1 Dayaal
Pet name: Dayaa/ Ayyal/ Yaal
Meaning: Kind Hearted
2 Dayakara
Pet name: Daya/ Akara/ Ayakara/ Yakara
Meaning: Lord Shiva
3 Dayal
Pet name: Daya/ Ayal
Meaning: Kind Hearted
4 Dayanand
Pet name: Daya/ Anand/ Anan/ Nand/ Nandu
Meaning: Merciful Or Kind
5 Dayaram
Pet name: Daya/ Ayaram/ Ayar/ Ram
Meaning: Merciful
6 Dayasagar
Pet name: Daya/ Sagar/ Ayas
Meaning: Extremely Mercy, Sea Of Mercy
7 Dayaswaroop
Pet name : Daya/ Ayas/ Swaroop/ Swa/ Swaroo/ Roop
Meaning : Merciful, Lord Shiva
8 Debjit
Pet name: Deb/ Debj/ Ebjit/ Ejit
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The God
9 Deekshant
Pet name: Deeksh/ Eekshant/ Eshant/ Shant/ Ehant
Meaning: God's Gift
10 Deekshit
Pet name: Dee/ Deeksh/ Eekshit/ Ekshit/ Eshit/ Eshi
Meaning: Initiated, Prepaid
11 Deelip
Pet name: Dee/ Deeli/ Eelip/ Deep
Meaning: Protector, Kind Hearted
12 Deep
Pet name: Deepu/ Dee
Meaning: Light
13 Deepak
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Lamp, Kindle
14 Deepan
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Eepan/ Eean
Meaning: Lord Of The Lamp
15 Deepankar
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepan/ Ankar/ Akar/ Deepu
Meaning: One Who Lights Lamps
16 Deepansh
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Deepan/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Part Of Light
17 Deependar
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Pendar/ Endar/ Edar
Meaning: Lord Of Light
18 Deependra
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepe/ Endra/ Deepu
Meaning: Lord Of Light
19 Deepesh
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Epensh/ Ensh
Meaning: Lord Of Light, Sun
20 Deepit
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Eeit
Meaning: Excited, Passionate
21 Deepith
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Deepit/ Eeith
Meaning: Radiant, Lamp
22 Deeptanshu
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Tanshu/ Anshu/ Eansh/ Ashu
Meaning: Light, Sun
23 Deepu
Pet name: Dee/ Deep
Meaning: Flame,  Light,  Shinning
24 Deevesh
Pet name: Dee/ Deev/ Evesh/ Vesh
Meaning: Light
25 Deeyan
Pet name: Dee/ Deey/ Eeyan
Meaning: Trendy
26 Denadayal
Pet name: Dena/ Dayal/ Ayal
Meaning: Humble And Merciful
27 Dev
Pet name: Dee
Meaning: God, King
28 Deva
Pet name: Dev/ De
Meaning: Divinity
29 Devadhithya
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Adithya/ Adi/ Adith/ Dithy
Meaning: Trendy
30 Devaditya
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Aditya/ Adi/ Aitya/ Dity
Meaning: God Of The Sun
31 Devadutt
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Dutt
Meaning: Gift From God
32 Devaj
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evaj/ Vaj
Meaning: Born From The Gods
33 Devajith
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evajith/ Vajith/ Vaji
Meaning: One Who Conquered Devas
34 Devak
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evak
Meaning: Glorious, Divine
35 Devan
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evan/ Ean
Meaning: Like A God, Food Offered To Gods,  Holy
36 Devananda
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Ananda/ Anan/ Nanda/ Nandu
Meaning: Joy Of The Gods
37 Devank
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evank/ Evan
Meaning: Godly
38 Devaraj
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Varaj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Indra
39 Devarsh
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Varsh/ Arsh
