401 Anamika
Pet name: Ana/ Amika/ Aika/ Aika/ Anami/ Amia
Meaning: Ring Fingure
402 Ananaya
Pet name: Ana/ Anaya
Meaning: Sun
403 Ananda
Pet name: Ana/ Nanda
Meaning: Joy, Happiness
404 Anandamaye
Pet name: Ana/ Nanda/ Damaye/ Maye
Meaning: Joy Permeated
405 Anandamayi
Pet name: Ana/ Nanda/ Damayi/ Mayi
Meaning: Full Of Joy, Full Of Happiness
406 Anandani
Pet name: Ana/ Nandani/ Dani/ Ani
Meaning: Joyful
407 Anandhi
Pet name: Ana/ Nandhi/ Nandhu/ Andhi/ Ani
Meaning: Always Happy Woman
408 Anandi
Pet name: Ana/ Nandi/ Nandu
Meaning: The One Who Is Always Happy
409 Anandini
Pet name: Ana/ Nandini
Meaning: Joyful
410 Anandita
Pet name: Ana/ Nandita/ Andita/ Aita/ Nandu
Meaning: Happy
411 Ananditha
Pet name: Ana/ Nanditha/ Anditha/ Aitha/ Nandu
Meaning: Happy, Joyful
412 Anandmayee
Pet name: Ana/ Nandamayee/ Nandu/ Mayee/ Maya
Meaning: Full Of Joy, Full Of Happiness
413 Ananee
Pet name: Anan/ Anee
Meaning: Trendy
414 Anangee
Pet name: Ana/ Anee
Meaning: Cupids Consort
415 Ananka
Pet name: Ana/ Anka
Meaning: Countless, Infinite
416 Anannya
Pet name: Ana/ Annya
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi, Unique
417 Ananshi
Pet name: Ana/ Anshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
418 Ananta
Pet name: Ana/ Nanta
Meaning: Infinite, Endless, Eternal, The Earth
419 Anantha
Pet name: Ana/ Nantha/ Antha
Meaning: Trendy
420 Ananthi
Pet name: Ana/ Nanthi/ Aanthi
Meaning: Trendy
421 Ananti
Pet name: Ana/ Anan/ Anti
Meaning: Gift
422 Anantika
Pet name: Ana/ Nantika/ Atika/ Aika/ Ika
Meaning: Endless
423 Anantya
Pet name: Ana/ Nantya/ Antya/ Atya
Meaning: Endless, Eternal, Godly
424 Ananya
Pet name: Ana/ Nanya/ Anya
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi, Matchless, Unique
425 Anasika
Pet name: Ana/ Asika/ Nasika/ Sika/ Ika
Meaning: Beautiful
426 Anasooya
Pet name: Ana/ Nasoo/ Sooya
Meaning: Charitable, Wife Of Rishiatri
427 Anastasia
Pet name: Ana/ Astasia/ Sia/ Anas
Meaning: Resurrection
428 Anasuya
Pet name: Ana/ Auya
Meaning: One Who Is Charitable
429 Anaswara
Pet name: Ana/ Aswara/ Naswara/ Wara
Meaning: Unconquerable Or One Cannot Be Destroyed
430 Anatha
Pet name: Ana/ Atha/ Natha
Meaning: Infinite, Eternal
431 Anathi
Pet name: Ana/ Nathi
Meaning: Modest , Respectful
432 Anavadya
Pet name: Ana/ Vadya/ Adya
Meaning: Faultless, Goddess Durga
433 Anavi
Pet name: Ana/ Anvi/ Avi
Meaning: Humane, Kind To People
434 Anavia
Pet name: Ana/ Avia/ Avi
Meaning: Kingly Or Queenly, Cute Baby
435 Anavika
Pet name: Ana/ Avika/ Aika/ Navika
Meaning: A Figure
436 Anayna
Pet name: Ana/ Nayana/ Anaya
Meaning: Unique
437 Anbara
Pet name: Anba/ Abara/ Ara
Meaning: Perfume, Ambergris
438 Anbesha
Pet name: Anbe/ Aesha/ Esha/ Anesha
Meaning: Quest, Curious
439 Anbumani
Pet name: Anbu/ Amani/ Mani/ Anu
Meaning: Lovely Gem
440 Anchal
Pet name: Achal
Meaning: Shelter
441 Anchala
Pet name: Ancha/ Achala
Meaning: One End Of Saree Which Is Free ( Pallu)
442 Anchita
Pet name: Anchi/ Achita/ Chita
Meaning: Honored, Worshipped
443 Andala
Pet name: Anda/ Aala/ Nala
Meaning: Song Of The Nightingale
444 Andlib
Pet name: Ani/ Dlib/ Alib/ Ailb
Meaning: A Bird, One Who Is Always Happy
445 Andrea
Pet name: Anrea/ Andrea/ Area
Meaning: Manly
446 Aneeksha
Pet name: Anee/ Aksha/ Eeksha/ Neeksha/ Aksha
Meaning: Bringing Happiness
447 Aneesha
Pet name: Anee/ Aeesha/ Eesha/ Neesha/ Sha
Meaning: Affection, Feeling
448 Aneeta
Pet name: Anee/ Aeeta/ Neeta
Meaning: Grace, Simple, Leader
449 Aneezah
Pet name: Anee/ Aeezah/ Neezah/ Azah
