1 Abeedha
Pet name: Abee/ Adha/ Eedha
Meaning: Permanent
2 Abeeha
Pet name: Abe/ Eeha/ Aeeha/ Beeha
Meaning: Her Father
3 Abeela
Pet name: Abee/ Eela/ Aeela
Meaning: To Be Beautiful
4 Abeena
Pet name: Abee/ Eena/ Aeena
Meaning: Beautiful
5 Abeera
Pet name: Abee/ Eera/ Aeera
Meaning: Saffron, Aroma Of Rose & Sandal Mixture
6 Abeetha
Pet name: Abee/ Eetha/ Aeetha/ Aetha
Meaning: Gazelle
7 Abha
Pet name: Aba
Meaning: Lustrous Beauty
8 Abhati
Pet name: Abha/ Ahati
Meaning: Splendor , Light
9 Abhaya
Pet name: Abha/ Ahaya/ Haya
Meaning: Fearless, Goddess Durga
10 Abhayd
Pet name: Abha/ Ayad/ Hayad
Meaning: Fearless And Brave
11 Abheera
Pet name: Abhe/ Heera/ Aeera/ Eera
Meaning: A Cowherd
12 Abheesha
Pet name: Abha/ Heesha/ Eesha/ Sha/ Asha
Meaning: Goddess Of Will, Companion
13 Abhidha
Pet name: Abhi/ Abi/ Idha/ Hidha/ Ahida/ Adha
Meaning: Literal Meaning
14 Abhidhya
Pet name: Abhi/ Idhya/ Ihya/ Iya/ Hidhya
Meaning: Wish , Longing
15 Abhigna
Pet name: Abhi/ Higna/ Igna/ Ahigna
Meaning: Trendy
16 Abhijita
Pet name: Abhi/ Ijitha/ Jitha/ Hijitha
Meaning: Victorious Woman
17 Abhilasha
Pet name: Abhi/ Ilasha/ Asha/ Bhila/ Illa
Meaning: Ambition, Desire
18 Abhinaya
Pet name: Abhi/ Anaya/ Hinaya/ Inaya/ Ainaya
Meaning: Expression In An Act
19 Abhiprithi
Pet name: Abhi/ Aprithi/ Prithi/ Rithi/ Ithi
Meaning: Full Of Love
20 Abhira
Pet name: Abhi/ Hira/ Ira
Meaning: A Cowherd
21 Abhisarika
Pet name: Abhi/ Sarika/ Harika/ Arika/ Rika
Meaning: The Beloved One
22 Abhisha
Pet name: Abhi/ Hisha/ Isha/ Ahisha
Meaning: Goddess Of Will, Companion
23 Abhishri
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahi/ Asri/ Sree
Meaning: Brilliant, Powerful, Surrounded By Glory
24 Abhisuri
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahi/ Asuri/ Uri
Meaning: Powerful
25 Abhitha
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahitha/ Itha
Meaning: Fearless, Goddess Parvathi
26 Abhiti
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahiti/ Hiti
Meaning: Fearlessness
27 Abida
Pet name: Abi/ Ida/ Aida
Meaning: Worshipper
28 Abigyani
Pet name: Abi/ Agyani/ Gyani/ Ayani/ Yani/ Ani
Meaning: Knowledgeable Lady
29 Abiha
Pet name: Abhi/ Iha/ Aiha
Meaning: Her Father
30 Abilashini
Pet name: Abi/ Ilashini/ Ashini/ Ahini/ Lashini/ Ahini
Meaning: Desire, Aspiration, Desirability
31 Abinandha
Pet name: Abi/ Nandha/ Nadhu/ Bindha/ Binnu
Meaning: Ever Wishing Person
32 Abinaya
Pet name: Abi/ Inaya/ Anaya/ Binaya
Meaning: Expressions
33 Abira
Pet name: Abi/ Ira/ Ara/ Aira
Meaning: Strong
34 Abirami
Pet name: Abi/ Irami/ Rami/ Ara/ Iami
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
35 Abisha
Pet name: Abi/ Isha/ Sha/ Aisha
Meaning: The Lord Is My Father
36 Abishitha
Pet name: Abi/ Ishitha/ Ahitha/ Shitha/ Shia
Meaning: Creative
37 Abishta
Pet name: Abi/ Ishta/ Shita/ Aistha
Meaning: Lady Of The House
38 Abital
Pet name: Abi/ Aital/ Atal/ Bital/ Abial
Meaning: My Father Is Dew
39 Abitha
Pet name: Abi/ Aitha/ Itha
Meaning: Creative
40 Aboli
Pet name: Abo/ Abi/ Aoli
Meaning: A Flower
41 Achala
Pet name: Achu/ Acha/ Ahala/ Achi
Meaning: Constant
42 Acindra
Pet name: Aci/ Acin/ Indra/ Aindra/ Cindra
Meaning: Flawless Or Perfect
43 Adab
Pet name: Ada/ Adab
Meaning: Culture
44 Adarsha
Pet name: Ada/ Arsha/ Arshi
Meaning: Ambition, Aspiration
45 Adarshini
Pet name: Ada/ Arshini/ Arshi/ Rashini
Meaning: Idealistic
46 Adeeba
Pet name: Ade/ Eeba/ Aeeba/ Aee
Meaning: Cultured, Polite
47 Adeela
Pet name: Ade/ Eela/ Aeela/ Aee
Meaning: Equal
48 Adeelah
Pet name: Adee/ Eelah/ Aeelah/ Aeela
Meaning: Creative
49 Adelmira
Pet name: Ade/ Adeli/ Elmira/ Almira/ Meera/ Meer
