1 Kaarl
Pet name: Kaal/ Aarls
Meaning: Man
2 Kaalik
Pet name: Kaali/ Alik/ Aaik
Meaning: Darkness, Long-LivedI
3 Kaanishk
Pet name: Kaanis/ Kaanish/ Anishk/ Anisk/ Nishk/ Aishk/ Ishk
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
4 Kaartikeya
Pet name: Kaarti/ Kaartik/ Artik/ Artikeya/ Arikeya/ Keya
Meaning: Brave And Courageous
5 Kaashyap
Pet name: Kaash/ Kaashy/ Aashyap/ Aashya/ Ash
Meaning: Wise, Lily
6 Kabeer
Pet name: Kabee/ Abeer/ Aeer
Meaning: Spiritual Leader
7 Kabir
Pet name : Kabi/ kabis/ Abir/ Kair
Meaning : Powerful, Leader
8 Kadar
Pet name: Kadh/ Adar/ Daar
Meaning: Powerful
9 Kader
Pet name: Kadh/ Kade/ Ader/ Aer
Meaning: Powerful Man
10 Kadeem
Pet name: Kadh/ Kadee/ Adeem/ Aeem/ Deem
Meaning: Slave To God
11 Kadhir
Pet name: Kadhis/ Kadhi/ Adhir/ Ahir/ Dhir
Meaning: Brilliant, Ray Of Light
12 Kadhiravan
Pet name: Kadhi/ Kadhir/ Adhiravan/ Adhi/ Hiravan/ Iravan/ Ravan/ Ivan
Meaning: Brilliant Like Sun
13 Kafiyah
Pet name: Kafiy/ Afiyah/ Afiy/ Aiyah
Meaning: Sufficient
14 Kahil
Pet name: Kahi/ Kahis/ Ahil/ Ail
Meaning: Friend, Lover
15 Kaishik
Pet name: Kai/ Kaish/ Aishik/ Ishik/ Shik/ Aisik
Meaning: A Musical Raga, Passionate
16 Kailash
Pet name: Kaill/ Kailsh/ Ailash/ Ail/ Ilash/ Aiash/ Aish
Meaning: Place Of Lord Shiva
17 Kailasnath
Pet name: Kaill/ kailas/ Asnath/ Nath/ Ailas/ Ail
Meaning: Lord Shiva
18 Kairav
Pet name: Kair/ Airav/ Aiav/ Irav/ Iav
Meaning: Lotus
19 Kalai
Pet name: Kals/ Alai
Meaning: Art
20 Kalam
Pet name: Kals/ Alam
Meaning: Speech
21 Kalanath
Pet name: Kals/ Kalan/ Alanath/ Alan/ Nath
Meaning: Moon
22 Kaleb
Pet name: Kals/ Kale/ Aleb/ Aeb/ Kaeb
Meaning: Faithful, Whole Hearted
23 Kalki
Pet name: Kal/ Kalk/ Alki/ Ali
Meaning: Lord Narayana
24 Kalpak
Pet name: Kal/ Kalps/ Alpak/ Alap
Meaning: A Heavenly Tree
25 Kalapak
Pet name: Kal/ Alpak/ Apak/ Alap
Meaning: Skillful, A Peacock, The Moon
26 Kalpit
Pet name: Kal/ Alpit/ Apit/ Alit
Meaning: Thoughtful
27 Kalvin
Pet name: Kal/ Alvin/ Avin/ Vin
Meaning: Bald
28 Kalyan
Pet name: Kal/ Alyan/ Ayan/ Alan
Meaning: Welfare
29 Kaladhar
Pet name: Kal/ Kaladha/ Adhar/ Aldhar
Meaning: The Moon
30 Kalesh
Pet name: Kale/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Lesh
Meaning: Lord Of Everything
31 Kaleem
Pet name: Kalee/ Aleem/ Aeem/ Leem
Meaning: Speaker, Talker, Prophet Muhammad
32 Kaleecharan
Pet name: Feet Of Goddess Kali
Meaning: Wisdom, Independent
33 Kalidas
Pet name: Kali/ Alid/ Ali/ Das
Meaning: Devotee Of Goddess Kali
34 Kalith
Pet name: Kali/ Alith/ Ali/ Aith
Meaning: Understand
35 Kalicharan
Pet name: Kali/ Charan/ Ali/ Ailchar
Meaning: Devotee Of Goddess Kali
