1 Shaant
Pet name: Shaan/ Haant
Meaning: Peace And Calm
2 Shadhab
Pet name: Shadh/ Hadhab/ Adhab/ Dha
Meaning: Evergreen, Fresh
3 Shafiq
Pet name: Shafi/ Shafis/ Hafiq/ Afiq/ Afi
Meaning: Compassionate
4 Shahid
Pet name: Shahi/ Shahis/ Hahid/ Ahid
Meaning: Beloved
5 Shahnaaz
Pet name: Shah/ Shahnaa/ Naaz
Meaning: Pride Of A King
6 Shaik
Pet name: Shas/ Shais/ Haik/ Aik
Meaning: King
7 Shailesh
Pet name: Shai/ Shail/ Ailesh/ Aile/ esh
Meaning: God Of Mountain
8 Shakti
Pet name: Shak/ Shakts/ Hakti/ Akti/ Haki
Meaning: Power
9 Shaktidhar
Pet name: Shak/ Shakti/ Hakti/ Shakti/ Aktin/ Indhar
Meaning: Powerful One, Karthikeya
10 Shakunt
Pet name: Shak/ Shakun/ Hakunt/ Akunt/ Kunt
Meaning: Blue Jay
11 Shami
Pet name: Sham/Shamy/ Hami/ Sami
Meaning: Fire
12 Shamir
Pet name: Sham/ Shamy/ Hamir/ Amir/ Hami/ Mir
Meaning: Flint, Peaceful
13 Shandar
Pet name: Shan/ Shand/ Handar/ Andar
Meaning: Proud
14 Shankar
Pet name: Shan/ Shanky/ Hankar/ Ankar/ Shank
Meaning: Lord Shiva
15 Shanmuk
Pet name: Shan/ Shanu/ Hanmu/ Anmuk
Meaning: God
16 Shantakh
Pet name: Shan/ Shatas/ Hanta/ Anthakk/ Athak
Meaning: Creative
17 Sharif
Pet name: Shar/ Sharis/ Harif/ Arif
Meaning: Noble
18 Sharukh
Pet name: Shar/ Sharuk/ Harukh/ Arukh
Meaning: Independent
19 Sharvil
Pet name: Shar/ Sharvy/ Harvil/ Arvil/ Avil
Meaning: Lord Krishna
20 Shashank
Pet name: Shas/ Shasha/ Hashan/ Ashank/ Shank/ Hank
Meaning: Moon
21 Shashee
Pet name: Shas/ Hashee/ Ashee/ Ash
Meaning: Moon
22 Shashibhushan
Pet name: Shas/ Sashi/ Ashib/ Bushan/ Ushan/ Shan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
23 Shashidhar
Pet name: Shas/ Shashi/ Hashindhar/ Hashi/ Hindar/ Indhar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
24 Shashikant
Pet name: Shas/ Shasi/ Hashi/ Sashi/ Shikant/ Hikant/ Kant
Meaning: Moon Stone
25 Shashikar
Pet name: Shas/ Shashi/ Ashikar/ Ashi/ Shikar
Meaning: Moon's Ray
26 Shashin
Pet name: Shas/ Shasi/ Hashin/ Ashin/ Ahin
Meaning: Moon
27 Shashishekhar
Pet name: Shas/ Shashi/ Ashish/ Ishekhar/ Shekar/ Ekar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
28 Shaunak
Pet name: Shau/ Shauns/ Haunak/ Aunak/ Unak
Meaning: Wise
29 Shauri
Pet name: Shau/ Hauri/ Aur
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
30 Shaurya
Pet name: Shau/ Shaury/ Aurya/ Aury/ Haury
Meaning: Brave
31 Shayan
Pet name: Shay/ Hayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Intelligent