401 Akush
Pet name: Akku/ Akus/ Akki/ Aush/ Ush
Meaning: Creative
402 Akutil
Pet name: Akku/ Uthil/ Kutil/ Akki/ Atil
Meaning: Straight Forward, Upright, Simple
403 Akyath
Pet name: Akky/ Kyath/ Ayath/ Akath
Meaning: Famous,Popular,Well Known
404 Alakanand
Pet name: Alak/ Alakan/ Kanan/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: River, Outpouring Stream
405 Alake
Pet name: Alae/ Aake
Meaning: One To Be Honored
406 Alan
Pet name: Ala/ Aan
Meaning: Noble, Harmony
407 Alankar
Pet name: Alan/ Ankar/ Lanar
Meaning: Gold, Ornament
408 Alankrit
Pet name: Alan/ Akrit/ Ankrit/ Arit
Meaning: Fully Decorated, Poetic
409 Alap
Pet name: Ala/ Lap
Meaning: Brave
410 Alark
Pet name: Ala/ Arak/ Alak/ Alak
Meaning: White Lotus, Furious Or Excited One
411 Alavayannal
Pet name: Alav/ Lavay/ Vayan/ Ayannal/ Ayann
Meaning: Lord Shiva
412 Alavilan
Pet name: Alav/ Lavil/ Lavilan/ Avilan/ Avian/ Vian
Meaning: Lord Shiva
413 Alavili
Pet name: Alav/ Lavili/ lavil/ Avil
Meaning: Lord Shiva
414 Alaz
Pet name: Alay/ Laaz
Meaning: Fire Or Flame
415 Albazi
Pet name: Alba/ Azi/ Abiz/ Labiz
Meaning: Falcon
416 Aleem
Pet name: Alee/ Aeem/ Leem
Meaning: Creative
417 Alekh
Pet name: Alle/ Lekh/ Aekh
Meaning: A Beautiful Painting
418 Alex
Pet name: Ale/ Lex
Meaning: To Defeat, To Protect
419 Alhaadi
Pet name: Alha/ Ahaadi/ Haadi
Meaning: Guide
420 Alie
Pet name: Ali/ Ale
Meaning: Creative
421 Alohan
Pet name: Alo/ Lohan/ Ohan/ Haan
Meaning: Creative
422 Alok
Pet name: Alo/ Aok
Meaning: Brightness
423 Alokendra
Pet name: Alo/ Aken/Akendra/ Endra/ Ken
Meaning: Victorious, Intelligent
424 Alpesh
Pet name: Alp/ Iesh/ Esh/ Lapesh
Meaning: Tiny, Small, Little
425 Alvar
Pet name: Alv/ Avar
Meaning: Elf Warrior
426 Alvilian
Pet name: Alv/ Avin/ Alvin/ Vilian/ Ilian/ Lian/ Ian
Meaning: Creative
427 Alvin
Pet name: Alvi/ Avin/ Alin/ Aiin
Meaning: Noble Friend
428 Amaal
Pet name: Aaal/ Maal
Meaning: Bright, Clean Or Pure
429 Amail
Pet name: Amal/ Maail/ Ail
Meaning: A Necklace
430 Amajgar
Pet name: Amaj/ Ajgar/ Majj/ Agar/ Majgar
Meaning: A Sound Advisor
431 Amalanand
Pet name: Amal/ Amalan/ Malan/ Lanand/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: Pure Joy, Blissful Life
432 Amalesh
Pet name: Amal/ Malesh/ Male/ Alesh/ Lesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Pure
433 Aman
Pet name: Aan/ Maan
Meaning:  Forever, Immortal
434 Amanar
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Manar/ Amar
Meaning: Guide Or Leader, Ruler
435 Amanat
Pet name: Aman/ Mana/ Anat/ Amant
Meaning: Creative
436 Amanath
Pet name: Aman/ Mananth/ Manan/ Ananth/ Anan
Meaning: One Who Is Precious And Valuable
437 Amanbir
Pet name: Aman/ Anan/ Abir/ Manab/ Manir
Meaning: One Who Fights For Peace
438 Amanc
Pet name: Aman/ Manc/ Naac
Meaning: Aim Or Goal
439 Amandev
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Dev/ Manev
Meaning: The God Of Peace
440 Amandip
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Deep/ Anip
Meaning:  Light Of Peace Or One Who Shines With Peace
441 Amaneesh
Pet name: Aman/ Maneesh/ Aneesh/ Eesh/ Manee/ Anee
Meaning: God Of Peace
442 Amanjeet
Pet name: Aman/ Anjeet/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Manjee
Meaning: Peace Attainder, One Who Wins Peace In His Life
443 Amanjeevan
Pet name: Aman/ Jeevan/ Maan/ Eevan/ Anjeev/ Jeev/ Eean
Meaning: Peaceful, Blessed
444 Amanjot
Pet name: Aman/ Manjot/ Manjo/ Anjo/ Jot
Meaning: Light Of Peace
445 Amanpal
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Apal/ Pal/ Anpal
Meaning: Peace Protector
446 Amanpreet
Pet name: Aman/ Apreet/ Areet/ Maan
Meaning: One Who Loves Peace
447 Amanroop
Pet name: Aman/ Aroop/ Roop/ Maan
Meaning: Peaceful And Blessed
448 Amantej
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Tej/ Manej/ Manee
Meaning: Creative
449 Amanth
Pet name: Aman/ Manth/ Anth
Meaning: Creative
450 Amanuday
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Uday/ Anuday/ Manu
