1 Mia
Pet name: Miuu
Meaning: Beloved Person
2 Mihika
Pet name: Mihi/ Ihika/ Hika/ Miika
Meaning: Dew Drops
3 Mihini
Pet name: Mihi/ Ihini/ Hiini/ Miini
Meaning: Greatest, Subtle
4 Mihira
Pet name: Mihi/ Hira/ Ira/ Miira
Meaning: The Sun
5 Milana
Pet name: Mila/ Ilana/ Miana/ Ila
Meaning: Joining
6 Milika
Pet name: Milli/ Ilika/ Mika
Meaning: Desiring Union
7 Milisha
Pet name: Mili/ Ilisha/ Lisha/ Isha/ Misha
Meaning: Trendy
8 Milli
Pet name: Mii/ Illi/ Mils
Meaning: A Meeting, To Find
9 Mina
Pet name: Mia/ Inaa
Meaning: Fish
10 Minaal
Pet name: Mia/ Inaal/ Inaa/ Minaa
Meaning: To Reach Your Destination
11 Minakshi
Pet name: Mina/ Mia/ Inakshi/ Nakshi/ Akshi/ Ashi
Meaning: A Woman With Beautiful Eyes, Fish Eyed
12 Minal
Pet name: Mina/ Inal/ Mialo
Meaning: A Precious Gem, Stone
13 Minda
Pet name: Mina/ Mia/ Inda
Meaning: Knowledge
14 Minnal
Pet name: Minn/ Innal/ Minna
Meaning: Lightning, Brilliance
15 Minnat
Pet name: Minna/ Minn/ Innat/ Miat
Meaning: Grace, Kindness, Gift
16 Mira
Pet name: Mir/ Ira
Meaning: Aim, Light Of The Lord
17 Miraan
Pet name: Mir/ Iraan/ Iaan/ Miaan
Meaning: Princely, Princes
18 Mirah
Pet name: Mira/ Mia/ Irah/ Miah
Meaning: Provisions, Supply
19 Miraya
Pet name: Mira/ Iraya/ Mraya/ Raya/ Iraa
Meaning: Lord Krishna’s Devotee
20 Mirosha
Pet name: Miro/ Irosha/ Iro/ Mosha/ Sha
Meaning: Creative
21 Mirthika
Pet name: Mri/ Rithika/ Ithika/ Rithi/ Hika
Meaning: Mother Of Lands
22 Misha
Pet name: Mish/ Isha/ Mia
Meaning: Joyful
23 Mishael
Pet name: Mish/ Ishael/ Isha/ Aheal
Meaning: Torch, Light
24 Mishali
Pet name: Misha/ Ishali/ Shali/ Sha
Meaning: Light
25 Mishalini
Pet name: Misha/ Ishalini/ Isha/ Shalini/ Sha/ Halini/ Alini
Meaning: What Is Asked For Or Lent
26 Misheeta
Pet name: Mishe/ Isheeta/ Sheeta/ Ishe/ Heeta
Meaning: Goddess Laxmi, Sweet Person
27 Mishel
Pet name: Mishe/ Ishel/ Isel
Meaning: A Light
28 Mishika
Pet name: Mishi/ Ishika/ Shika/ Hika/ Sika
Meaning: Gift Of Love
29 Mishil
Pet name: Mishi/ Ishil/ Isil
Meaning: Moon
30 Mishita
Pet name: Mishi/ Ishitha/ Ishi/ Shitha/ Sita
Meaning: Goddess Laxmi, Sweet Person
31 Mishka
Pet name: Misha/ Ishka/ Isha/ Mika
Meaning: Gift Of Love
32 Mishri
Pet name: Mishi/ Ishri/ Ishi/ Shri/ Sri
Meaning: Sweet
33 Mishthi
Pet name: Mishi/ Ishithi/ Ishi/ Hithi
Meaning: Sweet Person
34 Mishti
Pet name: Mishi/ Ishiti/ Ishi/ Hiti
Meaning: Sweet Person
35 Misri
Pet name: Misi/ Sri
Meaning: Sweet
36 Misty
Pet name: Misy/ Itsy
Meaning: Mist
37 Mita
Pet name: Mia/ Ita
Meaning: Friend
38 Mitakshi
Pet name: Mia/ Mita/ Akshi/ Ashi/ Aksi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
39 Mitalee
Pet name: Mita/ Mia/ Italee/ Ialee/ Alee
Meaning: A Bond Of Friendship And Love
40 Mitali
Pet name: Mita/ Mia/ Itali/ Ali
Meaning: Friendship
41 Mithali
Pet name: Mita/ Mia/ Ithali/ Ihali/ Ali
Meaning: A Bond Between Friendship And Love
42 Mithra
Pet name: Mitha/ Ithra/ Ira
Meaning: Friend, The Sun
43 Mithusha
Pet name: Mithu/ Ithusha/ Usha/ Sha
Meaning: Brilliant Girl
44 Mitiksha
Pet name: Miti/ Itiksha/ Iti/ Iksha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: A Wonder
45 Mitul
Pet name: Mit/ Itul/ Miul
Meaning: Measured, Moderate
46 Mitushi
Pet name: Mitu/ Itushi/ Iushi/ Ishi/ Miushi
Meaning: One Of Limited Desires
47 Miya
Pet name: Miaa
Meaning: Temple