Air
133 Naseer
Pet name: Nase/ Aseer/ Aeer/ Asee/ Seer
Meaning: Supporter
134 Naseeruddin
Pet name: Nasee/ Naseer/ Eruddin/ Udin/ Uiin
Meaning: Defender Of The Religion
135 Nashir
Pet name: Nash/ Ashir/ Asir/ Nahir
Meaning: Helper
136 Nashit
Pet name: Nash/ Ashit/ Ahit/ Aiit
Meaning: Energetic, Dynamic, Fresh
137 Nasif
Pet name: Nass/ Asif/ Aiif
Meaning: Just
138 Nasih
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasis/ Asih/ Aiih/ Asi
Meaning: Adviser, Counselor
139 Nasim
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asim/ Naiim
Meaning: Breeze, Gentle Wind, Fragrant Air
140 Nasimuddin
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asim/ Muddin/ Uddin/ Uiin
Meaning: Breeze Of The Islam
141 Nasir
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asir/ Naiir
Meaning: Protector
142 Nasiruddin
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asir/ Uddin/ Uiin
Meaning: Defender Of The Faith
143 Nasreen
Pet name: Nass/ Nasr/ Asreen/ Areen/ Aeen
Meaning: Wild Rose, Blue Scented Flower
144 Nasruddin
Pet name: Nas/ Asruddin/ Asru/ Uddin/ Uiin
Meaning: Victory Of The Religion
145 Nasser
Pet name: Nass/ Asser/ Asse/ Naer
Meaning: Protector
146 Nasserudeen
Pet name: Nasse/ Asser/ Asee/ Nasser/ Udeen/ Udee/ Aeen
Meaning: Protector Of The Faith
147 Nataansh
Pet name: Nat/ Nataan/ Ataansh/ Ataan/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Attractive
148 Nataraj
Pet name: Nat/ Natas/ Atar/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Dance, Lord Shiva
149 Natarajan
Pet name: Nat/ Natas/ Atar/ Rajan/ Raj/ Ajan
Meaning: God Sivan
150 Natesh
Pet name: Nat/ Nates/ Atesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: King
151 Nathan
Pet name: Nat/ Athan/ Ahan
Meaning: God Given
152 Natheer
Pet name: Nat/ Atheer/ Aheer/ Aeer/ Heer/ Ahee
Meaning: Warner, Eyes
153 Nathin
Pet name: Nat Athin/ Ahim/Atiin/ Aiin
Meaning: Protected
154 Natiq
Pet name: Nat/ Atiq/ Aiiq
Meaning: Winner Of Victory
155 Natraj
Pet name: Nat/ Natra/ Raj/ Araj
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
156 Navadeep
Pet name: Nava/ Avad/ Deep/ Aeep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light, New Lamp
157 Navakanth
Pet name: Nava/ Avak/ Akanth/ Vakanth/ Kanth
Meaning: New Light
158 Navan
Pet name: Nav/ Avan
Meaning: Champion, Praise
159 Navaneesh
Pet name: Nav/ Avaneesh/ Avan/ Aneesh/ Neesh/ Aeesh
Meaning: Trendy
160 Navaneet
Pet name: Nav/ Avan/ Aneet/ Anee
Meaning:  Eternally New
161 Navaneeth
Pet name: Nav/ Navan/ Avan/ Aneeth/ Neeth/ Anee
Meaning: Humble, Soft
162 Navanit
Pet name: Nav/ Avan/ Anit/ Vanit
Meaning: Pleasure, Joyful
163 Navanith
Pet name: Nav/ Navan/ Avan/ Anith/ Nith
Meaning: Gentle, Soft
164 Navdeep
Pet name: Nav/ Navd/ Navdee/ Avdeep/ Deep/ Avdee
Meaning: Eternal light
165 Naveed
Pet name: Nav/ Navee/ Aveed/ Aeed/ Veed