Meaning: Exalted
50 Adelyn
Pet name: Ade/ Adel/ Aelyn/ Elyn
Meaning: Trendy
51 Adhika
Pet name: Adhi/ Ahika/ Hika/ Ikha
Meaning: More, Extra
52 Adhikshitha
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Ikshitha/ Akshitha/ Ashitha/ Hitha/ Ahitha/ Ahi
Meaning: Supreme God
53 Adhira
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Hira/ Aira/ Ira
Meaning: Quick, Lightening
54 Adhisha
Pet name: Adhi/ Ahisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Beginning
55 Adhishree
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Ahisree/ Sree/ Aree
Meaning: Creative
56 Adhishta
Pet name: Adhi/ Ishtha/ Ahishta/ Aishta/ Hishta
Meaning: A Person Who Rules In Particular Region
57 Adhishthi
Pet name: Adhi/ Ishithi/ Aishthi
Meaning: Devi Or Goddess
58 Adhisree
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Sree
Meaning: Exalted
59 Adhita
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Ahita/ Ahee
Meaning: Scholar
60 Adhithi
Pet name: Adhi/ Dhithi/ Ahithi/ Aithi
Meaning: Freedom, Safety, Abundance
61 Adhiti
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Ahiti/ Aiti
Meaning: Mother Of Gods, Perfection
62 Adhuja
Pet name: Ahu/ Auja/ Ujja
Meaning: Made Of Honey
63 Adhvika
Pet name: Adhi/ Avika/ Ahika/ Hika/ Ika
Meaning: World, Earth, Unique
64 Adhya
Pet name: Adhi/ Adi/ Ahyaa
Meaning: First Power Or The Beginning
65 Adiba
Pet name: Adi/ Aiba/ Ibaa
Meaning: Polite, Well Mannered, Polished
66 Adilah
Pet name: Adi/ Ilah/ Aila/ Ailah/ Dilah/ Dill
Meaning: Equal
67 Adinah
Pet name: Adi/ Inah/ Ainah/ Dina
Meaning: One Who Is Gentle Or Delicate
68 Adira
Pet name: Adi/ Adhi/ Ira/ Air
Meaning: Strong One, Mighty, Great
69 Adisha
Pet name: Adi/ Isha/ Aisha/ Isha
Meaning: Beginning
70 Adita
Pet name: Adi/ Ita
Meaning: First Root
71 Aditha
Pet name: Adi/ Itha/ Aithaa
Meaning: The First Root
72 Adithi
Pet name: Adi/ Ithi/ Aithi
Meaning: Mother Of Gods, Perfection, Creativity
73 Aditi
Pet name: Adi/ Iti/ Aiti
Meaning: Mother Of The Gods, Freedom
74 Aditri
Pet name: Adi/ Aitri/ Itri/ Airi
Meaning: The Highest Honor, Goddess Lakshmi
75 Adiva
Pet name: Adi/ Iva/ Aiva/ Ava/ Diva/ Divv
Meaning: Kind, Gracious, Polite
76 Adiwa
Pet name: Adi/ Diwa/ Iwaa/ Aiwa/ Diw
Meaning: Pleasant, Gentle
77 Adiya
Pet name: Adi/ Diya/ Dia
Meaning: Trendy
78 Adiya
Pet name: Adi/ Iya/ Aiya/ Diya/ Diaa
Meaning: God's Treasure Or God's Jewel
79 Adria
Pet name: Adi/ Aria/ Ria
Meaning: Dark One
80 Adriana
Pet name: Adri/ Adi/ Riana/ Ariana/ Aria
Meaning: Wealthy
81 Adrien
Pet name: Adi/ Rien/ Arien
Meaning: Rich
82 Adrienne
Pet name: Adi/ Rienne/ Arienne/ Aienne/ Enne
Meaning: Rich
83 Adrija
Pet name: Adi/ Rija/ Arija/ Aija
Meaning: Goddess Paravathi
84 Adrika
Pet name: Adri/ Arika/ Drika/ Ika
Meaning: Small Mountain, Celestial Being
85 Adrima
Pet name: Adi/ Rima/ Reema/ Ari/ Arima/ Ima
Meaning: Dark
86 Adrithi
Pet name: Adri/ Adi/ Arithi/ Rithi/ Ithi/ Ari
Meaning: Ray
87 Adriti
Pet name: Adri/ Adi/ Ariti/ Riti/ Iti/ Ari
Meaning: Goddess Durga, Ray
88 Advaika
Pet name: Adi/ Advi/ Avaika/ Aika
Meaning: Unique
89 Advaita
Pet name: Adva/ Adi/ Avaita/ Vaita/ Aita/ Ari
Meaning: Unique
90 Advaitha
Pet name: Adva/ Adi/ Avaitha/ Vaitha/ Aitha
Meaning: Unique, Special
91 Advaiya
Pet name: Ada/ Avaiya/ Vaiya/ Aaiya/ Iyaa/ Advai
Meaning: Unique
92 Advayi
Pet name: Ada/ Avayi/ Aayi
Meaning: Trendy
93 Adveka
Pet name: Adve/ Aeka/ Aveka
Meaning: World, Earth, Unique
94 Adveta
Pet name: Adve/ Aetha/ Aveta
Meaning: Full Of Positive Vibes And Energies
95 Advika
Pet name: Advi/ Avika/ Ika
Meaning: One Who Is Unique
96 Advita
Pet name: Advi/ Avita/ Vita