Meaning: Covered With Soil Or Dust
450 Aneri
Pet name: Ane/ Aeri
Meaning: Extra Ordinary
451 Anesha
Pet name: Ane/ Nesha/ Esha/ Sha/ Esh
Meaning: Trendy
452 Angada
Pet name: Anga/ Ada/ Agda
Meaning: Powerful, Bracelet
453 Angai
Pet name: Anga/ Agai
Meaning: Beautiful Hands
454 Angaja
Pet name: Anga/ Gaja/ Aja
Meaning: A Daughter, Corporeal
455 Angana
Pet name: Anga/ Gana/ Ana
Meaning: A Beautiful Woman
456 Angarika
Pet name: Anga/ Arika/ Rika
Meaning: Invincible , Unconquerable, Flower
457 Angavu
Pet name: Anga/ Anvu
Meaning: Shining One
458 Angela
Pet name: Angel/ Agela
Meaning: Messenger
459 Angelia
Pet name: Angel/ Agelia/ Alia/ Aelia
Meaning: Messenger Of God
460 Angelyn
Pet name: Anel/ Aelyn/ Elyn
Meaning: God's Messenger
461 Angeza
Pet name: Aneza/ Ange/ AezaAneza/ Ange/ Aeza
Meaning: Reason, Logic
462 Angha
Pet name: Anga/ Agha
Meaning: Beauty
463 Angle
Pet name: Ange
Meaning: Pari Fairy
464 Angleen
Pet name: Angle/ Aleen/ Aeen/ Agleen
Meaning: Feminine
465 Anglina
Pet name: Agli/ Alina/ Aglina
Meaning: Angel, Messenger
466 Anhithi
Pet name: Anhi/ Ahiti/ Nihithi
Meaning: Gift, Donation
467 Aniha
Pet name: Ani/ Aiha
Meaning: Indifferent
468 Anika
Pet name: Ani/ Aika/ Nika/ Ika
Meaning: Goddess Durga, The Brilliance Of Stone
469 Aniketa
Pet name: Ani/ Niketa/ Nike/ Ekta/ Iket/ Aiketa
Meaning: Homeless
470 Anila
Pet name: Ani/ Aila/ Nila/ Ila
Meaning: Children Of The Wind
471 Anindini
Pet name: Ani/ Aindini/ Nindini/ Indhini/ Dhini
Meaning: Who Is Not Spoken Ill Of
472 Anindita
Pet name: Ani/ Nidita/ Ita/ Dita
Meaning: Beautiful
473 Aninditha
Pet name: Ani/ Niditha/ Aitha/ Ditha
Meaning: Beautiful, Virtuous
474 Anisaa
Pet name: Ani/ Isa
Meaning: A Form Of Agnes, Ann
475 Anisha
Pet name: Anni/ Isha/ Nisha/ Nishu/ Sha
Meaning: A Form Of Agnes, Ann
476 Anishi
Pet name: Anii/ Nishi/ Nishu/ Aisbhi
Meaning: Bright And Luminous
477 Anishka
Pet name: Ani/ Ishika/ Nishika/ Ahika/ Shika
Meaning: Friendly, Beloved
478 Anishya
Pet name: Ani/ Nishya/ Ishya/ Aishya/ Ashya
Meaning: Pure, Free Spirit, Highly Attractive
479 Aniskha
Pet name: Ani/ Iskha/ Niksha/ Sha
Meaning: Young Lady, Maiden
480 Anismita
Pet name: Ani/ Ismita/ Amita/ Mita
Meaning: Friend Of Close Friend
481 Anita
Pet name: Ani/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: Grace
482 Anitha
Pet name: Ani/ Nitha/ Aitha/ Nia
Meaning: Grace, Simple, Artless, Leader
483 Aniya
Pet name: Ani/ Niya/ Aiya
Meaning: Creative
484 Anja
Pet name: Anju/ Aja
Meaning: Favor
485 Anjali
Pet name: Anju/ Ali
Meaning: Tribute, Gift
486 Anjalika
Pet name: Anju/ Alika/ Alia/ Jalika
Meaning: One Of Arjuna Arrows
487 Anjana
Pet name: Anaju/ Jana/ Janu/ Ajju
Meaning: Dusky, Mother Of Lord Hanuman
488 Anjani
Pet name: Anju/ Ajani/ Jaani/ Ani
Meaning: Lord Hanuman's Mother, Illusion
489 Anjikac
Pet name: Anji/ Anju/ Aika/ Jia
Meaning: Blessed
490 Anjini
Pet name: Anju/ Anji/ Jini
Meaning: Mother Of Hanuman
491 Anju
Pet name: Anu
Meaning: One Who Lives In Heart
492 Anjula
Pet name: Ajju/ Anju/ Anu/ Aula
Meaning: One That Permeates The Heart
493 Anjusha
Pet name: Ajju/ Anju/ Usha/ Sha
Meaning: Blessing
494 Anjushree
Pet name: Ajju/ Anju/ Shree
Meaning: Dear To One's Heart
495 Anjushri
Pet name: Ajju/ Anju/ Shri
Meaning: Close To Heart
496 Ankana
Pet name: Kana/ Aana/ Anka
Meaning: Bracelet
497 Ankira
Pet name: Anki/ Kira/ Akira
Meaning: Follower
498 Ankisha
Pet name: Anki/ Akisha/ Kisha/ Aisha/ Sha/ Isha
Meaning: Goddess Of Number
499 Ankita
Pet name: Anki/ Akita/ Aita
Meaning: Conquered, With Auspicious Mark
