1 Babhravi
Pet name: Babhi/ Abhravi/ Ahravi/ Aravi
Meaning: Victorious
2 Babina
Pet name: Babin/ Abina/ Bina/ Aina/ Ina
Meaning: Next Life Story
3 Babita
Pet name: Babi/ Abita/ Abi/ Ita
Meaning: Little Girl
4 Babitha
Pet name: Babi/ Abitha/ Abi/ Itha/ Bitha
Meaning: Little Girl
5 Babli
Pet name: Babl/ Ali/ Bli/ Abil
Meaning: Lovely, Chubby
6 Bachendri
Pet name: Bachen/ Achendri/ Ahendri/ Bendri/ Endri/ Chendri
Meaning: The Sense Of Speech, Tongue
7 Badah
Pet name: Bada/ Adah
Meaning: A Person Who Is Broad Minded
8 Badari
Pet name: Badi/ Adari/ Ari
Meaning:  Ambitious Or Focus
9 Badiha
Pet name: Badi/ Adiha/ Baiha
Meaning: Insight, Perceptive
10 Badiyah
Pet name: Badi/ Adiyah/ Adiya/ Diyah/ Iyah/ Biyah
Meaning: Desert
11 Badra
Pet name: Badr/ Adra/ Ara
Meaning: Full Moon
12 Badrai
Pet name: Badri/ Adrai/ Arai
Meaning: Fairy
13 Badriya
Pet name: Badri/ Adriya/ Ariya/ Riya
Meaning: Full Moon
14 Badriyyah
Pet name: Badri/ Adriyyah/ Ariyyah/ Riyyah
Meaning: Full Moon-Like
15 Badyah
Pet name: Baday/ Adyah/ Ayah
Meaning: Clear, Knowledgeable Person
16 Baeula
Pet name: Bae/ Beau/ Aeula/ Beula
Meaning: Bride
17 Bagavathi
Pet name: Baga/ Baghi/ Avathi/ Gavathi/ Vathi
Meaning: Creative
18 Bageshri
Pet name: Bage/ Bagi/ Ageshri/ Geshri/ Shri/ Eshri
Meaning: Musical Raga
19 Bagesri
Pet name: Bage/ Bagi/ Agesri/ Gesri/ Sri/ Eshri
Meaning: Prosperity, Beauty
20 Baghavathi
Pet name: Baghi/ Bagha/ Avathi/ Agha/ Vathi
Meaning: Creative
21 Baghisha
Pet name: Baghi/ Bagi/ Ashisha/ Ahisha/ Aisha/ Bagisha/ Bagis/ Isha
Meaning: Light Rain
22 Baghyavathi
Pet name: Baghy/ Aghyaa/ Avathi/ Baghy/ Vathi/ Hayathi
Meaning: Creative
23 Baghyawati
Pet name: Baghy/ Baghi/ Baghya/ Awati/ Aghyawati/ Aghya/ Awati/ Awai
Meaning: Lucky
24 Bagvathi
Pet name: Baghi/ Bagvi/ Avathi/ Vathi
Meaning: Trendy
25 Baha
Pet name: Bahi
Meaning: Beauty, Glory, Splendor
26 Bahaar
Pet name: Baha/ Bahar/ Ahaar
Meaning: Spring
27 Bahar
Pet name: Baha/ Ahar
Meaning: Spring, Blossom
28 Bahavna
Pet name: Bahvi/ Bahav/ Ahavna/ Avna
Meaning: Trendy
29 Baheeja
Pet name: Bahe/ Baheej/ Aheeja/ Heeja/ Eeja
Meaning: Happy
30 Baheera
Pet name: Bahee/ Aheera/ Baheea/ Heera/ Eera
Meaning: Dazzling,  Brilliant,  Noble Lady
31 Bahia
Pet name: Bahi/ Ahia/ Hia
Meaning: Beautiful, Brilliant
32 Bahij
Pet name: Bahi/ Ahij/ Bhij
Meaning: Cheerful
33 Bahija
Pet name: Bahi/ Baija/ Bhija/ Ahija/ Aija