36 Kaalind
Pet name: Kalin/ Alind/ Alin/ Ali
Meaning: River Yamuna
37 Kamlesh
Pet name: Kam/ Amlesh/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lotus Eyes
38 Kamalakanth
Pet name: Kamal/ Alak/ Kanth/ Alanth/ Alan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
39 Kamalakar
Pet name: Kamal/ Alak/ Malakar/ Alakar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
40 Kamaldeep
Pet name: Kamal/ Aldeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Lotus Like Floating Lamp
41 Kamalekshan
Pet name: Kamal/ Alek/ Ekshan/ Eshan/ Shan/ Ehan
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
42 Kamalesh
Pet name: Kamal/ Alesh/ Ale/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of Lotus Or Lord Vishnu
43 Kamaljeet
Pet name: Kamal/ Alijeet/ Ali/ Aljeet/ Jeet
Meaning: Trendy
44 Kamalkant
Pet name: Kamal/ Alkant/ Kant
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
45 Kamalnath
Pet name: Kamal/ Alnath/ Alnath/ Alath/ Amal
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
46 Kamalakant
Pet name: Kamal/ Amala/ Malak/ Kant/ Akant
Meaning: Lord Of Lotus
47 Kamalaj
Pet name: Kamal/ Amalaj/ Amala/ Alaj/ Maaj
Meaning: Lord Brahma
48 Kamalnayan
Pet name: Kamal/ Nayan/ Ayan/ Amal
Meaning: Lotus-Eyed
49 Kamaran
Pet name: Kamar/ Amaran/ Maran/ Aran
Meaning: Successful
50 Kamesh
Pet name: Kame/ Amesh/ Mesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Love
51 Kameshwar
Pet name: Kame/ Ameshwar/ Amesh/ Eshwar/ Eswar/ Ehar/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Cupid, Lord Of Love
52 Kamail
Pet name: Kami/ Amail/ Ail
Meaning: Perfect
53 Kamal
Pet name: Kami/ Amal/ Mal
Meaning: Lotus
54 Kaamil
Pet name: Kami/ Amil/ Ail
Meaning: Perfect
55 Kaamjaa
Pet name: Kamj/ Amjaa/ Ajaa
Meaning: An Easy Going And Approachable Individual
56 Kamleshwar
Pet name: Kamle/ Amleshwar/ Amle/ Eshwar/ Esh/ Ehwar
Meaning: Lord Of Lotus, Beautiful
57 Kamran
Pet name: Kamr/ Amran/ Aran
Meaning: Lucky, Happy, Success
58 Kanchan
Pet name: Kan/ Anchan/ Anchu/ Achan/ Chan
Meaning: Gold, Wealth
59 Kanagarajan
Pet name: Kana/ Kanag/ Garajan/ Arajan/ Ajan
Meaning: Origin Of Everything
60 Kanishk
Pet name: Kani/ Anishk/ Ani/ Nishk/ Ishk/ Nisk
Meaning: King
61 Kapil
Pet name: Kapi/ Apil/ Ail
Meaning: Sun, Fire, Lord Shiva
62 Kapilashwar
Pet name: Kapi/ Apil/ Ail/ Kapil/ Ailashwar/ Ailash/ Ashwar/ Ashw
Meaning: One With A White Horse
63 Kapilesh
Pet name: Kapi/ Apilesh/ Ailesh/ Ail/ Ilesh/ Lesh
Meaning: Lord Of Monkey
64 Kapildev
Pet name: Kapi/ Kapil/ Ail/ Apil/ Dev/ Aild
Meaning: Master Of Kapil, Lord Of Monkeys
65 Karun
Pet name: Kar/ Arun/ Aun
