801 Avaad
Pet name: Avii/ Ava
Meaning: Marvelous
802 Avadh
Pet name: Avad/ Vaadh
Meaning: Immortal, Powerful
803 Avadhesh
Pet name: Avad/ Vadhes/ Adesh/ Ahesh/ Aesh
Meaning: King Dasaratha
804 Avadhoot
Pet name: Avad/ Vadhoot/ Ahoot/ Adhoot
Meaning: God Dattatreya
805 Avalok
Pet name: Ava/ Alok/ Aval/ Valok
Meaning: One Who Beholds
806 Avalur
Pet name: Ava/ Aval/ Aur/ Alur
Meaning: Promise Or Commit
807 Avan
Pet name: Ava/ Avi
Meaning: Ruler Of The Earth
808 Avaneesh
Pet name: Ava/ Aneesh/ Aeesh/ Eesh/ Vaneesh/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Of The Whole World
809 Avanindra
Pet name: Ava/ Anindra/ Indra/ Avan/ Vanind
Meaning: King Of The Earth Or Lord Of The Earth
810 Avanish
Pet name: Ava/ Anish/ Avi/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Of The Earth
811 Avashesh
Pet name: Ava/ Sesh/ Asesh/ Vashe/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Remainder, Something That Remains
812 Avasyu
Pet name: Ava/ Vasu/ Vasyu
Meaning: Lord Indra
813 Avdhut
Pet name: Ava/ Adhut/ Ahut/ Avad
Meaning: Lord Dutta, Good Willing
814 Aveekshith
Pet name: Avee/ Ekshit/ Ekshi/ Veekshit
Meaning: Vayu Deva, Lord Shiva
815 Aveen
Pet name: Avee/ Aeen
Meaning: Creative
816 Avichal      
Pet name: Avi/ Achal/ Ahal/ Ichal
Meaning: Unmovable
817 Aviesh
Pet name: Avi/ Viesh/ Iseh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
818 Avijit
Pet name: Avi/ Vijit/ Ijit/ Ajit
Meaning: Invincible
819 Avik
Pet name: Avi/ Vik/ Aik
Meaning: Brave
820 Avikam
Pet name: Avi/ Akam/ Vikam
Meaning: Diamond
821 Avikesh
Pet name: Avi/ Vikesk/ Vike/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
822 Avilasa
Pet name: Avi/ Vilas/ Ilasa/ Ailasa/ Ail
Meaning: Faithful, Constant
823 Avilash
Pet name: Avi/ Vilash/ Ilash/ Avil
Meaning: Faithful
824 Avinash
Pet name: Avi/ Ain/ Vinash/ Inash/ Ash
Meaning: Immortal, Unconquerable
825 Avirat
Pet name: Avi/ Irat/ Avir/ Veer
Meaning: Continuous
826 Avleen
Pet name: Avle/ Aleen/ Aeen/ Leen
Meaning: First
827 Avram
Pet name: Avay/ Avam/ Ram
Meaning: Father Of Many
828 Avrum
Pet name: Avu/ Avru/ Arum
Meaning: Father Of Many
829 Avshalom
Pet name: Ava/ Ashal/ Alom/ Avsh/ Ahalom
Meaning: Father Of Peace
830 Avyaan
Pet name: Avya/ Vayaan/ Ayaan/ Avaan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Perfect
831 Avyakta
Pet name: Avy/ Vyakta/ Yakta/ Avya
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
832 Avyan
Pet name: Avys/ Vyaan/ Yaan/ Avaan
Meaning: Smooth
833 Avyukt
Pet name: Avy/ Ayukt/ Yukt
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Crystal Clear
834 Avyukta
Pet name: Avy/ Avi/ Ayuta/ Yukt/ Aukta
Meaning: Crystal Clear
835 Awad
Pet name: Awa/ Wad
Meaning: Reward, Compensation
836 Awadil
Pet name: Awa/ Adil/ Dil
Meaning: Justice, Fair
837 Awalmir
Pet name: Awas/ Awal/ Avalm/ Almir/ Amir
Meaning:  Leader
838 Awamil
Pet name: Awa/ Amil/ Wamil
Meaning: Active, Effective
839 Awamiri
Pet name: Awas/ Awam/ Amir/ Meer
Meaning: Long-Lived
840 Awan
Pet name: Awa
Meaning: Moment, Or Time
841 Awdil
Pet name: Awi/ Awad/ Adil/ Dil
Meaning: Fair And Honest
842 Awlyan
Pet name: Awl/ Aiyan/ Wlyan
Meaning: Good Friend And Companion
843 Awmar
Pet name: Awma/ Amar
Meaning: Long-Lived, Ever lasting
844 Ayaan
Pet name: Ayu/ Ayaa/ Yaan
Meaning: Time, God's Gift
845 Ayaank
Pet name: Ayu/ Yaank/ Ayak

Meaning: Creative

846 Ayaaz
Pet name: Aya/ Aaz/ Yaaz
Meaning: Respectable One
847 Ayal
Pet name: Aya
Meaning:  Stag, A Male Deer
848 Ayamin
Pet name: Aya/ Ami/ Yamin
Meaning: Blessed By The Grace Of God
849 Ayan
Pet name: Aya/ Yaan
Meaning: Time, Lord Ganesh
850 Ayansh
Pet name: Ayan/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Creative
851 Ayas
Pet name: Aya/ Yaas
Meaning: Gold
852 Ayavanth
