1 Chaayan
Pet name: Chaya/ Ayaan
Meaning: Moon
2 Chaderjeeth
Pet name: Cha/ Chander/ Chand/ Chandu/ Arjeeth/ Ajeeth/ Jeeth
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Moon
3 Chahan
Pet name: Chaan/ Ahan/ Haans
Meaning: Super
4 Chaisty
Pet name: Chai/ Aisty/ Haisty/ Caisty
Meaning: First Born Child
5 Chaitan
Pet name: Chai/ Aitan/ Aian/ Chait
Meaning: Brilliant, Scholar
6 Chaitanya
Pet name: Chai/ Chait/ Aitanya/ Itan/ Tanyy
Meaning: Energy, Knowledge
7 Chakardhar
Pet name: Chakar/ Ardhar/ Chaki/ Adhar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
8 Chakesh
Pet name: Chak/ Akesh/ Ake/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Intelligent
9 Chakra
Pet name: Chakri/ Chakki/ Akra
Meaning: A Center Of Spiritual Energy
10 Chakradev
Pet name: Chakra/ Akra/ Dev/ Radev
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
11 Chakradhar
Pet name: Chakra/ Chakri/ Akradhar/ Radhar/ Adhar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
12 Chakrapaani
Pet name: Chakra/ Akra/ Paani/ Chakri
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
13 Chakravarthi
Pet name: Chakra/ Chakri/ Akra/ Ravathi/ Avathi
Meaning: Emperor
14 Chakravarthy
Pet name: Chakri/ Chakra/ Ravathy/ Avathy/ Avath/ Ravath
Meaning: King, Emperor
15 Chakresh
Pet name: Chake/ Chakre/ Akresh/ Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
16 Chakri
Pet name: Chari/ Akri
Meaning: King, Emperor
17 Chakrin
Pet name: Chai/ Akrin/ Arin/ Chakri
Meaning: Lord Vishnu And Lord Shiva
18 Chakrit
Pet name: Chakri/ Akrit/ Arit/ Rith
Meaning: The Intelligent One
19 Chakshan
Pet name: Chaks/ Chaky / Akshan/ Aksh/ Ashan/ Ahan
Meaning: Handsome
20 Challam
Pet name: Chay/ Challa/ Hallam/ Cha/ Allam
Meaning: Precious, Beloved
21 Chamaj
Pet name: Chams/ Amaj/ Majj
Meaning: Trendy
22 Chaman
Pet name: Chay/ Aman/ Chan
Meaning: Flower Garden
23 Chamanjeet
Pet name: Cha/ Amanjeet/ Aman/ Jeet/ Chaman/ Chamaj
Meaning: Victory Of Garden
24 Chamanpreet
Pet name: Chay/ Aman/ Preet/ Areet/ Chreet
Meaning: Love For Garden
25 Champak
Pet name: Cham/ Cha/ Amak
Meaning: A Flower
26 Chanadrahas
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ahas/ Hass/ Ahasa
Meaning: Bow Of Shiva
27 Chanakya
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chanu/ Anaky
Meaning: A Bright & Respected Scholar
28 Chananpreet
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Anan/ Preet/ Anreet/ Areet
Meaning: Love For The Light Of God
29 Chand
Pet name: Chay/ Chan
Meaning: The Moon, To Shine
30 Chandak
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Andak/ Adak
Meaning: Brilliant, The Moon
31 Chandan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandu/ Andan/ Anan/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: Moon Light, Sandal Wood Or Fragrance
32 Chandar
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Adar/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
33 Chandarmouli
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Adar/ Chandu/ Armo/ Mouli
Meaning: Lord Shiva
34 Chandeep
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chand/ Chandu/ Andeep/ Deep/ Aeep
Meaning: Bright As Moon
35 Chanderjit
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chander/ Chandu/ Erjit/ Erjit/ Jith
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Moon
36 Chanderjith
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chander/ Chand/Chandu/ Erjith/ Ejith/ Jith
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Moon