Meaning: Peace Rising
451 Amanvir
Pet name: Aman/ Avir/ Maan/ Anvir/ Veer/ Manvir
Meaning: One Who Fights For Peace
452 Amar
Pet name: Maar/ Aaar
Meaning: Long Life Or Hukum Order
453 Amaran
Pet name: Amar/ Maran/ Aran
Meaning: The Immortal, Long Life
454 Amaranaath
Pet name: Amar/ Annath/ Rana/ Aranth
Meaning: Immortal, Lord Shiva
455 Amardeep
Pet name: Amar/ Adeep/ Deepu/ Mareep/ Maree
Meaning: Eternal Light Or Immortal Light
456 Amardev
Pet name: Amar/ Dev/ Amaad/ Maard
Meaning: The Immortal God, Lord Shiva
457 Amardit
Pet name: Amki/ Rdit/ Athri/ Kiyath
Meaning: The Moon
458 Amarendra
Pet name: Amki/ Marendra/ Arendra
Meaning: King Of Devas Or Lord Indra
459 Amaresh
Pet name: Amar/ Esh/ Aresh/ Amae 
Meaning: Lord Indra Or King Of Sky
460 Amarjeet
Pet name: Amar/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Maraj/ Areet
Meaning: Victorious Or Undefeatable
461 Amarjit
Pet name: Amki/ Rjit/ Athri/ Kiyath
Meaning: Lord Indra
462 Amarjot
Pet name: Amki/ Marjot/ Arjot
Meaning: Eternal Light
463 Amarkeerti
Pet name: Amki/ Markeerti/ Arkeerti
Meaning: Eternal Flame
464 Amarleen
Pet name: Amki/ Rleen/ Athri/ Kiyath
Meaning: Forever Absorbed In God Or Immortal
465 Amarnath
Pet name: Amar/ Ananth/ Nath/ Arnath
Meaning: Lord Shiva
466 Amarpreet
Pet name: Amar/ Ammi/ Aram/ Preeth/ Areeth
Meaning: Immortal Love For God
467 Amarthevan

Pet name: Amar/ Athevan/ Evan/ Atrhavanad

Meaning: Hero For Heaven
468 Amav
Pet name: Amaan/ Aaav
Meaning: Ocean
469 Amay
Pet name: Ami/ Ayam
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
470 Ambak
Pet name: Amak/ Abak
Meaning: The Eye
471 Ambar
Pet name: Amba/ Mbar
Meaning: Creative
472 Ambar            
Pet name: Ambu/ Amar/ Abar
Meaning: Sky
473 Ambareesh
Pet name: Ambu/ Areesh/ Aru/ Eesh/ Baree
Meaning: King Of The Sky
474 Ambarish
Pet name: Ambu/ Arish/ Rishi/ Baris
Meaning:  The Sky, Lord Shiva
475 Amber
Pet name: Ammu/ Abeer/ Aeer
Meaning: Sky
476 Amberam
Pet name: Ambi/ Eram/ Ram/ Amber/ Mabeer
Meaning: The Sky
477 Amberish
Pet name: Amber/ Rish/ Erish/ Ambee/ Abe
Meaning: The Sky Or Angel From Heaven
478 Ambikapathi
Pet name: Ambi/ Abi/ Ami/ Pathi/ Kaathi
Meaning: Lord Of Shiva
479 Ambuj
Pet name: Ambu/ Auj/ Amu
Meaning: Lotus, Water Lilly
480 Ambujanabh
Pet name: Amu/ Ambu/ Ambuj/ Anabh/ Nabh/ Annabh
Meaning: Lotus Or Water Lily
481 Ambunath
Pet name: Ambu/ Ammu/ Nath/ Unath/ Munath
Meaning: Lord Of Waters Or Ocean
482 Ameda
Pet name: Amme/ Eda/ Medh/ Aeda
Meaning: Prince
483 Ameek
Pet name: Aeek/ Meek/ Eekm
Meaning: Very Deep
484 Ameen
Pet name: Amee/ Aeen/ Ieen/ Ieem
Meaning: Faithful Or Trustworthy
485 Ameer
Pet name: Amee/ Aeer/ Ieen/ Meer
Meaning: Ruler, Prince
486 Ameet
Pet name: Aeet/ Amee/ Meeth/ Ieeth/
Meaning: Boundless Or Never Ending
487 Amer
Pet name: Ami/ Ier/ Meer
Meaning: Ruler, Commander
488 Ameya
Pet name: Amey/ Meya/ Amee/ Eyam
Meaning: Boundless Or Infinite, Midnight Rain
489 Amid
Pet name: Amii/ Aied/ Meedh
Meaning: A Great Man, Leader
490 Amir
Pet name: Ammi/ Ier/ Meer/ Aeer
Meaning: Rich
491 Amirtharasan
Pet name: Amir/ Arit/ Amee/ Arasan/ Asan/ Hasan/ Meer
Meaning: Sweet Person
492 Amish
Pet name: Ami/ Iesh/ Aiesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Pure, Honest
493 Amit
Pet name: Ammi/ Mith/ Amee
Meaning: Limitless Or Endless
494 Amitabh
Pet name: Ammi/ Itabh/ Amit/ Aabh
Meaning: Unlimited
495 Amitatej
Pet name: Amit/ Iyath/ Tej/ Iej/ Aiej
Meaning:  Lord Buddha
496 Amitath
Pet name: Amit/ Itath/ Iyath/ Ammi
Meaning: Creative
497 Amitav
Pet name: Ammi/ Itav/ Mithav
Meaning: Most Glorious, Lord Buddha
498 Amitava
Pet name: Ammi/ Atava/ Amit/ Itavan/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Buddha
499 Amitbikram
Pet name: Ammi/ Amit/ Ikram/ Aram/ Ram/ Mitib
Meaning: Limitless Prowess Or Talented
500 Amitesh
Pet name: Ammi/ Ieesh/ Itesh/ Mitesh
Meaning: Infinite God
501 Amithnal
Pet name: Amith/ Annal/ Mithal/ Mithnal