Meaning: Glad, Happy, Joyful
34 Bahijah
Pet name: Bahi/ Baijah/ Bhijah/ Ahijah/ Aijah/ Jah
Meaning: Magnificent, Splendid
35 Bahini
Pet name: Bahi/ Ahini/ Bhini
Meaning: Trendy
36 Bahira
Pet name: Bahi/ Bahir/ Ahira/ Hira/ Ira
Meaning:  Brilliant, Dazzling
37 Bahirah
Pet name: Bahi/ Bahira/ Ahirah/ Hirah/ Irah
Meaning: Dazzling, Brilliant, Noble Lady
38 Bahiya
Pet name: Bahi/ Bahiy/ Ahiya/ Hiya
Meaning: Beautiful, Radiant
39 Bahnushri
Pet name: Bahnu/ Shri/ Anu/ Bhanus
Meaning: As Glorious As The Sun
40 Bahudha
Pet name: Bahu/ Ahudha/ Bhuda/ Budha/ Bahuda
Meaning:  A River
41 Bahula
Pet name: Bahu/ Ahula/ Aula/ Baula
Meaning: A Star
42 Bahulya
Pet name: Bahu/ Ahulya/ Hulya/ Baulya
Meaning: Plentiful
43 Baidehi
Pet name: Baide/ Aidehi/ Baiedhi/ Iedhi/ Bedhi
Meaning: Goddess Sita
44 Baijanti
Pet name: Baij/ Janti/ Aijanti/ Bianti/ Baijia
Meaning: A Flower
45 Baijayani
Pet name: Baija/ Jayani/ Ajayani/ Ayani/ Baija/ Jaya
Meaning: Trendy
46 Baijayanthi
Pet name: Baija/ Aijayanthi/ Jayanthi/ Ayanthi/ Baijayani
Meaning: Garland Of Lord Vishnu
47 Bairavi
Pet name: Baira/ Airavi/ Ira
Meaning: Goddess Durga
48 Baisakhi
Pet name: Baisa/ Akhi/ Sakhi/ Aisakhi
Meaning: Beautiful Or Gorgeous
49 Baishali
Pet name: Bais/ Aishali/ Baisha/ Shali
Meaning: Princess
50 Baiza
Pet name: Baiz/ Aiza/ Baizz
Meaning: White, Bright, Brilliant
51 Bajila
Pet name: Baji/ Baila/ Ajila/ Aila/ Jia
Meaning: Honored Or Dignified
52 Bajra
Pet name: Bajr/ Ajra/ Bajjr
Meaning: Goddess Durga, Diamond
53 Bakavati
Pet name: Bavi/ Bakava/ Akavati/ Kavathi/ Avati/ Bavati
Meaning: A River
54 Bakula
Pet name: Bakul/ Aula/ Baula/ Akula
Meaning: A Flower, Lord Shiva
55 Bala
Pet name: Balu/ Bals
Meaning: Young Girl
56 Balachandrika
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Chandrika/ Chandri/ Charika/ Arika/ Rika/ Riks
Meaning: Name Of A Raga
57 Banafsaj
Pet name: Bana/ Banafs/ Anasaj/ Nafsaj/ Afsaj/ Afsa
Meaning: Violet Flower
58 Banafsheh
Pet name: Bana/ Banafs/ Anafsheh/ Anasheh
Meaning: A Violet Flower
59 Bandana
Pet name: Banu/ Bana/ Dana/ Anna
Meaning: Prayer
60 Bandhini
Pet name: Bandhi/ Andhini/ Ahini/ Baini/ Bahini
Meaning: Bond, Together
61 Bandhura
Pet name: Bandhu/ Badhura/ Bura/ Aura/ Ahura
Meaning: Pretty
62 Bandini
Pet name: Bandi/ Anini/ Baini
Meaning: A Bond
63 Bandita
Pet name: Bandi/ Andita/ Adita/ Badita/ Anita/ Banita
