1 Naasima
Pet name: Naasi/ Naasims/ Aasima/ Assi/ Sima/ Sia
Meaning: Leader, Gentle
2 Naavya
Pet name: Naavs/ Naavy/ Avya/ Aaya
Meaning: Worth Praising
3 Naayantara
Pet name: Naayan/ Nayants/ Ayantara/ Ayana/ Tara
Meaning: Star Of Our Eyes
4 Naazh
Pet name: Naaz/ Naazs/ Aazh
Meaning: Beautiful
5 Naazira
Pet name: Naazi/ Naazy/ Azira/ Zira/ Aira
Meaning: Parallel, Superior
6 Nabeeha
Pet name: Nabee/ Nabees/ Abeeha/ Aeeha/ Beeha/ Eeha/ Beea
Meaning: Intelligent,  Honest
7 Nabeela
Pet name: Nabee/ Nabees/ Abeela/ Aeela/ Eela
Meaning: Noble
8 Nabha
Pet name: Naba/ Nabhs/ Abha/ Naha
Meaning: Nobel High, Limitless
9 Nabhita
Pet name: Nabhi/ Nabhits/ Abhita/ Ahita/Hita
Meaning: Fearless
10 Nabhya
Pet name: Nabhy/ Nabhys/ Abhya/ Abya/ Ahya
Meaning: Central
11 Nadesha
Pet name: Nade/ Nades/ Adesha/ Aesha/ Desha/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: Who Was Born Of A River
12 Nadheema
Pet name: Nadhe/ Nadheems/ Adheema/ Aheema/ Heema/ Aheea
Meaning: Intimate Friend
13 Nadhika
Pet name: Nadhi/ Nadhiks/ Adhika/ Hika/ Hia
Meaning: Trendy
14 Nadia
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadis/ Adia/ Adi
Meaning: Hope
15 Nadida
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadids/ Adida/ Adia/ Adi/ Aida
Meaning: Rival,  Equal
16 Nadima
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadims/ Adima/ Aima/ Dima/ Nima/ Nia
Meaning: Intimate Friend Companion
17 Nadira
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadirs/ Adira/ Adi/ Dira/ Ira
Meaning: Rare
18 Nadirah
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadira/ Adirah/ Adi/ Irah/ Iah/ Diah/ Dia
Meaning: Rare,  Precious
19 Nadiya
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadiys/ Adiya/ Diya/ Dia
Meaning: The Beginning, First, Black
20 Nadiyah
Pet name: Nadi/ Nadiyas/ Adiyah/ Adi/ Diyah/ Diya
Meaning: Announcement
21 Nafrin
Pet name: Nafri/ Nafris/ Afrin/ Arin/ Ain
Meaning: Accessible, Adaptable
22 Nafula
Pet name: Nafu/ Nafuls/ Afula/ Aula
Meaning: One Who Was Born During The Rainy Season
23 Naganika
Pet name: Naga/ Nagani/ Aganika/ Ganika/ Gani/ Nika
Meaning: Serpent Maiden
24 Nagina
Pet name: Nagi/ Nagis/ Agina/ Gina/ Aina
Meaning: Jewel
25 Nagma
Pet name: Nag/ Nama/ Nagms
Meaning: Goddess, Song, Tune Or A Melody
26 Nagris
Pet name: Nags/ Nagri/ Aris
Meaning: Creative
27 Nahar
Pet name: Naha/ Nahas
Meaning: Day
28 Naheeda
Pet name: Nahee/ Naheeds/ Aheeda/ Aeeda/ Heeda/ Eeda
Meaning: Beautiful
29 Nahida
Pet name: Nahi/ Nahids/ Ahida/ Ahi/ Huda/ Hia
Meaning: Elevated, Delightful
30 Nahla
Pet name: Nah/ Nahls/ Ahla/ Ala
Meaning: Lion, Successful Women
31 Naija
Pet name: Nais/ Naijj/ Naiju/ Aija/ Ijaa/ Ijju
Meaning: Daughter Of Wisdom
32 Naimah
