1 Debjit
Pet name: Deb/ Debj/ Ebjit/ Ejit
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The God
2 Denadayal
Pet name: Dena/ Dayal/ Ayal
Meaning: Humble And Merciful
3 Dev
Pet name: Devs
Meaning: God, King
4 Deva
Pet name: Dev/ De
Meaning: Divinity
5 Devadhithya
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Adithya/ Adi/ Adith/ Dithy
Meaning: God Of The Sun
6 Devaditya
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Aditya/ Adi/ Aitya/ Dity
Meaning: God Of The Sun
7 Devadutt
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Dutt
Meaning: Gift From God
8 Devaj
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evaj/ Vaj
Meaning: Born From The Gods
9 Devajith
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evajith/ Vajith/ Vaji
Meaning: One Who Conquered Devas
10 Devak
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evak
Meaning: Glorious, Divine
11 Devan
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evan/ Ean
Meaning: Like A God, Food Offered To Gods,  Holy
12 Devananda
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Ananda/ Anan/ Nanda/ Nandu
Meaning: Joy Of The Gods
13 Devank
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evank/ Evan
Meaning: Godly
14 Devaraj
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Varaj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Indra
15 Devarsh
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Varsh/ Arsh
Meaning: God's Gift
16 Devash
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evash/ Eash/ Ash
Meaning: Divine Power
17 Devdan
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evdan/ Edan/ Evan
Meaning: The Gift Of The Gods
18 Devdas
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evdas/ Das
Meaning: Servant Of Lord, A Servant Of Temple
19 Devendra
Pet name: Dev/ Deven/ Evendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Of Gods, Lord Indra
20 Devesh
Pet name: Dev/ Evesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Lord Indra
21 Deveshwar
Pet name: Dev/ Devesh/ Eshwar/ Evesh/ Ewar/ Eshu
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Devas
22 Deviprasad
Pet name: Dev/ Devi/ Prasad/ Prasu
Meaning: Gift Of A Goddess
23 Devish
Pet name: Dev/ Devi/ Evish
Meaning: King Of Gods
24 Devkumar
Pet name: Dev/ Kumar/ Umar
Meaning: Son Of The God
25 Devraj
Pet name: Dev/ Eraj/ Raj/ Evraj
Meaning: King Of The Gods
26 Devyansh
Pet name: Dev/ Devy/ Evansh/ Eansh/ Evyansh/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Yash
Meaning: Part Of Divine Light