1 Chayaan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ayaan
Meaning: Moon
2 Chayan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ayan
Meaning: Moon, Collection
3 Chayank
Pet name: Cha/ Chaya/ Ayank/ Chayan
Meaning: The Moon
4 Laaiq
Pet name: Laay/ Aiiq
Meaning: Skillful, Capable Of, Able
5 Laalin
Pet name: Laals/ Alin/ Ali
Meaning: Creative
6 Laalit
Pet name: Laals/ Alit/ Ali
Meaning: Beloved, Caring, Friendly
7 Laavnay
Pet name: Laav/ Laavy/ Avnay/ Anay/ Avay
Meaning: Commanded
8 Laban
Pet name: Laba/ Aban/ Laan
Meaning: White, Pure
9 Labhansh
Pet name: Labha/ Labhan/ Abhansh/ Bhansh/ Hansh/ Ansh/ Abansh
Meaning: A Part Of The Profit
10 Laghun
Pet name: Lagh/ Laghu/ Aghun/ Ahun/ Agun
Meaning: Quick
11 Lahab
Pet name: Lahas/ Lahay/ Ahab/ Laab
Meaning: Wisdom
12 Lahan
Pet name: Lahas/ Lahay/ Ahan/ Laan
Meaning: Bright Headed One
13 Lahar
Pet name: Lahas/ Lahay/ Ahar/ Laar
Meaning: Wave
14 Laharish
Pet name: Lahas/ Lahar/ Lahar/ Harish/ Arish/ Rish/ Aish/ Ish/ Ash
Meaning: Son Of Sea
15 Lahiq
Pet name: Lah/ Lahy/ Ahiq/ Aiq
Meaning: White-Colored
16 Lahir
Pet name: Lahi/ Lahy/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Wave
17 Lahit
Pet name: Lahi/ Laiit/ Ahit
Meaning: Trendy
18 Lahith
Pet name: Lahis/ Laiith/ Ahith/ Ahith
Meaning:  Creative
19 Laiq
Pet name: Lais/ Aiiq
Meaning: Fit, Able
20 Lajpat
Pet name: Laaj/ Lajp/ Ajpat/ Ajat/ Laat
Meaning: Love Of Honor
21 Lajpreet
Pet name: Laaj/ Lajpreey/ Preet/ Ajreet/ Ajeet/ / Jreet/ Jree
Meaning: Love Of Honor
22 Lakhani
Pet name: Lakh/ Lakhan/ Akhani/ Ahani/ Haani
Meaning: Descendant Of Lakh, Lakshman
23 Lakhith
Pet name: Lakh/ Lakhis/ Akhith/ Ahith/ Akith/ Aki
Meaning:  Lord Vishnu
24 Lakhsman
Pet name: Laksh/ Akshs/ Akhsman
Meaning: Quality Of Mind
25 Laksay
Pet name: Lak/ Aksay
Meaning: Malik (Lord)
26 Laksh
Pet name: Lak/ Aksh/ Aks/ Ash
Meaning: Aim, Destination
27 Lakshamikant
Pet name: Lak/ Aksh/ Aksham/ Amikant/ Mikant/ Ikant/ Hamikant/ Hamik
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
28 Lakshan
Pet name: Lak/ Akshan/ Ashan/ Aksh/ Ahan/ Asan
Meaning: Aim
29 Lakshay
Pet name: Lak/ Akshay/ Ashay/ Akhay/ Ash
Meaning: Aim, Goal, Target
30 Lakshit
Pet name: Lak/ Akshit/ Ashit
Meaning: Target Or Goal
31 Lakshman
Pet name: Lak/ Laksh/ Akshman/ Aksh/ Ashman/ Shman
Meaning: Promising, Encourage
32 Lakshmana
Pet name: Laka/ Laksh/ Akshmana/ Aksh/ Amana/ Amaan
Meaning: Prosperous, Brother Of Lord Rama, Born To Give
33 Lakshmi
Pet name: Lak/ Laksh/ Akshmi/ Ashmi
Meaning: Goddess Of Wealth, Goddess Of Prosperity
34 Lakshmidhar
Pet name: Lak/ Laksh/ Lakshmi/ Midhar/ Indhar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
35 Lakshmikanth
Pet name: Lak/ Laksh/ Lakshmi/ Mikanth/ Kanth/ Mikan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
36 Lakshmipathi
Pet name: Lak/ Laksh/ Lakshmi/ Aksh/ Pathi
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
37 Laksit
Pet name: Lak/ Laksi/ Aksit/ Lasit
Meaning: Distinguished, Regarded
38 Lalan
Pet name: Lal/ Lalas/ Alan
Meaning: Support, Nurture
39 Lalit
Pet name: Lal/ Lalis/ Alit/ Lait
Meaning: Beautiful, Desire
40 Lalitaditya
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Laait/ Aditya/ Adi/ Dity/ Adit
Meaning: A Beautiful Sun
41 Lalitakumar
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Laait/ Kumar/ Umar/ Kuma