500 Ankitha
Pet name: Anki/ Ani/ Kitha/ Itha
Meaning: Conquered, With Auspicious Mark
501 Anksha
Pet name: Ansha/ Aksha
Meaning: Longing, Yearning
502 Ankshika
Pet name: Ani/ Akshika/ Shika/ Anhika/ Hika/ Anika
Meaning: The Fraction Of Cosmos
503 Ankura
Pet name: Anku/ Anura/ Anu/ Ara
Meaning: New Life, Spring
504 Ankushi
Pet name: Anku/ Kushi/ Aushi/ Ushi
Meaning: Self-Possessed, Goddess
505 Ankusi
Pet name: Anku/ Ausi/ Asi
Meaning: One Who Exercise Restraint
506 Anmar
Pet name: Amar
Meaning: Tigers
507 Anmarac
Pet name: Amara/ Anma/ Ara
Meaning: Creative
508 Annapurna
Pet name: Anna/ Anni/ Apu/ Apurna/ Purna/ Aurna/ Aura
Meaning: Goddess Of Food
509 Annika
Pet name: Anni/ Nika/ Nika/ Ika
Meaning: Goddess Durga
510 Anogna
Pet name: Ano/ Nogna/ Ogna
Meaning: Trendy
511 Anokhi
Pet name: Ano/ Akhi/ Aokhi
Meaning: Unique, Unparalleled
512 Anoma
Pet name: Ano/ Noma/ Aoma
Meaning: Illustrious
513 Anooha
Pet name: Anoo/ Nooha
Meaning: Trendy
514 Anooja
Pet name: Anoo/ Aooja/ Ooja/ Aja
Meaning: Continuous, Younger Sister
515 Anoosh
Pet name: Anoo/ Noosh
Meaning: Trendy
516 Anoosha
Pet name: Anoo/ Noosha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
517 Anousha
Pet name: Ano/ Anou/ Anu/ Ousha/ Usha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Beautiful Morning
518 Anousheh
Pet name: Anou/ Ano/ Anu/ Ousheh/ Usheh
Meaning: Everlasting Or Immortal
519 Anoushka
Pet name: Anou/ Oushka/ Ano/ Anu/ Ushka/ Usha/ Sha
Meaning: Favor, Grace
520 Ansam
Pet name: Asam
Meaning: Breath, Breath Of Life
521 Ansha
Pet name: Ansh/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Portion
522 Anshi
Pet name: Ansh/ Ashi/ Shi
Meaning: God's Gift
523 Anshida
Pet name: Ashi/ Aida/ Ashida/ Ahida/ Hida/ Ida
Meaning: Singer
524 Anshika
Pet name: Ansh/ Anshu/ Ashi/ Ashika/ Shika/ Ahika/ Hika
Meaning: Minute Particle, BeautifulC
525 Anshita
Pet name: Ansh/ Ahita/ Ashita/ Shita/ Sita/ Hita
Meaning: A Part Of
526 Anshu
Pet name: Anu/ Ashu
Meaning: Ray Of Light
527 Anshuka
Pet name: Anshu/ Ashu/ Anu/ Auka/ Shuka/ Uka
Meaning: Gentle Beam, Radiant
528 Anshula
Pet name: Anshu/ Aula/ Ashula/ Ahula/ Ula/ Aula
Meaning: Sunny
529 Anshvi
Pet name: Ansh/ Ashvi/ Avi/ Ashi
Meaning: Portion, Part Of Things, Part Of Body
530 Ansika
Pet name: Ans/ Asika/ Sika/ Aika/ Ika
Meaning: Minute Particle, Beautiful
531 Ansitha
Pet name: Ansi/ Asitha/ Anitha/ Anni/ Sitha
Meaning: A Part Of
532 Ansumati
Pet name: Ansu/ Anu/ Asumati/ Aumati/ Sumati/ Umati
Meaning: Bearer Of Rays, As Glorious As The Sun
533 Ansuya
Pet name: Ansu/ Anu/ Anuya/ Auya
Meaning: Learned Woman, Full Of Goodwill
534 Antara
Pet name: Anta/ Tara/ Ara
Meaning: A Notation In Indian Music
535 Antariksha
Pet name: Antar/ Atari/ Ariksha/ Aksha/ Asha
Meaning: Space, Sky
536 Antarpreet
Pet name: Anta/ Antar/ Apreet/ Preet/ Areet
Meaning: One Who Loves The Light Within
537 Anthika
Pet name: Anni/ Anthi/ Athika/ Ahika/ Hika/ Ika
Meaning: Evening
538 Antika
Pet name: Anni/ Atika/ Aika
Meaning: Elder Sister
539 Anubha
Pet name: Anu/ Aubha/ Abha
Meaning: Lighting
540 Anugraha
Pet name: Anu/ Agraha/ Araha/ Ara/ Raha
Meaning: Divine Blessing
541 Anugya
Pet name: Anu/ Augya/ Agya/ Anuya/ Auya
Meaning: Permission
542 Anuhya
Pet name: Anu/ Ahya/ Nuhya/ Uhya
Meaning: Something Unexpected
543 Anuja
Pet name: Anu/ Aja/ Auja
Meaning: Younger Sister
544 Anuka
Pet name: Anu/ Auka/ Uka
Meaning: Desirous
545 Anukanksa
Pet name: Anu/ Akanksa/ Anksa
Meaning: Desire, Wish
546 Anukrithi
Pet name: Anu/ Akrithi/ Arithi/ Krithi/ Rithi