Pet name: Naims/ Naimas/ Aimah/ Aima/ Imah
Meaning: Delight
33 Naimina
Pet name: Naims/ Naimis/ Meena
Meaning: Creative
34 Naimisha
Pet name: Nais/ Naimis/ Aimisha/ Imisha/ Misha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Transient
35 Naina
Pet name: Nais/ Nains/ Aina/ Inaa
Meaning: Eyes
36 Nainika
Pet name: Naini/ Nainiks/ Ainika/ Ania/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Pupil Of The Eye
37 Nainisha
Pet name: Naini/ Nainis/ Anisha/ Nisha/ Isha
Meaning: Sky
38 Naira
Pet name: Nair/ Nairs/ Aira/ Ira
Meaning: Glittering, Shining
39 Nairiti
Pet name: Nairi/ Nairits/ Airti/ Ariti/ Riti
Meaning: Apsara (Angel)
40 Naisha
Pet name: Nais/ Naishs/ Aisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Special Flower
41 Naitee
Pet name: Nai/ Naits/ Aitee/ Aiee
Meaning: Destiny
42 Najah
Pet name: Naj/ Najas/ Ajah/ Ajaa
Meaning: Success
43 Naksha
Pet name: Naksh/ Aksha/ Asha/ Aksa/ Sha
Meaning: Map
44 Nakshatra
Pet name: Naksh/ Akshatra/ Aksha/ Shatra/ Sha/ Atra
Meaning: Pearl, Star
45 Nala
Pet name: Naal/ Ala
Meaning: Queen, Lion
46 Nalika
Pet name: Nali/ Nalis/ Alika/ Alia/ Lika
Meaning: Lotus
47 Nalini
Pet name: Nali/ Nalis/ Alini/ Aini
Meaning: Lotus
48 Namita
Pet name: Nami/ Namis/ Amita/ Amia/ Mita/ Mia
Meaning: Modest
49 Namitha
Pet name: Nami/ Namis/ Amitha/ Mitha/ Aami/ Miha
Meaning: Creative
50 Namrata
Pet name: Namra/ Namrat/ Amrata/ Amra/ Rata
Meaning: Self-consciousness
51 Namrath
Pet name: Namr/ Namras/ Amrath/ Marth
Meaning: Creative
52 Namratha
Pet name: Namra/ Namrats/ Amratha/ Mratha/ Ratha
Meaning: Plolite, Modesty
53 Nanadana
Pet name: Nannu/ Nandu/ Anandana/ Ananda/ Dana
Meaning: Daughter, Goddess Durga, Great Achiever
54 Nancy
Pet name: Nanc/ Ancy
Meaning: Gods Falvour
55 Nandhika
Pet name: Nand/ Nandhu/ Andhika/ Adhika/ Ahika/ Hika/ Aika
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
56 Nandhini
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/Andhini/ Dhini/ Ahini/ Aini
Meaning: Delightful
57 Nandi
Pet name: Nani/ Nandu/ Andi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
58 Nandika
Pet name: Nandu/ Nandiks/ Adika/ Dika/ Anika/ Nika
Meaning: Lakshmi
59 Nandini
Pet name: Nandu/ Nandins/ Aini/ Anini
Meaning: Joyful, Delight
60 Nandita
Pet name: Nandu/ Nandits/ Dita/ Dia
Meaning: Happy
61 Nanditha
Pet name: Nandu/ Nandits/ Aditha/ Adi/ Ditha/ Diha/ Dia
Meaning: Joyful
62 Naomi
Pet name: Nao/ Naoms/ Aomi/ Omi
Meaning: Pleasant One
63 Naomika
Pet name: Nao/ Naomi/ Aomika/ Omika/ Amika/ Mika/ Mia
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
64 Narayani
Pet name: Narasa/ Narayas/ Aryani/ Aryai/ Rayani/ Rayni
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
65 Nargis
Pet name: Nagri/ Nargs/ Agris/ Ari/ Naris
