1 Raabia
Pet name: Raabi/ Abia/ Aaia
Meaning: Spring
2 Raahi
Pet name: Raah/ Aahi
Meaning: Spring, Traveler
3 Raashi
Pet name: Raash/ Aashi/ Asi
Meaning: Beautiful Lady
4 Raawiya
Pet name: Raawi/ Raawiys/ Awiya/ Wiya
Meaning: Story Teller
5 Raawiyana
Pet name: Raawi/ Rawiya/ Awiyana/ Wiyana/ Iyana/ Yana/ Aana
Meaning: Story Teller
6 Rabani
Pet name: Rabs/ Rabas/ Abani/ Bani/ Aani
Meaning: Divine
7 Rachana
Pet name: Racha/ Rachan/ Achana/ Chana/ Ahana/ Haana/ Aana
Meaning: Creation
8 Rachel
Pet name: Rache/ Raches/ Achel/ Ache/ Chel
Meaning: Holy, Clean, Little Lamb
9 Rachi
Pet name: Rachs/ Rachis
Meaning: Beautiful Morning
10 Rachika
Pet name: Rachi/ Rachiks/ Hika/ Hiks
Meaning: Composer
11 Rachita
Pet name: Rachi/ Rachis/ Achita/ Ahita/ Chita/ Hita
Meaning: Creator
12 Rachna
Pet name: Rach/ Rachns/ Achna/ Ahna
Meaning: Construction
13 Radha
Pet name: Radhs/ Adha
Meaning: Success
14 Radhia
Pet name: Radhi/ Radhis/ Ashia/ Hia
Meaning: Goddess Of Love
15 Radhima
Pet name: Radhi/ Radhis/ Radhims/ Adhima/ Adhi/ Hima/ Ima
Meaning: Spring Of Love
16 Radhima
Pet name: Radhi/ Radhis/ Radhims/ Adhima/ Adhi/ Hima/ Ima
Meaning: Spring Of Love
17 Radhiyaa
Pet name: Radhi/ Adhiyaa/ Adhi/ Dhiyaa
Meaning: Successful
18 Raechel
Pet name: Raech/ Raeche/ Echel
Meaning: Little Lamb
19 Rafia
Pet name: Rafis/ Afia/ Fiya
Meaning: Noble
20 Rafiya
Pet name: Rafis/ Rafiys/ Afiya/ Fiya
Meaning: Noble
21 Raga
Pet name: Rags
Meaning: Beauty, Melody
22 Ragini
Pet name: Rags/ Ragins/ Agini/ Aini/ Gini
Meaning: Melody, Musical Rhythm
23 Rahina
Pet name: Rahi/ Ahina/ Hina/ Aina/ Inaa
Meaning: Kind, Compassionate
24 Rahmi
Pet name: Rahm/ Ahmi/ Amii
Meaning: Kind
25 Raisha
Pet name: Rais/ Aisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Princess
26 Rajalakshmi
Pet name: Raaju/ Rajala/ Ajala/ Aja/ Lakshmi/ Laksh/ Akshmi/ Ashmi/ Akshi
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
27 Rajasi
Pet name: Raaju/ Rajas/ Ajasi/ Aja/ Jasi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
28 Rajata
Pet name: Raaju/ Rajats/ Ajata/ Aja/ Jata
Meaning: Silver
29 Rajeena
Pet name: Rajee/ Rajees/ Ajeena/ Ajee/ Jeen/ Eena
Meaning: Beautiful, Intelligent
30 Rajeshri
Pet name: Raje/ Rajes/ Ajeshri/ Aje/ Eshri/ Shri/ Sri
Meaning: Queen
31 Raji
Pet name: Raajju/ Aji
Meaning: Shining
32 Rajika
Pet name: Raji/ Rajis/ Ajika/ Aji/ Jika/ Jia
Meaning: Lamp
33 Rajini
Pet name: Raji/ Rajins/ Ajini/ Aji/ Jini
Meaning: Beautiful Night
34 Rajitha
Pet name: Raji/ Rajiths/ Ajitha/ Ajii/ Jitha/ Jitha
Meaning: Brilliant
35 Rajkumari
Pet name: Raajju/ Rajaks/ Kumari/ Umari/ Uma/ Mari/ Ari
Meaning: Princess
36 Rajni
Pet name: Raajju/ Rajns/ Ajni/ Ajji
Meaning: Night
37 Rajul
Pet name: Raajju/ Rajus/ Ajul/ Aul
Meaning: Brilliant
38 Raksha
Pet name: Raks/ Rakshs/ Aksha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Defender
39 Rakshi
Pet name: Raks/ Rakshis/ Akhi/ Aki/ Ahi
Meaning: Protector
40 Rakshika
Pet name: Raks/ Rakshi/ Akshika/ Shika
Meaning: Protector
41 Rakshita
Pet name: Raks/ Akshitha/ Akshi/ Shitha/ Hitha