Meaning: Unique, First One, Lovely
97 Advitha
Pet name: Advi/ Adi/ Avitha/ Vitha
Meaning: Union Of Matter And Soul, Unique
98 Adwaitha
Pet name: Adwai/ Adai/ Adi/ Awaitha/ Waitha
Meaning: Unique, One Without A Second
99 Adwaithi
Pet name: Awa/ Adwa/ Aithi/ Waithi/ Aithi
Meaning: Trendy
100 Adwiteya
Pet name: Adwi/ Ateya/ Witeya/ Adwi
Meaning: Unique, Matchless
101 Adwitiya
Pet name: Adwi/ Witiya/ Aitiya
Meaning: Unique, Matchless
102 Aeera
Pet name: Aee/ Ara/ Eera
Meaning: Creative
103 Aesha
Pet name: Aesh/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
104 Afeefa
Pet name: Afee/ Eefa/ Aeefa
Meaning: Chaste
105 Afeerah
Pet name: Afee/ Eerah/ Eera/ Aeerah/ Aeera
Meaning: Fair Skinned, Covered With Soil, Dust
106 Afiya
Pet name: Afi/ Aiya/ Iyah
Meaning: Vigor, Good Health, Well Being
107 Afni
Pet name: Afi/ Ani
Meaning: Immortal
108 Afrah
Pet name: Afa/ Arah/ Ara
Meaning: Happiness
109 Afreen
Pet name: Afeen/ Afee/ Areen/ Aeen
Meaning: Beauty
110 Afrin
Pet name: Afi/ Arin/ Ain
Meaning: Smart, Beautiful Woman
111 Afsana
Pet name: Afa/ Asana/ Sana/ Anna
Meaning: Fable, Fiction, Romance
112 Afsara
Pet name: Afa/ Asara/ Sara/ Araa
Meaning: Angel
113 Afsha
Pet name: Afa/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Pretty, Prophet Mohammed's Wife
114 Afshan
Pet name: Afa/ Ashan/ Ahana
Meaning: Shinning
115 Afsheen
Pet name: Afsh/ Asheen
Meaning: Shining Star
116 Afza
Pet name: Afz/ Aza
Meaning: Increase, Augmentation
117 Agamya
Pet name: Agam/ Amya/ Aya/ Gamya
Meaning: Knowledge, Wisdom
118 Agate
Pet name: Aga/ Aate
Meaning: Good, Kind
119 Agatha
Pet name: Aga/ Atha/ Gatha
Meaning: Good
120 Aghanashini
Pet name: Adha/ Ahana/ Ahanshini/ Ashini/ Ahanshini/ Anshini/ Ahini
Meaning: Destroyer Of Sins
121 Aghanya
Pet name: Agha/ Ahanya/ Ghanya/ Hanya/ Anya
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
122 Agnikaa
Pet name: Agi/ Nikaa/ Anikaa/ Agni
Meaning: Daughter Of Fire, Born From The Fire
123 Agochar
Pet name: Agoch/ Ago/ Achar/ Aohar
Meaning: Unfathomable, Undetectable
124 Agrata
Pet name: Agra/ Arata/ Ara
Meaning: Leader
125 Agrima
Pet name: Agri/ Arima/ Rima/ Ara
Meaning: Leadership
126 Ahalya
Pet name: Ahal/ Ahi/ Aalya
Meaning: Night, Rishi Gautam's Wife
127 Ahana
Pet name: Hanna/ Ahan
Meaning: Inner Light, Immortal, Born During The Day
128 Ahankaara
Pet name: Ahankaara
Meaning: One With Pride
129 Ahanna
Pet name: Hanna/ Anna
Meaning: The First Ray Of The Sun
130 Ahanti
Pet name: Ahan/ Aanti
Meaning: Eternal, Indestructible
131 Aharona
Pet name: Aharo/ Arona/ Aro/ Rona
Meaning: Exalted
132 Ahdia
Pet name: Adi/ Aida/ Hida/ Idaa
Meaning: Unique, The One
133 Aheeba
Pet name: Ahe/ Eeba/ Heeba
Meaning: Beautiful Women
134 Aheema
Pet name: Ahee/ Heema/ Aeema/ Eema
Meaning: Trendy
135 Aheera
Pet name: Ahee/ Aeera/ Heera/ Eera
Meaning: Trendy
136 Aheetha
Pet name: Ahee/ Ahi/ Aeetha/ Heetha
Meaning: Trendy
137 Aheli
Pet name: Ahe/ Aleli/ Heali
Meaning: Pure
138 Ahidha
Pet name: Ahi/ Idha/ Adha
Meaning: Creative
139 Ahila
Pet name: Ahi/ Aila/ Hila
Meaning: Knowledgeable
140 Ahilam
Pet name: Ahi/ Ilam/ Hilam/ Aila/ Ail
Meaning: Worldly, Knowledgeable
141 Ahilya
Pet name: Ahi/ Ailya/ Aily/ Aila/ Ail/ Hilya
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Honored
142 Ahina
Pet name: Ahin/ Ahi/ Hina
Meaning: Strength
143 Ahirya
Pet name: Ahi/ Hirya/ Irya/ Airya
Meaning: Creative
144 Ahitha
Pet name: Ahi/ Hitha/ Aith
Meaning: Creative
145 Ahladita
Pet name: Ahla/ Adita/ Dita
Meaning: In Happy Mood
146 Ahuka
Pet name: Ahu/ Auka
Meaning: Offered, Sacrifice
147 Ahulya
Pet name: Ahuya/ Aulya
Meaning: Trendy
148 Ahuti