Meaning: Name Of The Flower
66 Narmada
Pet name: Nrams/ Narma/ Armada/ Mada/ Amada
Meaning: River, Mother Of Vedas
67 Narmin
Pet name: Narmi/ Narmis/ Armin/ Amin/ Arin
Meaning: A Flower, Delicate, Soft, Slender
68 Naseera
Pet name: Nasee/ Nasees/ Aseera/ Seera/ Aeera/ Aee/ Eera
Meaning: Helper Of God, Glowing Star
69 Naseerah
Pet name: Nasee/ Naseera/ Aseerah/ Aseer/ Erah/ Eah
Meaning: Helper
70 Nasheeda
Pet name: Nash/ Nasheeds/ Asheeda/ Ashee/ Heeda/ Aheeda/ Eeda
Meaning: Beautiful One
71 Nashida
Pet name: Nashi/ Nashids/ Ashida/ Ashia/ Shida/ Shia
Meaning: Student
72 Nashita
Pet name: Nashi/ Nashits/ Ashita/ Ashia/ Shita/ Shia
Meaning: Full Of Life
73 Nasia
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasis/ Asia/ Asi/ Sia
Meaning: Clear,  Pure, Most Beautiful One, Reformer, Advisor
74 Nasiba
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasib/ Asiba/ Asia/ Siba/ Sia
Meaning: Noble, Highborn
75 Nasifa
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasifs/ Asifa/ Sifa/ Sia
Meaning: Nasifa Means Just, Equitable
76 Nasima
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasima/ Asima/ Seema
Meaning: Gentle Breeze
77 Nasimah
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasima/ Asimah/ Asima/ Simah/ Imah
Meaning: Gentle Breeze
78 Nasira
Pet name: Nasi/ Asira/ Sira/ Sia
Meaning: Helper
79 Nasreen
Pet name: Nasree/ Asreen/ Areen/ Reean
Meaning: Rose
80 Nasrin
Pet name: Nasri/ Asrin/ Arin/ Asin/ Aiin
Meaning: Roses
81 Nataasha
Pet name: Nat/ Natas/ Ataasha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Birthday
82 Natalia
Pet name: Nat/ Natal/ Atalia/ Atali/ Alia
Meaning: Chirsts Birthday
83 Natasha
Pet name: Nat/ Natas/ Atasha/ Ata/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Chirst
84 Natesa
Pet name: Nat/ Nates/ Atesa/ Aesa
Meaning: Dance Lord
85 Nathiya
Pet name: Nat/ Nathi/ Athiya/ Ahiya/ Hiya
Meaning: Nathiya Means Eternal, Constant
86 Navanee
Pet name: Navas/ Navans/ Avanee/ Anee
Meaning: Creative
87 Navaneeha
Pet name: Navs/ Navanee/ Avanee/ Neeha
Meaning: Trendy
88 Navani
Pet name: Navas/ Navans/ Avani/ Vani/ Aani
Meaning: Trendy
89 Naveena
Pet name: Navee/ Navees/ Aveena/ Aveea/ Aeena/ Eena
Meaning: New
90 Naveetha
Pet name: Navee/ Navees/ Aveetha/ Veetha/ Aeetha/ Etha
Meaning: New
91 Navesha
Pet name: Navee/ Navees/ Avesha/ Vesha/ Aesha/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: Lord Shiva
92 Navinya
Pet name: Navs/ Navinys/ Avinya/ Avin/ Inya
Meaning: New
93 Naviya
Pet name: Navi/ Naviys/ Aviya/ Avi/ Viya
Meaning: New, A Young
94 Navneeta
Pet name: Navs/ Navnees/ Avneeta/ Aneeta/ Neeta/ Neea
Meaning: Butter Like, Irrestable
95 Navneetha
Pet name: Navs/ Navanee/ Avneetha/ Neetha/ Neeha/ Neea
