Terms and Conditions for Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel the ordered Product from the product purchase page itself within 2 hours of product ordering by clicking on the Product Cancel Tab. We mostly try to dispatch product orders by 2 hours from ordering for fast product delivery.
  • You can cancel the product order before it is being shipped. To check the status of your product shipment, call our Customer Support team (+91 95800 58009) between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm to assist you.
  • In case the order has been dispatched from the shipping agency then the order under no circumstances the ordered product will be cancelled.
  • Only after proper approval from our side your request for product cancellations will be taken into consideration and processed further as per Company regulations.
  •  For Returns or Replacement Requests related to Baby Products to process, the Customer needs to furnish Unboxing Videos of the delivered Packaging as Proof, failing which we won’t be accepting such Return or Replacement requests.
  • For Returns or Replacement Requests related to Baby Food Products, in most cases we won’t be accepting such Requests from Customers due to the said Product being easily perishable & contaminable in nature.

  • Product returned to us without informing or contacting us will not be considered, entertained or entitled for refunds under any circumstances.
  • Feel free to Connect with us for Queries related to easy Returns & Exchange Email with us or at (+91 95800 58009)
  • If required Uyyaala.com reserves the right to make changes in above stated Cancellation Policy as & when required without prior notice.

Please Note:

Delays by our hired shipping agencies are not subjected for refunds. In case of refunds, the refund amount will never exceed the amount the customer has paid while placing the product order with us.

All refunds will take round 15 business days or more from approving the refund and receiving the necessary refund mode details from the customer. The customer cannot claim any interest on the refunded amount.

“Cancellation” meaning as per Cambridge Dictionary: “the act of deciding that an organized event will not happen or of stopping an order for something”


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