Meaning: Desirable
42 Lalitchandra
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Laait/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: A Beautiful Moon
43 Lalitesh
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Ali/ Alite/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife
44 Lalith
Pet name: Lal/ Lalith/ Alith/ Ali
Meaning: Handsome, Good Looking
45 Lalithadithya
Pet name: Lall/ Lalith/ Alith/ Ali/ Adhitya/ Adi/ Dithya/ Ithya
Meaning: Beautiful Sun
46 Lalitkishore
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Ali/ Kishore/ Kisho/ Ihore
Meaning: Beautiful
47 Lalitkumar
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Ali/ Kumar/ Umar/ Kumr
Meaning: Handsome, Attractive
48 Lalitmohan
Pet name: Lal/ lalit/ Alit/ Lalit/ Mohan/ Ohan
Meaning: Beautiful And Attractive
49 Lambart
Pet name: Lam/ Lambar/ Ambart
Meaning: Bright
50 Lambert
Pet name: Lam/ lamber/ Ambert
Meaning: Bright
51 Lambodhar
Pet name: Lams/ Lambo/ Amodhar/ Adhar
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
52 Lambrett
Pet name: Lams/ Lambr/ Ambrett/ Abrett
Meaning: Light That Shines Upon The Whole Land
53 Lance
Pet name: Lan/ Lance/ Ance/ Ace
Meaning: God Like
54 Landan
Pet name: Lan/ Landan/ Andan/ Adan
Meaning: Grassy Meadow
55 Landon
Pet name: Lan/ Lando/ Andon/ Anon/ Aon
Meaning: Grassy Meadow
56 Lankesh
Pet name: Lan/ Lanes/ Ankesh/ Akesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Ravana
57 Lanzo
Pet name: Lan/ Lazs/ Anzo/ Azo/ Lanz
Meaning: Land
58 Lashit
Pet name: Lash/ Lashi/ Ashit/ Ahit
Meaning: Wished, Desired
59 Lashith
Pet name: Lash/ Lashi/ Ashith/ Asith
Meaning: Wished, Desired
60 Laskhar
Pet name: Lask/ Askhar/ Akhar/ Ashar
Meaning: Soldier, Army
61 Lathish
Pet name: Lath/ Athish/ Ahish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Lathish Means Happiness
62 Laurence
Pet name: Laur/ Aurence/ Aure/ Urence/ Rence/ Ence
Meaning: Bright One
63 Lavanay
Pet name: Lav/ Lavan/ Avanay/ Avan/ Anay
Meaning: Handsome
64 Lavenesh
Pet name: Lav/ Laven/ Aven/ Enesh/ Nesh/ Esh
Meaning: Excellence
65 Lavesh
Pet name: Lav/ Laves/ Avesh/ Ave/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of Love
66 Lavin
Pet name: Lav/ Lavi/ Avin/ Lain
Meaning: Fragrance, Lord Ganesha
67 Lavish
Pet name: Lav/ Lavi/ Avish/ Vish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Rich
68 Lavitra
Pet name: Lav/ Lavi/ Avitra/ Vitra/ Avit/ Aitra
Meaning: Lord Shiva
69 Lavnik
Pet name: Lav/ lavi/ Avnik/ Avik/ Anik/ Nik
Meaning: Handsome, Appealing, Attractive
70 Lavnish
Pet name: Lav/ Lavin/ Avnish/ Avish/ Nish/ Ish/ Avnis
Meaning: Lord Of Beauty, Handsome, Beautiful
71 Lavyansh
Pet name: Lav/ Lavyan/ Avyansh/ Yansh/ Yash/ Ansh/ Avyan/ Ayansh
Meaning: Part Of Love
72 Lawrence
Pet name: Lawwr/ LawrenAwrence/ Arence/ Rence/ Larence/ Ence
Meaning: Helping Hand
73 Laxman
Pet name: Lax/ Laxs / Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Promising, Good Fortunate
74 Layaak
Pet name: Layas/ Ayaak/ Ayaa
Meaning: Capable, Clever
75 Layaan
Pet name: Layas/ Ayaan
Meaning: Trendy
76 Layam
Pet name: Layas/ Ayam/ Laam
Meaning: Rhythm
77 Layyin
Pet name: Layy/ Ayyin/ Ain/ Lain
Meaning: Tender, Resilient
78 Layzal
Pet name: Lay/ Layz/ Ayzal/ Ayaz/ Zal
Meaning: God, Immortal, Undying