1 Geena
Pet name: Geen/ Eena
Meaning: Silvery
2 Geeresha
Pet name: Geer/ Eeresha/ Resha/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: Goddess Paravathi
3 Geet
Pet name: Gee
Meaning: Song
4 Geeta
Pet name: Gee/ Eeta
Meaning:  Holy Book Of The Hindus, Song
5 Geetali
Pet name: Gees/ Geeta/ Etali/ Eali
Meaning: Melodious
6 Geetana
Pet name: Geets/ Geeta/ Eana/ Anna
Meaning:  Creative
7 Geetanjali
Pet name: Geet/ Etanjali/ Etanji/ Anjali/ Anali/ Nali
Meaning: Creative
8 Geetanshi
Pet name: Gees/ Geeta/ Geets/ Tanshi/ Anshi/ Tanni
Meaning: Creative
9 Geetasudha
Pet name: Gees/ Geeta/ Geets/ Sudha/ Suha
Meaning: Creative
10 Geetasuha
Pet name: Geets/ Geeta/ Eetasu/ Suha/ Uuha
Meaning: Creative
11 GeetaSuhani
Pet name: Gee/ Eeta/ Geeta/ Suhani/ Suha/ Hani/ Ani
Meaning: The Hindu Holy Book
12 Geetha
Pet name: Gee/ Gees/ Geet/ Geeth
Meaning:  Song, Holy Book
13 Geethani
Pet name: Gees/ Geetha/ Geethann/ Ethani/ Rhani/ Hani
Meaning: Creative
14 Geethanjali
Pet name: Gee/ Gees/ Geet/ Geeth/ Geetha/ Anjali/ Anju/ Anali/ Naali
Meaning:  Collection Of Songs
15 Geethashri
Pet name: Gees/ Geeth/ Ehashi/ Shri
Meaning: Part Of Gita
16 Geethika
Pet name: Gee/ Gees/ Geeth/ Geethi/ Ethika/ Hika
Meaning:  Beauty
17 Geethshri
Pet name: Gee/ Geeth/ Shri/ Sri
Meaning: Part Of Gita
18 Geeti
Pet name:Gee/ Eeti/ Geet
Meaning: Melody
19 Geetika
Pet name: Gee/ Geet/ Etika/ Eika
Meaning: Melody
20 Giia
Pet name: Gii
Meaning: creative
21 Gina
Pet name: Gia/ Iina
Meaning:  Elegance
22 Ginette
Pet name: Gine/ Inette/ Ginet
Meaning: Creative
23 Ginni
Pet name: Gin/ Inni
Meaning: Precious Gold Coin
24 Gireesha
Pet name: Gires/ Girs/ Ireesha/ Reesha/ Esha/ Sha/ Reesh
Meaning: Goddess Parvati
25 Giribala
Pet name: Girs/ Giriba/ Iriba/ Bala/ Iribala
Meaning: Goddess Parvati
26 Giridha
Pet name: Giri
Meaning: Creative
27 Giridharshini
Pet name: Giri/ Ridharshini/ Arshini/ Ashini/ Ahini/ Aini
Meaning: Person With Clear Vision
28 Girija
Pet name: Giri/ Rija/ Ria
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
29 Girisha
Pet name: Giri/ Irisha/ Isha/ Risha
Meaning:  Goddess Parvati
30 Girisma
Pet name: Giri/ Irisma/ Risma/ Isma/ Imaa
Meaning: Summer
31 Gita
Pet name: Git/ Ita
Meaning:  Song
32 Gitali
Pet name: Git/ Itali/ Ita/ Ali
Meaning: Melodious
33 Gitanjali
Pet name: Git/ Itanjali/ Itanja/ Itana/ Jali/ Ita
Meaning:  A Collection Of Poems
34 Gitashri
Pet name: Gita/ Itashri/ Ashri/ Shri/ Sri
Meaning: The Bhagvatgita
35 Gitika
Pet name: Giti/ Itika/ Iika
Meaning:  A Small Song
36 Gitisha
Pet name: Giti/ Itisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Seven Sound Of A Song
37 Giya
Pet name: Giyy/ Iyas
Meaning: Creative