1 Mohak
Pet name: Moh/ Ohak
Meaning: Attractive
2 Mohamad
Pet name: Moh/ Moha/ Hamad/ Oham/ Amad
Meaning: The Prophet
3 Mohammed
Pet name: Moh/ Mohamm/ Ammed/ Hammed
Meaning: Glorified
4 Mohan
Pet name: Moh/ Moha/ Ohan/ Han
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Fascinating
5 Mohana
Pet name: Moh/ moha/ Ohana/ Hana/ Han
Meaning: Infatuating, One Of The 5 Arrows Of Kamas
6 Mohanish
Pet name: Moh/ Mohan/ Ohanish/ Hanish/ Anish/ Ani/ Ish
Meaning: Attractive God, Krishna
7 Mohiddin
Pet name: Moh/ Mohidd/ Hiddin/ Oiddin/ Iddin
Meaning: Reviver Of Faith
8 Mohin
Pet name: Moh/ Mohis/ Ohin/ Ain
Meaning: Fascinating
9 Mohit
Pet name: Moh/ Mohis/ Ohit/ Oit
Meaning: Charmed
10 Mohnish
Pet name: Moh/ Mohnis/ Ohnish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Attractive God
11 Moksh
Pet name: Mok/ Moksy/ Oksh/ Osh
Meaning: Salvation
12 Mokshith
Pet name: Mok/ Mokshi/ Okshith/ Okshit/ Oshith
Meaning: Free Man, Liberated
13 Monik
Pet name: Mon/ Moniy/ Onik/ Oik
Meaning: Advise
14 Monil
Pet name: Mon/ Monis/ Onil/ Nil
Meaning: Bird
15 Monish
Pet name: Mon/ Monis/ Onish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Of Minds
16 Monit
Pet name: Mon/ Moni/ Onit/ Nit
Meaning: Smart, Intelligent, All In One, Poison
17 Mookesh
Pet name: Mook/ Mookes/ Kesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva, To Liberate
18 Moosa
Pet name: Moos/ Moosy/ Oosa
Meaning: Prophet
19 Moriya
Pet name: Mori/ Moriy/ Oriya/ Riya
Meaning: Teacher
20 Moulik
Pet name: Mou/Mouli/ Oulik/ Ulik/ Uli
Meaning: Valuable