1 Paalin
Pet name: Paal/ Paalis/ Alin/ Ali/ Aain
Meaning: Guarding, Protecting
2 Paalit
Pet name: Paal/ Palls/ Alit/ Pals/ Ali
Meaning: Precious, Protected
3 Paanik
Pet name: Paani/ Paanis/ Annik/ Nik
Meaning: Hand
4 Paaraj
Pet name: Paara/ Paaras/ Aaraj/ Raj/ Paaj
Meaning: Gold
5 Paarak
Pet name: Paars/ Paaras/ Aarak/ Rak
Meaning: Saving, Liberating, Pleasant
6 Paaras
Pet name: Paars/ Aaras
Meaning: Precious
7 Paarth
Pet name: Paars/ Parrts/ Aarth/ Aarh
Meaning: Arjun, King
8 Paarthav
Pet name: Paars/ Paarth/ Arthav/ Artha/ Athav/ Ahav/ Raav
Meaning: Pure At Heart
9 Paarthib
Pet name: Paars/ Paarth/ Aarthib/ Aarth
Meaning: King Arjuna
10 Paarthiban
Pet name: Paars/ Paath/ Arthiban/ Arth/ Hiban/ Iban/ Ian
Meaning: King Arjuna
11 Paarthiman
Pet name: Paars/ Paarth/ Aathim/ Himan
Meaning: King Arjuna
12 Paarthiv
Pet name: Paar/ Paarth/ Arthiv/Arhiv/ Ariv/ Athiv
Meaning: Son Of The Earth, Brave
13 Paaru
Pet name: Paars/Paarus
Meaning: The Sun, Fire
14 Paarush
Pet name: Paara/ Paarua/ Arush/ Aush/ Ush
Meaning: Arrow Limb, Sharp
15 Paarveen
Pet name: Paars/ Parvees/ Arveen/ Aveen/ Veen
Meaning: Leader
16 Paarvendan
Pet name: Paarves/ Parven/ Aarvendan/ Aarven/ Vendan/ Edan
Meaning: Leader, Ruler Of The World
17 Paavak
Pet name: Paavs/ Paavas/ Aavak
Meaning: Fire, Clean, Pure, Holy
18 Paavaki
Pet name: Paavs/ Paavas/ Aavaki/ Avai/ Vaki
Meaning: Unique, Matchless
19 Paavan
Pet name: Paava/ Pavas/ Avan/ Paava
Meaning: Holy, Devoted
20 Paavanjeet
Pet name: Paavs/ Pavan/ Avan/ Pavanj/ Anjeet/ Jeet
Meaning: Holy
21 Paawan
Pet name: Paaws/ Paawas/ Aawan/ Awaa
Meaning: Pure, Holy
22 Paawanjeet
Pet name: Paaws/ Pawan/ Aawan/ Paawan/ Jeet/ Anjeet/ Anjee
Meaning: Victory Of The Pure Or Divine
23 Padamdeep
Pet name: Padams/ Padamd/ Adam/ Deep/ Deepu/ Padam
Meaning: Of Lotus Petaled Lamps
24 Padamjeet
Pet name: Padams/ Padamaj/ Adam/ Padam/ Amjeet/ Jeet
Meaning: The Victory Of The Lotus
25 Padamjit
Pet name: Padams Padamjis/ Adam/ Amjit/ Jith
Meaning: Victory Of The Lotus
26 Padamjot
Pet name: Padama/ Padamjos/ Adam/ Amjot
Meaning: Light Of The Lotus
27 Padampal
Pet name: Padama/ Padampas/ Ampal/ Pal
Meaning: Protector Of The Lotus
28 Padmadhar
Pet name: Padmas/ Padmadh/ Madhar/ Adhar/ Mahar
Meaning: Lord Brahama
29 Padmahas
Pet name: Padmas/ Padmah/ Mahas/ Maha
Meaning: Lord Brahama
30 Padmahasan
Pet name: Padma/ Padmahas/ Hasan/ Ahaas/ Asan/ Maha
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
31 Padmaj
Pet name: Padmm/ Padmas/ Admaj/ Amaj/ Maj
Meaning: Lord Brahama
32 Padmajan
Pet name: Padmas/ Padmaj/ Admaj/ Ajan
Meaning: Lord Brahama
33 Padmak
Pet name: Padmm/ Padmas/ Admak/ Amak
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
34 Padmakant
Pet name: Padmm/ Padmas/ Makant/ Makan/ Akant/ Kanth
Meaning: The Sun