Meaning: Good News
166 Naveen
Pet name: Nav/ Navees/ Navee/ Aveen/ Aeen/ Veen/ Avee
Meaning: New, Modern
167 Navin
Pet name: Nav/ Navis/ Avin/ Aiin
Meaning: New, Fresh
168 Navinchandra
Pet name: Nav/ Navin/ Avin/ Aiin/ Chandra/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
169 Navinder
Pet name: Nav/ Navin/ Avin/ Inder/ Navin
Meaning: Brave Lord
170 Navish
Pet name: Nav/ Navis/ Avish/ Navis/ Aish/ Avis/ Vish
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Poison Less, Sweet
171 Navneet
Pet name: Nav/ Navnees/ Avneet/ Aneet/ Aeet/ Avnee
Meaning: Fresh Butter, Lord Krishna
172 Navtej
Pet name: Nav/ Navat/ Avtej/ Tej/ Aej
Meaning: New Light
173 Nawab
Pet name: Naw/ Nawas/ Awab/ Nawa
Meaning: Ruler, Administrator
174 Nawish
Pet name: Nawi/ Nawis/ Awish/ Aish
Meaning: Creative
175 Nayaab
Pet name: Nay/ Nayaas/ Ayaab/ Yaab
Meaning: Rare
176 Nayan
Pet name: Nay/ Nays/ Ayan/ Yaan
Meaning: Eye, Right Direction
177 Nayandeep
Pet name: Nay/ Nayan/ Ayan/Andeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light Of The Eye
178 Nayanesh
Pet name: Nay/ Nayan/ Ayansh/ Yanesh/ Anesh/ Anes/ Nesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
179 Nayeef
Pet name: Nay/ Nayee/ Ayeef
Meaning: Trendy
180 Nayeel
Pet name: Nays/ Nayee/ Ayeel/ Ayees
Meaning: Trendy
181 Nayeen
Pet name: Nayee/ Nays/ Ayeen
Meaning: Creative
182 Nayif
Pet name: Nayis/ Nayii/ Ayif
Meaning: Trendy
183 Nayin
Pet name: Nayis/ Nayii/ Ayin
Meaning: Trendy
184 Nayis
Pet name: Nayii/ Nais/ Ayis
Meaning: Trendy
185 Naynaad
Pet name: Nays/ Naynaas/ Ayaad
Meaning:  Trendy
186 Nayneesh
Pet name: Nays/ Naynees/ Ayneesh/ Neesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Trendy
187 Nazar
Pet name: Naz/ Nazs/ Azar/ Aza
Meaning: A Vow, Promise Made To God
188 Nazeeb
Pet name: Naz/ Nazee/ Azeeb/ Aeeb/ Zeeb/ Azee
Meaning: Noble Descent
189 Nazeem
Pet name: Naz/ Azeem/ Azee/ Aeem
Meaning: Organized One
190 Nazeer
Pet name: Naz/ Azeer/ Azee/ Aeer
Meaning: Prophet
191 Nazer
Pet name: Naz/ Azer/ Aze/ Naze
Meaning: Brilliant, Radiant
192 Nazim
Pet name: Naz/ Azim/ Naim
Meaning: Organizer
193 Nazir
Pet name: Naz/ Azir/ Azi// Nair
Meaning: Bright, Radiant, Supervisor
194 Neehal
Pet name: Neeh/ Eehal/ Ehal/ Neeal
Meaning: New
195 Neehar
Pet name: Neeh/ Neer/ Ehar
Meaning: Morning Dew Drops
196 Neekhil
Pet name: Neeks/ Neekhis/ Ekhil/ Ehil
Meaning: Complete, Whole
197 Neekhilesh
Pet name: Neekhi/ Neekhil/ Ekhilesh/ Ekhil/ Ilesh/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of All
198 Neel
Pet name: Nees/ Neeu
Meaning: Blue
199 Neeladri
Pet name: Neel/ Neelad/ Elandri/ Eandri/ Adri
Meaning: The Nilagiri Hills
200 Neelesh
Pet name: Neel/ Neeles/ Elesh/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Krishna
201 Neelkant
Pet name: Neel/ Neelk/ Elkant/ Kant
Meaning: Lord Shiva
202 Neeraj
Pet name: Neer/ Neera/ Eraj/ Raj