Meaning: A Picture
547 Anula
Pet name: Anu/ Aula/ Nula
Meaning: Not Wild , Gentle
548 Anulata
Pet name: Anu/ Alata/ Lata
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
549 Anulekha
Pet name: Anu/ Alekha/ Lekha/ Aekha
Meaning: Beautiful Picture, One Who Follows Destiny
550 Anumati
Pet name: Anu/ Amati/ Anuma/ Anumai
Meaning: Moon
551 Anumita
Pet name: Anu/ Amita/ Aumita/ Mitha
Meaning: Love And Kindness
552 Anumol
Pet name: Anu/ Amol/ Anum
Meaning: Valuable, Precious
553 Anunayika
Pet name: Anu/ Nayika/ Aika/ Ayika
Meaning: Submissive, Humble
554 Anunitha
Pet name: Anu/ Nitha/ Anuni/ Aitha
Meaning: Courtesy
555 Anupa
Pet name: Anu/ Aupa/ Nupa
Meaning: Pond
556 Anupama
Pet name: Anu/ Aupama/ Upama/ Anama/ Anupa
Meaning: Incomparable, Rare
557 Anuprabha
Pet name: Anu/ Prabha/ Arabha/ Rabha
Meaning: Brightness
558 Anupriya
Pet name: Anu/ Priya/ Apri/ Aiya
Meaning: Beloved, Very Dear
559 Anura
Pet name: Anu/ Aura/ Nura/ Ara
Meaning: Knowledgeable
560 Anuradha
Pet name: Anu/ Aradha/ Radha/ Adha
Meaning: Bright Star, Goddess Of Luck
561 Anuragini
Pet name: Anu/ Ragini/ Agini/ Aini
Meaning: Beloved
562 Anurati
Pet name: Anu/ Arati/ Arai/ Ara/ Ari
Meaning: Consent
563 Anurima
Pet name: Aru/ Anu/ Rima/ Aurima
Meaning: Creative
564 Anurupika
Pet name: Anu/ Anur/ Rupika/ Rupi
Meaning: Creative
565 Anusha
Pet name: Anu/ Ausha/ Usha/ Anshy/ Ashy
Meaning: Beautiful Morning, A Star, Following Desires
566 Anushka
Pet name: Anu/ Aushka/ Ashka/ Ushka/
Meaning: Trendy
567 Anushree
Pet name: Anu/ Shree/ Anush/ Anu/ Aush
Meaning: Pretty
568 Anushri
Pet name: Anu/ Shri/ Anush/ Anu/ Aush
Meaning: Pretty
569 Anusiya
Pet name: Anu/ Nusiya/ Nusiy/ Siya/ Sia
Meaning: Creative
570 Anusree
Pet name: Anu/ Sree/ Anus
Meaning: Creative
571 Anusuya
Pet name: Anu/ Ausuya/ Anuya
Meaning: Limitless Brightness
572 Anvi
Pet name: Ani/ Avi
Meaning: One Of Devi’s Names
573 Anvita
Pet name: Ani/ Avi/ Aita/ Vita
Meaning: Reached By The Mind, Understood
574 Anya
Pet name:
Meaning: Full Of Grace
575 Anyasha
Pet name: Anya/ Yasha/ Asha
Meaning: Trendy
576 Anyashree
Pet name: Anyy/ Anya/ Yashree/ Shree
Meaning: Trendy
577 Anylah
Pet name: Anyla/ Alah/ Aylah
Meaning: Child Of The Wind
578 Anyya
Pet name: Annie
Meaning: A Woman Graced With God
579 Apala
Pet name: Apa/ Ala
Meaning: Most Beautiful
580 Aparajita
Pet name: Apar/ Ajita/ Ara/ Aitha/ Ajju/ Ajji
Meaning: Happiness
581 Aparita
Pet name: Apari/ Pari/ Arita/ Ari
Meaning: Trendy
582 Aparna
Pet name: Appu/ Apar/ Arna/ Parna
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
583 Apeksha
Pet name: Ape/ Apek/ Aeksha/ Peksha/ Eksha
Meaning: Expectation
584 Apoorva
Pet name: Apoo/ Poorva/ Aoorva/ Ava
Meaning: Unique, Extraordinary
585 Apsara
Pet name: Apsa/ Sara
Meaning: Celestial Maiden, Heavenly Maiden
586 Apurva
Pet name: Apu/ Aurva/ Purva/ Ava
Meaning: Trendy
587 Aqiba
Pet name: Aqi/ Aiba/ Qiba
Meaning: Result, Consequence
588 Aqidah
Pet name: Aqi/ Aidah/ Idah/ Qidah/ Aiah
Meaning: Faith Or Belief In Something
589 Aqsaa
Pet name: Aqaa/ Aqsi
Meaning: Utmost, Farthest Or The Pinnacle
590 Arabella
Pet name: Ara/ Abella/ Bella/ Aella
Meaning: Eagle Heroine
591 Aracelli
Pet name: Ara/ Acelli/ Aelli/ Celli
Meaning: Variation: Aracely
592 Aracelly
Pet name: Ara/ Celly/ Acelly
Meaning: Altar Of Heaven
593 Arachana
Pet name: Ara/ Rachana/ Achana/ Ahana
Meaning: Trendy
594 Arachelvi
Pet name: Ara/ Achelvi/ Rachelvi/ Aelvi/ Alvi/ Avi
Meaning: Creative
595 Aradana
Pet name: Ara/ Radana/ Adana/ Anna
