401 Mounika
Pet name: Mouni/ Ounika/ Unika/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Unique
402 Mounira
Pet name: Mouni/ Ounira/ Unira/ Nira/ Nia
Meaning: Shining, Sparkling
403 Mounisha
Pet name: Mou/ Mouni/ Ounisha/ Nisha/ Unisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Goddess Parvati, Moon Light
404 Mounitha
Pet name: Mou/ Moauni/ Ounitha/ Nitha/ Niha/ Nia
Meaning: Trendy
405 Mubina
Pet name: Mubi/ Ubina/ Bina/ Uina
Meaning: Clear, Plain, Distinct
406 Muditha
Pet name: Mudi/ Uditha/ Ditha/ Udiha
Meaning: Happy, Delight, Satisfied
407 Mudra
Pet name: Muda/ Udra
Meaning: Healing Hand Movement
408 Mudrika
Pet name: Mudri/ Udrika/ Rika
Meaning: Ring
409 Mugdha
Pet name: Mugda/ Ugdha/ Uha
Meaning: Spellbound, Innocent
410 Muksan
Pet name: Muksa/ Uksan/ Usan
Meaning: Happiest One, Smile
411 Muksana
Pet name: Muksa/ Uksana/ Sana/ Aana
Meaning: Smile
412 Mukta
Pet name: Mukt/ Ukta
Meaning: Pearl
413 Mukthi
Pet name: Mukt/ Ukthi/ Uhi
Meaning: Freedom From Life And Death
414 Mukti
Pet name: Mukt/ Ukti
Meaning: Liberation
415 Mukula
Pet name: Muk/ Ukula/ Muula
Meaning: Bud
416 Muneeba
Pet name: Munee/ Muneeb/ Uneeba/ Neeba/ Meeba
Meaning: Beautiful, To Consult With Allah
417 Muneera
Pet name: Munee/ Uneera/ Neera/ Neea
Meaning: Illuminating, Bright And Shining
418 Munina
Pet name: Muni/ Munis/ Unina/ Nina/ Unni
Meaning: Bright And Shining
419 Munira
Pet name: Muni/ Unira/ Unia/ Nira/ Nia
Meaning: Illuminating, Shining
420 Munirah
Pet name: Muni/ Munira/ Unirah/ Unira/ Nira/ Irah
Meaning: Splendid, Bright Shine Of Light
421 Munisa
Pet name: Muni/ Munisy/ Unisa/ Nisa/ Isa/ Nia
Meaning: Sociable, Friendly, Kind
422 Munisah
Pet name: Muni/ Unisah/ Unisa/ Isah/ Niah
Meaning: Friendly, Beloved
423 Munisha
Pet name: Muni/ Munisy/ Unisha/ Nisha/ Isha
Meaning: Friendly, Beloved
424 Munisyah
Pet name: Muni/ Munisy/ Unisyah/ Nishya/ Nishy/ Ishya
Meaning: Friendly, Beloved
425 Munita
Pet name: Muni/ Munis/ Unita/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: Friend
426 Munitha
Pet name: Muni/ Munis/ unitha/ Nitha/ Niha/ Nia
Meaning: Friend
427 Muniya
Pet name: Muni/ Muniy/ Uniya/ Uni/ Niya
Meaning: Small Bird
428 Muniza
Pet name: Muni/ Muuny/ Uniza/ Niza/ Iza
Meaning: Clean, Pure
429 Murshidah
Pet name: Murshi/ Urshidah/ Urshi/ Shidah/ Shiah/ Shia
Meaning: Guide
430 Murshidhi
Pet name: Murshi/ Mursi/ Shidhi/ Hidhi
Meaning: Guide
431 Murshina
Pet name: Murshi/ Mursi/ Urshina/ Ushina/ ushi/ Hina
Meaning: Happy
432 Muskan
Pet name: Muska/ Uksan/ Usan
Meaning: Smile, Happy
433 Muskana
Pet name: Muska/ Uksana/ Usana/ Sana
Meaning: Smile, Happy


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