1 Chaayan
Pet name: Chaya/ Ayaan
Meaning: Moon
2 Chaderjeeth
Pet name: Cha/ Chander/ Chand/ Chandu/ Arjeeth/ Ajeeth/ Jeeth
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Moon
3 Chahan
Pet name: Chaan/ Ahan/ Haans
Meaning: Super
4 Chaisty
Pet name: Chai/ Aisty/ Haisty/ Caisty
Meaning: First Born Child
5 Chaitan
Pet name: Chai/ Aitan/ Aian/ Chait
Meaning: Brilliant, Scholar
6 Chaitanya 
Pet name: Chai/ Chait/ Aitanya/ Itan/ Tanyy
Meaning: Energy, Knowledge
7 Chakardhar
Pet name: Chakar/ Ardhar/ Chaki/ Adhar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
8 Chakesh
Pet name: Chak/ Akesh/ Ake/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Intelligent
9 Chakra
Pet name: Chakri/ Chakki/ Akra
Meaning: A Center Of Spiritual Energy
10 Chakradev
Pet name: Chakra/ Akra/ Dev/ Radev
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
11 Chakradhar
Pet name: Chakra/ Chakri/ Akradhar/ Radhar/ Adhar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
12 Chakrapaani
Pet name: Chakra/ Akra/ Paani/ Chakri
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
13 Chakravarthi
Pet name: Chakra/ Chakri/ Akra/ Ravathi/ Avathi
Meaning: Emperor
14 Chakravarthy
Pet name: Chakri/ Chakra/ Ravathy/ Avathy/ Avath/ Ravath
Meaning: King, Emperor
15 Chakresh
Pet name: Chake/ Chakre/ Akresh/ Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
16 Chakri
Pet name: Chari/ Akri
Meaning: King, Emperor
17 Chakrin
Pet name: Chai/ Akrin/ Arin/ Chakri
Meaning: Lord Vishnu And Lord Shiva
18 Chakrit
Pet name: Chakri/ Akrit/ Arit/ Rith
Meaning: The Intelligent One
19 Chakshan
Pet name: Chaks/ Chaky / Akshan/ Aksh/ Ashan/ Ahan
Meaning: Handsome
20 Challam
Pet name: Chay/ Challa/ Hallam/ Cha/ Allam
Meaning: Precious, Beloved
21 Chamaj
Pet name: Chams/ Amaj/ Majj
Meaning: Trendy
22 Chaman
Pet name: Chay/ Aman/ Chan
Meaning: Flower Garden
23 Chamanjeet
Pet name: Cha/ Amanjeet/ Aman/ Jeet/ Chaman/ Chamaj
Meaning: Victory Of Garden
24 Chamanpreet
Pet name: Chay/ Aman/ Preet/ Areet/ Chreet
Meaning: Love For Garden
25 Champak
Pet name: Cham/ Cha/ Amak
Meaning: A Flower
26 Chanadrahas
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ahas/ Hass/ Ahasa
Meaning: Bow Of Shiva
27 Chanakya
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chanu/ Anaky
Meaning: A Bright & Respected Scholar
28 Chananpreet
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Anan/ Preet/ Anreet/ Areet
Meaning: Love For The Light Of God
29 Chand
Pet name: Chay/ Chan
Meaning: The Moon, To Shine
30 Chandak
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Andak/ Adak
Meaning: Brilliant, The Moon
31 Chandan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandu/ Andan/ Anan/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: Moon Light, Sandal Wood Or Fragrance
32 Chandar
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Adar/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
33 Chandarmouli
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Adar/ Chandu/ Armo/ Mouli
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
34 Chandeep
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chand/ Chandu/ Andeep/ Deep/ Aeep
Meaning: Bright As Moon
35 Chanderjit
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chander/ Chandu/ Erjit/ Erjit/ Jith
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Moon
36 Chanderjith
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chander/ Chand/Chandu/ Erjith/ Ejith/ Jith
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Moon
37 Chanderpreet
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chander/ Chand/ Chandu/ Preet/ Areet
Meaning: One Who Loves Moon
38 Chandhu
Pet name: Cha/ Chaan/ Chandh/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
39 Chandra
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chandu
Meaning: The Moon
40 Chandraayan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Raayan/ Aayan
Meaning: The Moon
41 Chandrabanu
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chadra/ Chandu/ Banu/ Anu
Meaning: Son Of Lord Krishna
42 Chandradatt
Pet name: Chay/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chandra/ Datt
Meaning: Humble, Friend
43 Chandradhar
Pet name: Chay/ Chan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Adhar
Meaning: One Who Wears Moon Or Lord Shiva
44 Chandradutt
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chand/ Dutt
Meaning: Who Lives Under The Grace Of Moon
45 Chandragupt
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chand/ Gupt/ Aupp
Meaning: Creative 
46 Chandrahas
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandu/ Chand/ Ahas/ Hass
Meaning: Moon's Smile
47 Chandrajeet
