1 Micheal
Pet name: Mich/ Miche/ Cheal/ Miche
Meaning: Who Is Like God
2 Mihir
Pet name: Mih/ Mihi/ Ihir/ Miir
Meaning: Sun
3 Mihit
Pet name: Miih/ Mihi/ Ihit/ Miit
Meaning: Sun
4 Mikesh
Pet name: Mike/ Mikes/ Ikesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: A Kind Of Lord
5 Mikhael
Pet name: Mik/ Mikhe/ Ikhael/ Iheal/ Ieal
Meaning: Who Is Like God
6 Mikul
Pet name: Mik/ Miks/ Mikky/ Ikul/ Miul
Meaning: Comrade, Protector
7 Milan
Pet name: Miil/ Milas/ Ilan/ Ian
Meaning: Trendy
8 Miland
Pet name: Mil/ Millay/ Iland/ Iand/ Miand
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Honey Bee
9 Millan
Pet name: Mill/ Millay/ Illan/ Ian
Meaning: Hard Working, Eloquent
10 Millind
Pet name: Mill/ Millin/ Illind/ Illin
Meaning: Honey Bee
11 Miraj
Pet name: Mir/ Miras/ Iraj/ Raj
Meaning: Placement Of Ascent
12 Mishab
Pet name: Mish/ Misha/ Ishab/ Ihab
Meaning: Lamb
13 Mitansh
Pet name: Miit/ Mitan/ Itansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Friend, Sweet
14 Mitanshu
Pet name: Miit/ Mitan/ Anshu/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Bordered, Friendly Element
15 Mitesh
Pet name: Miit/ Miteh/ Itesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: One With Few Desires
16 Mithil
Pet name: Miit/ Ithil/ Ihil/ Mihil
Meaning: Kingdom
17 Mithila
Pet name: Miit/ Ithila/ Ithi/ Hil
Meaning: Kingdom
18 Mithilesh
Pet name: Miit/ Mithil/ Ithilesh/ Ilesh/ Lesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Father Of Goddess Sita
19 Mithun
Pet name: Miit/ Mith/ Ithin/ Ihin
Meaning: Governor, Moment In Time
20 Mithul
Pet name: Mith/ Ithul/ Miul
Meaning: Kingdom
21 Mithun
Pet name: Mith/ Ithun/ Ihun/ Iun
Meaning: Couple Or Union
22 Mitra
Pet name: Mitr/ Itra/ Iraan/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Friend, The Sun
23 Mitrajit
Pet name: Miit/ Mitr/ Irajit/ Iraj/ Raj
Meaning: Friendly
24 Mittali
Pet name: Mitt/ Ittali/ Ali
Meaning: Friendly
25 Mitul
Pet name: Mit/ Mitus/ Itul/ Miul/ Mitu
Meaning: Friend
26 Mivaan
Pet name: Miva/ Mivaay/ Ivaan/ Vaan/ Iaan
Meaning: Sun Ray’s
27 Miyaz
Pet name: Miy/ Miyay/ Iyaz/ Iaz
Meaning: Distinguished, Preferred
28 Mizan
Pet name: Miz/ Mizas/ Izan/ Ian/ Mian
Meaning: Balance, Scales