1 Hector
Pet name: Hec/ Hecto/ Ector/ Hect
Meaning: Trendy
2 Hemachander
Pet name: Hems/ Hemach/ Chandra/ Handra/ Hemander
Meaning: Golden Moon
3 Hemachandra
Pet name: Hems/ Hemach/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Handra/ Handr
Meaning: Golden Moon
4 Hemachandran
Pet name: Hems/ Hemach/ Chandran/ Chand/ Chandr/ Handran/ Adran/ Aran
Meaning: Golden Moon
5 Hemadri
Pet name: Hems/ Hemad/ Adri/ Emi/ Ari
Meaning: Mountain Of Gold
6 Hemant
Pet name: Hems Heman/ Emant/ Emaan
Meaning: One Of The 6 Seasons Or Part Of Winter
7 Hemanth
Pet name: Hems/ Heman/ Heman/ Amanth/ Amaan/ Aamth
Meaning: Gold
8 Hemaprakash
Pet name: Hems/ Hemap/ Prakash/ Raksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Golden Light
9 Hemdev
Pet name: Hems/ Hemd/ Dev/ Hemd/ Hemev
Meaning: Lord Of Wealth
10 Hemendra
Pet name: Hemy/ Hemes/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Of Gold
11 Hemil
Pet name: Hems/ Hemis/ Emil/ Eil
Meaning: Precious One, Gold
12 Hemish
Pet name: Hemi/ Hemis/ Emish/ Mish/ Eish
Meaning: Happiness, Good
13 Hemkant
Pet name: Hems/ Hemk/ Kant/ Mkant
Meaning: Glow Of Flowers
14 Hemshil
Pet name: Hems/ Hemsh/ Shil/ Emshil
Meaning: Creative Mind
15 Henry
Pet name: Heny/ Enry/ Ery
Meaning: Home Ruler
16 Hetansh
Pet name: Hetay/ Hetan/ Etansh/ Etan/ Tansh/ Ansh
Meaning: Rising Sun, Well Wisher
17 Hetanshu
Pet name: Hetas/ Hetan/ Tanshu/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Loving Person
18 Hetvik
Pet name: Hety/ Hetvi/ Etvik/ Evik/ Vik
Meaning: Trendy
19 Hezian
Pet name: Hezi/ Hezis/ Ezian/ Zian
Meaning: Trendy