Meaning: A Loving And Wise Leader
502 Amitoj
Pet name: Amit/ Itoj/ Mitoj
Meaning: Enlightened, Limitless Glow
503 Amitosh
Pet name: Amit/ Itosh/ Ammi/ Iosh
Meaning: Everlasting Happiness Or Unlimited Joy
504 Amitrasudan
Pet name: Amith/ Ammi/ Mitra/ Asudan/ Sudan/ Udan/ Audan
Meaning: Destroyer Of Enemies
505 Amiy
Pet name: Ammi/ Miiy
Meaning: Nectar
506 Amjad
Pet name: Amja/ Ajad/ Majad/ Maaj
Meaning: More Glorious, Magnified
507 Amlan
Pet name: Amal/ Alan/ Malan/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Brilliant, Unfading
508 Ammaan
Pet name: Ammu/ Maan
Meaning: Trustworthy
509 Ammar
Pet name: Ammu/ Maar
Meaning: Virtuous, Devout, Religious
510 Amogh
Pet name: Amoh/ Gosh
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
511 Amolak
Pet name: Amol/ Alak/ Aolak
Meaning: Valuable, Precious
512 Amolik
Pet name: Amju/ Aolik
Meaning: Priceless Or Precious
513 Amraj
Pet name: Ami/ Raj/ Araj/ Amaj
Meaning: One Who Will Rule Forever
514 Amrakuta
Pet name: Amra/ Ammu/ Akuth/ Rakuta/ Uktha
Meaning:  Special Halls, Disciple Of Lord Buddha
515 Amraz
Pet name: Amar/ Araz/ Raz
Meaning: Target
516 Amresh
Pet name: Ammu/ Arresh/ Maresh/ Marres
Meaning: Lord Indra
517 Amrish
Pet name: Ami/ Rish/ Misha/ Mrish/ Amri
Meaning: Lord Indra Or King Of The Sky
518 Amrit
Pet name: Ammi/ Arit/ Mrith/ Reeth
Meaning: Nectar
519 Amritalal
Pet name: Ammi/ Arit/ Rith/ Alalal/ Lal/ Rithal
Meaning: Immortal
520 Amritambu
Pet name: Amimi/ Arit/ Ambu/ Amir/ Ithamb
Meaning:  Moon
521 Amritansh
Pet name: Ammi/ Arith/ Ansh/ Ritansh/ Ritan
Meaning: Creative
522 Amritayan
Pet name: Amrith/ Mrith/ Rityan/ Ayan/ Ityan
Meaning: Creative
523 Amrith
Pet name: Amrith/ Mrith/ Arith
Meaning: Nectar
524 Amritleen
Pet name: Amir/ Leen/ Riteen/ Ieen
Meaning:  One In Charge Of Lord's Nectar
525 Amritpal
Pet name: Amir/ Amrit/ Apal/ Pal/ Ritap/ Itapal
Meaning: Creative
526 Amudhan
Pet name: Ammi/ Adham/ Udhan/ Adhan/ Ammudh
Meaning: Sweet
527 Amuk
Pet name: Ammu/ Auk/ Maauk
Meaning: Some, One Or Another
528 Amul
Pet name: Ammu/ Aul/ Mual
Meaning: Precious Or Valuable
529 Amura
Pet name: Ammu/ Aurr/ Umrr
Meaning: Wise, Intelligent
530 Amuthan
Pet name: Ammu/ Uthan/ Amuthan
Meaning:  Purity, Precious One Or Valuable
531 Anaan
Pet name: Annu/ Anan
Meaning: Clouds, Bearing Water, Sky
532 Anagh
Pet name: Anah/ Anagh/ Ahag
Meaning: Sinless, Pure, Perfect
533 Anak
Pet name: Anna
Meaning: A Collar, Ornament
534 Analaksha
Pet name: Anal/ Alaksha/ Aksh/ Ash/ Hash
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
535 Anam
Pet name: Naam/ Anna
Meaning: Blessed
536 Anamaya
Pet name: Anan/ Amay/ Namaya/ Nama
Meaning: Lord Shiva
537 Anamol
Pet name: Ana/ Amol/ Ammu
Meaning: Precious Or Priceless
538 Anan
Pet name: Anna/ Naan
Meaning: Clouds
539 Ananay
Pet name: Anay/ Nanay/ Naay
Meaning: Unique
540 Anand
Pet name: Anan/ Nand/ Nandu
Meaning: Joy, Bliss
541 Anandagiri
Pet name: Anan/ Anand/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Giri/ Agir
Meaning: Mountain Of Happiness Or Peak Of Pleasure
542 Anandamaya
Pet name: Anan/ Nanda/ Amay/ Maya
Meaning: Consisting Of Bliss, Full Of Happiness And Joy
543 Anandan
Pet name: Anand/ Anan/ Nandan/ Nandu
Meaning: One Who Brings Happiness, Bliss 
544 Anandashankar
Pet name: Anand/ Anan/ Nandan/ Nandu/ Shankar/ Ankar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
545 Anandleen
Pet name: Anand/ Anna/ Nandu/ Aleen/ Leen/ Adleen
Meaning:  Lord Of Bliss, Joy, Happiness
546 Anandmohan
Pet name: Anand/ Anna/ Nandu/ Mohan/ Ahan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
547 Anandroop
Pet name: Anand/ Nand/ Anan/ Aroop/ Roop/ Aroo
Meaning: Blissful Form Or Radiating Bliss
548 Anandswaroop
Pet name: Anand/ Nand/ Swaroop/ Aswa/ Swa/ Aroop/ Aru
Meaning: Journey Of Happiness
549 Anandvardhan
Pet name: Anand/ Nandu/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Adhan/ Ahan/ Anan
Meaning: One Who Increases Happiness, Lord Ram
