1 Bhagat
Pet name: Bhaga/ Agat
Meaning: Devotee
2 Bhaghat
Pet name: Bhaga/ Agath/ Ahag
Meaning: Follower
3 Bhagirath
Pet name: Bhagi/ Agirath/ Hairath/ Girath/ Irath
Meaning: Name Of An Ancient King
4 Bhagwan
Pet name: Bhag/ Agwan/ Awan/ Bhaga/ Hawan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
5 Bhagyaraj
Pet name: Bhagy/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Luck
6 Bhagyesh
Pet name: Bhagy/ Agyesh/ Ayesh
Meaning: Lord Of Luck
7 Bhairav
Pet name: Bhaira/ Airav/ Irav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
8 Bhaithwik
Pet name: Bhai/ Haitwik/ Aithwik/ Awik
Meaning: Trendy
9 Bhajnaam
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajnaam/ Anaam/ Ajaam/ Bhajna
Meaning: Remembering The Love Of God
10 Bhajneek
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajneek/ Aneek/ Bajneek
Meaning: Absorbed In The Love Of God
11 Bhajneet
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajneet/ Aneet/ Neet
Meaning: One Who Always Loves The Lord
12 Bhajraam
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajraam/ Hanjraam/ Raam
Meaning: Remembering The Lord
13 Bhanu
Pet name: Hanu/ Banu
Meaning: The Sun
14 Bhanumitra
Pet name: Bhanu/ Anumitra/ Mitra/ Hanu
Meaning: Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury
15 Bhanuprakash
Pet name: Bhanu/ Hanu/ Prakash/ Araksh
Meaning: Sun Light
16 Bhanuprasad
Pet name: Bhanu/ Hanu/ Prasad/ Prasu
Meaning: Sun's Gift
17 Bharadwaj
Pet name: Bhara/ Hara/ Arawaj/ Adwaj/ Awaj
Meaning: A Sage, A Mythical Bird
18 Bharanidhar
Pet name: Bhara/ Aranidhar/ Anidhar/ Haranidhar/ Hara
Meaning: Who Rule The World
19 Bharat
Pet name: Bhar/ Harat/ Barat
Meaning: India, Universal Monarch
20 Bharath
Pet name: Bhara/ Hara/ Arath
Meaning: Fire, Clever
21 Bharathwaj
Pet name: Bhara/ Arathwaj/ Rathwaj/ Atwaj/ Rawaj/ Awaj
Meaning: A Sage
22 Bhargav
Pet name: Bhar/ Hargav/ Argav/ Bhagav
Meaning: Luck, Lord Shiva
23 Bhargava
Pet name: Bharg/ Hargava/ Bhagava
Meaning: Lord Shiva
24 Bhargavan
Pet name: Bharg/ Gavan/ Avan/ Aravan/ Ravan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
25 Bhargyaraj
Pet name: Bhar/ Argy/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Luck
26 Bhartesh
Pet name: Bhar/ Artesh/ Atesh/ Aesh/ Bharesh
Meaning: King Of Bharat
27 Bhasin
Pet name: Bhas/ Hasin/ Basin
Meaning: Brilliant Or Skill Full
28 Bhaskar
Pet name: Bhas/ Haskar/ Askar/ Akar
Meaning: The Sun Or Bright Light
29 Bhaskara
Pet name: Bhas/ Haskara/ Askara/ Akara
Meaning: The Sun
30 Bhasu
Pet name: Basu/ Hasu
Meaning: The Sun Or Creator Of Light
31 Bhasvan
Pet name: Bhaa/ Hasvan/ Asvan/ Avan
Meaning: Bright
32 Bhaswar
Pet name: Bhas/ Aswar/ Haswar/ Awar
Meaning: Shining
33 Bhavan
Pet name: Bha/ Havan/ Avan
Meaning: Palace
34 Bhaveeth
Pet name: Bhavee/ Haveeth/ Aveeth/ Aeeth/ Veeth
Meaning: Trendy
35 Bhavesh
Pet name: Bhave/ Avesh/ Aesh/ Baesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
36 Bhavik
Pet name: Bhavi/ Havik/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning: Gods Devotee
37 Bhavin
Pet name: Bhavi/ Avin/ Havin/ Bhain
Meaning: Handsome Or Attractive
38 Bhavnish
Pet name: Bhav/ Avnish/ Havnish/ Anish/ Vnish
Meaning: Emperor, Leader
39 Bhavyaraj
Pet name: Bhav/ Bhavy/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Grand, Splendid, Goddess Parvathi
40 Bhavyesh
Pet name: Bhavy/ Avyesh/ Havyesh/ Yesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
41 Baabul
Pet name: Baul/ Abul
Meaning: Fatherly Figure
42 Baadi
Pet name: Baad/ Adi
Meaning: Distinct, Plain, Clear
43 Baadiyah
Pet name: Badi/ Iyah/ Adiyah
Meaning: Desert
44 Baahi
Pet name: Bahi/ Aahi
Meaning: Glorious, Magnificent
45 Baahir
Pet name: Bala/ Ala
Meaning: Child, Strength
46 Baala
Pet name : Bala/ Ala
Meaning : Child, Strength
47 Baalaaditya
Pet name: Bala/ Adi/ Ditya/ Itya
Meaning: Risen Sun
48 Baalaaji
Pet name: Bala/ Aaji
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
49 Baalaarkl
Pet name: Bala/ Laark/ Aark
Meaning: The Rising Sun
50 Baalagopaal
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Gopal/ Opaal/ Gopi/ Paal
Meaning: Lord Krishna In Young Form
51 Baalaji
Pet name: Bala/ Aji/ Laji
Meaning: The Strong Kind Person
52 Baalan
Pet name: Bala/ Aalan
Meaning: Little Boy, Young Boy
53 Baalchandar
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Chandar/ Handar/ Aalchand
Meaning: Young Moon
54 Baaligh
Pet name: Baali/ Aligh/ Baligh
Meaning: Major, Eloquent, Learned, Vivid
55 Baalkrishan
Pet name: Bala/ Krishna/ Krish/ Rishan
Meaning: Young Krishna
56 Baare
Pet name: Baars/ Aare
Meaning: Brilliant, Superior
57 Baariq
Pet name: Baar/ Aariq/ Riq
Meaning: Shining, Bright, Illuminating
58 Baashir
Pet name: Baash/ Ashir/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Brave And Loyal Person
59 Baasim
Pet name: Baasi/ Aasim
Meaning: Smiling, Happy
60 Baasir
Pet name: Baasi/ Aair/ Asir
Meaning: Bringer Of Good News, Knowledgeable
61 Baasit
Pet name: Baasi/ Aasit
Meaning: Kind, Generous, Friendly
62 Baaskaran
Pet name: Baas/ Askaran/ Karan/ Aran
Meaning: The Sun
63 Baaz
Pet name: Baazi
Meaning: Falcon, Music