Meaning: Blessed
64 Bandna
Pet name: Banda/ Anna/ Badna
Meaning: Prayer
65 Banhi
Pet name: Bani/ Anhi/ Anni
Meaning: Fire
66 Banhishikha
Pet name: Bani/ Bahi/ Anishikha/ Anishi/ Ashika/ Bashika
Meaning: Flame
67 Bani
Pet name: Ani
Meaning: Goddess Sarswati, The Earth
68 Banita
Pet name: Bani/ Anita/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: A Lovely Lady Or Beautiful
69 Banmala
Pet name: Bana/ Bani/ Anmala/ Amala/ Mala
Meaning: A Garland
70 Bansari
Pet name: Bani/ Ansari/ Asari/ Basari
Meaning: Beauty Of Forest
71 Bansarika
Pet name: Bani/ Banasa/ Arika/ Sarika/ Basari/ Arika/ Aria
Meaning: Creative
72 Banu
Pet name: Anu
Meaning: Princess, Lady
73 Baraah
Pet name: Barai/ Araah
Meaning: Innocence
74 Baraim
Pet name: Barai/ Araim/ Braim/ Raim
Meaning: Blossom, Bud
75 Baraka
Pet name: Barak/ Araka/ Arka
Meaning: Blessing
76 Barakah
Pet name: Barak/ Arakah/ Arka/ Rakah
Meaning: Blessing
77 Barakat
Pet name: Barak/ Arakat/ Arkat/ Arka
Meaning: Blessing
78 Bareerah
Pet name: Baree/ Areerah/ Aree/ Eerah/ Barah/ Bareeh
Meaning: Kind, Faithful And Devoted
79 Bargavi
Pet name: Baravi/ Bagi/ Argavi/ Aravi
Meaning: Goddess Parvati,  Beautiful
80 Barhina
Pet name: Barhi/ Arhina/ Bahina/ Ahina/ Hina
Meaning: Adored With Peacock
81 Barhismati
Pet name: Bahi/ Baari/ Arhismati/ Ahismathi/ Ahis/ Amathi
Meaning: Blazing, Pure
82 Barirah
Pet name: Barir/ Arirah/ Bairah/ Ari
Meaning: Faithful And Devoted
83 Barisha
Pet name: Bari/ Baris/ Arisha/ Risha/ Isha
Meaning: Pure
84 Barjaa
Pet name: Bajaa/ Arjaa/ Brjaa
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
85 Barkha
Pet name: Barha/ Arkha/ Arka
Meaning: Rain
86 Barlin
Pet name: Barl/ Bari/ Alin/ Balin/ Arlin
Meaning: Princesses
87 Barraqa
Pet name: Barra/ Arraqa/ Barraq/ Raqa
Meaning: Bright, Brilliant, Shinning, Sparkling
88 Barsha
Pet name: Baha/ Arsha/ Arha/ Barha/ Ara
Meaning: Rain
89 Barshisa
Pet name: Bars/ Arshi/ Ashisa/ Shisa/ Hisa/ Shis
Meaning: Light, Sacrifice
90 Barsiya
Pet name: Bari/ Baris/ Arsiya/ Siya/ Sia
Meaning: Trendy
91 Baruni
Pet name: Baru/ Bari/ Aruni/ Arni
Meaning: Goddess Durga
92 Barzah
Pet name: Barz/ Barza/ Arzah/ Razah/ Raza
Meaning: She Was A Narrator Of Hadith
93 Basaaria
Pet name: Basaa/ Asaaria/ Aria/ Basria
Meaning: Beautiful
94 Basabi
Pet name: Basa/ Basabi/ Asabi/ Aabi
Meaning: Wife Of Lord Indra
95 Basanti