550 Anang
Pet name: Anan/ Anag
Meaning: Name Of Cupid Or Formless Divine Being
551 Anant
Pet name: Anan/ Nanth
Meaning: Immortal Or Eternal
552 Anantajeet
Pet name: Anan/ Nanta/ Ajeeth/ Jeeth/ Jeethu/ Aeeth
Meaning: The Victor Of Infinity
553 Anantaram
Pet name: Anan/ Atram/ Ram/ Ananta/ Aram
Meaning: Eternal Or Immortal, Lord Vishnu
554 Anantarjot
Pet name: Ananta/ Antar/ Antarjot/ Arjot
Meaning: Eternal Lamp Of God Or God's Light
555 Anantbir
Pet name: Anant/ Antbir/ Abir/ Anbir
Meaning: Eternal Warrior
556 Anantdev
Pet name: Ananth/ Nanth/ Dev
Meaning: Eternal Devotion Or Eternal Divinity
557 Ananth
Pet name: Nanth/ Annu/ Anna
Meaning: Immortal Or Endless
558 Anantram
Pet name: Anan/ Nanta/ Aram/ Ram
Meaning: Eternal God Or Immortal God, Lord Rama
559 Anbumathi
Pet name: Anub/ Anbu/ Amathi/ Mathi/ Athi/ Abuthi
Meaning: Love With The Moon
560 Anbumoli
Pet name: Anbu/ Amoli/ Moli
Meaning: One Who Speaks Kindly
561 Anchit
Pet name: Ann/ Achit/ Nchit
Meaning: Worshipped, Prayed, Great Devotion
562 Aneel
Pet name: Anee/ Neel/ Aeel
Meaning: Child Of Air Or Wind
563 Aneesh
Pet name: Anee/ Aeesh/ Neesh/ Ieesh
Meaning: Supreme, Ultimate, Greatest Authority
564 Anesh
Pet name: Ane/ Nesh/ Iesh
Meaning: Smart One, Brilliant
565 Angad
Pet name: Anga/ Agad/ Nagad
Meaning: Bracelet, Armlet
566 Angaj
Pet name: Anu/ Agaj/ Gaaj
Meaning: Son
567 Angak
Pet name: Anak/ Agak/ Gaank
Meaning: Son
568 Anhil
Pet name: Anil/ Ahi/ Anhii/ Ahil
Meaning: Wind
569 Aniesh
Pet name: Ani/ Iesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Sunshine
570 Aniij
Pet name: Anii/ Anij/ Neej
Meaning: Charming, Handsome
571 Anik
Pet name: Anni/ Nik/ Aiik
Meaning: Light, Lord Ganesha
572 Anikait
Pet name: Anni/ Ikaith/ Nikaith/ Kaiith
Meaning: Lord Of The World
573 Aniket
Pet name: Anni/ Iket/ Niket
Meaning: Homeless, Lord Shiva
574 Aniketh
Pet name: Anni/ Niketh/ Iketh/ Kieth
Meaning: Lord Of Worlds Or Lord Shiva
575 Anil
Pet name: Anni/ Neel
Meaning: Wind
576 Anilesh
Pet name: Anni/ Nilesh/ Ilesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Spirit Of The Wind
577 Anilkumar
Pet name: Anni/ Neel/ Kumar/ Amar/ Umar
Meaning: Son Of Wind, Hanuman
578 Animesh
Pet name: Anni/ Mesh/ Imesh/ Iesh/ Nimesh
Meaning: Bright
579 Animish
Pet name: Anni/ Mish/ Imish/ Nimish
Meaning: Attractive
580 Anindit
Pet name: Anni/ Iddit/ Indit/ Nindit
Meaning: Blameless, Perfect
581 Anindith
Pet name: Anni/ Iddit/ Indith/ Nidith
Meaning: The Perfect One
582 Anindo
Pet name: Anni/ Inod/ Anod/ Ninod
Meaning: Happiness, Joy
583 Anindya
Pet name: Anni/ Nindya/ Inday
Meaning: Handsome, Praiseworthy
584 Anirban
Pet name: Anni/ Irba/ Iban/ Nirban
Meaning: Eternal Light
585 Anirudh
Pet name: Anni/ Irudh/ Rudh
Meaning: Boundless, Unstoppable, Victorious
586 Anish
Pet name: Anni/ Ish/ Nish
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Supreme
587 Anishk
Pet name: Anni/ Ishk/ Nishk
Meaning: One Who Has No Enemy, Supreme Being
588 Anitej
Pet name: Anni/ Nitej/ Itej/ Tej
Meaning: Immeasurable, Infinite, Vast, Endless
589 Anith
Pet name: Anni/ Niath/ Nith
Meaning: Infinite Happiness Or Unending Joy
590 Anivardh
Pet name: Anni/ Vardh/ Ardh/ Nivardh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu


Pet name: Anni/ Vartin/ Artin/ Ratin
Meaning: Brave
592 Anjaan
Pet name: Anjuu/ Anaan/ Jaan
Meaning: Stranger, Unknown
593 Anjan
Pet name: Anju/ Anja/ Anaan/ Naan
Meaning: Kajal Or Eye Liner
594 Anjay
Pet name: Anju/ Ajay/ Anju/ Anay
Meaning: Unconquerable Or Invincible
595 Anjesh
Pet name: Anju/ Anje/ Anesh/ Ajesh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Hanuman
596 Anjor
Pet name: Anjo/ Ajor
Meaning: Bright, Radiant, Luminant
597 Ankan
Pet name: Anka/ Anan/ Akan
Meaning: Marking
598 Ankesh
Pet name: Ankki/ Kesh/ Akesh
Meaning: King Of Numbers
599 Ankit
Pet name: Anki/ Akith/ Anith
Meaning: The Chosen One
600 Ankshit
Pet name: Anksh/ Ashit/ Nshit/ Nakshit