Meaning: Lotus
203 Neerav
Pet name: Neer/ Neeras/ Erav/ Ravs
Meaning: Quiet, Calm, Without Sound, Silent
204 Nibhay
Pet name: Nib/ Nibhs/ Ibhay/ Ihay
Meaning: Trendy
205 Nidesh
Pet name: Nid/ Nides/ Idesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Kuber
206 Nidish
Pet name: Nid/ Nidis/ Idish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Ganesha Giver Of Wealth
207 Nigam
Pet name: Nig/ Nigas/ Igam/ Niam
Meaning: Treasure 
208 Nigamanth
Pet name: Niga/ Nigam/ Igam/ Gamanth/ Amanth/ Aman
Meaning: Upanishads, Having No Equal
209 Nigman
Pet name: Nigs/ Nignas/ Igman/ Iman
Meaning: Creative
210 Nihaal
Pet name: Niis/ Nihas/Ihaal/ Iaal/ Naal
Meaning: Complete, Young, Planet, Happiness
211 Nihaan
Pet name: Nihs/ Nihaas/ ihaan/ Haan
Meaning: Never Ending Or Immortal
212 Nihaanth
Pet name: Nihs/ Nihaan/ Ihaanth/ Ihaan/ Iaanth/ Aanth
Meaning: Never Ending Or Immortal
213 Nihal
Pet name: Nihs/ Nihas Ihal/ Ial
Meaning: Successful
214 Nihant
Pet name: Nih/ Nihs/ Nihans/ Ihant/ Iant/ Hant
Meaning: Never Ending, Boy
215 Nihar
Pet name: Nih/ Nihs/ Nihas/ Ihar/ Iaar/ Niar
Meaning: Fog
216 Nihas
Pet name: Nih/ Nihs/ Ihas/ Iaas/ Nias
Meaning: Fresh
217 Nihit
Pet name: Nih/ Nihis/ Ihit/ Niit
Meaning: God's Gift
218 Nikeeth
Pet name: Nik/ Nikee/ Ikeeth/ keeth
Meaning: Lord Of All, Home
219 Niketan
Pet name: Nik/ Nikee/ Iketan/ Ketan/ Ietan/ Etan/ Eaan
Meaning: House
220 Niketh
Pet name: Nik/ Niket/ Iketh/ Keth/ Ieth
Meaning: Home, Lord Of All
221 Nikethan
Pet name: Nik/ Nikee/ Ikethan/ Iket/ Kethan/ Ethan/ Ehan
Meaning: House, Mansion, Don Of Rulers
222 Nikhil
Pet name: Nik/ Nikki/ Ikhil/ Ikil/ Nihil
Meaning: Perfect, Complete
223 Nikhilesh
Pet name: Nik/ Nikki/ Ikhilesh/ Hilesh/ Ilesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
224 Nikhileswar
Pet name: Nik/ Nikki/ Hileshwar/ Hile/ Eshwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
225 Nikshit
Pet name: Nik/ Niks/ Ikshith/ Ishith/ Ikith
Meaning: One With Sharp Personality
226 Nikulas
Pet name: Nik/ Nikks/ Ikulas/ Kulas/ Ulas
Meaning: Trendy
227 Nilesh
Pet name: Nile/ Niles/ Ilesh/ Iesh/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Krishna
228 Nimai
Pet name: Nims/ Nimas/ Imai/ Mai
Meaning: Chaitanya
229 Nimal
Pet name: Nims/ Nimas/ Imal/ Maal
Meaning: Creative
230 Nimalan
Pet name: Nims/ Nimal/ Imalan/ Malan/ Maan/Alaan
Meaning: Lord Murugan
231 Nimr
Pet name: Nims/ Imr
Meaning: Tiger
232 Niranjan
Pet name: Nirs/ Niranj/ Ranjan/ Anjan/ Ajan/ Anan
Meaning: Simple, One With Good Behaviour
233 Nirankar
Pet name: Nirs/ Nirans/ Irankar/ Iankar/ Ankar/ Iaan
Meaning: With No Shape (God)
234 Niravan
Pet name: Nirs/ Nirans/ Irvan/ Irav/ Ravan/ Avan
Meaning: Free From Sound, Quiet, Still
235 Nirbhay
Pet name: Nira/ Nirbhas/ Irbhay/ Ibhay/ Ihay
Meaning: Fearless 
236 Nirmal
Pet name: Nir/ Nirms/ Irmal/ Imal/ Nimal