Pet name: Ahu/ Ahi/ Hithi/ Uthi
Meaning: Calling, A Solemn Rite
149 Ahuva
Pet name: Ahu/ Huva/ Auva
Meaning: Love, Beloved
150 Ahyanna
Pet name: Ahy/ Anna/ Ahya/ Hanna
Meaning: Beautiful Flower
151 Ahzin
Pet name: Ahzi/ Azin
Meaning: Zeal For Life
152 Aidah
Pet name: Aidh/ Idah/ Aida/ Ada
Meaning: Visiting, Returning, Reward, Present
153 Aiehska
Pet name: Aiesh/ Ieshka/ Iesha/ Eshka/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
154 Aiesha
Pet name: Aiesh/ Iesha/ Esha/ Sha
Meaning: Creative
155 Aighar
Pet name: Aigh/ Ighar/ Aihar
Meaning: Religious Woman
156 Aikata
Pet name: Aika/ Iakta/ Aika/ Ika
Meaning: Trendy
157 Aikyata
Pet name: Aika/ Ikyata/ Ayata/ Iyata/ Kyata/ Ikya
Meaning: Together
158 Ailisha
Pet name: Aili/ Ali/ Ilisha/ Lisha/ Isha/ Aisha
Meaning: Highly Attractive
159 Ainam
Pet name: Ain/ Aina/ Inam/ Aiam
Meaning: Two Springs
160 Aindrila
Pet name: Ain/ Indrila/ Arila/ Aila/ Indrila
Meaning: Female Star
161 Aira
Pet name: Ira/ Airr
Meaning: The Beginning
162 Airiana
Pet name: Airi/ Riana/ Iana/ Ari
Meaning: Holy One
163 Airya
Pet name: Arya/ Irya/ Ira
Meaning: Trendy
164 Aisel
Pet name: Aise/ Isel/ Aiel
Meaning: Trendy
165 Aisha
Pet name: Aish/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Prosperous, Alive
166 Aishani
Pet name: Aish/ Ishani/ Ahani/ Anni/ Shani
Meaning: Creative
167 Aishanya
Pet name: Aish/ Ishanya/ Ahanya/ Aanya/ Aisha
Meaning: Life With Beauty
168 Aishi
Pet name: Aish/ Ishi
Meaning: Divine
169 Aishika
Pet name: Aish/ Ishika/ Ahika/ Hika/ Aika
Meaning: Trendy
170 Aishiki
Pet name: Aish/ Ishiki/ Ashiki/ Iki
Meaning: Divine, Regal
171 Aishini
Pet name: Aishi/ Aini/ Ishini/ Aish
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi, Divine
172 Aishitha
Pet name: Aish/ Ahitha/ Aitha/ Hitha
Meaning: River Yamuna
173 Aishmani
Pet name: Aish/ Ishmani/ Amani/ Mani
Meaning: Creative
174 Aishna
Pet name: Aish/ Ishna/ Ahna
Meaning: Desire, Wish
175 Aishwariya
Pet name: Aish/ Awariya/ Ariya/ Riya/ Wariya
Meaning: Wealth, Success, Fame
176 Aishwarya
Pet name: Aish/ Wrya/ Isha/ Ishwarya
Meaning: A Dynamic Person
177 Aiyana
Pet name: Aiya/ Iyana/ Anna
Meaning: Eternal Flower
178 Aiyanna
Pet name: Aiya/ Iyanna/ Yanna/ Anna
Meaning: Eternal Blossom
179 Aiyla
Pet name: Aiya/ Iyla
Meaning: Moonlight
180 Ajala
Pet name: Ajju/ Aja/ Ala
Meaning: The Earth
181 Ajanta
Pet name: Aja/ Anta/ Janna/ Ajju
Meaning: Eternal Fame
182 Ajantha
Pet name: Aja/ Ajju/ Antha/ Janna
Meaning: Creative, Buddhist Cave
183 Ajastha
Pet name: Aja/ Ajju/ Astha/ Jastha
Meaning: Unconquerable, God
184 Ajatha
Pet name: Aja/ Ajju/ Atha/ Jahaa
Meaning: Having No Enemy
185 Ajaya
Pet name: Aja/ Ajju/ Aaya/ Jaya
Meaning: One Who Is Invincible, Having The Power Of A God
186 Ajeitha
Pet name: Aje/ Ajju/ Aeitha/ Eitha/ Jietha
Meaning: A Winner
187 Ajeya
Pet name: Aje/ Ajju/ Jey/ Jeya
Meaning: Unconquerable, Shakti
188 Ajita
Pet name: Aji/ Aita/ Jitha
Meaning: A Winner
189 Ajitha
Pet name: Ajji/ Ajju/ Aitha/ Jitha
Meaning: Trendy
190 Ajradah
Pet name: Ajra/ Aju/ Radah/ Adah
Meaning: Worshipper, Devotee
191 Akanksha
Pet name: Aka/ Ansha/ Anshu/ Kanksha/ Anksha/ Ankshu
Meaning: Expectation, Wish
192 Akansha
Pet name: Aka/ Ansha/ Anshu
Meaning: Wish, Desire
193 Akarsha
Pet name: Aka/ Karsha/ Arsha/ Arshu
Meaning: Attractive
194 Akarshana
Pet name: Aka/ Arshana/ Arhana/ Ahana
Meaning: Attraction
195 Akasha
Pet name: Aka/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Open Air Or Flew In The Sky
196 Akashini
Pet name: Akki/ Aka/ Akashi/ Ashini/ Ahini/ Aini
Meaning: Women With Beautiful Hair
197 Akeylah
Pet name: Ake/ Aeylah/ Aeyal/ Eyalh