Meaning: Permanent
601 Ankur
Pet name: Anur/ Akue/ Ankuu
Meaning: Blossom, New Life, Spring
602 Ankush
Pet name: Annu/ Akush/ Kush
Meaning: Self-Disciplined, The Conqueror
603 Anmay
Pet name: Anam/ Amay/ Anay
Meaning: Precious Or Valuable
604 Anmol
Pet name: Anam/ Amol
Meaning: Priceless, Invaluable, Precious
605 Annadashankar
Pet name: Annan/ Annad/ Shankar/ Ankar/ Nanda/ Nandu
Meaning: Lord Shiva
606 Annamalai
Pet name: Anna/ Amalai/ Amal/ Malai/ Alai
Meaning: Knowledgeable, Lord Shiva
607 Annavaran
Pet name: Anna/ Avaran/ Aran/ Annav
Meaning: Without Fear, Lord Vishnu
608 Annirudh
Pet name: Anni/ Rudh/ Irudh
Meaning: Boundless
609 Annuabhuj
Pet name: Annu/ Abhuj/ Ahuj/ Uabhuj
Meaning: Lord Shiva
610 Anoah
Pet name: Ano/ Noah/ Anoh
Meaning: Clever, Good
611 Anohan
Pet name: Ano/ Anoh/ Nohan/ Haan
Meaning: Creative
612 Anokh
Pet name: Ano/ Nokh/ Annu
Meaning: Unique, Amazing
613 Anookul
Pet name: Ano/ Nookul/ Ookul/ Akul
Meaning: Ideal Or Perfect, Unique
614 Anoop
Pet name: Anu/ Anoo/ Noop
Meaning: Best Personality Or Incomparable
615 Anpam
Pet name: Annu/ Anam
Meaning: Excellent
616 Ansala
Pet name: Ansa/ Asala/ Anala
Meaning: Strong
617 Ansar
Pet name: Ansa/ Asar/ Anni/ Asar
Meaning: Friend, Patron, Supporter
618 Ansh
Pet name: Ann/ Ash
Meaning: Portion, A Little Part Of Things, Honesty
619 Anshu
Pet name: Ann/ Ansh/ Shu
Meaning: Ray Of Light
620 Anshuk
Pet name: Ann/ Ashu/ Shuk/ Ashuk
Meaning: The Sun Rays Or Radiance Of Sun
621 Anshul          
Pet name: Annu/ Nshul/ Ashul/ Ahul
Meaning: Radiant, Bright Or Intelligent Person
622 Anshuman
Pet name: Ansh/ Aman/ Ashum/ Aman
Meaning: The Sun Or Radiance Of Sun Light
623 Anshumanth
Pet name: Ansh/ Anshum/ Amanth/ Umanth/ Uma
Meaning: Radiance Or Brightness
624 Anshumat
Pet name: Ansh/ Anshum/ Umat/ Ashumath/ Umat
Meaning: Glow Or Radiance
625 Ansila
Pet name: Anni/ Nsila/ Ila/ Asila
Meaning: A Friendly Divine Messenger
626 Ansuman
Pet name: Ansu/ Aman/ Uman/ Aman
Meaning: Barrier Of Sun Rays
627 Ansuvra
Pet name: Ansu/ Suvra/ Uvran/ Ansra
Meaning: Fortunate Or Lucky
628 Antang
Pet name: Anan/ Atang/ Annag/ Atang
Meaning: Perfect, Flawless
629 Antara
Pet name: Anta/ Ara/ Atara
Meaning: Part Of A Song, Beauty
630 Antarang
Pet name: Anat/ Arang/ Rang/ Anthar
Meaning: Inner Heart Or Close To Heart
631 Anthak
Pet name: Anth/ Atak/ Ananth
Meaning: Creative
632 Anubhav
Pet name: Anu/ Abhav/ Ahav/ Ubhav
Meaning: Experience Or Feelings
633 Anubodh
Pet name: Anu/ Ubodh/ Abodh
Meaning: Knowledge
634 Anuchand
Pet name: Anu/ Uchand/ Achand/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning:  Handsome, Graceful, Charming
635 Anudeep
Pet name: Annu/ Deep/ Deepu/ Udee/ Adeep
Meaning: Divine Light
636 Anuj
Pet name: Annu/ Auj
Meaning: Younger Brother
637 Anujay
Pet name: Anu/ Ajay/ Jay/ Ujay
Meaning: Graceful Victory
638 Anukaran
Pet name: Annu/ Karan/ Aran/ Karan
Meaning: Similar, Imitation
639 Anukul
Pet name: Anu/ Akul/ Ukul
Meaning: Perfect Man
640 Anunay
Pet name: Anu/ Unay/ Anay
Meaning: Requesting, Consolation
641 Anup
Pet name: Annu/ Nuup
Meaning: Talent, Glory, Exclusive, Without Comparison, Unique
642 Anupam
Pet name: Annu/ Upam/ Anpam
Meaning: Unique, Incomparable
643 Anurag
Pet name: Anu/ Urag/ Raag/ Anrag
Meaning: Love, Adoring, Friendly
644 Anuraj
Pet name: Anu/ Raj/ Uraj/ Uaj
Meaning: Beloved, Attracted
645 Anuranjan
Pet name: Anu/ Urajan/ Rajan/ Anjan/ Ranjan
Meaning: Love, Name Of A Raga
646 Anurodh
Pet name: Anu/ Rodh/ Auro/ Urodh
Meaning: A Request, Appeal
647 Anuroop
Pet name: Anu/ Roop/ Nuro/ Aro
Meaning: Handsome, Appealing
648 Anurup
Pet name: Anu/ Urup/ Nuru/ Arup
Meaning: Handsome, Charming
649 Anush
Pet name: Annu/ Aush/ Ush
Meaning: Sweet, Pleasant, Lovely, Nice
650 Anushtan
Pet name: Anu/ Ushtan/ Nushthan/ Ashtan
Meaning: Joyful Or Celebration Of Happiness
651 Anuvind
Pet name: Anu/ Ani/ Anuvi/ Vind
Meaning: One Who Receives
652 Anvay
Pet name: Anvi/ Avay/ Navay
