1 Buddhinath
Pet name: Buddhi/ Hinath/ Inath
Meaning: God Of Wisdom
2 Buddhipriyan
Pet name: Buddh/ Uddhi/ Priyan/ Riyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Knowledge Bestowed
3 Burayd
Pet name: Bur/ Rayd/ Urayd
Meaning: Cold, Mild
4 Burhan
Pet name: Buh/ Urhan/ Uhan
Meaning: Proof
5 Bushan
Pet name: Bush/ Ushan/ Buhan/ Uhan
Meaning: Enhancement
6 Buvan
Pet name: Buva/ Uvan
Meaning: Earth
7 Buvaneswaran
Pet name: Buvan/ Uvan/ Eswaran/ Eswa
Meaning: Born To Win
8 Buvesh
Pet name: Buvh/ Uvesh/ Vesh
Meaning: The King Of Earth