Meaning: God's Gift
40 Devash
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evash/ Eash/ Ash
Meaning: Divine Power
41 Devdan
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evdan/ Edan/ Evan
Meaning: The Gift Of The Gods
42 Devdas
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evdas/ Das
Meaning: Servant Of Lord, A Servant Of Temple
43 Devendra
Pet name: Dev/ Deven/ Evendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Of Gods, Lord Indra
44 Devesh
Pet name: Dev/ Evesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Lord Indra
45 Deveshwar
Pet name: Dev/ Devesh/ Eshwar/ Evesh/ Ewar/ Eshu
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Devas
46 Deviprasad
Pet name: Dev/ Devi/ Prasad/ Prasu
Meaning: Gift Of A Goddess
47 Devish
Pet name: Dev/ Devi/ Evish
Meaning: King Of Gods
48 Devkumar
Pet name: Dev/ Kumar/ Umar
Meaning: Son Of The God
49 Devraj
Pet name: Dev/ Eraj/ Raj/ Evraj
Meaning: King Of The Gods
50 Devyansh
Pet name: Dev/ Devy/ Evansh/ Eansh/ Evyansh/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Yash
Meaning: Part Of Divine Light
51 Dikshan
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshan/ Ishan/ Ihan/ Ian/ Iksh
Meaning: Hindu
52 Dikshant
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshant/ Ishant/ Ihant/ Iant/ Ikshan/ Iksh
Meaning: Trendy
53 Dikshil
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshil/ Ishil
Meaning: The Respectful
54 Dikshit
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshit/ Ishit
Meaning: Initiated
55 Dileep
Pet name: Di/ Dil/ Ileep/ Dilee/ Deep
Meaning: Protector
56 Dillip
Pet name: Di/ Dil/ Ilip
Meaning: Protector
57 Dinesh
Pet name: Di/ Dine/ Inesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Sun
58 Dinkar
Pet name: Di/ Dina/ Inkar/ Inar/ Iar
Meaning: The Sun
59 Dipak
Pet name: Di/ Dipa/ Ipak/ Iak/ Diak
Meaning: Lamp, Kindling, Inflaming
60 Dipan
Pet name: Di/ Dipa/ Ipan/ Ian
Meaning: Brilliant, One Who Lights Lamps
61 Dipanshu
Pet name: Di/ Dipa/ Dipan/ Anshu/ Ipan/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: The Sun
62 Dipendra
Pet name: Di/ Dipen/ Ipendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Of Lights
63 Dipesh
Pet name: Di/ Dipe/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Light
64 Divakar
Pet name: Div/ Ivakar/ Iakar/ Vakar
Meaning: The Sun
65 Divakara
Pet name: Div/ Ivakara/ Vakara/ Vakar
Meaning: The Sun
66 Divakaran
Pet name: Div/ Ivakaran/ Vakaran/ Karan/ Vakar/ Aran
Meaning: God Loving Child
67 Divin
Pet name: Divs/ Divv/ Ivvin
Meaning: Immortal
68 Divish
Pet name: Div/ Ivish/ Vish/ Iish
Meaning: Part Of Divine
69 Divit
Pet name: Div/ Ivit/ Vit
Meaning: Immortal
70 Divyank
Pet name: Div/ Ivyank/ Iyank/ Ivyan/ Ivank
Meaning: Part Of Light
71 Divyansh
Pet name: Div/ Ivyansh/ Iyansh/ Ivansh/ Vansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Part Of God
72 Divyanshu
Pet name: Div/ Ivyanshu/ Iyanshu/ Ivanshu/ Vanshu/ Anshu/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Divine Light, Sun
73 Divyant
Pet name: Div/ Divyan/ Ivyant/ Iyant
Meaning: Handsome Or Attractive
74 Divyanth
Pet name: Div/ Divyan/ Ivyanth/ Iyanth/ Ivanth/ Ianth
Meaning: Trendy
75 Diwaker
Pet name: Diw/ Diwa/ Iwaker/ Iwak/ Waker
Meaning:The Sun, Lord Of Light
76 Diwesh
Pet name: Diw/ Diwes/ Iwesh/ Iesh
Meaning: Lord Of Gods
77 Diwin
Pet name: Diws/ Diw/ Iwin
Meaning: Immortal
78 Dixit
Pet name: Di/ Dixi/ Ixit
Meaning: Full Of Joy
79 Diyan
Pet name: Di/ Iyan/ Ian
Meaning: Bright Light