1 Bhudhav
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhud/ Udhav/ Dhav
Meaning: Lord Vishnu 
2 Bhupati
Pet name: Bhu/ Hupati/ Upati/ Bupati
Meaning: Lord Of The Earth
3 Bhupendra
Pet name: Bhu/ Upendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Or Emperor
4 Bhupesh
Pet name: Bhupe/ Upesh/ Uesh
Meaning: King Of The Earth
5 Bhupinder
Pet name: Bhupi/ Upinder/ Upin/ Inder
Meaning: The King Of Kings
6 Bhupinderpal
Pet name: Bhupin/ Bhupi/ Upinderpal/ Upinder/ Pal/ Upin
Meaning: Preserved By God
7 Bhushan
Pet name: Bhu/ Husha/ Ushan/ Shan
Meaning: Decoration
8 Bhushana
Pet name: Bhu/ Hushana/ Ushana/ Shana
Meaning: Lord Shiva
9 Bhutivardhana
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuti/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Ahan
Meaning: A King, A Saint
10 Bhuvan
Pet name: Bhuv/ Huvan/ Uvan
Meaning: Palace
11 Bhuvaneshwar
Pet name: Bhuv/ Uvan/ Aneshwar/ Eshwar/ Eshu
Meaning: Creative
12 Bhuvesh
Pet name: Bhuv/ Uvesh/ Huvesh/ Vesh
Meaning: The King Of Earth
13 Bhuvik
Pet name: Bhu/ Huvik/ Uvik/ Vik
Meaning: Heaven
14 Bhuvnesh
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuv/ Uvnesh/ Bvnesh/ Nesh/ Esh
Meaning: King Of Earth
15 Bhuvneshwar
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuv/ Neshwar/ Eshwar/ Eshu/ Uvnesh
Meaning: God Of Earth
16 Bhuwan
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Huwan/ Uwan
Meaning: World Or Universe Or Home
17 Bhuwanesh
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Huwanesh/ Uwanesh/ Uwan/ Anesh/ Nesh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
18 Bhuwaneshwar
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Huwan/ Huwanesh/ Aneshwar/ Eshwar/ Eshu/ Ewar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
19 Bhuwnendra
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Uwnendra/ Endra
Meaning: Trendy
20 Buddhinath
Pet name: Buddhi/ Hinath/ Inath
Meaning: God Of Wisdom
21 Buddhipriyan
Pet name: Buddh/ Uddhi/ Priyan/ Riyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Knowledge Bestowed
22 Burayd
Pet name: Bur/ Rayd/ Urayd
Meaning: Cold, Mild
23 Burhan
Pet name: Buh/ Urhan/ Uhan
Meaning: Proof
24 Bushan
Pet name: Bush/ Ushan/ Buhan/ Uhan
Meaning: Enhancement
25 Buvan
Pet name: Buva/ Uvan
Meaning: Earth
26 Buvaneswaran
Pet name: Buvan/ Uvan/ Eswaran/ Eswa
Meaning: Born To Win
27 Buvesh
Pet name: Buvh/ Uvesh/ Vesh
Meaning: The King Of Earth


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