37 Chanderpreet
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chander/ Chand/ Chandu/ Preet/ Areet
Meaning: One Who Loves Moon
38 Chandhu
Pet name: Cha/ Chaan/ Chandh/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
39 Chandra
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
40 Chandraayan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Raayan/ Aayan
Meaning: The Moon
41 Chandrabanu
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chadra/ Chandu/ Banu/ Anu
Meaning: Son Of Lord Krishna
42 Chandradatt
Pet name: Chay/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chandra/ Datt
Meaning: Humble, Friend
43 Chandradhar
Pet name: Chay/ Chan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Adhar
Meaning: One Who Wears Moon Or Lord Shiva
44 Chandradutt
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chand/ Dutt
Meaning: Who Lives Under The Grace Of Moon
45 Chandragupt
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chand/ Gupt/ Aupp
Meaning: Trendy
46 Chandrahas
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chand/ Ahas/ Hass
Meaning: Moon's Smile
47 Chandrajeet
Pet name: Chay/ Chandu/ Rajeet/ Ajeet/ Ajee/ Rajee/ Chandra/ Chand/
Meaning: One Who Won The Lord Or Moon
48 Chandrajeeth
Pet name: Chay/ Chandra/ Chand/ Chandu/ Rajeet / Rajeeth/ Ajeeth/ Ajee/ Aeeth
Meaning: One Who Won The Lord Or Moon
49 Chandrak
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Adrak/ Charak
Meaning: Moon, Peacock Feather
50 Chandrakant
Pet name: Chay/ Chan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Kant
Meaning: A Gem Related To Moon, Moon
51 Chandrakanth
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Kanth
Meaning: Beloved By Moon, Desire
52 Chandrakesh
Pet name: Chay/ Chan/ Chand/ Chandra/ Rakesh/ Akesh/ Aesh
Meaning: Moon
53 Chandram
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Ram/ Chand
Meaning: Moon
54 Chandramadhav
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Madhav/ Madhu/ Adhav
Meaning: Sweet
55 Chandramohan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Mohan/ Ahan/ Rahan
Meaning: Attractive Like Moon
56 Chandramouli
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Mouli
Meaning: Lord Shiva
57 Chandran
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Aran
Meaning: Glittering, Shining
58 Chandranath
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Anath
Meaning: The Moon
59 Chandraneel
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Aneel/ Neel/ Aeel
Meaning: A Precious Blue Gem
60 Chandranshu
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Anshu/ Ansh
Meaning: Ray Of Moon
61 Chandraraj
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Moon Light
62 Chandrasekhar
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Rasekh/ Sekhar/ Ekhar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
63 Chandrasen
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Rasen/ Sen
Meaning: The Moon
64 Chandrashekar
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chand/ Shekar/ Shear
Meaning: Lord Shiva
65 Chandresh
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chand/ Aresh/ Dresh/ Esh
Meaning: Moon Leader
66 Chandru
Pet name: Chan/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chandu
Meaning: A Person Of Ideas
67 Chanikya
Pet name: Chan/ Chai/ Chaan/ Chanik/ Anikya/ Anik
Meaning: Clever
68 Chankya
Pet name: Chan/ Chai/ Chaan/ Chank/ Ankya
Meaning: Great Scholar,  Bright