Meaning: Sage, Intelligence
198 Akhila
Pet name: Akki/ Ahila/ Ahill/ Aila/ Alla
Meaning: Complete Or Whole
199 Akhira
Pet name: Akki/ Ahira/ Hira/ Aira/ Ira
Meaning: Splendid, Elegant, White Lily
200 Akilam
Pet name: Akki/ Ailam/ Ail/ Kila/ Kilam
Meaning: A Kind Of Garden Flower
201 Akira
Pet name: Aki/ Aira/ Kira
Meaning: Strength, Powerful
202 Akishita
Pet name: Akki/ Ashitha/ Ahitha/ Ahii/ Ishitha/ Shitha
Meaning: Wonder Girl, Permanent, Constant
203 Akita
Pet name: Aki/ Aita
Meaning: Rice Field
204 Akriti
Pet name: Aki/ Kriti/ Ariti/ Ari/ Riti
Meaning: Shape Or Form
205 Akruthi
Pet name: Akki/ Kruthi/ Ruthi/ Aruthi/ Authi/ Uthi
Meaning: Nature, Beautiful
206 Aksa
Pet name: Akki
Meaning: Eyes
207 Aksara
Pet name: Aka/ Asara/ Sara
Meaning: Letters, Goddess Saraswati
208 Aksha
Pet name: Asha/ Sha/ Aksa
Meaning: Soul, God's Blessing, A Mosque
209 Akshaja
Pet name: Aksh/ Shaja/ Haja/ Aja
Meaning: Creative
210 Akshara
Pet name: Aksha/ Shara/ Ara/ Aksh/ Hara
Meaning: Letters, Goddess Saraswati
211 Akshata
Pet name: Aksha/ Shata/ Sha
Meaning: Creative
212 Akshata
Pet name: Aksha/ Ahata/ Ashata/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Rice
213 Akshatha
Pet name: Aksha/ Shatha/ Ashatha/ Ahatha/ Asha/ Atha/ Sha
Meaning: Immortal, Divinity
214 Akshaya
Pet name: Akki/ Ashaya/ Shaya/ Ahaya/ Aayac
Meaning: Everlasting
215 Akshayani
Pet name: Aksha/ Shayani/ Hayani/ Ayani/ Haya/ Yani/ Ani
Meaning: Creative
216 Akshi
Pet name: Akki/ Ashi
Meaning: Existence
217 Akshika
Pet name: Akki/ Ahika/ Shika/ Ika/ Ashika
Meaning: One With Good Eyes
218 Akshini
Pet name: Akshi/ Shini/ Aini
Meaning: Creative
219 Akshita
Pet name: Akki/ Ashita/ Shita/ Shia/ Ashi
Meaning: Different
220 Akshitha
Pet name: Aksh/ Ashitha/ Ahitha/ Hitha/ Ksitha
Meaning: Trendy
221 Akshra
Pet name: Aksa/ Ashra/ Shra
Meaning: Letters
222 Akshrita
Pet name: Aksh/ Arita/ Aita/ Rita/ Ahrita/ Ari
Meaning: Secure
223 Akshya
Pet name: Akki/ Aks/ Ash/ Ahya/ Aya
Meaning: Immortal, Goddess Parvathi
224 Akuti
Pet name: Akku/ Auti/ Uthi
Meaning: Princess
225 Alaja
Pet name: Alaj/ Laja/ Lajju
Meaning: Trendy
226 Alaka
Pet name: Ala
Meaning: A Girl With Beautiful Eyes
227 Alamkritha
Pet name: Ala/ Alam/ Kritha/ Ritha/ Aritha/ Akitha/ Itha
Meaning: Decorated
228 Alankritha
Pet name: Ala/ Alan/ Akritha/ Kritha/ Ritha/ Rith
Meaning: Well Decorated
229 Alavia
Pet name: Ala/ Avia/ Aia/ Aavi
Meaning: Unique
230 Alayna
Pet name: Ala/ Ayna/ Ana/ Layna/ Laya
Meaning: Princess Iranian, Dear Child
231 Alaynna
Pet name: Ala/ Aynna/ Anna/ Laynna/ Laya
Meaning: Dear Child
232 Alberta
Pet name: Ale/ Aberta/ Erta/ Aerta
Meaning: Noble, Righteous
233 Aleaha
Pet name: Ale/ Lea/ Leaha/ Leah/ Aleha
Meaning: High, Exalted
234 Aleema
Pet name: Alee/ Aleem/ Leema/ Eema
Meaning: Knowing Or Knowledgeable, Wise
235 Aleena
Pet name: Alee/ Aleen/ Leena/ Eena/ Aeena
Meaning: Silk Of Heaven
236 Aleesha
Pet name: Alee/ Eesha/ Leesha/ Aeesha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
237 Aleha
Pet name: Ale/ Leha/ Alea
Meaning: Beautiful Rose
238 Alehya
Pet name: Ale/ Ala/ Lehya/ Aehya/ Ehya
Meaning: Creative
239 Alekhya
Pet name: Ale/ Akhya/ Lekhya/ Ekhya/ Aekhya
Meaning: A Picture, A Painting
240 Alenna
Pet name: Ale/ Alen/ Aenna/ Lenna/ Enna
Meaning: The Shining Light, Most Beautiful Women
241 Alesha
Pet name: Ale/ Esha/ Aesha/ Sha
Meaning: Protected By God, Silk Of Heaven
242 Alessandra
Pet name: Alee/ Ales/ Essandra/ Sandra
Meaning: Defending Men
243 Alessia
Pet name: Ale/ Lessia/ Essia/ Aessia/ Sia
Meaning: Defender
244 Alexa
Pet name: Ale/ Aexa/ Lexa
Meaning: Defend
245 Alexandra