Meaning: Being Together
653 Anvesh
Pet name: Anvi/ Vesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Investigation, Seeker
654 Anvit
Pet name: Anvi/ Avit/ Avi
Meaning: Leader Or Guide
655 Anvith
Pet name: Anvi/ Avith/ Aith/ Avi
Meaning: Friend, Companion
656 Anwaar
Pet name: Anvi/ Anwa/ Awaar
Meaning: Light, Glow, Gleam
657 Anwaaraddin
Pet name: Anvi/ Anwa/ Aradin/ Radin
Meaning: Light Of The Faith, Brilliance Of The Faith
658 Anwar
Pet name: Anvi/ Anwa/ Awar
Meaning: Brighter, More Brilliant
659 Anwesh
Pet name: Anni/ Awesh/ Wesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Quest, Searching
660 Anyanga
Pet name: Anya/ Anang/ Anayu
Meaning: White, Pure Or Clean
661 Anyash
Pet name: Anyas/ Yash/ Ash
Meaning: Creative
662 Aparajit
Pet name: Apar/ Ajith/ Jithu/ Arjith
Meaning: Unconquered Or Invincible
663 Aparamit
Pet name: Apar/ Amith/ Aith/ Armith
Meaning: Infinite, Boundless
664 Aparesh
Pet name: Apar/ Aresh/ Resh/ Paresh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
665 Aparichit
Pet name: Apar/ Archit/ Arichit/ Achith/ Richith
Meaning: Unknown, Unexplored, Undiscovered, Unidentified
666 Aparimit
Pet name: Apar/ Amit/ Arith/ Rimith
Meaning: Unbounded, Independent, Free, One With No Limits
667 Aparjith
Pet name: Apar/ Ajith/ Ajju/ Jith
Meaning: Victorious, Or Invincible
668 Aparoop
Pet name: Apar/ Aroop/ Roop/ Aroo
Meaning: Unique
669 Apatihat
Pet name: Apat/ Atith/ Ahat/ Ihat
Meaning: Unique
670 Apekshit
Pet name: Apek/ Ekshith/ Ishith
Meaning: Desired, Expected, Wished, Longed, Craved
671 Apoorv
Pet name: Appu/ Aroov/ Aroo
Meaning: Extraordinary, Rare, Unique
672 Appaji
Pet name: Appu/ Aaji
Meaning: Lord Venkateswara
673 Appan
Pet name: Appa/ Aan
Meaning: One’s Own, God Or Father
674 Aprameya
Pet name: Appu/ Amey/ Ramey
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Infinite
675 Apratihat
Pet name: Apra/ Prathihat/ Rahithat
Meaning: Unique
676 Apratim
Pet name: Apram/ Pratim/ Ratim/ Atim
Meaning: Unique Or Incomparable
677 Apremeya
Pet name: Appu/ Apre/ Emeya/ Ameya
Meaning: Infinite, Limitless, Boundless, Endless
678 Aprit
Pet name: Appi/ Arit/ Apith
Meaning: Offering, Gift, Contribution
679 Apurab
Pet name: Appu/ Purab/ Aurab
Meaning: Very Good, Never Seen Before
680 Apuroop
Pet name: Appu/ Aroop/ Roop
Meaning: Valuable, Precious, Priceless, Inestimable
681 Apurv
Pet name: Appu/ Aurv
Meaning: Unparalleled, Extraordinary, Exceptional, Unmatched
682 Aqib
Pet name: Aqqi/ Aieb/ Qeeb
Meaning: Successor
683 Aqmar
Pet name: Aqu/ Amar/ Qamar
Meaning: Brilliant, Moon Light
684 Aqsad
Pet name: Aqsu/ Asad/ Aqad
Meaning: Achiever, Goal-Setter
685 Araadhak
Pet name: Arra/ Adhak/ Radhak
Meaning: Worshipper, Devotee, Disciple, Follower
686 Arabind
Pet name: Arab/ Ara/ Bindh/ Abind/ Rabind/ Iendh
Meaning: Lotus, Lord Brahma
687 Aradhak
Pet name: Ara/ Adhak/ Ahak/ Radhak/ Araak
Meaning: Worshipper, Devotee
688 Aradhan
Pet name: Ara/ Arad/ Ahan/ Adan/ Radhan
Meaning: Creative
689 Aradhya
Pet name: Ara/ Arad/ Adhy/ Ahy
Meaning: To Be Worshiped, Followed, Devoted
690 Araha
Pet name: Ara/ Aaha/ Raha
Meaning: Son Of Sun, Guiding Star
691 Aranab
Pet name: Ara/ Anab/ Aran/ Ranab
Meaning: Ocean Or Sea
692 Aranav
Pet name: Ara/ Anav/ Ranav/ Aran
Meaning: Sea
693 Aranya
Pet name: Aran/ Ara/ Anya
Meaning: Abundant, Wild Forest
694 Aranyak
Pet name: Ara/ Aran/ Anyak/ Ayaak
Meaning: Abundant, Wild Forest
695 Aranyaka
Pet name: Aran/ Anyaka/ Ranyaka
Meaning: One Who Lives In Forest
696 Aras
Pet name: Ara/ Raas
Meaning: River
697 Arati
Pet name: Ara/ Ari
Meaning: Delighted, Drowned In Love
698 Arav
Pet name: Ara/ Arv
Meaning: Peaceful, Beautiful
699 Aravali
Pet name: Ara/ Avail/ Vail/ Ravali
Meaning: Righteous, Virtuous
700 Aravan
Pet name: Arav/ Avan/ Ravan
Meaning: Righteous, Morally Correct
701 Aravaraiyan
Pet name: Arav/ Ariyan/ Iyan/ Raviyan/ Raiyan/ Aiyan
Meaning: Handsome, Charming
702 Aravind
Pet name: Arav/ Avind/ Vindh/ Ravind/ Avin/ Avi