69 Chanyana
Pet name: Chan/ Chaan/ Chanya/ Ayan
Meaning: The Moon
70 Charagh
Pet name: Char/ Aragh/ Ragh
Meaning: Light, The Sun
71 Charakh
Pet name: Char/ Chaar/ Arakh
Meaning: An Ancient Physician
72 Charan
Pet name: Char/ Chara/ Aran/ Haan
Meaning: God's Feet
73 Charandeep
Pet name: Char/ Charan/ Chara/ Aran/ Andeep/ Deep/ Aeep
Meaning: The Light On Gods Feet
74 Charandev
Pet name: Chay/ Chara/ Charan/ Aran/ Andev/ Dev
Meaning: The Moon
75 Charanjeeth
Pet name: Chay/ Chara/ Charan/ Aran/ Anjeeth/ Ajeeth/ Jeeth/ Aeeth/ Eeth
Meaning: One Who Won Over The God
76 Charanjit
Pet name: Chay/ Chara/ Charan/ Char/ Anjit/ Ajith/ Jit
Meaning: One Who Has Won Over The Lord
77 Charatesh
Pet name: Chay/ Char/ Charat/ Ratesh Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Caring
78 Charish
Pet name: Chary/ Chari/ Harish/ Arish/ Aish
Meaning: Grace
79 Charith
Pet name: Chari/ Arith/ Rith/ Arih
Meaning: Lovable, Intelligent, History
80 Charles
Pet name: Charl/ Arles/ Harles/ Ales
Meaning: A Man
81 Charlie
Pet name: Chars/ Arlie/ Arie/ Alie
Meaning: A Man, Darling Or Beloved
82 Charukesh
Pet name: Charu/ Charuk/ nArukesh/ Rukesh/ Kesh/ Aesh
Meaning: With Beautiful Hair
83 Charun
Pet name: Chaau/ Charu/ Arun/ Harun/ Aru
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
84 Charuvardhan
Pet name: Chau/ Charu/ Charuv/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Adhan/ Ahan
Meaning: One Who Increases Beauty
85 Charveer
Pet name: Charv/ Charvee/ Arveer/ Veer
Meaning: Brilliant, Clever
86 Charvik
Pet name: Chaai/ Chaar/ Charv/ Arvik/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning: Brilliant, Clever
87 Charvikesh
Pet name: Chaai/ Chaar/ Charv/ Arvikesh/ Avikesh/ Vikesh/ Vik/ Aiesh
Meaning: Brilliant, Clever
88 Chasiel
Pet name: Chas/ Chaay/ Asiel/ Siel
Meaning: Gods Refuge
89 Chatrapathi
Pet name: Chay/ Chatra/ Pathi
Meaning: King, Emperor
90 Chatresh
Pet name: Chaae/ Chatr/ Chare/ Atresh/ Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
91 Chatur
Pet name: Chay/ Chaur/ Atur/ Aur
Meaning: Clever
92 Chavrik
Pet name: Chaai/ Chavri/ Avrik/ Arik/ Vrik/ Vik
Meaning: Intelligent, Brilliant
93 Chayaan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ayaan
Meaning: Moon
94 Chayan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ayan
Meaning: Moon, Collection
95 Chayank
Pet name: Cha/ Chaya/ Ayank/ Chayan
Meaning: The Moon
96 Ghaiz
Pet name: Ghai/ Ghais/ Haiz/ Gaiz/ Aiz
Meaning: Desert, Forest, Jungle
97 Ghanashyam
Pet name: Ghany/ Shyam/ Anash/ Ahyam
Meaning: Happy Like Cloud, Lord Krishna
98 Ghanendra
Pet name: Ghan/ Ghane/ Anendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Krishna
99 Ghanshyam
Pet name: Ghan/ Shyam/ Sam/ Anshyam/ Hans
Meaning: Lord Krishna
100 Ghasan
Pet name: Gha/ Hasan/ Haam/ Asan/ Saan
Meaning: Old Arabic Name
101 Kamail
Pet name: Kami/ Amail/ Ail
Meaning: Perfect
102 Kamal
Pet name: Kami/ Amal/ Mal
Meaning: Lotus
103 Kamalaj
Pet name: Kamal/ Amalaj/ Amala/ Alaj/ Maaj
Meaning: Lord Brahma
104 Kamalakant
Pet name: Kamal/ Amala/ Malak/ Kant/ Akant
Meaning: Lord Of Lotus
105 Kamalakanth
Pet name: Kamal/ Alak/ Kanth/ Alanth/ Alan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
106 Kamalakar
Pet name: Kamal/ Alak/ Malakar/ Alakar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
107 Kamaldeep
Pet name: Kamal/ Aldeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Lotus Like Floating Lamp
108 Kamalekshan
Pet name: Kamal/ Alek/ Ekshan/ Eshan/ Shan/ Ehan