Pet name: Chay/ Chandu/ Rajeet/ Ajeet/ Ajee/ Rajee/ Chandra/ Chand/
Meaning: One Who Won The Lord Or Moon
48 Chandrajeeth
Pet name: Chay/ Chandra/ Chand/ Chandu/ Rajeet / Rajeeth/ Ajeeth/ Ajee/ Aeeth
Meaning: One Who Won The Lord Or Moon
49 Chandrak
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Adrak/ Charak
Meaning: Moon, Peacock Feather
50 Chandrakant
Pet name: Chay/ Chan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Kant
Meaning: A Gem Related To Moon, Moon
51 Chandrakanth
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Kanth
Meaning: Beloved By Moon, Desire
52 Chandrakesh
Pet name: Chay/ Chan/ Chand/ Chandra/ Rakesh/ Akesh/ Aesh
Meaning: Moon
53 Chandram
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Ram/ Chand
Meaning: Moon
54 Chandramadhav
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Madhav/ Madhu/ Adhav
Meaning: Sweet
55 Chandramohan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Mohan/ Ahan/ Rahan
Meaning: Attractive Like Moon
56 Chandramouli
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Mouli
Meaning: Lord Shiva
57 Chandran
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Aran
Meaning: Glittering, Shining
58 Chandranath
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chand/ Anath
Meaning: The Moon
59 Chandraneel
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Aneel/ Neel/ Aeel
Meaning: A Precious Blue Gem
60 Chandranshu
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Anshu/ Ansh
Meaning: Ray Of Moon
61 Chandraraj
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Moon Light
62 Chandrasekhar
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Rasekh/ Sekhar/ Ekhar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
63 Chandrasen
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chandu/ Rasen/ Sen
Meaning: The Moon
64 Chandrashekar
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chand/ Shekar/ Shear
Meaning: Lord Shiva
65 Chandresh
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chand/ Aresh/ Dresh/ Esh
Meaning: Moon Leader
66 Chandru
Pet name: Chan/ Chaan/ Chandr/ Chandu
Meaning: A Person Of Ideas
67 Chanikya
Pet name: Chan/ Chai/ Chaan/ Chanik/ Anikya/ Anik
Meaning: Clever
68 Chankya
Pet name: Chan/ Chai/ Chaan/ Chank/ Ankya
Meaning: Great Scholar,  Bright
69 Chanyana
Pet name: Chan/ Chaan/ Chanya/ Ayan
Meaning: The Moon
70 Charagh
Pet name: Char/ Aragh/ Ragh
Meaning: Light, The Sun
71 Charakh
Pet name: Char/ Chaar/ Arakh
Meaning: An Ancient Physician
72 Charan
Pet name: Char/ Chara/ Aran/ Haan
Meaning: God's Feet
73 Charandeep
Pet name: Char/ Charan/ Chara/ Aran/ Andeep/ Deep/ Aeep
Meaning: The Light On Gods Feet
74 Charandev
Pet name: Chay/ Chara/ Charan/ Aran/ Andev/ Dev
Meaning: The Moon
75 Charanjeeth
Pet name: Chay/ Chara/ Charan/ Aran/ Anjeeth/ Ajeeth/ Jeeth/ Aeeth/ Eeth
Meaning:  One Who Won Over The God
76 Charanjit
Pet name: Chay/ Chara/ Charan/ Char/ Anjit/ Ajith/ Jit
Meaning: One Who Has Won Over The Lord
77 Charatesh
Pet name: Chay/ Char/ Charat/ Ratesh Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Caring
78 Charish
Pet name: Chary/ Chari/ Harish/ Arish/ Aish
Meaning: Grace
79 Charith
Pet name: Chari/ Arith/ Rith/ Arih
Meaning: Lovable, Intelligent, History
80 Charles
Pet name: Charl/ Arles/ Harles/ Ales
Meaning: A Man
81 Charlie
Pet name: Chars/ Arlie/ Arie/ Alie
Meaning: A Man, Darling Or Beloved
82 Charukesh
Pet name: Charu/ Charuk/ nArukesh/ Rukesh/ Kesh/ Aesh
Meaning: With Beautiful Hair
83 Charun
Pet name: Chaau/ Charu/ Arun/ Harun/ Aru
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
84 Charuvardhan
Pet name: Chau/ Charu/ Charuv/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Adhan/ Ahan
Meaning: One Who Increases Beauty
85 Charveer
Pet name: Charv/ Charvee/ Arveer/ Veer
Meaning: Brilliant, Clever
86 Charvik
Pet name: Chaai/ Chaar/ Charv/ Arvik/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning: Brilliant, Clever
87 Charvikesh
Pet name: Chaai/ Chaar/ Charv/ Arvikesh/ Avikesh/ Vikesh/ Vik/ Aiesh
Meaning: Brilliant, Clever
88 Chasiel
Pet name: Chas/ Chaay/ Asiel/ Siel
Meaning: Gods Refuge
89 Chatrapathi
Pet name: Chay/ Chatra/ Pathi
Meaning: King, Emperor
90 Chatresh
Pet name: Chaae/ Chatr/ Chare/ Atresh/ Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
91 Chatur
Pet name: Chay/ Chaur/ Atur/ Aur
Meaning: Clever
92 Chavrik
Pet name: Chaai/ Chavri/ Avrik/ Arik/ Vrik/ Vik
Meaning: Intelligent, Brilliant
93 Chayaan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ayaan
Meaning: Moon
94 Chayan
Pet name: Chay/ Chaan/ Ayan
Meaning: Moon, Collection
95 Chayank
Pet name: Cha/ Chaya/ Ayank/ Chayan
Meaning: The Moon