Meaning: Fresh, Soft, New
96 Navya
Pet name: Navs/ Navys/ Avya/ Navy/ Avy
Meaning: Young
97 Nawaal
Pet name: Nawa/ Nawas/ Awaal
Meaning: Gift Of God
98 Naweea
Pet name: Nawee/ Nawees/ Awea/ Awe
Meaning: Creative
99 Naweeda
Pet name: Nawee/ Aweeda/ Aeeda/ Awee/ Weeda
Meaning: Good News, Glad Tidings
100 Nayana
Pet name: Nayan/ Nayans/ Ayana/ Aana
Meaning: Eyes
101 Nayanatara
Pet name: Nayan/ Nayana/ Ayanata/ Anatara/ Natara/ Tara
Meaning: Star Of The Eyes
102 Nayani
Pet name: Naya/ Nayas/ Ayani/ Yani/ Ani
Meaning: Trustwprthy
103 Nayanika
Pet name: Naya/ Nayani/ Ayanika/ Ayani/ Yanika/ Anika/ Ania/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Beautiful Or Attractive Eyes
104 Nayantara
Pet name: Nayan/ Nayanta/ Ayantara/ Antara/ Ara
Meaning: Beloved, Friendly, Star of the Eyes
105 Nayasa
Pet name: Naya/ Nayas/ Ayasa/ Aya/ Yasa/ Asa
Meaning: Trendy
106 Nayeela
Pet name: Nays/ Nayee/ Ayeela/ Ayeesa/ Eesa
Meaning: Creative
107 Nayini
Pet name: Nays/ Nayins/ Ayini
Meaning: Trustwprthy
108 Naynika
Pet name: Nay/ Nayani/ Aynika/ Anika/ Yika/ Ani/ Nika
Meaning: Eye
109 Nazeera
Pet name: Naze/ Nazees/ Azeera/ Azee/ Zeera/ Aeera/ Eera
Meaning: Equal
110 Nazeerah
Pet name: Naze/ Nazees/ Azeerah/ Azeera/ Azeea/ Zeerah/ Zeea
Meaning: Warner
111 Nazia
Pet name: Nazi/ Nazis/ Azia/ Zia
Meaning: Princess
112 Nazima
Pet name: Nazi/ Nazis/ Azima/ Zima/ Zia/ Aima
Meaning: Organiser
113 Nazimah
Pet name: Nazi/ Nazis/ Azimah/ Azima/ Zimah/ Ziah/ Zia
Meaning: Poet
114 Nazira
Pet name: Nazi/ Nazis/ Azira/ Azi/ Zira/ Aira/ Ira
Meaning: Equal, Like, Match
115 Nazmin
Pet name: Nazmi/ Nazis/ Azmin/ Amin/ Zmin
Meaning: Light
116 Nazreen
Pet name: Nazr/ Nazree/ Azreen/ Azeen/ Areen
Meaning: Wild Rose, Blue Scented Flower
117 Nebula
Pet name: Nebu/ Nebs/ Ebula/ Eula/Bula
Meaning: Mist
118 Nebula
Pet name: Nebu/ Nebs/ Ebula/ Eula/Bula
Meaning: Mist
119 Neeha
Pet name: Neea/ Nees/ Eeha/ Neeh
Meaning: Dew Drop, Love, Naughty One
120 Neeharika
Pet name: Neeha/ Neea/ Harika/ Arika/ Rika/ Ria
Meaning: Dew Drops
121 Neela
Pet name: Neelu/ Neels/ Eela/ Neel
Meaning: Blue
122 Neelakshi
Pet name: Neel/ Neela/ Neea/ Lakshi/ Akshi/ Aksi/ Ashi/ Asi
Meaning: One With Blue Eyes
123 Neelam
Pet name: Neela/ Neea/ Eelam/ Eeam
Meaning: Sapphire
124 Neelambari
Pet name: Neela/ Neea/ Ambari/ Amari/ Ari
Meaning: Blue Sky
125 Neelanjana
Pet name: Neela/ Neea/ Anjana/ Ajana/ Anjuu
Meaning: Blue
126 Neelavathi
Pet name: Neela/ Neea/ Lavathi/ Avathi/ Avahi
Meaning: Blue
127 Neelaveni
Pet name: Neela/ Neea/ Aveni/ Veni/ Aeni
Meaning: Name Of A Raga
128 Neeli
Pet name: Neelu/ Neei/ Eeli
Meaning: The Skys Color
129 Neelima
Pet name: Neelu/ Neelis/ Elima/ Eli/ Lima/ Neeli
Meaning: Blue Sky