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
109 Kamalesh
Pet name: Kamal/ Alesh/ Ale/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of Lotus Or Lord Vishnu
110 Kamaljeet
Pet name: Kamal/ Alijeet/ Ali/ Aljeet/ Jeet
Meaning: Trendy
111 Kamalkant
Pet name: Kamal/ Alkant/ Kant
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
112 Kamalnath
Pet name: Kamal/ Alnath/ Alnath/ Alath/ Amal
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
113 Kamalnayan
Pet name: Kamal/ Nayan/ Ayan/ Amal
Meaning: Lotus-Eyed
114 Kamaran
Pet name: Kamar/ Amaran/ Maran/ Aran
Meaning: Successful
115 Kamesh
Pet name: Kame/ Amesh/ Mesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Love
116 Kameshwar
Pet name: Kame/ Ameshwar/ Amesh/ Eshwar/ Eswar/ Ehar/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Cupid, Lord Of Love
117 Kamlesh
Pet name: Kam/ Amlesh/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lotus Eyes
118 Kamleshwar
Pet name: Kamle/ Amleshwar/ Amle/ Eshwar/ Esh/ Ehwar
Meaning: Lord Of Lotus, Beautiful
119 Kamran
Pet name: Kamr/ Amran/ Aran
Meaning: Lucky, Happy, Success
120 Khadeer
Pet name: Khaad/ Khady/ Hadeer/ Adeer/ Aeer/ Haeeraaj
Meaning: Lord Brahma
121 Kamalnayan
Pet name: Kamal/ Nayan/ Ayan/ Amal
Meaning: Powerful, Innocence
122 Khalid
Pet name: Khal/ Khalis/ Halid/ Alid/ Ali/ Khaid
Meaning: Immortal, Eternal
123 Khalif
Pet name: Khal/ Khalis/ Alif/ Halif/ Ali
Meaning: Successor
124 Khalil
Pet name: Khal/ Khalis/ Halil/ Alil/ Khail
Meaning: Beautiful
125 Khushal
Pet name: Khush/ Hushal/ Ushal/ Shal/ Khush
Meaning: Perfect
126 Khushant
Pet name: Khush/ Hushant/ Ushant/ Shant/ Uhant
Meaning: Happy, Delighted, Joyful
127 Khusheel
Pet name: Kush/ Usheel/ Sheel/ Heel
Meaning: Happy, Pleasant
128 Khushil
Pet name: Kush/ Ushil/ Uhil/ Uil
Meaning: Happy, Pleasant
129 Kunal
Pet name: Kuna/ Unal/ Nal
Meaning: Lotus
130 Kuldeep
Pet name: Kul/ Deep/ Deep/ Udeep
Meaning: Light Of Family
131 Kuldev
Pet name: Kul/ Ulde/ Dev/ Ulev
Meaning: Family Deity
132 Kulvir
Pet name: Kul/ Ulvir/ Vir
Meaning: Great Warrior
133 Kumaar
Pet name: Kum/ Umaar/ Uaar
Meaning: Boy, Son, Offspring, Descendant, Child
134 Kumar
Pet name: Kum/ Umar/ Uar
Meaning: Young Boy
135 Kundan
Pet name: Kun/ Undan/ Udan/ Daan
Meaning: Gold
136 Kushik
Pet name: Kush/ Kushi/ Ushik/ Ushi/ Uhik
Meaning: Happy And Delight
137 Kushaan
Pet name: Kush/ Ushaan/ Ush/ Uhaan/ Haan
Meaning: Clever, Talented
138 Kushal
Pet name: Kush/ Ushal/ Uhal/ Usal
Meaning: Clever
139 Kushant
Pet name: Kush/ Ushant/ Uhant/ Shant/ Uhant/ Uant
Meaning: Little Happy
140 Kushil
Pet name: Kush/ Ushil/ Ush/ Uhil
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Uncourteous
141 Kushin
Pet name: Kush/ Ushin/ Ush/ Uhin/ Uiin
Meaning: Sage Valmiki
142 Naadesh
Pet name: Naad/ Nades/ desh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
143 Nabeel
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabees/ Nabees/ Abeel/ Beel/ Aeel/ Abe
Meaning: Nobel
144 Nabhan
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhs/ Abhan/ Ahan/ Aban
Meaning: Nobel
145 Nabhay
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhs/ Abhay/ Ahay
Meaning: Lord Shiva
146 Nabhayan
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhay/ Abhay/ Ayan
Meaning: Fearsome
147 Nabhij
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhis/ Nabhiju/ Abhij/ Ahij/ Aij
Meaning: Lord Brahma
148 Nabhya
Pet name: Nabh/ Nabhys/ Abhya/ Abhy
Meaning: Lord Shiva