35 Padmakar
Pet name: Padmm/ Padmak/ Admak/ Makar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
36 Padmaksh
Pet name: Padma/ Admak/ Maksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
37 Padmal
Pet name: Padmas/ Padmals/ Amal
Meaning: Lotus
38 Padmalochan
Pet name: Padma/ Padmal/ Alochan/ Alo/ Ochan/ Chan
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
39 Padman
Pet name: Padmas/ Adman/ Aman
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
40 Padmanabh
Pet name: Padma/ Padman/ Manabh/ Mana/ Anabh/ Nabh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
41 Padmanabhan
Pet name: Padma/ Padman/ Adman/ Anabhan/ Nabhan/ Abhan/ Ahan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
42 Padmaraj
Pet name: Padma/ Padmaras/ Maraj/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
43 Padmayan
Pet name: Padma/ Padmays/ Mayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Lord Brahama, Buddha
44 Padmesh
Pet name: Padme/ Padmes/ Mesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
45 Pahal
Pet name: Paha/ Pahas/ Ahal/ Paal
Meaning: Beginning
46 Pakshaj
Pet name: Paksh/ Pakshas/ Akshaj/ Aksh/ Ahaj/ Shaj
Meaning: The Moon
47 Palaksh
Pet name: Palak/ Palaks/ Alaksh/ Laksh/ Aksh
Meaning: White
48 Palani
Pet name: Palan/ Palans/ Alanis
Meaning: Lord Murugan, Free from Bonds
49 Palanimuthu
Pet name: Palan/ Palanim/ Alan/ Muthu
Meaning: Lord Murugan
50 Palanisami
Pet name: Palan/ Palani/ Alana/ Sami/ Nisai
Meaning: Lord Murugan
51 Palash
Pet name: Pala/ Palas/ Alash/ Lash/ Ash
Meaning: Flowering Tree
52 Palin
Pet name: Pali/ Palis/ Alin/ Aiin/ Ali
Meaning: Guarding, Protecting
53 Palkesh
Pet name: Pals/ Palk/ Plakes/ Alkesh/ Akesh/ Kesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Joyous
54 Pallav
Pet name: Palls/ Pallay/ Allav/ Alav/ Lav
Meaning: New Leaves
55 Pallavin
Pet name: Palls/ Pallavis/ Allavin/ Llavin/ Avin
Meaning: New Leaves
56 Pallavit
Pet name: Palls/ Palvis/ Allavit/ Allav/ Avit/ Lavit/ Lav
Meaning: To Grow
57 Pallwin
Pet name: Palls/ Pallwis/ Allwin/ Allin
Meaning: Lord's Moments
58 Palvinder
Pet name: Pals/ Palvin/ Alvinder/ Alvin/ Vinder/ Vind/ Inder
Meaning: Moments Spent With Lord
59 Palvish
Pet name: Pals/ Palvis/ Alvish/ Avish/ Vish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Courageous
60 Palwinderpal
Pet name: Pals/ Palwi/ Alwinder/ Alwin/ Ainder/ Winder/ Inder
Meaning: Protector Of Lord's Moments
61 Pamir
Pet name: Pams/ Pamis/ Amir/ Meer
Meaning: Mountain Range
62 Panav
Pet name: Panas/ Anav/ Nav
Meaning: Prince
63 Panduran
Pet name: Pandu/ Pandurs/ Anuran/ Anu/ Aran
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
64 Panduranga
Pet name: Pandu/ Panduran/ Ranga/ Rana/ Anduran
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
65 Pandurangan