130 Neelimaa
Pet name: Neelu/ Neelis/ Eelima/ Eeli/ Lima/ Liaa
Meaning: Blue Complexioned, Blue Sky
131 Neelofar
Pet name: Neelu/ Neelof/ Neelof/ Elofar/ Elofa
Meaning: Lotus, Water Lily, A Flower
132 Neelu
Pet name: Neel/ Eelu
Meaning: Bluish,  Beautiful
133 Neema
Pet name: Nees/ Neems/ Eema
Meaning: Prosperous
134 Neena
Pet name: Neea/ Neens/ Eena
Meaning: Ornamented
135 Neepa
Pet name: Neea/ Neeps/ Eepa
Meaning: A Flower
136 Neera
Pet name: Neea/ Neeru
Meaning: Water
137 Neeraja
Pet name: Neeru/ Neera/ Eeraja/ Eejaa
Meaning: Lotus Flower
138 Neeru
Pet name: Neeru/ Eeru
Meaning: Light
139 Neerudha
Pet name: Neeru/ Neerudhs/ Rudha/ Ruha
Meaning: Creative
140 Neerudhi
Pet name: Neeru/ Neerudh/ Erudhi/ Rudhi/ Eudhi/ Eihi
Meaning: Fire
141 Neesha
Pet name: Nees/ Neesh/ Eesha/ Sha/ Esha
Meaning: Night, Women,  Dream
142 Neeta
Pet name: Nee/ Neets/ Eeta/ Neea
Meaning: With In Rules
143 Neethi
Pet name: Neei/ Neeths/ Eethi/ Neehi
Meaning: Truth
144 Neethu
Pet name: Neehu/ Neets/ Eethu/ Neeu
Meaning: Clear
145 Neeti
Pet name: Neei/ Eeti/ Neets
Meaning: Good Behavior
146 Neetika
Pet name: Neeti/ Neei/ Eetika/ Eika/ Neeka
Meaning: Moral Person,  Virtuous,  Leader
147 Neevetha
Pet name: Neeve/ Neevs/ Eevetha/ Vetha
Meaning: Soft Natured
148 Neha
Pet name: Nea/ Nehs/ Eha
Meaning: Love, Rain
149 Nehal
Pet name: Nea/ Nehas/ Ehal/ Neha
Meaning: Rainy, Beautiful
150 Neharika
Pet name: Neha/ Nehas/ Harika/ Arika/ Ari/ Rika
Meaning: Dew Drops
151 Nelam
Pet name: Nela/ Nelas/ Elam
Meaning: Sapphire,  Blue Stone,  Precious Stone
152 Neshika
Pet name: Neshi/ Neshis/ Eshika/ Shika/ Sika
Meaning: Honest,  Night
153 Nestani
Pet name: Nesta/ Nestans/ Estani/ Aani/ Eani
Meaning: Unique
154 Netali
Pet name: Neta/ Netals/ Etali/ Nali
Meaning: Birthday
155 Nethra
Pet name: Neta/ Nethrs/ Ethra/ Era
Meaning: Eye,  Leader
156 Netra
Pet name: Neta/ Netrs/ Etra/ Nea
Meaning: Eye
157 Nidhi
Pet name: Nidi/ Nihi
Meaning: Treasure
158 Niharika
Pet name: Niha/ Nihars/ Harika/ Arika/ Ari/ Rika/ Ria
Meaning: Dew Drops
159 Nihira
Pet name: Nihi/ Nihirs/ Ihira/ Hira/ Niira
Meaning: Trendy
160 Nihitha
Pet name: Nihi/ Nihts/ Ihitha/ Hita/ Iha
Meaning: Ever Living
161 Niisha
Pet name: Niis/ Nish/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
162 Nikhila
Pet name: Nikki/ Nikhi/ Ikhila/ Hila/ Nila
Meaning: Complete
163 Nikita
Pet name: Niki/Nikits/ Ikita/ Ikta
Meaning: Earth / Ganges
164 Nikitha
Pet name: Niki/ Nikits/ Ikitha/ Iktha/ Itha
Meaning: Fire
165 Nikki
Pet name: Niki
Meaning: Small
166 Nila
Pet name: Nia/ Nils/ Nilas/ Ila
Meaning: Blue
167 Nilakshi
Pet name: Nia/ Nila/ Lakshi/ Akshi/ Aksi/ Ashi
Meaning: Blue-Eyed
168 Nilam
Pet name: Nila/ Nilas/ Ilam/ Nia
Meaning: Blue Stone Or Ruby