149 Nadan
Pet name: Nad/ Nads/ Adan
Meaning: Very Simple
150 Nadeen
Pet name: Nad/ Nads/ Nadees/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Adee
Meaning: Lord Of Rivers, Ocean
151 Nadeep
Pet name: Nad/ Nads/ Adeep/ Aeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Lord Of Wealth
152 Nadeesh
Pet name: Nad/ Nadees/ Adeesh/ Ade/ Aeesh/ Eesh/ Deesh
Meaning: God Of River, Ocean, Hope, Lord Of Water
153 Nadhir
Pet name: Nad/ Nadhis/ Adhir/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Warner
154 Nadhivardhan
Pet name: Nad/ Nadhiv/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Ahan/ Dhan
Meaning: Brother Of Lord Mahavir
155 Nadim
Pet name: Nad/ Nadis/ Adim/ Aiim
Meaning: Noble, Highborn, Honorable
156 Nadir
Pet name: Nad/ Nair/ Adir/ Nair
Meaning: Rare
157 Nadish
Pet name: Nad/ Naish/ Adish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Ocean
158 Naeem
Pet name: Naees/ Naeems/ Aeem
Meaning: Comfort, Tranquility, Ease
159 Nagabhushan
Pet name: Naga/ Nagas/ Bhushan/ Bhus/ Ushan/ Uhan
Meaning: One Who Wears Snakes As Ornaments Or Lord Shiva
160 Nagarjuna
Pet name: Naga/ Nagar/ Arjuna/ Arjun/ Arjuu
Meaning: Strong, Brave, Confidence
161 Nagasata
Pet name: Naga/ Nagasat/ Agasata/ Agasta/ Asata
Meaning: Mountain Of Truth, A Holy Mountain
162 Nagdhar
Pet name: Nag/ Nagdh/ Agdhar/ Adhar/ Dhar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
163 Nageesh
Pet name: Nagees/ Nagee/ Ageesh/ Aeesh/ Geesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
164 Nagendra
Pet name: Nag/ Nagend/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Shiva
165 Nagesh
Pet name: Nag/ Nages/ Agesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
166 Nageshwar
Pet name: Nag/ Nagesh/ Agesh/ Eshwar/ Ehwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva, God Of Serpents
167 Nageshwaran
Pet name: Nag/ Nages/ Nagesh/ Agesh/ Eshwaran/ Esh/ Aran
Meaning: Lord Snake
168 Nahan
Pet name: Nah/ Nahas/ Ahan
Meaning: Love, Attractive
169 Nahid
Pet name: Nah/ Nahis/ Ahid/ Naid
Meaning: Stainless
170 Nahil
Pet name: Nah/ Nahis/ Ahil/ Ail
Meaning: Trendy
171 Nahiyan
Pet name: Nah/ Nahiy/ Ahiy/ Hiyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Wise
172 Nahush
Pet name: Nah/ Nahus/ Ahush/ Ush
Meaning: Neighbor, Fellow Man
173 Nahusha
Pet name: Nah/ Nahush/ Ahusha/ Husha/ Usha/ Ush
Meaning: An Ancient King
174 Naif
Pet name: Naffy/ Nais/ Aif
Meaning: High, Magnificient
175 Naiin
Pet name: Naais/ Aiin
Meaning: Trendy
176 Naim
Pet name: Nai/ Naims/ Aaim/ Nim
Meaning: Happiness, Comfort
177 Naimesh
Pet name: Naim/ Nais/ Aimesh/ Iesh/ Mesh/ Esh
Meaning: A Saint
178 Naimish
Pet name: Naim/ Naimis/ Aimish/ Mish/ Ish
Meaning: Inside Viewer, Wink, Transient
179 Naindeep
Pet name: Nain/ Naind/ Aindeep/ Deep
Meaning: Eyes Full Of Light
180 Nainesh
Pet name: Nain/ Naines/ Ainesh/ Anesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord's Third Eye, Divine Eye
181 Nair
Pet name: Nais/ Nais/ Nir
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Leader
182 Naishal
Pet name: Nais/ Naish/ Aishal/ Ishal/ Aish/ Shal
Meaning: Trendy
183 Naitik
Pet name: Nais/ Naits Aitik/ Aiik
Meaning: Good In Nature
184 Naitvik
Pet name: Nais/ Nats/ Aitvik/ Vik/ Aiik
Meaning: Trendy
185 Najair
Pet name: Naj/ Najai/ Ajair/ Jair
Meaning: Little Star
186 Najeeb
Pet name: Naj/ Najee/ Ajeeb/ Ajee/ Jeeb
Meaning: Noble Descent
187 Najeed
Pet name: Naj/ Najee/ Najee/ Ajeed/ Ajee/ Jeed/ Aeed
Meaning: Highland