Meaning: Pure
237 Nirmay
Pet name: Nir/ Nirmaas/ Irmay/ Imay/ Nimay
Meaning: Pure, Good Companion
238 Niroop
Pet name: Nir/ Niru/ Roop/ Iroo
Meaning: God
239 Nirosh
Pet name: Niro/ Niros/ Irosh/ Rosh/ Iro
Meaning: Without Anger, Cairn
240 Nirup
Pet name: Nirs/ niru/ Irups
Meaning: Creative
241 Nirupam
Pet name: Niru/ Nirus/ Irupam/ Nirup/ Rupam
Meaning: Unique
242 Nirvan
Pet name: Niru/ Nirvs/ Irvan/ Ivan/ Iaan
Meaning: Calm, Bliss
243 Nirved
Pet name: Niru/ Nirves/ Irved/ Ved
Meaning: Gift By God
244 Nirvin
Pet name: Niru/ Nirvis/ Irvin/ Ivin/ Irin
Meaning:  Bliss, Happiness
245 Nisanh
Pet name: Nis/ Nisan/ Isanh/ Sanh
Meaning: Early Morning Sun
246 Nisanth
Pet name: Nis/ Nisan/ Isanth/ Isan/ Santh/ Ihanth
Meaning: Early Morning Sun
247 Nischit
Pet name: Nis/ Nischi/ Ischit/ Isch/ Chit
Meaning: Truthful, Genuine
248 Nischith
Pet name: Nis/ Nischi/ Ischith/ Isch/ Chith
Meaning: Truthful, Genuine, Firm
249 Nishan
Pet name: Nish/ Nishas/ Ishan/ Shan
Meaning: Symbol, Mark, Gesture
250 Nishanath
Pet name: Nish/ Nishan/ Ishanath/ Ihanath/ Ishan/ Shanath/ Shan
Meaning: The Moon, Early Morning
251 Nishant
Pet name: Nish/ Nishan/ Ishant/ Ihant/ Iant/ Ishan/ Shan
Meaning: Early Morning
252 Nishanth
Pet name: Nish/Nishan/ Ishanth/ Ishan/ Hanth/ Ihant
Meaning: The Moon, Peace
253 Nishchit
Pet name: Nish/ Nishch/ Ischit/ Ichit/ Ihit
Meaning: Truthful, Genuine, Firm
254 Nishil
Pet name: Nish/ Nishis/ Ishil/ Ish/ Nisil
Meaning: Night
255 Nishit
Pet name: Nish/ Nishis/ Ishit/ Ish/ Nihit
Meaning: Born Of Night/Dark
256 Nishith
Pet name: Nish/ Nishit/ Ishith
Meaning: Night
257 Nishithosh
Pet name: Nish/ Nishit/ Ishithosh/ Ithosh
Meaning: Born Of Night/Dark
258 Nishok
Pet name: Nish/ Nusho/ Ishok/ Ihok/ Iok
Meaning: Happy
259 Nissim
Pet name: Niss/ Nissis/ Issim/ Isim/ Niim
Meaning: Miracles
260 Nitesh
Pet name: Nit/ Nites/ Itesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning:  Follower Of Right Path
261 Nithik
Pet name: Nit/ Nihis/ Ithik/ Ihik/ Niik
Meaning: Justice
262 Nithin
Pet name: Nit/ Nithis/ Ithin/ Ihiin
Meaning: Brilliant
263 Nitin
Pet name: Nit/ Nits/ Niis/ Itin
Meaning: Trendy
264 Nitish
Pet name: Nit/ Nitis/ Itish/ Ish
Meaning: God Of Law
265 Nitzan
Pet name: Nit/ Nitz/Itzan/ Zan/ Izan/ Ian
Meaning: Flower Bud
266 Nivan
Pet name: Niv/ Nivs/ Ivan/ Iaan
Meaning: Part Of Divine
267 Nivansh
Pet name: Niv/ Nivan/ Ivansh/ Iansh/ Vansh/ Ian/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Part Of Divine
268 Nived
Pet name: Niv/ Nives/ Ived/ Ved
Meaning: Offering To God
269 Nivedh
Pet name: Niv/ Nives/ Ivedh/ Vedh/ Iedh
Meaning: Best Wishes
270 Nivin
Pet name: Niv/ Nivis/Ivin/ Vin
Meaning: Holy
271 Niyaz
Pet name: Niy/ Niyas/ Iyaz/ Yaz/ Iaz
Meaning: Gift
272 Noormuhammad
Pet name: Noor/ Muhammad/ Hammad/ Ammad/ Uham
Meaning: Light Of The Prophet Muhammad