Meaning: Merciful, Kind Person
66 Karuna Sagar
Pet name: Kar/ Arun/ Aunasag/ Sagar/ Saggi
Meaning: Merciful
67 Karunya
Pet name: Kar/ Karun/ Arunya/ Arun/ Runya/ Unya
Meaning: Wise
68 Karunakar
Pet name: Kar/ Karuna/ Arunakar/ Arun/ Unakar/ Akar
Meaning: Merciful
69 Karunanidhi
Pet name: Kar/ Karuna/ Arunanidhi/ Aunanidhi/ Anidhi/ Aidhi
Meaning: Kind Hearted
70 Karan
Pet name: Kara/ Aran/ Kaan
Meaning: Pure Soul
71 Kareem
Pet name: Kare/ Areem/ Aeem/ Reem
Meaning: Honorable, Kind Heart
72 Karmjit
Pet name: Karmj/ Armjit/ Ajit/ Aji/ Jit
Meaning: Winner Over Obstacles
73 Karna
Pet name: Karn/ Arna/ Kana
Meaning: First Born Son Of Kunti Devi
74 Karnajeet
Pet name: Karn/ Arnajeet/ Arna/ Jeet/ Anjee
Meaning: Conqueror Of Karna
75 Karnan
Pet name: Karn/ Arnan/ Anan
Meaning: Generous, Loyal
76 Karnik
Pet name: Karn/ Arnik/ Anik/ Nik
Meaning: Judge
77 Karnish
Pet name: Karn/ Arnish/ Anish/ Nish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Of Mercy, Lord Krishna
78 Karshin
Pet name: Karsh/ Arshin/ Ashin/ Ahin/ Arin
Meaning: Trendy
79 Kartheek
Pet name: Karth/ Artheek/ Atheek/ Aeek
Meaning: A Hindu Calendar Month
80 Karthi
Pet name: Karth/ Arthi
Meaning: Love, Affection
81 Karthik
Pet name: Karth/ Karthi/ Arthik/ Ahik/ Arhik/ Aik
Meaning: Star
82 Karthikeya
Pet name: Karth/ Karthi/ Arthikeya/ Ahikeya/ Aikeya
Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva
83 Kartik
Pet name: Karti/ Artik/ Arik
Meaning: Name Of A Month From Indian Calendar
84 Kartikey
Pet name: Karti/ Artikey/ Artik/ Arikey/ Arik
Meaning: Brother Of Lord Ganesha
85 Kartikeya
Pet name: Karti/ Artikeya/ Artikey/ Arik
Meaning: Person Who Is The Son Of The Lord Shiva
86 Kasi
Pet name: Kas/ Asi
Meaning: Devotional Place Or The Holy City
87 Kaseem
Pet name: Kase/ Aseem/ Aeem/ Seem
Meaning: Divided, Lovely
88 Kashik
Pet name: Kash/ Ashik/ Asik/ Ahik/ Aiik
Meaning: Balaji
89 Kashayap
Pet name: Kash/ Kashaya/ Ashayap/ Ashaya/ Shayap/ Shay
Meaning: A Sage
90 Kashinath
Pet name: Kashi/ Ashi/ Nath/ Ashinath/ Ashin/ Asinath
Meaning: Lord Shiva
91 Kashyap
Pet name: Kashy/ Ashyap/ Ahyap/ Asyap/ Ayap
Meaning: Lord Shiva
92 Kasim
Pet name: Kasi/ Asim/ Kim
Meaning: Lovely, Divine
93 Kasir
Pet name: Kasi/ Asir/ Airr
Meaning: Much, Abundant, Plenty
94 Kasish
Pet name: Kasi/ Kasis/ Asish/ Aish/ Sish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
95 Kathan
Pet name: Kath/ Athan/ Ahan/ Atan
Meaning: Sentence
96 Kathir
Pet name: Kath/ Athir/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Ray Of Brilliant
97 Kaushal
Pet name: Kaus/ Kaush/ Aushal/ Ushal/ Shal
Meaning: Clever
98 Kaushik
Pet name: Kaus/ Kaush/ Aushik/ Ushik/ Ashik/ Ahik