188 Najeeh
Pet name: Naj/ Najee/ Ajeeh/ Ajee/ Aeeh
Meaning: Good, Opinion
189 Najib
Pet name: Naj/ Najis/ Ajib/ Aib/ Jib
Meaning: Noble, Distinguished, Noble Descent
190 Najih
Pet name: Naj/ Najis/ Ajih/ Jih
Meaning: Sound, Good Opinion, Successful
191 Naju
Pet name: Naj/ Najs/ Aju
Meaning: Proudly, Noble
192 Najwan
Pet name: Naj/ Najwa/ Ajwan/ Awan
Meaning: Saved, Liberated
193 Nakash
Pet name: Nak/ Nakas/ Akash/ Akas/ Ash/ Kash
Meaning: Calm
194 Naksatra
Pet name: Nak/ Naksat/ Aksatra/ Aksa/ Atra
Meaning: Heavenly Body, A Constellation, A Pearl
195 Naksh
Pet name: Naks/ Aksh
Meaning: Moon
196 Nakshin
Pet name: Naks/ Naksh/ Akshin/ Akshi/ Ashin
Meaning: Trendy
197 Nakshis
Pet name: Naks/ Naksh/ Akshis/ Ashis
Meaning: Trendy
198 Nakshith
Pet name: Nak/ Naksh/ Akshith/ Akshi/ Ashith/ Ahith/ Hith
Meaning: Power Of Lion
199 Nakul
Pet name: Naul/ Akul
Meaning: Sharp Minded, Lord Shiva
200 Nakulesh
Pet name: Naul/ Akul/ Nakul/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Intelligent Person
201 Nala
Pet name: Nal/ Ala
Meaning: Nothing
202 Nalan
Pet name: Nal/ Nala/ Alan/ Lan
Meaning: Smart Boy
203 Nalesh
Pet name: Nal/ Nales/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: King Of Flowers
204 Nalikan
Pet name: Nalis/ Naliks/ Alian/ Likan
Meaning: Lotus
205 Nalikanth
Pet name: Nalik/ Nalikan/ Alikan/ Alikanth/ Anth/ Lianth
Meaning: Sun
206 Nalin
Pet name: Nali/ Nalis/ Alin/ Ali
Meaning: Lotus
207 Nalinaksh
Pet name: Nali/ Nalins/ Alin/ Naksh/ Aksh/ Ali
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
208 Nalinaksha
Pet name: Nalin/ Nalina/ Alin/ Ali/ Naksha/ Aksh
Meaning: Lotus-Eyed
209 Naman
Pet name: Nam/ Nams/ Aman
Meaning: Kind, Pleasant
210 Namish
Pet name: Nam/ Namis/ Amish/ Mish/ Aish
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Courteous
211 Namit
Pet name: Nam/ Namis/ Amit/ Nait
Meaning: Modest
212 Namith
Pet name: Nam/ Namis/ Amith/ Aith/ Mith/ Naith
Meaning: To Bow In A Humble Greeting, Worshipper
213 Nanadan
Pet name: Nans/ Nand/ Adan/Anadan/ Anan
Meaning: Daughter, Goddess Durga
214 Nand
Pet name: Nans/ Nandu
Meaning: Father Of Krishna
215 Nandagopal
Pet name: Nand/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Gopal/ Opal/ Pal/ Gopi
Meaning: Father Name Of Lord Krishna
216 Nandak
Pet name: Nan/ Nand/ Nandu/ Dak/ Anaak
Meaning: Pleasing
217 Nandakishor
Pet name: Nan/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Kishor/ Kihor/ Ishor
Meaning: Lord Krishna
218 Nandakishore
Pet name: Nan/ Nanda/ Nadu/ Kishore/ Kihore/ Ishore
Meaning: Lord Krishna
219 Nandakumar
Pet name: Nand/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Aumar/ Kumar/ Kum
Meaning: Lord Krishna
220 Nandan
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Adan
Meaning: Enjoyment, Son
221 Nandapal
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Adan/ Dapal/ Apal/ Andaal
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Protector Of Nanda
222 Nandhan
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Anhan/ Ahan/ Anaan
Meaning: Pleasing, One Who Brings Happiness
223 Nandin
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Adin/ Anin
Meaning: The Delightful, Devotee Of Lord Shiva
224 Nandish
Pet name: Nand/ Anish/ Nish/ Andish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
225 Nandishwar
Pet name: Nand/ Nandu/ Nandi/ Ishwar/ Ish/ Iswar/ Dishaw/ Anish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
226 Nandna
Pet name: Nan/ Andna