Pet name: Pandu/ Panduran/ Rangan/ Angan/ Agan/ Anduran
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
66 Pankaj
Pet name: Panku/ Pankas/ Ankaj/ Anka/ Kaaj
Meaning: Lotus, Born From Mud
67 Pankajan
Pet name: Panku/ Pankaj/ Ankaj/ Anka/ Kaaj
Meaning: Lotus, Lord Vishnu
68 Pankoj
Pet name: Panks/ Pankos/ Ankoj/ Aoj/ Anoj
Meaning: Sea, Ocean, Water
69 Parag
Pet name: Pars/ Paras/ Arag/ Raag
Meaning: Famous
70 Param
Pet name: Pars/ Paras/ Ram
Meaning: Perfect
71 Paramesh
Pet name: Param/ Prames/ Arames/ Ramesh/ Aesh/ Ram/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
72 Paramjeet
Pet name: Paras/ Params/ Paramj/ Amjeet/ Jeet/ Ramj
Meaning: Successful, Victorious One
73 Paramjit
Pet name: Paras/ Params/ Paramj/ Aramjit/ Param/ Amjit/ Jit
Meaning: Successful
74 Paramjith
Pet name: Para/ Parmis/ Paramji/ Amjith/ Jith/ jithu
Meaning: Successful
75 Paramjodh
Pet name: Paras/ Paramj/ Amjodh/ Ram/ Jodh
Meaning: Greatest Warrior
76 Paras
Pet name: Pars/ Aras
Meaning: A Stone, Touch Stone, Healthy
77 Parashuram
Pet name: Paras/ Parashu/ Ashuram/ Ashur/ Ram
Meaning: God's Name
78 Parav
Pet name: Paras/ Arav/ Prav
Meaning: A Sage
79 Paravasu
Pet name: Paras/ Paraavay/ Arav/ Parav/ Vasu/ Ravas
Meaning: Name Of A Sage
80 Pardhu
Pet name: Pars/ Pardhs/ Ardhu/ Arhu
Meaning: Handsome, Attractive
81 Pardu
Pet name: Pars/ Pards/ Ardu
Meaning: Strong, Handsome, Powerful
82 Parees
Pet name: Pare/ Paree/ Arees/ Aees/ Rees
Meaning: To Seek Or Search
83 Pareesan
Pet name: Parees/ Pareesay/ Areesan/ Aeesan/ Reesan/ Eesan
Meaning: Extremely Beautiful
84 Paresh
Pet name: Pares/ Parey/ Aresh/ Ares/ Resh
Meaning: Lord Brahma
85 Pargat
Pet name: Parg/ Prags/ Pragas/ Argat/ Arat/ Agat
Meaning: One Who Blossoms Forth Into Fame
86 Parikshit
Pet name: Parik/ Parikshs/ Arikshit/ Rishit/ Ikshit/ Ishith
Meaning: Proven
87 Parimal
Pet name: Paaris/ Parims/ Arim/ Rimal/ Mal
Meaning: Fragrance
88 Parinay
Pet name: Paaris/ Parinas/ Arinay/ Rinay
Meaning: Charming And Beautiful
89 Parinaz
Pet name: Paaris/ Parinay/ Arinaz/ Arin/ Rinaz/ Inaz
Meaning: Charming And Beautiful
90 Parinish
Pet name: Paaris/ Parinis/ Arinish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: God Like
91 Parish
Pet name: Paaris/ Arish/ Rish/ Ish
Meaning: God Like
92 Parishad
Pet name: Paaris/ Parishay/ Arishad/ Arish/ Rishad/ Rish/ Ishad
Meaning: Joyous
93 Parishkar
Pet name: Paaris/ Parishk/ Arishkar/ Rishkar/ Aishkar/ Ishkar/ Ishar
Meaning: Clean
94 Parishrut
Pet name: Paaris/ Parish/ Arishrut/ Arish/ Rishrut/ Ishrut
Meaning: Popular, Renown
95 Paritosh
Pet name: Paarit/ Paritos/ Aritosh/ Ritosh/ Ritos/ Itosh/ Iosh
Meaning: Delight, Satisfaction Or Contentment
96 Parker
Pet name: Pars/ Parkes/ Arker/ Akeer
Meaning: Keeper Of The Forest
97 Parmaad