Pet name: Ale/ Alex/ Xandra
Meaning: Defender Of Men
246 Alexandria
Pet name: Ale/ Alex/ Xandria/ Andria/ Aria
Meaning: Servant Of God
247 Aliana
Pet name: Ali/ Liana/ Aiana/ Iana
Meaning: Trendy
248 Alice
Pet name: Ali/ Aice
Meaning: Noble Or Kind
249 Aliisa
Pet name: Alii/ Lisa
Meaning: Rational One
250 Alima
Pet name: Ali/ Aima/ Lima/ Ima
Meaning: Wise
251 Alimah
Pet name: Ali/ Aimah/ Limah/ Imah
Meaning: Skilled In Music Or Dance
252 Alina
Pet name: Ali/ Lina/ Aina
Meaning: Beautiful
253 Alisha
Pet name: Ali/ Lisha/ Isha/ Aisha
Meaning: Protected By God
254 Alisyn
Pet name: Ali/ Lisyn
Meaning: A Form Of Alison
255 Aliya
Pet name: Ali/ Liya
Meaning: Defender
256 Aliyya
Pet name: Ali/ Aliy/ Liyya
Meaning: Sublime , Exalted
257 Aliyyah
Pet name: Ali/ Liyah/ Liyya
Meaning: Exalted, Noble, Highest Social Standing
258 Aliza
Pet name: Ali/ Liza/ Aiza
Meaning: Cheerful, Merry, Joyful
259 Alize
Pet name: Ali/ Aize/ Lize
Meaning: Joyful
260 Alizza
Pet name: Ali/ Aizza/ Lizza
Meaning: Joyous
261 Alka
Pet name: Ala
Meaning: A With A Lovely Hair
262 Allana
Pet name: Alla/ Allan
Meaning: Rock
263 Allani
Pet name: Alla/ Llani/ Ani
Meaning: Precious
264 Allanna
Pet name: Alla/ Anna
Meaning: Beauty
265 Allayna
Pet name: Ala/ Layna/ Ayna
Meaning: Illumination
266 Alleah
Pet name: Alle/ Leah/ Aeah
Meaning: Ascender, Exalted
267 Allecia
Pet name: Alle/ Lecia/ Aecia
Meaning: Variation, Alicia
268 Alleena
Pet name: Alee/ Leena/ Aeena/ Eena
Meaning: The Shining Light
269 Allenna
Pet name: Alle/ Lena
Meaning: The Shining Light
270 Allexa
Pet name: Allex/ Alle
Meaning: Defender Of Mankind
271 Allexandra
Pet name: Allex/ Xandra/ Andra
Meaning: A Helper And Defender Of Mankind
272 Allexandria
Pet name: Allex/ Xandria/ Andria/ Aria
Meaning: A Defender Of Mankind
273 Allina
Pet name: Alli/ Aina
Meaning: Noble, One Who Is Beautiful And Bright
274 Allisa
Pet name: Alli/ Aisa/ Lisa
Meaning: Rational One
275 Allisha
Pet name: Alli/ Lisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Protected By God
276 Allison
Pet name: Alli/ Llison/ Aison
Meaning: Noble One
277 Allissa
Pet name: Alli/ Lissa/ Aissa
Meaning: Rational One
278 Allivia
Pet name: Alli/ Aiva/ Iva/ Liva
Meaning: Amazing Black Hair And Blue Eyes
279 Alliya
Pet name: Alli/ Liya/ Aliya
Meaning: Going Up, High
280 Alliyah
Pet name: Alli/ Liyah/ Aiyah
Meaning: Rising Up
281 Almedina
Pet name: Alme/ Aedina/ Edina/ Alena/ Aena
Meaning: One Who Is Devoted To Faith
282 Almika
Pet name: Alm/ Amika/ Mika/ Mia
Meaning: The Sky
283 Aloki
Pet name: Alo/ Aoki/ Loki
Meaning: Brightness
284 Alopa
Pet name: Alo/ Aopa
Meaning: Faultless
285 Alpa
Pet name: Ala/ Alp
Meaning: Little
286 Alpana
Pet name: Ala/ Alpa/ Alna
Meaning: A Decorative Design
287 Alpita
Pet name: Alp/ Aita/ Alpi/ Lita
Meaning: Wishes
288 Alpitha
Pet name: Alp/ Alpi/ Aitha/ Apitha/ Litha/ Itha
Meaning: Wishes
289 Altaira
Pet name: Ala/ Atria/ Aira/ Atair
Meaning: The Flying Eagle
290 Alveena
Pet name: Alvee/ Aveena/ Aeena/ Leena/ Eena
Meaning: Liked, Loved One, Cared One
291 Alveera
Pet name: Alve/ Veera/ Eera/ Aeera
Meaning: Speaker Of Truth
292 Alvina
Pet name: Alvi/ Avina/ Vina/ Avin
Meaning: Friend To All, Noble Friend
293 Alysa
Pet name: Aly/ Alsa/ Aysa
Meaning: Princess
294 Alyse
Pet name: Aly/ Alse/ Ayse
Meaning: Noble, God Is My Oath
295 Alysha
Pet name: Aly/ Aysha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Noble Natures, Light
296 Amaala
Pet name: Ammu/ Maala
Meaning: Hopes And Expectations
297 Amaani
Pet name: Amu/ Ami/ Maani/ Manu/ Aani
Meaning: One Who Is Peaceful
298 Amahira
Pet name: Amu/ Ahira/ Hira/ Mahira/ Aira/ Ara
