1 Soham
Pet name: Soha/ Oham/ Soam
Meaning: Divinty Of Each Soul
2 Sohan
Pet name: Soha/ Ohan/ Han
Meaning: Good Looking, Handsome
3 Sohel
Pet name: Sohe/ Ohel/ Oel
Meaning: Moon Light
4 Sohil
Pet name: Sohi/ Ohil
Meaning: Beautiful
5 Sohum
Pet name: Sohu/ Ohum/ Oum
Meaning: Creative
6 Somadev
Pet name: Soma/ Oma/ Dev
Meaning: Lord Of The Moon
7 Somanshu
Pet name: Soma/ Soman/ Manshu/ Anshu/ Oman
Meaning: Moon Ray
8 Somashekhar
Pet name: Soma/ Somas/ Omas/ Shekhar/ Ekhar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
9 Somasindhu
Pet name: Soma/ Omas/ Sindhu/ Indh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
10 Somesh
Pet name: Some/ Ome/ Omesh/ Esh
Meaning: Moon
11 Someshwar
Pet name: Som/ Omesh/ Ome/ Meshwar/ Eshwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Krishna
12 Somnath
Pet name: Som/ Omnath/ Nath
Meaning: Lord Of Moon Or Lord Shiva
13 Somprakash
Pet name: Som/ Prakash/ Rakash/ Akash/ Kash/ Ash
Meaning: Moon Light
14 Soneesh
Pet name: Sonee/ Oneesh/ Onee/ Neesh
Meaning: Godess Laxmi
15 Soni
Pet name: Soi/ Oni
Meaning: Creative
16 Sonit
Pet name: Soni/ Onit/ Nit
Meaning: Creative
17 Sourabh
Pet name: Soura/ Ourabh/ Urabh/ Rabh
Meaning: Fragrance
18 Sourish
Pet name: Souri/ Ourish/ Urish/ Rish
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
19 Sovit
Pet name: Sovi/ Ovit
Meaning: Creative


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