Pet name: Pars/ Parmaas/ Armaad/ Arma/ Araad
Meaning: Lord's Love
98 Parmanand
Pet name: Pars/ Parman/ Arman/ Manand/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: Divine Happiness
99 Parmeet
Pet name: Pars/ Parmees/ Armeet/ Armee/ Ameet/ Areet
Meaning: Wisdom
100 Parmesh
Pet name: Pars/ Parmes/ Armesh/ Amesh/ Aresh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
101 Parmeshwar
Pet name: Pars/ Parmesh/ Armeshwar/ Eshwar/ Esh/ Armesh
Meaning: Super God
102 Parmil
Pet name: Pars/ Parmis/ Armil/ Amil/ Ail
Meaning: Sleepiness
103 Parminder
Pet name: Pars/ Parmin/ Arminder/ Armin/ Aminder/ Minder/ Inder
Meaning: The God
104 Parmit
Pet name: Pars/Parmis/ Armit/ Amit/ Arit
Meaning: Wisdom, Friend Of The Supreme
105 Parnabha
Pet name: Pars/ Parnabh/ Arnabha/ Arnah/ Nabha
Meaning: New Leaf
106 Parnal
Pet name: Pars/ Parnas/ Arnal/ Arna
Meaning: Leafy
107 Parnashri
Pet name: Pars/ Parnash/ Arnashri/ Arnas/ Shri
Meaning: Leafy Beauty
108 Parnav
Pet name: Pars/ Parnas/ Arnav/ Arav/ Nav
Meaning: Bird
109 Paroksh
Pet name: Paros/ Parok/ Aroksh/ Aro/ Roksh/ Oksh
Meaning: Mysterious, Invisible
110 Parsad
Pet name: Pars/ Prasu/ Arsad/ Arsa/ Asad
Meaning: Grace, Mercy, Blessing, Brightness
111 Parsanjit
Pet name: Pars/ Parsanj/ Arsanjit/ Asan/ Anjit/ Jit/ Anju
Meaning: Delighted Victory, Cheerful Triumph
112 Parsha
Pet name: Pars/ Parsh/ Arsha/ Asha/ Arsh
Meaning: Devoted, Pure ,Holy
113 Parshad
Pet name: Pars/ Parsh/ Arshad/ Arsha/ Arsh/ Ashad
Meaning: Gracious Gift, Purity, Offering
114 Parshav
Pet name: Pars/ Parsh/ Arshav/ Ashav/ Arhav/ Shav
Meaning: Warrior
115 Parshotam
Pet name: Pars/ Parsho/ Arshotam/ Arsho/ Shotam/ Arsho/ Hotam
Meaning: Best Person, Great Human Being
116 Parshva
Pet name: Pars/ Parsh/ Arshva/ Arsh/ Shva
Meaning: Creative
117 Partap
Pet name: Parth/ Partas/ Artap/ Arap
Meaning: Glory, Vigour, Strength
118 Partav
Pet name: Parth/ Partas/ Artav/ Arav/ Atav
Meaning: Brave
119 Parth
Pet name: Paars/ Parths/ Arth
Meaning: Arjuna
120 Partha
Pet name: Parth/ Parthas/ Artha/ Arha
Meaning: Arjuna
121 Parthasarathi
Pet name: Parth/ Parthas/ Artha/ Sarathi/ Arath/ Sarath
Meaning: Lord Krishna
122 Parthasarathy
Pet name: Partha/ Parthasar/ Arthas/ Sarathy/ Sarath
Meaning: Lord Krishna
123 Parthav
Pet name: Parth/ Parthas/ Arthav/ Arth
Meaning: Arjuna
124 Parthiman
Pet name: Parthi/ Parthis/ Arthiman/ Arthim/ Himan
Meaning: Arjuna
125 Parthiv
Pet name: Parth/ Parthis/ Arthiv/ Arhiv/ Rthiv
Meaning: Prince Of Earth
126 Parthiva
Pet name: Parth/ Parthis/ Arthiva/ Arhiva/ Rthiva/ Rhiva
Meaning: King Or Warrior
127 Parthvik
Pet name: Parth/ Parthvis/ Arthvik/ Viks
Meaning: Prince Of Earth
128 Partik
Pet name: Partis/ Rik/ Arik/ Atik
Meaning: Symbol Of God
129 Parvar
Pet name: Parvs/ Parvas/ Arvar/ Arva
Meaning: Chief
130 Parvesh