Meaning: Daughter, One Who Bestows Happiness
227 Naqeeb
Pet name: Naaq/ Aqeeb/ Qeeb
Meaning: Leader
228 Naqib
Pet name: Naqi/ Aqib/ Aib
Meaning: President, Head, Chief
229 Narahari
Pet name: Nara/ Hari/ Rahari/ Ari
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
230 Naraindiran
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Indrian/ Drian/ Indriin
Meaning: King Of Men
231 Narashima
Pet name: Nara/ Naras/ Shima/ Ahim
Meaning: Brave Man
232 Narayan
Pet name: Naray/ Naras/ Aryan/ Ayan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
233 Narayana
Pet name: Nara/ Rayan/ Ayan/ Yaan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
234 Nareesh
Pet name: Naree/ Narees/ Areesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
235 Naren
Pet name: Nare/ Nares/ Aren/ Aeen
Meaning: Best Of Men
236 Narender
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Arender/ Aender/ Ender
Meaning: King
237 Narendra
Pet name: Nare/ Arendra/ Aendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Of All
238 Narendran
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Arendran/ Endran/ Eran/ Edran
Meaning: King Or God Of Men
239 Narendranath
Pet name: Nare/ Naren/ Endranath/ Endra/ Eanath/ Nath
Meaning: King Of Kings, Emperor
240 Naresh
Pet name: Nare/ Aren/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Men
241 Narin
Pet name: Nar/ Nariis/ Arin/ Aiin/ Naiin
Meaning: Delicate
242 Narind
Pet name: Nars/ Narin/ Arind/ Arin
Meaning: Delicate, Smooth
243 Narinder
Pet name: Narin/ Narind/ Arinder/ Ainder/ Rinder/ Inder
Meaning: The king Or Ruler
244 Narish
Pet name: Narii/ Naris/ Arish/ Rish
Meaning: Trendy
245 Narshimha
Pet name: Narsh/ Narshim/ Arshimha/ Arshim/ Shimha/ Himaha
Meaning: Brave Or Fearless
246 Narsimha
Pet name: Nars/ Arsimha/ Arim/ Imha/ Simha
Meaning:  Half Lion & Half Man
247 Narun
Pet name: Nar/ Arun/ Aun
Meaning: Leader Of Men
248 Nasar
Pet name: Nas/ Asar/ Naar
Meaning: Help, Support
249 Naseem
Pet name: Nase/ Aseem/ Aeem/ Asee
Meaning: Fresh Air
250 Naseer
Pet name: Nase/ Aseer/ Aeer/ Asee/ Seer
Meaning: Supporter
251 Naseeruddin
Pet name: Nasee/ Naseer/ Eruddin/ Udin/ Uiin
Meaning: Defender Of The Religion
252 Nashir
Pet name: Nash/ Ashir/ Asir/ Nahir
Meaning: Helper
253 Nashit
Pet name: Nash/ Ashit/ Ahit/ Aiit
Meaning: Energetic, Dynamic, Fresh
254 Nasif
Pet name: Nass/ Asif/ Aiif
Meaning: Just
255 Nasih
Pet name: Nasi/ Nasis/ Asih/ Aiih/ Asi
Meaning: Adviser, Counselor
256 Nasim
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asim/ Naiim
Meaning: Breeze, Gentle Wind, Fragrant Air
257 Nasimuddin
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asim/ Muddin/ Uddin/ Uiin
Meaning: Breeze Of The Islam
258 Nasir
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asir/ Naiir
Meaning: Protector
259 Nasiruddin
Pet name: Nas/ Nasi/ Asir/ Uddin/ Uiin
Meaning: Defender Of The Faith
260 Nasreen
Pet name: Nass/ Nasr/ Asreen/ Areen/ Aeen
Meaning: Wild Rose, Blue Scented Flower
261 Nasruddin
Pet name: Nas/ Asruddin/ Asru/ Uddin/ Uiin
Meaning: Victory Of The Religion
262 Nasser
Pet name: Nass/ Asser/ Asse/ Naer
Meaning: Protector
263 Nasserudeen
Pet name: Nasse/ Asser/ Asee/ Nasser/ Udeen/ Udee/ Aeen
Meaning: Protector Of The Faith
264 Nataansh
Pet name: Nat/ Nataan/ Ataansh/ Ataan/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Attractive
265 Nataraj
Pet name: Nat/ Natas/ Atar/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Dance, Lord Shiva
267 Natarajan