169 Nilambari
Pet name: Nila/ Ilam/ Nia/ Ambari/ Amari/ Ari
Meaning: Blue Sky
170 Nilani
Pet name: Nila/ Nilans/ Anny
Meaning: Blue Stone Or Ruby
171 Nilasha
Pet name: Nil/ Ilasha/ Asha/ Lasha/ Asha
Meaning: Blueness
172 Nileema
Pet name: Nile/ Ileema/ Leema/ Leea
Meaning: A Beauty By Its Blue Reflection
173 Nilima
Pet name: Nili/ Niis/ Ilima/ Ima
Meaning: Blue
174 Nilisha
Pet name: Nili/ Nilis/ Ilisha/ Lisha/ Isha
Meaning: Blueness
175 Nilofer
Pet name: Nil/ Nilo/ Ilofer/ Niler/ Iler
Meaning: Lotus
176 Nilshikha
Pet name: Nil/ Nilsh/ Ilshi/ Shika/ Hika/ Sika
Meaning: Top Of The Blue Mountain
177 Nima
Pet name: Nims/ Imma
Meaning: The Mother Of Kabir
178 Nimeesha
Pet name: Nimee/ Nimees/ Imeesha/ Meesha/ Eesha/ Sha
Meaning: Princess
179 Nimisha
Pet name: Nimi/ Nimis/ Misha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Momentary
180 Nina
Pet name: Niis/ Nia/ Ina
Meaning:  Pearl, Little Girl
181 Ninarika
Pet name: Nina/ Nia/ Arika/ Rika/ Aika
Meaning: Misty
182 Nineesha
Pet name: Ninee/ Neesha/ Eesha/ Sha
Meaning:  Who Wants Everything
183 Ninika
Pet name: Nini/ Ninis/ Inika/ Nika
Meaning: Lady With Beautiful Eyes
184 Ninna
Pet name: Nia/ Inna
Meaning: Fire, Little Girl
185 Niral
Pet name: Nira/ Niras/ Iral/ Nial
Meaning: Calm
186 Nirali
Pet name: Nira/ Nirals/ Irali/ Niali
Meaning: Different
187 Niranjana
Pet name: Nira/ Niranjs/ Iranjana/ Anjana/ Jana/ Anju
Meaning: Goddess Durga
188 Nireesha
Pet name: Nire/ Nirees/ Ireesha/ Reesha/ Ieesha/ Eesha/ Sha
Meaning: Silent Nature,  Happiness
189 Nirja
Pet name: Nira/ Nirjj/ Irja/ Ija
Meaning: Goddess Laxmi
190 Nirmala
Pet name: Nir/ Nirms/ Irmala/ Ira/ Mala
Meaning: Clear
191 Nirmayi
Pet name: Nir/ Nirms/ Irmayi/ Imayi/ Mayi
Meaning: Without Blemish
192 Nirosha
Pet name: Niro/ Niros/ Irosha/ Rosha/ Osha/ Sha
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi, Without Anger
193 Nirupa
Pet name: Niru/ Nirus/ Irupa/ Rupa
Meaning: A Decree, Command
194 Nirupama
Pet name: Niru/ Nirupa/ Irupama/ Rupama/ Rupa
Meaning: Unique, Incomparable
195 Nirvana
Pet name: Nir/ Nirvas/ Irvana/ Ivana/ Iana
Meaning: Bliss
196 Nischita
Pet name: Nisch/ Nischis/ Ischita/ Ischi/ Hita/ Chita
Meaning: Certainty, Confidence
197 Nisha
Pet name: Nisa/ Nish/ Isha/ Isa
Meaning: Night
198 Nishali
Pet name: Nisa/ Nish/ Ishali/ Isha/ Shali
Meaning: Different Style
199 Nishay
Pet name: Nish/ Ishay/ Nihay
Meaning: Night
200 Nishi
Pet name: Nisi/ Nishy/ Ishi/ Nihi
Meaning: Night, Exciting
201 Nishidha
Pet name: Nishi/ Nishids/ Ishidha/ Ishi/ Shidha/ Ishi
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
202 Nishika
Pet name: Nishi/ Ishika/ Shika/ Shia
Meaning: Honest,  Night
203 Nishikanta
Pet name: Nishi/ Ishikanta/ Ishi/ Kanta/ Hianta