Meaning: Lord Shiva
596 Aradhana
Pet name: Ara/ Radhana/ Adhana/ Dhana/ Ahana
Meaning: Worship
597 Aradhita
Pet name: Ara/ Adhita/ Ahita/ Radhita/ Hita/ Rahitha
Meaning: Worshiped
598 Aradhya
Pet name: Ara/ Adhya/ Radhya/Ahya
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
599 Arafaa
Pet name: Ara/ Rafaa/ Afaa
Meaning: Knowledgeable
600 Arakodi
Pet name: Ara/ Rakodi/ Akodi
Meaning: Righteous Girl
601 Aralai
Pet name: Ara/ Ralai/ Alai
Meaning: Flower
602 Aramagal
Pet name: Ara/ Ramagal/ Agal/ Aram/ Aral
Meaning: Righteous Girl
603 Araminta
Pet name: Ara/ Raminta/ Ramina/ Ainta
Meaning: Lofty
604 Aramoli
Pet name: Ara/ Ramoli/ Moli/ Amoli
Meaning: Righteous Word
605 Aranga
Pet name: Ara/ Anga/ Ranga
Meaning: Easter
606 Arani
Pet name: Ara/ Rani/ Arai
Meaning: The Sun
607 Aranya
Pet name: Ara/ Ranya/ Anya
Meaning: Wild Forest, Generosity
608 Aranyaka
Pet name: Ara/ Ranyaka/ Anyaka
Meaning: One Who Lives In Forest
609 Arasi
Pet name: Ara/ Asi
Meaning: Queen
610 Arathi
Pet name: Ara/ Rathi/ Arthi/ Arhi
Meaning: Creative
611 Arati
Pet name: Ara/ Arai/ Arai
Meaning: Worship
612 Archa
Pet name: Ara/ Acha
Meaning: Worship
613 Archana
Pet name: Ara/ Rachana/ Ahan
Meaning: Atom
614 Archini
Pet name: Ara/ Rachini/ Rachi/ Achini
Meaning: Ray Of Light
615 Archisha
Pet name: Ara/ Ari/ Chisha/ Isha/ Aisha/ Risha
Meaning: A Ray Of Light
616 Archita
Pet name: Ara/ Rachita/ Achita/ Ahita
Meaning: One Who Is Worshipped
617 Ardeen
Pet name: Are/ Areen/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Reen
Meaning: Warm, One Who Is Passionate And Enthusiastic
618 Arden
Pet name: Are/ Aren/ Aden
Meaning: Valley Of The Eagle
619 Ardice
Pet name: Ardi/ Ari/ Adice
Meaning: Flowering Field
620 Ardra
Pet name: Ara/ AdraC
Meaning: 6th Nakshatra, Blooming Meadow
621 Areeba
Pet name: Are/ Ara/ Aeeba/ Reeba/ Eeba
Meaning: Brilliant, Witty And Smart
622 Aresha
Pet name: Are/ Aesha/ Esha/ Ares
Meaning: Under An Umbrella
623 Aretha
Pet name: Are/ Aetha/ Retha
Meaning: Virtuous
624 Arezo
Pet name: Are/ Aezo/ Ezo/ Arez
Meaning: Wish Or Desire
625 Arfaana
Pet name: Arfa/ Aana/ Afaan/ Rafaanac
Meaning: Wisdom, Decisiveness
626 Arhaa
Pet name: Araa
Meaning: Calm
627 Aria
Pet name: Ari/ Aia/ Ria
Meaning: Lioness, Noble
628 Ariah
Pet name: Ari/ Riah/ Aiah
Meaning: A Beautiful Melody
629 Ariana
Pet name: Ari/ Riana/ Aiana/ Anan/ Ria
Meaning: Very Holy
630 Arifa
Pet name: Ari/ Aifa/ Rifa
Meaning: Knowledgeable
631 Arika
Pet name: Ari/ Aika/ Rika/ Aria
Meaning: Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity
632 Ariksha
Pet name: Ari/ Aksha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Healer, Comfortable
633 Ariktha
Pet name: Ari/ Riktha/ Iktha/ Riks/ Aritha
Meaning: Fulfilled
634 Arila
Pet name: Ari/ Ila/ Aila/ Rila
Meaning: Trendy
635 Arisha
Pet name: Ari/ Risha/ Aris/ Aisha
Meaning: Peace
636 Arishma
Pet name: Ari/ Rishma/ Rish/ Ishma/ Isha
Meaning: Trendy
637 Arithi
Pet name: Ari/ Rithi
Meaning: Wish, Desire, Cravings
638 Arivarasi
Pet name: Ari/ Rivarasi/ Arasi/ Arsi/ Rasi
Meaning: Queen Of Intelligence
639 Arivoli
Pet name: Ari/ Avoli/ Rivoli/ Arioli
Meaning: Ray Of Intelligence
640 Arivudai
Pet name: Ari/ Rivudai/ Udai
Meaning: Intelligent
641 Ariya
Pet name: Ari/ Riya
Meaning: A Ray Of Hope
642 Arizah
Pet name: Ari/ Rizah/ Aizah/ Azah/ Riza
Meaning: Trendy
643 Arja
Pet name: Arju/ Aja/ Ara
Meaning: Divine
644 Arjuni
Pet name: Ajju/ Arjuu/ Aruni
Meaning: Dawn, White Cow
645 Arka
Pet name: Arak/ Ara
Meaning: The Sun, Rays
646 Arkali
