1 Rianth
Pet name: Ris/ Rian/ Ianth/ Anth
Meaning: Early Morning
2 Richard
Pet name: Ris/ Richay/ Ichard/ Chard
Meaning: Powerful Ruler
3 Rinay
Pet name: Ris/ Rinas/ Inay/ Naay
Meaning: Powerful Ruler
4 Rishab
Pet name: Ris/ Rish/ Ishab/ Isha/ Ihab/ Shab
Meaning: Superior, Immortal
5 Rishi
Pet name: Ris/ Rish/ Ishi
Meaning: Sage
6 Rishit
Pet name: Ris/ Rish/ Ishit/ Ishi/ Shit
Meaning: The Best
7 Ritesh
Pet name: Rits/ Rites/ Itesh/ Esh/ Iesh
Meaning: Lord Of Truth
8 Rithik
Pet name: Rits/ Rithi/ Ithik/ Ihik
Meaning: Stream
9 Rithvik
Pet name: Riths/ Rithvis/ Ithvik/ Vik
Meaning: Priest, Saint
10 Rithwik
Pet name: Riths/ Rith/ Rithwis/ Ithwik/ Wik
Meaning: Saint, Desire
11 Ritish
Pet name: Rits/ Ritia/ Itiah/ Ish
Meaning: Desire
12 Ritvaan
Pet name: Ritv/ Ritvaas/ Itvaan/ Ivaan/ Iaan
Meaning: Lord
13 Ritvik
Pet name: Ritv/ Ritivis/ Itvik/ Vik
Meaning: Scholar, Head Of The Vedas
14 Riyan
Pet name: Riys/ Riyas/ Iyan/ Ian
Meaning: New, Fresh
15 Riyansh
Pet name: Riys/ Riyan/ Iyansh/ Yansh/ Ansh
Meaning: First Ray Of Sun Light