Meaning: The Moon
204 Nishita
Pet name: Nishi/ Ishita/ Ishi/ Shita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Sharp, Light
205 Nishitha
Pet name: Nishi/ Ishi/ Ishitha/ Shitha/ Shia
Meaning: Sharpened, Brightness
206 Nishithi
Pet name: Nishi/ Ishithi/ Ishi/ Hithi
Meaning: Night
207 Nishtha
Pet name: Nishi/ Ishitha/ Ishi/ Hita
Meaning: Faith
208 Nisita
Pet name: Nisi/ Isita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Trendy
209 Nisreen
Pet name: Nis/ Nisrees/ Isreen/ Ireen/ Ieen
Meaning: Aromatic Flower
210 Nisrin
Pet name: Nisi/ Nisris/ Isrin/ Isin
Meaning: Aromatic Flower
211 Nita
Pet name: Nia/ Nits/ Ita
Meaning: Moral
212 Nitara
Pet name: Nia/ Nita/ Itara/ Tara
Meaning: Having Deep Roots
213 Niteesha
Pet name: Nite/ Iteesha/ Ieesha/ Eesha/ Esha
Meaning: Goddess Of Justice
214 Nithi
Pet name: Nihs/ Nits/ Nihi
Meaning: Morality
215 Nithisha
Pet name: Nithi/ Ithisha/ Nihi/ Isha
Meaning: Goddess Of Justice
216 Nithya
Pet name: Nithy/ Ithya/ Ihya
Meaning: Eternal Beauty
217 Nitima
Pet name: Niti/ Itima/ Niima/ Niia
Meaning: Girl Of Principles
218 Nitisha
Pet name: Niti/ Itisha/ Itiha/ Isha
Meaning: Goddess Of Justice 
219 Nitya
Pet name: Nity/ Itya/ Niya
Meaning: Eternal
220 Nityapriya
Pet name: Nity/ Itya/ Niya/ Nitya/ Priya/ Riya/ Piya
Meaning: Ever Pleasing
221 Niva
Pet name: Nia/ Iva
Meaning: Expressions
222 Nivedhita
Pet name: Nive/ Ivedhita/ Ive/ Vedhita/ Vedh
Meaning: One Dedicated To Service, A Girl With Intelligence
223 Nivedita
Pet name: Nive/ Vedita/ Vedi/ Dita
Meaning: One Dedicated To Service
224 Niveditha
Pet name: Nive/ Veditha/ Vedi/ Editha/ Ditha
Meaning: Offered To God
225 Nivi
Pet name: Nivs
Meaning: Trendy
226 Nivita
Pet name: Nivi/ Vita
Meaning: Creative
227 Nivriti
Pet name: Nivri/ Nivi/ Ivriti/ Riti
Meaning: Bliss
228 Niya
Pet name: Nia/ Iya
Meaning: Shine, Beauty, Aim
229 Niyati
Pet name: Nia/ Iyati/ Iya
Meaning: Fate
230 Noopur
Pet name: Noop/ Noor/ Oopur
Meaning: Anklet
231 Noor
Pet name: Noory
Meaning: Light
232 Noorah
Pet name: Noor/ Oorah/ Nooah
Meaning: Beautiful Women In The World
233 Noori
Pet name: Noor/ Oori
Meaning: Shining
234 Noorin
Pet name: Noor/ Noori/ Oorin
Meaning: Shining
235 Noorjehan
Pet name: Noor/ Noorje/ Jehan
Meaning: Light
236 Nupoor
Pet name: Nup/ Upoor/ Nuoor
Meaning: Anklet
237 Nupura
Pet name: Nupu/ Upura/ Nuura
Meaning: Anklet
238 Nurjahan
Pet name: Nura/ Urjahan/ Jahan
Meaning: Light Of The World
239 Nusrat
Pet name: Nusr/ Nusras/ Usrat
Meaning: Helpful, Kind, Successful
240 Nusrath
Pet name: Nusr/ Nusrat/ Usrath/ Usra
Meaning: Help, Support, Victory
241 Nutana
Pet name: Nuta/ Nutans/ Utana/ Uana
Meaning: New


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