Meaning: Defender, Protector
42 Rakti
Pet name: Raks/ Akti/ Ati
Meaning: Pleasing
43 Rama
Pet name: Rams
Meaning: Charming, Beautiful
44 Ramani
Pet name: Rama/ Ramas/ Amani/ Mani/ Ani
Meaning: Beautiful Women
45 Ramanika
Pet name: Rama/ Ramani/ Amanika/ Manika/ Mani/ Anika/ Ani/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Handsome
46 Ramba
Pet name: Rams/ Rambs/ Amba
Meaning: Loving
47 Rambha
Pet name: Rams/ Rabhs/ Ambha/ Abha
Meaning: Name Of An Apsara
48 Rameena
Pet name: Ramee/ Ramees/ Ameena/ Meena/ Aeena/ Amee
Meaning: Obedient
49 Ramita
Pet name: Rami/ Ramits/ Amita/ Ami/ Mita/ Mia
Meaning: Pleasing
50 Ramitha
Pet name: Rami/ Ramiths/ Amitha/ Mitha
Meaning: Pleasing
51 Ramiza
Pet name: Rami/ Ramizs/ Amiza/ Miza/ Iza/ Mia
Meaning: Gift
52 Ramona
Pet name: Ramo/ Ramons/ Amona/ Amon/ Mona/ Aona
Meaning: Might Protector
53 Ramra
Pet name: Rams/ Ramas/ Amra/ Ara
Meaning: Splendor
54 Ramya
Pet name: Rammy/ Rams/ Amya/ Amy
Meaning: Delight
55 Ramzeela
Pet name: Rams/ Ramzee/ Amzeela/ Amzee/ Zeela/ Eela
Meaning: Flower In Heaven
56 Ranhita
Pet name: Ranhi/ Ranhs/ Anhita/ Anita/ Nita/ Hita
Meaning: Quick, Swift
57 Rani
Pet name: Raans/ Anny
Meaning: Queen
58 Rania
Pet name: Rani/ Raans/ Ania/ Nia/ Anny
Meaning: Queen
59 Ranika
Pet name: Rani/ Raanis/ Anika/ Nia/ Anny
Meaning: Creative
60 Ranita
Pet name: Rani/ Ranits/ Anita/ Ani/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: Tinkling
61 Ranjana
Pet name: Ranj/ Ranjas/ Ranju/ Anjana/ Anju/ Jana/ Aana
Meaning: Enjoyment
62 Ranjika
Pet name: Ranji/ Ranju/ Anjika/ Anju/ Jika/ Anika/ Jia
Meaning: Exciting
63 Ranjini
Pet name: Raji/ Anjini/ Anju/ Jini/ Jin
Meaning: Pleasing
64 Ranjita
Pet name: Ranji/ Anjita/ Anju/ Jita/ Jia
Meaning: Adorned
65 Rashiki
Pet name: Rashi/ Ashiki/ Ashi/ Shiki
Meaning: Sun Light
66 Rashitha
Pet name: Rashi/ Rashits/ Ashitha/ Ashi/ Shita/ Sia/ Hita
Meaning: Sun Rays
67 Rashmi
Pet name: Ras/ Ashmi/ Asmi/ Ahmi/ Ami
Meaning: Sun Rays
68 Rashmika
Pet name: Ras/ Rashmi/ Ashmika/ Ashi/ Mika/ Ashmi
Meaning: Ray Of Light, Sweet
69 Rashmitha
Pet name: Rass/ Rashmi/ Ashmitha/ Ashmi/ Mitha/ Miha
Meaning: Full Of Light
70 Rasi
Pet name: Raas/ Aasi
Meaning: A Collection Of Wealth, Sign
71 Rasmi
Pet name: Rass/ Asmi/ Ami
Meaning: Rays
72 Rasna
Pet name: Rass/ Asna/ Aana
Meaning: Ray
73 Rathika
Pet name: Rathi/ Rathiks/ Athika/ Ahika/ Hika
Meaning: Satisfied
74 Rati
Pet name: Rais/ Raats
Meaning: Most Beautiful Lady
75 Ratna
Pet name: Raats/ Atna/ Aana
Meaning: Jewel
76 Ratnamala
Pet name: Ratna/ Ratnams/ Namala/ Mala/ Amala/ Ala
Meaning: Garland Of Gemstones
77 Ratnaprabha
Pet name: Ratna/ Prabha/ Rabha/ Abha
Meaning: Earth, Light From Jewels
78 Raveena
Pet name: Ravee/ Ravees/ Aveena/ Avee/ Veena/ Eena
Meaning: Bright, Fair
79 Raven
Pet name: Rave/ Raves/ Aven/ Aen/ Ven
Meaning: Wise, A Bird
80 Ravit
Pet name: Ravs/ Avit
Meaning: Sun
81 Razah
Pet name: Raz/ Azah/ Aza
Meaning: Cheerful
82 Razia
Pet name: Razi/ Azia/ Zia/ Azi
Meaning: Chosen, Happy
83 Razina
Pet name: Razi/ Azina/ Zina/ Azin
Meaning: Composed