Meaning: Sentiment Of Love
99 Kautilya
Pet name: Kauti/ Kautil/ Autilya/ Utilya/ Ailya
Meaning: Name Of Chanakya, Strategic
100 Kavan
Pet name: Kavi/ Kava/ Avan/ Kaan
Meaning: Poem
101 Kaveen
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavee/ Aveen/ Aeen/ Veen/ Avee
Meaning: Beautiful, Poet
102 Kaveesh
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavees/ Aveesh/ Avee/ Veesh/ Aeesh/ Eesh
Meaning: The Ruler Of The Poets
103 Kavin
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavis/ Avin/ Ain/ Kain
Meaning: Beauty
104 Kavinesh
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavin/ Avinesh/ Ainesh/ Vinesh/ Inesh/ Ineh
Meaning: Lord Of Poet
105 Kavish
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavis/ Avish/ Avis/ Vish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
106 Kavit
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavis/ Avit/ Avi/ Kait
Meaning: Poem
107 Kavith
Pet name: Kavi/ kavits/ Avith/ Avih/ Vith/ Avih
Meaning: Poet
108 Kaviyan
Pet name: Kavi/ Kaviis/ Aviyan/ Avi/ Viyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Epic, Poem
109 Kavyan
Pet name: Kavi/ Kavys/ Avyan/ Ayan/ Vyan
Meaning: Poet
110 Kavyansh
Pet name: Kavy/ Kavyan/ Avyansh/ Ayansh/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Intelligent And Born With Poetry
111 Kaviansh
Pet name: Kav/ Kavian/ Viansh/ Vian/ Iansh/ Vinsh
Meaning: Intelligent And Born With Poetry
112 Kavalesh
Pet name: Kava/ Kavals/ Avalesh/ Valesh/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
113 Kazimah
Pet name: Kaz/ kazim/ Azimah/ Azim/ Zimah/ Imah
Meaning: One Who Controls Her Anger
114 Kazim
Pet name: Kaz/ Kazi/ Azim/ Zim/ Aiim
Meaning: Restraining Anger
115 Kiaan
Pet name: Kiaa/ Iaan
Meaning: The Grace Of God, Ancient Or Distant
116 Kiarav
Pet name: Kiar/ Kiara/ Iarav/ Irav
Meaning: White Lotus Opening At Moonshine
117 Kineesh
Pet name: Kin/ Kinees/ Ineesh/ Inee/ Neesh/ Ieesh/ Eesh
Meaning: To Succeed, Lord Krishna
118 Kirandeep
Pet name: Kir/ Kiran/ Iran/ Iaan/ Kiran/ Andeep/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Ray Of Lamplight
119 Kiran
Pet name: Kir/ Iran/ Ian
Meaning: Sun Rays
120 Kiranraj
Pet name: Kir/ Kiran/ Iranaj/ Raj/ Anraj
Meaning: King Of Sunlight
121 Kirtit
Pet name: Kirt/ Kris/ Irtit
Meaning: Famous, Praised
122 Kishan
Pet name: Kish/ Ishan/ Ihan/ Isan/ Haan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
123 Kishore
Pet name: Kish/ Kisho/ Ishore/ Ishor
Meaning: Lord Krishna
124 Kiyansh
Pet name: Kiya/ Kiyan/ Iyansh/ Iyan/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: With All Qualities