Pet name: Ara/ Kali/ Ali
Meaning: Abundant, Flood
647 Arkita
Pet name: Ara/ Akita/ Arrki/ Aita
Meaning: Plentiful
648 Arlene
Pet name: Arle/ Alene/ Aene
Meaning: Oath
649 Arleth
Pet name: Aelr/ Aleth
Meaning: Ari/ Ani
650 Arni
Pet name: Ari/ Ani
Meaning: Sun
651 Arohi
Pet name: Aro/ Rohi/ Ahi
Meaning: Growth, Music
652 Arona
Pet name: Aro/ Rona
Meaning: Mountain Of Strength
653 Aroob
Pet name: Aro/ Roob
Meaning: A Woman Who Smiles Often
654 Arooba
Pet name: Aro/ Rooba
Meaning: Happy And Optimistic Woman
655 Arpana
Pet name: Arpa/ Arana/ Ara/ Aana
Meaning: Surrendered, Gifted
656 Arpita
Pet name: Ara/ Apita/ Arita
Meaning: Dedicated To God
657 Arsha
Pet name: Ara/ Asha/ Arha
Meaning: Prayer Ceremony
658 Arshi
Pet name: Ara/ Arshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Ara/ Arshi/ Ashi
659 Arshia
Pet name: Ara/ Arshia/ Asia/ Asia/ Aria/ Ariha
Meaning: Heavenly, Divine
660 Arshika
Pet name: Arshi/ Ara/ Ashika/ Aika/ Shika
Meaning: Creative
661 Arshitha
Pet name: Ari/ Ashitha/ Ahitha/ Arshi/ Hitha
Meaning: Divine
662 Arshiya
Pet name: Arshi/ Ara/ Shiya/ Siya/ Arsi
Meaning: Creative
663 Arthi
Pet name: Ari/ Rathi
Meaning: To Give, Beauty
664 Arti
Pet name: Ari
Meaning: Hymns Sang In Praise Of God With Lamp In Hand
665 Arubiyyah
Pet name: Aru/ Abiyyah/ Rubiyyah/ Aubi/ Ruby
Meaning: One Who Is Fluent, Eloquent
666 Arukeshi
Pet name: Aru/ Rukeshi/ Ruke/ Keshi/ Eshi
Meaning: Trendy
667 Arulammal
Pet name: Aru/ Arul
Meaning: Blessed Girl
668 Arularasi
Pet name: Aru/ Aula/ Arasi/ Rasi/ Asi
Meaning: Blessed Queen
669 Arumai
Pet name: Aru/ Rumai/ Armai/ Amai
Meaning: Unique
670 Aruna
Pet name: Aru/ Runa/ Auna
Meaning: Dawn, Red Cow
671 Arundhathi
Pet name: Aru/ Andhathi/ Dhathi/ Aruna
Meaning: A Small Star Near The Great Bear
672 Arundhati
Pet name: Aru/ Aruna/ Dhathi/ Hathi
Meaning: A Star
673 Aruni
Pet name: Aru/ Auni/ Arni
Meaning: Rising Sun
674 Arunima
Pet name: Aru/ Anima/ Aruni/ Nima
Meaning: Glow Of Dawn
675 Arushi
Pet name: Aru/ Ashi/ Rushi/ Aushi
Meaning: First Ray Of Sunlight
676 Arusi
Pet name: Aru/ Arsi/ Arsi
Meaning: Sun
677 Arutpa
Pet name: Aru/ Rupa/ Rupta
Meaning: Divine Song
678 Arva
Pet name: Ava/ Ara
Meaning: Fastest Motion Wind, Moving Air
679 Arvana
Pet name: Ava/ Arva/ Avana
Meaning: Quick, Fast
680 Arvi
Pet name: Ari/ Avi
Meaning: Fresh Water Or Green Water
681 Arvia
Pet name: Ari/ Avia/ Avi
Meaning: From The Sea Shore
682 Arvinda
Pet name: Arvi/ Ari/ Avinda/ Vinda/ Inda
Meaning: Empowered
683 Arwa
Pet name: Ara/ Awa
Meaning: Graceful And Beauty
684 Arwaa
Pet name: Araa/ Awaa
Meaning: Softness, Lightness
685 Arya
Pet name: Ara
Meaning: Noble Goddess
686 Aryaa
Pet name: Araa/ Ayaar
Meaning: Friend, Faithful
687 Aryah
Pet name: Arya/ Ara/ Ayah
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Honored
688 Aryahi
Pet name: Ara/ Arahi/ Ayahi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
689 Aryana
Pet name: Ara/ Ayana/ Arana
Meaning: Very Holy One
690 Aryanna
Pet name: Araa/ Arnaa/ Anna/ Araana
Meaning: Very Holy One
691 Aryia
Pet name: Ara/ Aria/ Ariya
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Honored
692 Aryika
Pet name: Ari/ Aryi/ Ayika/ Arika
Meaning: Noble Lady
693 Arzah
Pet name: Ara/ Arz/ Azah
Meaning: Passionate, Intelligent
694 Arzu
Pet name: Aru/ Azzu
Meaning: Wish, Hope, Love
695 Asah
Pet name: Asa/ Sah
Meaning: Plant Known For Its Greenness
696 Asalah
Pet name: Asa/ Alah/ Asala/ Asalh
Meaning: Purity, Nobility Of Descent
697 Asali
Pet name: Asa/ Asil/ Ali
Meaning: Made Of Honey