Meaning: Straight Forward, Upright, Simple
703 Aravindh
Pet name: Ara/ Ara/ Ari/ Avind/ Vindh/ Avin/ Avii
Meaning: One With Beautiful Eyes
704 Aravindhan
Pet name: Ara/ Arav/ Vindh/ Vindhan/ Avind/ Ravindhan, Avii
Meaning: One With Beautiful Eyes
705 Arbaaz
Pet name: Ara/ Rabaz/ Raaz/ Abaaz
Meaning: Eagle
706 Archak
Pet name: Ara/ Rachak/ Achan/ Ahak
Meaning: Worshipper, Devotee
707 Archan
Pet name: Ara/ Rachan/ Ahan/ Achan
Meaning: Worship, Devote
708 Archit
Pet name: Ara/ Ari/ Achith/ Rachith
Meaning: Worshipped, Prayed, Great Devotion
709 Ardalan
Pet name: Ara/ Alan/ Adal/ Arad
Meaning: Goodness, Pure
710 Areef
Pet name: Aree/ Aeef/ Raeef
Meaning: Knowledgeable Or Expert
711 Arha
Pet name: Ara/ Ahan
Meaning: Calm Or Patience, Lord Shiva
712 Arhaan
Pet name: Ara/ Rahaan/ Ahaan
Meaning: Ruler Or Emperor
713 Arhant
Pet name: Ara/ Rahant/ Ahant/ Hanarth
Meaning: Destroyer Of Enemies, Protector
714 Arhat
Pet name: Ara/ Ahat/ Rahat
Meaning: Worthy Or Deserving
715 Arhya
Pet name: Arya/ Rahya/ Ahya
Meaning: Deserving, Praiseworthy
716 Ariabood
Pet name: Ara/ Ari/ Aria/ Aboodh/ Riab
Meaning: The Tribe Leader
717 Arib
Pet name: Ari/ Riab
Meaning: Bright, Brilliant, Clever
718 Arichit
Pet name: Ari/ Achith/ Rachit/ Ichith
Meaning: Worshipped, Prayed, Great Devotion
719 Aridam
Pet name: Ari/ Adam/ Iram/ Ram
Meaning: One Who Has Won Over All His Enemies
720 Ariel
Pet name: Ari/ Aiel/ Irel/ Arie
Meaning: Lion Of God
721 Ariesh
Pet name: Ari/ Iesh/ Riesh
Meaning: Creative
722 Arihaan
Pet name: Ari/ Ahaan/ Rihaan/ Ihaan/ Rihaa/ Riaan/ Iaan
Meaning: Destroyer Of Demons, Evil, Protector
723 Arihan
Pet name: Ari/ Ihaan/ Rihaan/ Ahan
Meaning: Protector, Warrior
724 Arihant
Pet name: Ari/ Arhant/ Rihaant/ Arih
Meaning: Lord Shiva
725 Ariin
Pet name: Arii/ Aiiyn
Meaning: Creative
726 Ariith
Pet name: Ari/ Raiith
Meaning: Creative
727 Arijit
Pet name: Ari/ Ajith/ Rijith/ Jithu/ Ijithu
Meaning: Conqueror Of The Enemy
728 Arin
Pet name: Ari/ Aiyn
Meaning: Creative
729 Arindam
Pet name: Ari/ Indam/ Arin/ Inam
Meaning: Protector
730 Arinjay
Pet name: Ari/ Injay/ Jay/ Rinay
Meaning: Victory Over Evil
731 Arish
Pet name: Ari/ Rish/ Raish
Meaning: Brave, Noble Solider
732 Arista
Pet name: Ari/ Ista/ Rais/ Ista
Meaning: The Best
733 Arisudhan
Pet name: Ari/ Isudan/ Sudhan/ Audan/ Adan/ Udhan
Meaning: Destroyer Of Evil
734 Ariv
Pet name: Ari/ Riva/ Iva
Meaning: King Of Wisdom
735 Arivalagan
Pet name: Ari/ Ariv/ Alangan/ Alan/ Agan/ Ivalgan
Meaning: Intelligent And Handsome
736 Arivali
Pet name: Ari/ Avali/ Ravi/ Varil/ Valli/ Avill
Meaning: Smart, Knowledgeable
737 Arivanandhan
Pet name: Ari/ Avan/ Anadhan/ Nandhan/ Rivan
Meaning: One Who Is Blessed With Wisdom And Happiness
738 Arivoli
Pet name: Ari/ Avoli/ Riav/ Ariv
Meaning: Glowing With Intelligence Or Ray Of Intelligence
739 Arivolli
Pet name: Ari/ Avolli/ Ariv/ Aolli
Meaning: Knowledgeable Man
740 Arivumadhi
Pet name: Ari/ Ariv/ Riv/ Umandhi/ Rivum
Meaning: Intelligent Or Knowledgeable
741 Ariyadasa
Pet name: Ari/ Iyad/ Ariasa/ Rias/ Yadas
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Kind
742 Ariyapala
Pet name: Ari/ Ariy/ Apal/ Ariyu/ Riyal/ Riayap/ Alap
Meaning: Noble
743 Ariyaratna
Pet name: Ari/ Ariya/ Arthan/ Rathan
Meaning: One Who Is Famous For His Noble Deeds
744 Ariyasiri
Pet name: Ari/ Riyas/ Sree/ Ariy
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Kind
745 Arja
Pet name: Arjju/ Raj
Meaning: Divine, Religious
746 Arjana
Pet name: Arjju/ Aran/ Raj/ Jaana
Meaning: Conqueror Of The Enemy
747 Arjav
Pet name: Arjju/ Araj/ Ajav/ Rajav
Meaning: Honest, Humble, Straight Forwardly Spoken
748 Arjayan
Pet name: Araj/ Ayan/ Arjuu/ Rajayan/ Jayan
Meaning: Creative
749 Arjit
Pet name: Ari/ Ajith/ Ajju/ Ariit
Meaning: Earned
750 Arjun
Pet name: Aru/ Raj/ Arun/ Ajun/ Ajju
Meaning: Fair, White Brilliant
751 Arjuna
Pet name: Araj/ Ajya/ Ajju/ Aruu
Meaning: Silver, Peacock, White