Pet name: Nat/ Natas/ Atar/ Rajan/ Raj/ Ajan
Meaning: God Sivan
268 Natesh
Pet name: Nat/ Nates/ Atesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: King
269 Nathan
Pet name: Nat/ Athan/ Ahan
Meaning: God Given
270 Natheer
Pet name: Nat/ Atheer/ Aheer/ Aeer/ Heer/ Ahee
Meaning: Warner, Eyes
271 Nathin
Pet name: Nat Athin/ Ahim/Atiin/ Aiin
Meaning:  Protected
272 Natiq
Pet name: Nat/ Atiq/ Aiiq
Meaning: Winner Of Victory
273 Natraj
Pet name: Nat/ Natra/ Raj/ Araj
Meaning: Lord Shiva
274 Navadeep
Pet name: Nava/ Avad/ Deep/ Aeep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light, New Lamp
275 Navakanth
Pet name: Nava/ Avak/ Akanth/ Vakanth/ Kanth
Meaning: New Light
276 Navan
Pet name: Nav/ Avan
Meaning: Champion, Praise
277 Navaneesh
Pet name: Nav/ Avaneesh/ Avan/ Aneesh/ Neesh/ Aeesh
Meaning: Trendy
278 Navaneet
Pet name: Nav/ Avan/ Aneet/ Anee
Meaning: Eternally New
279 Navaneeth
Pet name: Nav/ Navan/ Avan/ Aneeth/ Neeth/ Anee
Meaning: Humble, Soft
280 Navanit
Pet name: Nav/ Avan/ Anit/ Vanit
Meaning: Pleasure, Joyful
281 Navanith
Pet name: Nav/ Navan/ Avan/ Anith/ Nith
Meaning: Gentle, Soft
282 Navdeep
Pet name: Nav/ Navd/ Navdee/ Avdeep/ Deep/ Avdee
Meaning: Eternal light
283 Naveed
Pet name: Nav/ Navee/ Aveed/ Aeed/ Veed
Meaning: Good News
284 Naveen
Pet name: Nav/ Navees/ Navee/ Aveen/ Aeen/ Veen/ Avee
Meaning: New, Modern
285 Navin
Pet name: Nav/ Navis/ Avin/ Aiin
Meaning: New, Fresh
286 Navinchandra
Pet name: Nav/ Navin/ Avin/ Aiin/ Chandra/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
287 Navinder
Pet name: Nav/ Navin/ Avin/ Inder/ Navin
Meaning: Brave Lord
288 Navish
Pet name: Nav/ Navis/ Avish/ Navis/ Aish/ Avis/ Vish
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Poison Less, Sweet
289 Navneet
Pet name: Nav/ Navnees/ Avneet/ Aneet/ Aeet/ Avnee
Meaning: Fresh Butter, Lord Krishna
290 Navtej
Pet name: Nav/ Navat/ Avtej/ Tej/ Aej
Meaning: New Light
291 Nawab
Pet name: Naw/ Nawas/ Awab/ Nawa
Meaning: Ruler, Administrator
292 Nawish
Pet name: Nawi/ Nawis/ Awish/ Aish
Meaning: Rare
293 Nayaab
Pet name: Nay/ Nayaas/ Ayaab/ Yaab
Meaning: Rare
294 Nayan
Pet name: Nay/ Nays/ Ayan/ Yaan
Meaning: Eye, Right Direction
295 Nayandeep
Pet name: Nay/ Nayan/ Ayan/Andeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light Of The Eye
296 Nayanesh
Pet name: Nay/ Nayan/ Ayansh/ Yanesh/ Anesh/ Anes/ Nesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
297 Nayeef
Pet name: Nay/ Nayee/ Ayeef
Meaning: New
298 Nayeel
Pet name: Nays/ Nayee/ Ayeel/ Ayees
Meaning: Trendy
299 Nayeen
Pet name: Nayee/ Nays/ Ayeen
Meaning: Creative
300 Nayif
Pet name: Nayis/ Nayii/ Ayif
Meaning: Trendy
300 Nayin
Pet name: Nayis/ Nayii/ Ayin
Meaning: Creative
301 Nayis
Pet name: Nayii/ Nais/ Ayis
Meaning: Trendy
302 Naynaad
Pet name: Nays/ Naynaas/ Ayaad
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
303 Nayneesh
Pet name: Nays/ Naynees/ Ayneesh/ Neesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
304 Nazar
Pet name: Naz/ Nazs/ Azar/ Aza
Meaning: A Vow, Promise Made To God
305 Nazeeb
Pet name: Naz/ Nazee/ Azeeb/ Aeeb/ Zeeb/ Azee
Meaning: Noble Descent
306 Nazeem
Pet name: Naz/ Azeem/ Azee/ Aeem
Meaning: Organized One
307 Nazeer
Pet name: Naz/ Azeer/ Azee/ Aeer
Meaning: Prophet
308 Nazer
Pet name: Naz/ Azer/ Aze/ Naze
Meaning: Brilliant, Radiant
309 Nazim
Pet name: Naz/ Azim/ Naim
Meaning: Organizer
310 Nazir
Pet name: Naz/ Azir/ Azi// Nair
Meaning: Bright, Radiant, Supervisor