698 Asani
Pet name: Asa/ Aani/ Asni
Meaning: A Flash Of Lighting
699 Asarat
Pet name: Asa/ Aarat/ Asara
Meaning: Creative
700 Asavari
Pet name: Asa/ Asav/ Aari/ Avari
Meaning: Creative
701 Aseelah
Pet name: Asee/ Aseea/ Aseela/ Aselah/ Alah
Meaning: reeper Of Hope
702 Aseema
Pet name: Asee/ Aeema/ Seema/ Aeea/ Emma
Meaning: Limitless
703 Asenath
Pet name: Ase/ Enath/ Senath/ Aenath
Meaning: Belonging To God
704 Asenka
Pet name: Ase/ Aenka/ Senka
Meaning: Graceful
705 Asfaq
Pet name: Asaq/ Asfa/ Afaq
Meaning: Very Holy One
706 Asha
Pet name: Sha
Meaning: Hope
707 Ashaja
Pet name: Asha/ Haja/ Aja/ Aju
Meaning: Trendy
708 Ashaki
Pet name: Asha/ Ahaki/ Shaki
Meaning: One Who Is Beautiful
709 Ashalata
Pet name: Asha/ Aha/ Lata/ Ahal/ Alata
Meaning: Creeper Of Hope
710 Ashantii
Pet name: Asha/ Ahantii/ Shanti
Meaning: Thank You
711 Ashavari
Pet name: Asha/ Ash/ Avari/ Ari
Meaning: Spirit Of The Heavens
712 Asheeyana
Pet name: Ashee/ Eeyana/ Heeyana/ Aeeyana/ Sheeyana
Meaning: House, Nest
713 Asheley
Pet name: Ashe/ Eley/ Ash/ Heley
Meaning: Ash Meadow
714 Ashely
Pet name: Ash/ Ashe/ Hely
Meaning: Ash Meadow
715 Ashi
Pet name: Ash/ Ahi
Meaning: Trendy
716 Ashia
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahia/ Shia/ Sia
Meaning: Lively
717 Ashika
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahika/ Shika/ Shia/ Sia
Meaning: Infinite, One Without Sorrow
718 Ashima
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahima/ Hima/ Aima/ Ima
Meaning: Limitless, Without Borders
719 Ashiqa
Pet name: Ashi/ Shiqa/ Shiq/ Hiqa/ Hia
Meaning: Sweet Heart, Beloved
720 Ashita
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahita/ Shita/ Sita
Meaning: River Yamuna
721 Ashiya
Pet name: Ashi/ Aiya/ Shiya/ Shia/ Sia
Meaning: Trendy
722 Ashle
Pet name: Ash/ Ale
Meaning: A Form Of Ashley
723 Ashleen
Pet name: Ash/ Ahleen/ Aleen/ Aeen/ Leen
Meaning: Dream
724 Ashleey
Pet name: Ash/ Ahleey/ Aleeny/ Aneey
Meaning: Creative
725 Ashlei
Pet name: Ash/ Alei/ Alei/ Ashei
Meaning: Creative
726 Ashlen
Pet name: Ash/ Ahlen/ Alen/ Aen
Meaning: Trendy
727 Ashlesha
Pet name: Ash/ Alesha/ Aesha/ Esha/ Ashle
Meaning: A Star
728 Ashley
Pet name: Ash/ Ashle/ Aley
Meaning: Ash Tree Meadow
729 Ashmika
Pet name: Ash/ Amika/ Ahmika/ Mika/ Ahika
Meaning: A Beautiful Women With Long Hair
730 Ashmita
Pet name: Ash/ Ahmita/ Amita/ Mita
Meaning: Nature, Very Strong
731 Ashna
Pet name: Ash/ Ahna
Meaning: Perfumed, Beloved
732 Ashni
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahni
Meaning: Lightning
733 Ashritha
Pet name: Ashi/ Aritha/ Ritha/ Shritha/ Shri/ Ashri
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
734 Ashrutha
Pet name: Ash/ Arutha/ Rutha/ Shrutha
Meaning: Fearless Or Brave
735 Ashti
Pet name: Ash/ Ashi
Meaning: Peace
736 Ashtin
Pet name: Ash/ Ashi/ Ahtin
Meaning: A Form Of Ashton
737 Ashton
Pet name: Ash/ Ahton/ Aon
Meaning: From Ash Tree Town
738 Ashtyn
Pet name: Ash/ Ahtynn/ Atynn
Meaning: A Form Of Ashton
739 Ashvini
Pet name: Ash/ Avini/ Aini/ Vini
Meaning: Light, Horse Tamer
740 Ashwathy
Pet name: Ash/ Ashwa/ Awathy/ Ahwathy/ Wathy
Meaning: An Angel
741 Ashwika
Pet name: Ash/ Awika/ Ahwika/ Aika
Meaning: Goddess Name
742 Ashwini
Pet name: Ash/ Awini/ Ahwini/ Winni
Meaning: Star, Wealthy
743 Ashya
Pet name: Asha/ Ahya/ Shya
Meaning: Devoted Women
744 Asiah
Pet name: Asi/ Siah/ Aiah/ Sia
Meaning: A Form Of AsiaC
745 Asifa
Pet name: Asi/ Aifa/ Sifa
Meaning: Organizer
746 Asika
Pet name: Asi/ Aika/ Sika
Meaning: Dagger, Sharp