Pet name: Parvs/ Parves/ Arvesh/ Avesh/ Aesh/ Esh/ Vesh
Meaning: Lord Of Celebration
131 Pasha
Pet name: Pash/ Pashas/ Ash
Meaning: Lord
132 Pashupati
Pet name: Pashup/ Pashupa/ Ash/ Pashu/ Pati
Meaning: Lord Of Animals
133 Pashwa
Pet name: Pash/ Pashwas/ Ashwa/ Shwa
Meaning: God's Name
134 Pathas
Pet name: Paths/ Athas/ Ahas
Meaning: Place, Water, Air
135 Pathik
Pet name: Paths/ Pathiks/ Athik/ Ahik/ Atik
Meaning: A Traveler
136 Patrick
Pet name: Patri/ Patris/ Atrick/ Arick/ Rick
Meaning: Noble
137 Patrik
Pet name: Patri/ Patris/ Atrik/ Arik/ Rik
Meaning: Nobleman
138 Patush
Pet name: Patu/ Patus/ Atush/ Aush
Meaning: Clever
139 Patveer
Pet name: Patve/ Patveey/ Atveer/ Veer/ Atvee
Meaning: The Respected Brave One
140 Paul
Pet name: Pals/ Pauls/ Aaul
Meaning: Small
141 Pauras
Pet name: Paurs/ Paura/Auras/ Aur
Meaning: Real Man
142 Paurav
Pet name: Paurs/ Paura/ Aurav/ Aur/ Rav
Meaning: A Descendent Of King Puru
143 Paurush
Pet name: Paru/ Paurus/ Aurush/ Rush/ Aush
Meaning: Powerful
144 Pavan
Pet name: Pavas/ Pavs/ Avan
Meaning: Pure, Fire
145 Pavanadithya
Pet name: Pavas/ Avan/ Pavan/ Adhitya/ Adhi/ Dhitya
Meaning: Wind & The Sun
146 Pavanaj
Pet name: Pavas/ Avanj/ Avan/ Anj
Meaning: Lord Hanuman, Son Of The Wind
147 Pavandeep
Pet name: Pavas/ Pavan/ Avan/ Deep/ Avand
Meaning: Firmament Illuminated, Lamp Of Heavens
148 Pavanjeet
Pet name: Pavs/ Pavan/ Avan/ Anjeet/ Anjee/ Anju
Meaning: Wind & The Sun
149 Pavankumar
Pet name: Pavas/ Pavan/ Avan/ Pavan/ Kumar/ Umar
Meaning: Bhim, Lord Hanuman
150 Pavansut
Pet name: Pavas/ Pavan/ Avan/ Ansut/ Anut
Meaning: Lord Hanuman, Son Of Pavan
151 Pavantej
Pet name: Pavas/ Pavan/ Avan/ Pavan/ Antej/ Tej/ Anej
Meaning: Powerful Like Air
152 Pavanteja
Pet name: Pavas/ Avan/ Pavan/ Teja/ Eja
Meaning: Lord Hanuman, Son Of Pavan
153 Pavesh
Pet name: Paves/ Pave/ Avesh/ Vesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: The Sun
154 Pavin
Pet name: Pavi/ Pavis/ Avin/ Vin
Meaning: The Sun
155 Pavir
Pet name: Pavi/ Pavis/ Avir/ Vir
Meaning: Brave
156 Pavish
Pet name: Pavi/ Pavis/ Avish/ Vish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Truly, Bright
157 Pavith
Pet name: Pavi/ Pavit/ Avith/ Aith/ Vith
Meaning: Love
158 Pawan
Pet name: Pawa/ Pawas/ Awan/ Awa
Meaning: Pure, Wind
159 Pazir
Pet name: Pazi/ Pazis/ Azir/ Zir
Meaning: Favorite Person
160 Phalgun
Pet name: Phal/ Phalgus/ Halgun/ Algun/ Agun
Meaning: Spring Season
161 Phani
Pet name: Pha/ Phans/ Hani/ Ani
Meaning: Snake
162 Phanibhusan
Pet name: Pha/ Phani/ Bhushan/ Hushan/ Ushan/ Shan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
163 Phanindra
Pet name: Pha/ Phani/ Hanindra/ Hanin/ Indra/ Anind
Meaning: Loved One, Moon
164 Phanindranath
Pet name: Pha/ Phani/ Hanin/ Indranath/ Ranath
Meaning: Lord Vishnu