Meaning: Only One Expert In Every Field
299 Amaira
Pet name: Ami/ Amu/ Maira/ Aira/ Ira/ Mai
Meaning: One Who Will Be Beautiful Forever
300 Amala
Pet name: Amu/ Mala
Meaning: Pure, Clean, White
301 Amaldeepthi
Pet name: Amala/ Amu/ Mala/ Deepthi/ Aeethi/ Deepu
Meaning: Camphor ( Karpuram)
302 Amanda
Pet name: Amu/ Aman/ Manda/ Manu
Meaning: Worthy Of Love
303 Amani
Pet name: Ama/ Mani/ Aani
Meaning: Road, Way, A Leader
304 Amanthika
Pet name: Aman/ Athika/ Ahika/ Manthika/ Anthika
Meaning: A Goddess
305 Amara
Pet name: Ammu/ Ara
Meaning: Immortal
306 Amaravati
Pet name: Ammu/ Ara/ Avathi/ Aravathi
Meaning: Immortality, Full Of Fragrance
307 Amariah
Pet name: Amar/ Ariah/ Aria/ Mariah
Meaning: Promise By God
308 Amarni
Pet name: Amar/ Arani/ Rani/ Marni
Meaning: Wishes, Aspirations
309 Amarra
Pet name: Ammu/ Arra
Meaning: One Who Will Be Forever Beautiful
310 Amarshila
Pet name: Amu/ Arshilla/ Marshila/ Shila/ Ila/ Ahila
Meaning: Trendy
311 Amaya
Pet name: Amu/ Maya
Meaning: Immeasurable
312 Amayra
Pet name: Amu/ Mayra/ Ayra/ Maya
Meaning: Princess
313 Amba
Pet name: Ambu
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
314 Ambalika
Pet name: Ambu/ Amalila/ Malika/ Alika/ Allia
Meaning: Mother
315 Ambara
Pet name: Ambar/ Ara/ Mbara
Meaning: Perfume, Fem Of Ambar
316 Ambareena
Pet name: Ambar/ Areena/ Reena/ Aeena/ Eena/ Bareena/ Mareena
Meaning: Good Smell
317 Ambaya
Pet name: Ambu/ Maya
Meaning: Mother
318 Amber
Pet name: Ambe/ Aer/ Amer
Meaning: From The Stone
319 Amberlyn
Pet name: Amber/ Ambe/ Aerlyn/ Merlyn/ Erlyn
Meaning: A Jewel
320 Ambika
Pet name: Ambi/ Amika/ Abika/ Abi/ Aika
Meaning: Loving, A Good Women, Goddess Parvathi
321 Ambudhi
Pet name: Ambu/ Abudhi/ Audhi/ Udhi/ Amudhi/ Amu
Meaning: Sea
322 Ambuja
Pet name: Amu/ Abuja/ Auja/ Muja/ Aja
Meaning: Born From Lotus , Goddess Lakshmi
323 Ambujakshi
Pet name: Amu/ Abuja/ Ambuja/ Akshi/ Ashi/ Bujakshi/ Ujakshi
Meaning: One Who Is Lotus Eyed
324 Ameena
Pet name: Ame/ Meena/ Aeena/ Eena
Meaning: Truthful, Trustworthy, Faithful
325 Ameera
Pet name: Ame/ Meera/ Aeera/ Eera
Meaning: Princess
326 Ameesha
Pet name: Amee/ Aeesha/ Eesha/ Mesha
Meaning: Beautiful, Without Decept, Pure, Truthful, Guileless
327 Ameira
Pet name: Ame/ Ami/ Iera/ Aeira
Meaning: A Princess , One Who Commands
328 Amela
Pet name: Ame/ Aela
Meaning: Work Or Effort
329 Amellia
Pet name: Ame/ Aellia/ Ellia/ Allia
Meaning: One Who Is Hardworking
330 Amena
Pet name: Ame/ Aena/ Mena
Meaning: Honest Woman
331 Amera
Pet name: Ame/ Aera/ Mera
Meaning: Princess
332 Ami
Pet name:
Meaning: Nectar
333 Amia
Pet name: Ami
Meaning: People Of God, Beloved, Delight
334 Amidala
Pet name: Amidala
Meaning: Beautiful Flower
335 Amidha
Pet name: Ami/ Aidha/ Midha/ Midhu
Meaning: Nectar
336 Amidi
Pet name: Ami/ Aidi/ Midhi
Meaning: Beautiful
337 Amiera
Pet name: Ami/ Aiera/ Miera/ Mira/ Iera
Meaning: A Princess
338 Amiira
Pet name: Amii/ Miira/ Aiira/ Iira
Meaning: A Princess , One Who Commands
339 Amika
Pet name: Ami/ Aika/ Mika/ Ika
Meaning: Friendly
340 Amilah
Pet name: Ami/ Milah/ Ilah/ Ailah/ Aila
Meaning: Hopeful
341 Amima
Pet name: Amima
Meaning: Close To Heart, Beloved
342 Amina
Pet name: Ami/ Mina/ Aina/ Minu
Meaning: Peaceful
343 Aminah
Pet name: Ami/ Minah/ Inah/ Mina
Meaning: Trustworthy, Faithful
344 Amindita
Pet name: Ami/ Mindita/ Idita/ Aidita/ Adita/ Adit
Meaning: Incredible
345 Amira
Pet name: Ami/ Aira/ Mira
Meaning: Leader, Princess, Royal Lady
346 Amisha
Pet name: Ami/ Aisha/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Beautiful, Charming
347 Amishi
Pet name: Ami/ Aishi/ Mishi
Meaning: Pure
