1 Reema
Pet name: Rees/ Eema
Meaning: Goddess Durga
2 Reena
Pet name: Rees/ Eena
Meaning: Peace
3 Reeta
Pet name: Rees/ Eeta
Meaning: Pearl
4 Reetul
Pet name: Rees/ Etul/ Eul
Meaning: Trendy
5 Ria
Pet name: Riis
Meaning: Singer
6 Richa
Pet name: Ric/ Rics/ Icha/ Cha
Meaning: The Writing Of The Veda’s
7 Riddhi
Pet name: Riddh/ Riddhs/ Iddhi/ Dhi
Meaning: Creative
8 Rijul
Pet name: Rijju/ Ijul/ Jul
Meaning: Innocent
9 Rijuta
Pet name: Rijju/ Riju/ Ijuta/ Iju/ Jua
Meaning: Innocence
10 Rima
Pet name: Rims/ Imma
Meaning: Goddess Durga
11 Risha
Pet name: Ris/ Rishs/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Saintly
12 Rishika
Pet name: Ris/ Rishis/ Ishika/ Ishi/ Shika/ Hika
Meaning: Divine Worshipper
13 Rishima
Pet name: Ris/ Rishims/ Ishima/ Ishi/ Shima/ Sima/ Hima
Meaning: Moonbeam
14 Rishita
Pet name: Ris/ Rishis/ Ishitha/ Ishi/ Shitha/ Hitha
Meaning: The Best
15 Rishna
Pet name: Ris/ Rishns/ Ishna/ Ish
Meaning: The Best
16 Rita
Pet name: Rits/ Ita
Meaning: Pearl
17 Rithika
Pet name: Rits/ Rithis/ Ithika/ Ithi/ Hika
Meaning: Brass, Small River
18 Riti
Pet name: Rii/ Rits/ Iti
Meaning: Motion
19 Ritika
Pet name: Riti/ Rits/ Itika/ Ritis
Meaning: Movement
20 Ritu
Pet name: Rits/ Itu
Meaning: Season
21 Riva
Pet name: Rivs/ Iva
Meaning: Secured, Bound
22 Riya
Pet name: Riy/ Iya
Meaning: Graceful
23 Riyana
Pet name: Riys/ Riya/ Iyana/ Anna
Meaning: Trendy
24 Riyansha
Pet name: Riya/ Riyans/ Iyansha/ Yansha/ Ansha/ Anshy
Meaning: Graceful
25 Riyanshi
Pet name: Riya/ Riyans/ Iyanshi/ Yanshi/ Anshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Cheerful
26 Riyasa
Pet name: Ris/ Riya/ Asha
Meaning: Cheerful
27 Riyasha
Pet name: Ris/ Riya/ Yansha/ Ansha/ Anshy
Meaning: Light