752 Arjya
Pet name: Araj/ Ajya/ Ajju/ Aruu
Meaning: Lord Krishna
753 Arka
Pet name: Ara/ Akra
Meaning: The Sun Or Sun Rays
754 Arkady
Pet name: Ara/ Arady/ Akady/ Rkady
Meaning: Truly Brave
755 Arkan
Pet name: Ara/ Arka/ Rakan/ Akan/ Aru
Meaning: Supporter Or Leader
756 Arkash
Pet name: Ara/ Akash/ Aksh/ Raksh
Meaning: To Enlighten, Lighten Up
757 Arkeshwar
Pet name: Arke/ Ark/ Eshwar/ Eshu/ Keshwar
Meaning: The Sun, Lord Of Light, Sun God
758 Armaan
Pet name: Ara/ Arma/ Araan/ Amaan/ Arma
Meaning: Desire, Hope
759 Armaghan
Pet name: Arma/ Ara/ Maghan/ Ahan/ Aghan/ Raman
Meaning: God's Gift
760 Armeen
Pet name: Arm/ Ameen/ Aeen
Meaning: Strong, Brave
761 Arnav
Pet name: Aran/ Arna/ Ranav/ Avaan
Meaning: Ocean, Sun
762 Arnava
Pet name: Ara/ Anava/ Nava/ Avan/ Ranav
Meaning: Ocean, Wave, Air
763 Arnay
Pet name: Ara/ Aanay/ Ranay
Meaning: Wild Forest, Abundance
764 Arnesh
Pet name: Ara/ Are/ Ranesh/ Anesh/ Iesh
Meaning: Lord Of The Sea
765 Arnish
Pet name: Ari/ Arni/ Ranish/ Anish/ Rish
Meaning: Lord Of The Seas
766 Aroid
Pet name: Aro/ Roid/ Roi/
Meaning: Creative
767 Arokya
Pet name: Aro/ Ara/ Akya/ Aokya
Meaning: Very Pious, Healthy, One Who Is Blessed With Good Life
768 Aron

Pet name: Aru/ Aro

Meaning: Light Bringer Or Enlighten, High Mountain
769 Aroush
Pet name: Aro/ Arous/ Aoush/ Oush
Meaning: The Sun
770 Aroop
Pet name: Aro/ Aru/ Roop
Meaning: Shapeless, Beautiful
771 Aroush
Pet name: Aro/ Arous/ Aoush/ Oush
Meaning: The Sun
772 Arpan
Pet name: Arp/ Aran/ Aru
Meaning: Worship
773 Arpit
Pet name: Arip/ Apit/ Apii/ Rapit
Meaning: To Give Something
774 Arpitesh
Pet name: Arpi/ Itesh/ Iesh/ Ariesh
Meaning: Dedicated, Committed, Devoted
775 Arrush
Pet name: Aru/ Rush/ Arri/ Aush
Meaning: Sun Ray's
776 Arsalan
Pet name: Aris/ Asalan/ Alan/ Salan
Meaning: Creative
777 Arshad
Pet name: Aris/ Ashad/ Ahadh/ Rashad
Meaning: Wise
778 Arshan
Pet name: Aru/ Ashan/ Ahaan/ Rashaan
Meaning: Brave, Courageous
779 Arshdeep
Pet name: Arsh/ Ash/ Adeep/ Deep/ Deepu/ Rashad
Meaning: Lamp Of The Sky, Light Of Universe
780 Arslan
Pet name: Ars/ Alan/ Raslan/ Asalan
Meaning: Lion
781 Artha
Pet name: Ara/ Ratha/ Arth
Meaning: Riches
782 Arthav
Pet name: Ara/ Athav/ Rathav/ Avaan/ Arth
Meaning: Meaningful, Significant
783 Arthin
Pet name: Ara/ Ari/ Athin/ Rthin/ Arin
Meaning: Ramadhutha
784 Arthish
Pet name: Arith/ Ratish/ Atish/ Arish/ Rish
Meaning: Brightness Of Lord Shiva Or Lord Shiva
785 Arthit
Pet name: Ari/ Athi/ Ahith/ Rahith
Meaning: The Sun
786 Arthvana
Pet name: Arth/ Avaan/ Artha/ Varan
Meaning: Full Of Sense, Wealth
787 Arudra
Pet name: Aru/ Rudra/ Ara
Meaning: Soft, Gentle, Star
788 Arul
Pet name: Aru/ Aul/ Raul
Meaning: God’s Grace
789 Aruloli
Pet name: Aru/ Ruloli/ Loli/ Raul/ Aul
Meaning: One Who Brings Light & Sparkle
790 Arulsyankar
Pet name: Arul/ Aru/ Aul/ Ankar/ Rusyaan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
791 Arumukhan
Pet name: Aru/ Mukhan/ Khan/ Ahan
Meaning: Lord Muruga
792 Arunabh
Pet name: Aru/ Anabh/ Arun/ Runabh
Meaning: Glow Of The Sun, Sun Radiance
793 Arunaditya
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Adi/ Aditya/ Ditya/ Iyath
Meaning: The Deep red Coloured Sun
794 Arunah
Pet name: Aru/ Nadh/ Arun
Meaning: Radiance Of The Sun
795 Arunakar
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Akar/ Unakar
Meaning: Glowing Sun
796 Arunakham
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Anah/ Akaham/ Aham
Meaning: The Sun
797 Arunamshu
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Amshu/ Ashu
Meaning: The Sun
798 Arunank
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Anank
Meaning: The Sun, Light Of The Sun
799 Arunesh
Pet name: Aru/ Anesh/ Aesh/ Arun/ Aren
Meaning: Radiance Of The Sun
800 Arunkant
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Kanth/ Rukant
Meaning: Radiant As Sun, Bright, Charming


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