Pet name: Aya/ Avanth/ Yavanth/ Ayav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
853 Aybak
Pet name: Aya/ Abak
Meaning: Messenger
854 Aydann
Pet name: Aya/ Adan/ Yadan
Meaning: A Fiery Young Man
855 Aydar
Pet name: Aya/ Adar/ Yadar
Meaning: Creative
856 Aydeen
Pet name: Ayad/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Adee/ Yadeen
Meaning: Radiant, Light Or Pure
857 Ayden
Pet name: Ayad/ Ayen
Meaning: Radiant, Light Or Pure
858 Ayers
Pet name: Aye/ Aers/ Ayes/ Ayer
Meaning: Creative
859 Aylmer
Pet name: Ayl/ Almer/ Amer
Meaning: Noble, Honest
860 Aylwin
Pet name: Aly/ Awin/ Alwin
Meaning: Humble Friend
861 Ayman
Pet name: Aym/ Aya/ Aman
Meaning: Fortunate, Blessed
862 Aymil
Pet name: Aym/ Ail/ Amil
Meaning: Talented, excellent
863 Aynan
Pet name: Ayan/ Anan
Meaning: Two Springs, Two Fountains
864 Ayngaran
Pet name: Ayn/ Aran/ Agaran
Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva
865 Ayog
Pet name: Ayo/ Yog
Meaning: Auspicious Time
866 Aysar
Pet name: Ayas/ Asar/ Asu/ Yasar
Meaning: One Who Leads A Better Life
867 Ayub
Pet name: Ayu/ Aub
Meaning: A Prophet Name
868 Ayukhan
Pet name: Ayu/ Aukh/ Khan
Meaning: Leader Of The Bear
869 Ayus
Pet name: Ayu/ Aus
Meaning: Long Life, Age
870 Ayush
Pet name: Ayu/ Aush/ Yush
Meaning: Time, Long Lived
871 Ayushman
Pet name: Ayu/ Aush/ Ahman/ Ayush
Meaning: Blessed With Long Life
872 Ayusman
Pet name: Ayu/ Usman/ Aman/ Usan
Meaning: Immortal, Everlasting
873 Ayustejas
Pet name: Ayu/ Aus/ Tejas/ Ejas
Meaning: Energy Of Life, A Buddha
874 Ayutajit
Pet name: Ayu/ Tajit/ Ajit/ Ajju
Meaning: Adorable, Charming
875 Ayyappan
Pet name: Ayya/ Appan/ Yappan/ Yaan
Meaning: God Ayyappan
876 Ayyash
Pet name: Ayas/ Yash/ Ash
Meaning: Long Lived
877 Ayyub
Pet name: Ayu/ Aub
Meaning: A Prophets Name
878 Ayyubi
Pet name: Ayu/ Yubi/ Aubi
Meaning: Humble, Patience
879 Azaan
Pet name: Azz/ Zaan/ Aaan
Meaning: Prayer's Call
880 Azad
Pet name: Azz/ Zaad
Meaning: Free, Independent
881 Azam
Pet name: Azz/ Zaam
Meaning: Faithful, Greatest
882 Azamat
Pet name: Azz/ Amat/ Zamat/ Azam
Meaning: Majesty, Glory Or Pride
883 Azari
Pet name: Azar/ Ari/ Zaari
Meaning: Creative
884 Azariah
Pet name: Aza/ Aria/ Zariah/ Riah
Meaning: God's Strength
885 Azaz
Pet name: Aza/ Zaz
Meaning: Humble, Strong
886 Azaziah
Pet name: Aza/ Azai/ Ziah/ Aiah
Meaning: From the Strength of the God
887 Azban
Pet name: Azba/ Aban/ Zaban
Meaning: Fresh And Sweet
888 Azeeb
Pet name: Azee/ Aeeb/ Zeeb
Meaning: Fresh Or Refreshing
889 Azeem
Pet name: Azee/ Aeem
Meaning: Defender, Protector
890 Azem
Pet name: Azze/ Aem
Meaning: Big Or Large
891 Azfaar
Pet name: Azz/ Afaar/ Zafar
Meaning: Victory And Triumph
892 Azhagu
Pet name: Azha/ Ahangu
Meaning: Handsome, Attractive
893 Azhar
Pet name: Azza/ Azar
Meaning: Shining, Brilliant, Radiant
894 Azharuddin
Pet name: Azha/ Azhar/ Zhar/ Arudd/ Uddin/ Aruddin
Meaning: Most Visible
895 Azhmeer
Pet name: Azhm/ Zhmeer/ Meer
Meaning: Clever, Wise
896 Azim
Pet name: Azzi/ Aiem
Meaning: Creative
897 Aziz
Pet name: Azzu
Meaning: Strong, Beloved
898 Azizbek
Pet name: Aziz/ Azib/ Zibek/ Aiek
Meaning: Creative
899 Azmaray
Pet name: Azma/ Maray/ Zaray
Meaning: Creative
900 Azmi
Pet name: Azzi/ Ami
Meaning: The Cherished One
901 Azrael
Pet name: Azr/ Azzi/ Azra/ Arael
Meaning: Angel Of Death
902 Azraf
Pet name: Azzr/ Azzi/ Zraf/ Araf
Meaning: Elegant Or Graceful
903 Azraq
Pet name: Azra/ Araq/ Azaq
Meaning: Blue, A Prophet Name
904 Azriel
Pet name: Azri/ Azzi/ Ariel/ Aiel
Meaning: God Is My strength
905 Azud
Pet name: Azzu/ Zud
Meaning: Strong, Power
906 Azwer
Pet name: Azzw/ Azzi/ Azzzu/ Awer
Meaning: Proud
907 Azzam
Pet name: Azza/ Azzu/ Azzi
Meaning: Very Determined, Intelligent
908 Azzami
Pet name: Azza/ Azam/ Ami
Meaning: Lion
909 Azzat
Pet name: Azza/ Azzi
Meaning: Precious