747 Asikni
Pet name: Asi/ Aikni/ Asiki
Meaning: The Dark One, The Night
748 Asilia
Pet name: Asi/ Ailia/ Silia
Meaning: Honest
749 Asima
Pet name: Asi/ Aima/ Sima
Meaning: Protector, Guardian
750 Asira
Pet name: Asi/ Aira/ Ara/ Sia
Meaning: Honored, Chosen, Preferred
751 Asistha
Pet name: Asi/ Sistha/ Asis/ Asitha/ Asiha
Meaning: Active, Very Quick
752 Asita
Pet name: Asi/ Aita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: The River Yamuna
753 Asivini
Pet name: Asi/ Avini/ Aini
Meaning: Wealthy, A Star
754 Asiya
Pet name: Asi/ Siya/ Sia
Meaning: Beautiful Sunshine
755 Asiyah
Pet name: Asi/ Siyah/ Sia
Meaning: Pretty
756 Aslesha
Pet name: Ase/ Asler/ Aesha/ Lesha/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: A Star
757 Asma
Pet name: Asa
Meaning: Excellent, Precious, Daughter Of Abu Bakr
758 Asmaa
Pet name: Asa/ Amaa
Meaning: Chaste, Virtuous, Precious, Valuable, Excellent
759 Asmani
Pet name: Asa/ Amani/ Mani
Meaning: Heavenly, Divine
760 Asmee
Pet name: Ase/ Amee
Meaning: Ase/ Amee
761 Asmi
Pet name: Asi/ Ami
Meaning: Creative
762 Asmita
Pet name: Asi/ Mita/ Amita/ Mia
Meaning: Pride , Very Hard And Strong
763 Asna
Pet name: Asa/ Ana
Meaning: Eating A Lot, Voracious
764 Asnat
Pet name: Asna/ Anat/ Ana
Meaning: Belonging To God
765 Astha
Pet name: Asa/ Atha/ Asha
Meaning: Faith
766 Astikya
Pet name: Asti/ Stikya/ Ikya/ Asi
Meaning: Belief, Faith, Faith In Scripture And God
767 Astrti
Pet name: Asti/ Arti/ Ari
Meaning: Invincibility
768 Asvarya
Pet name: Asva/ Arya/ Svarya
Meaning: Marvelous
769 Aswani
Pet name: Asa/ Awani/ Wani/ Aswa
Meaning: Creative
770 Aswathi
Pet name: Aswa/ Asa/ Wathi/ Asa
Meaning: Grace
771 Aswathy
Pet name: Aswa/ Awathy/ Awa
Meaning: An Angel
772 Aswini
Pet name: Asi/ Aswi/ Awini
Meaning: Strong Women
773 Asya
Pet name: Asa/ Sya
Meaning: Creative
774 Atafah
Pet name: Atafa/ Afah
Meaning: Trendy
775 Atalaya
Pet name: Atala/ Alaya/ Laya
Meaning: Watch Tower
776 Atara
Pet name: Ata/ Ara
Meaning: Crown
777 Ateret
Pet name: Ater/ Aere/ Eret
Meaning: Crown
778 Atfah
Pet name: Atfa/ Afah/ Atah
Meaning: Friend
779 Athalia
Pet name: Atha/ Ahalia/ Alia
Meaning: God Is Great
780 Atheena
Pet name: Athe/ Aeena/ Ateena/ Eena
Meaning: Wise, Goddess Of War
781 Athena
Pet name: Athe/ Aena/ Ahena
Meaning: Goddess Of Wise
782 Athera
Pet name: Aera/ Ara/ Aher/ Hera
Meaning: Path
783 Athira
Pet name: Aera/ Ara/ Aher/ Hera
Meaning: Path
784 Athulya
Pet name: Auya/ Aulya/ Alya
Meaning: Unique, Perfect
785 Atifa
Pet name: Atia/ Aifa
Meaning: Affectionate
786 Atika
Pet name: Aiki
Meaning: Overflowing, Outdoing
787 Atira
Pet name: Aira/ Aira
Meaning: Fragrant, Aromatic, Perfumed
788 Atiriya
Pet name: Atiri/ Riya/ Tiriya/ Aiya
Meaning: Very Dear, Loved
789 Atitheya
Pet name: Atitheya
Meaning: Humble, Hospitality
790 Atiya
Pet name: Ati/ Aiya
Meaning: A Gift
791 Atiyyaat
Pet name: Ati/ Atiya/ Aiyyat
Meaning: Gifts
792 Atmaja
Pet name: Atma/ Aja/ Amaja
Meaning: Born Of The Soul , Daughter
793 Atmika
Pet name: Atmi/ Amika/ Mika
Meaning: Light Of Divine
794 Atmikha
Pet name: Atmi/ Amikha/ Mikha/ Aikha
Meaning: Light Of Divine
795 Atreyi
Pet name: Atri/ Areyi/ Reyi
Meaning: Receptacle Of Glory, A River
796 Atriya
Pet name: Atri/ Aryi/ Riya
Meaning: Over Flowering
797 Attarah
Pet name: Atta/ Arah/ Ara
Meaning: Perfume Seller Or Perfume Maker
798 Atubah
Pet name: Atuba/ Aubah/ Abah
Meaning: Gentle And Delicate
799 Atula
Pet name: Atu/ Aula/ Atul
Meaning: Unequalled
800 Atulaa
Pet name: Atu/ Aula
Meaning: Incomparable