348 Amita
Pet name: Ami/ Mita
Meaning: Without Limit
349 Amithi
Pet name: Ami/ Mithi/ Aithi
Meaning: Unique
350 Amitjyoti
Pet name: Ami/ Jyoti/ Jyo/ Ayothi
Meaning: Ever Bright
351 Amiya
Pet name: Ami/ Miya/ Aiya
Meaning: Delight, Joy
352 Amiyah
Pet name: Ami/ Miyah/ Aiyah/ Iyah
Meaning: Delightful, Joyful
353 Amla
Pet name: Amu/ Ala
Meaning: Pure
354 Amlika
Pet name: Amli/ Mlika/ Alika/ Aika
Meaning: Tamarind
355 Ammanda
Pet name: Amma/ Ammu/ Manda
Meaning: One Who Is Much Loved
356 Amoda
Pet name: Amo/ Adha
Meaning: Happiness
357 Amodini
Pet name: Amo/ Adini/ Aini/ Moini
Meaning: Happy
358 Amoli
Pet name: Amo/ Ali/ Aoli/ Moli
Meaning: Precious
359 Amolika
Pet name: Amo/ Alika/ Ali/ Ika/ Aika
Meaning: Priceless
360 Amra
Pet name: Amu/ Ara
Meaning: Princess
361 Amrapali
Pet name: Amra/ Amu/ Rapali/ Apali/ Ali
Meaning: Young Leaves, Spring
362 Amreena
Pet name: Amre/ Areena/ Reena/ Aeena/ Eena
Meaning: Sky, Beautiful Warrior
363 Amrin
Pet name: Ami/ Arin/ Marin
Meaning: Lovely Quite Girl, Princess
364 Amrita
Pet name: Amu/ Arita/ Rita/ Amri
Meaning: Immortality
365 Amritha
Pet name: Amu/ Aritha/ Ritha/ Amri/ Mritha
Meaning: Immortality, Priceless
366 Amrithavahini
Pet name: Amu/ Ari/ Mritha/ Avahani/ Ahani/ Vahini/ Ritha
Meaning: Name Of A Raga
367 Amritkala
Pet name: Amri/ Ari/ Mitha/ Kala/ Arikala
Meaning: Creative
368 Amritpreet
Pet name: Ami/ Arit/ Preet/ Mrit/ Areeta
Meaning: Lover Of Immortalizing Nectar
369 Amritrashmi
Pet name: Amri/ Mritra/ Rashmi/ Ashmi/ Ahmi
Meaning: Moon Light
370 Amritvaani
Pet name: Amrit/ Amu/ Arit/ Vaani/ Ritvaa/ Aani
Meaning: Sweet Voice, True Saying
371 Amrusha
Pet name: Amru/ Arusha/ Usha/ Sha/ Asha
Meaning: Sudden
372 Amrutha
Pet name: Ammu/ Arutha/ Rutha/ Aru/ Autha
Meaning: Nectar
373 Amshula
Pet name: Amu/ Ashula/ Ahula/ Aula
Meaning: zeal For Life
374 Amudha
Pet name: Amu/ Adha/ Mudha/ Audha
Meaning: Sweet, Lively
375 Amudhini
Pet name: Amu/ Adhini/ Mudhini/ Ahini
Meaning: Sweet
376 Amukta
Pet name: Amu/ Aukta
Meaning: Precious Or Priceless
377 Amuktha
Pet name: Amu/ Auktha/ Muktha/ Uktha
Meaning: Free From The World
378 Amulya
Pet name: Amu/ Aulya/ Mulya/ Ulya
Meaning: Priceless
379 Amutha
Pet name: Amu/ Autha/ Muthaa
Meaning: Mutara, Daughter
380 Amvi
Pet name: Avi
Meaning: A Goddess
381 Amya
Pet name: Amu
Meaning: High Place
382 Amyra
Pet name: Amu/ Ayra/ Myra/ Ara
Meaning: A Princess , One Who Commands
383 Anabella
Pet name: Anni/ Abella/ Bella/ Aella
Meaning: Favored Grace
384 Anabhra
Pet name: Ana/ Abhra/ Ahra/ Ara
Meaning: Clear Headed
385 Anadia
Pet name: Ana/ Adia/ Nadia/ Dia
Meaning: Something That's Delicate, Moist And Tender
386 Anadilb
Pet name: Ana/ Anandi/ Dil/ Aib
Meaning: Nightingale
387 Anafsha
Pet name: Ana/ Afha/ Nasha/ Afsha
Meaning: Creative
388 Anafsheh
Pet name: Ana/ Asheh/ Nafsheh/ Anaheh
Meaning: Trendy
389 Anagha
Pet name: Ana/ Agha/ Anah
Meaning: Destroyer Of Sins
390 Anahita
Pet name: Ana/ Ahitha/ Hitha/ Anahi
Meaning: Graceful
391 Anaika
Pet name: Ana/ Aika/ Ika/ Anai
Meaning: Powerful And Complete
392 Anaisha
Pet name: Ana/ Aisha/ Aishu/ Isha/ Ishu/ Sha
Meaning: Special
393 Anaita
Pet name: Ana/ Anita/ Naita
Meaning: Angel, Goddess Of Love
394 Anaitha
Pet name: Ana/ Anitha/ Naitha
Meaning: Angel
395 Anaiya
Pet name: Ana/ Aiya/ Naiya
Meaning: Protection
396 Anakaren
Pet name: Ana/ Akaren/ Aren/ Karen
Meaning: Trendy
397 Anal
Pet name: Ana
Meaning: Five, Fire
398 Anala
Pet name: Ana/ Ala/ Nala
Meaning: Goddess Of Fire, Fire, Perfect, Fiery
399 Analaura
Pet name: Ana/ Ala/ Nala/ Laura/ Aura
Meaning: Trendy
400 Analia
Pet name: Ana/ Alia/ Nalia
Meaning: Trendy