Pet name: Basa/ Asanti/ Santi/ Banthi
Meaning: Spring Season
96 Baseema
Pet name: Basee/ Asema/ Aeema/ Seema/ Eema
Meaning: Smiling
97 Basheera
Pet name: Bashee/ Asheera/ Aheera/ Baheera/ Aeera/ Heera
Meaning: Bringer Of Good Things, Joy
98 Bashika
Pet name: Bashi/ Ashika/ Ahika/ Basika/ Asika/ Bahika
Meaning: Trendy
99 Bashiqa
Pet name: Bashi/ Ashiqa/ Bahiqa/ Ahiqa
Meaning: Trendy
100 Bashira
Pet name: Bashi/ Ashira/ Ahira/ Basira/ Aira/ Bahira
Meaning: Bringer Of Good News
101 Bashita
Pet name: Bashi/ Ashita/ Ahita/ Basita/ Bahita
Meaning: Freedom
102 Basila
Pet name: Basi/ Baila/ Asila/ Asia/ Aila/ Basia/ Baila
Meaning: Brave, Fearless, Intrepid
103 Basilah
Pet name: Basi/ Baila/ Asilah/ Asiah/ Basaiah/ Ailah/ Bilah
Meaning: Brave
104 Basima
Pet name: Basi/ Asima/ Aima/ Basim/ Sima/ Sia
Meaning: Similar, Smiling
105 Basimah
Pet name: Bassi/ Asimah/ Aimah/ Basima/ Sima
Meaning: Smiling
106 Basira
Pet name: Basi/ Asira/ Sira/ Ira/ Sia
Meaning: Wise, Intelligent, Clever
107 Basmah
Pet name: Basm/ Asmah/ Samah/ Basa/ Amah
Meaning: A Smile
108 Basundhara
Pet name: Basun/ Sundhara/ Baun/ Adhara
Meaning: The Earth
109 Batrisyia
Pet name: Batri/ Atri/ Risiya/ Asiya/ Siya/ Sia
Meaning: Intelligent
110 Baulya
Pet name: Baul/ Aulya/ Aula/ Aul/ Bula/ Aulu
Meaning: Trendy
111 Bavii
Pet name: Bavs/ Avii
Meaning: Who Devotes Lord Shiva
112 Bavishya
Pet name: Bavi/ Bavs/ Avi/ Avishya/ vishya/ Ishya/ Isha/ Shya
Meaning: Future
113 Bavita
Pet name: Bavi/ Bavs/ Avita/ Vita/ Bavia
Meaning: Person Who Knows Future
114 Bavitha
Pet name: Bavia/ Bavs/ Avitha/ Vitha/ Viha/ Via
Meaning: Person Who Knows Future
115 Baviya
Pet name: Bavs/ Bavii/ Aviya/ Viya
Meaning: Trendy
116 Baydah
Pet name: Baya/ Aydah/ Bayda/ Aydah
Meaning: Worshipper, Servant Of Allah
117 Bazegha
Pet name: Baze/ Bagha/ Azegha/ Aegha
Meaning: Bright
118 Baziriya
Pet name: Bazi/ Aziriya/ Baziri/ Ziriya/ Riya
Meaning: One Who Sows Seeds
119 Vaagdevi
Pet name: Vaags/ Vaagu/ Aagde/ Devi/ Evi
Meaning: Goddess Of Learning, Goddess Sarswathi
120 Vaani
Pet name: Vaans/ Anni
Meaning: Strong, Speech
121 Vaanisha
Pet name: Vaani/ Vaanis/ Aanisha/ Nisha/ Isha
Meaning: Goddess Saraswati
122 Vaarida
Pet name: Vaari/ Vaaru/ Arida/ Rida/ Ria
Meaning: Cloud
123 Vagisha
Pet name: Vagi/ Vagis/ Agisha/ Agis/ Gisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Goddess Sarswathi
124 Vagdevi
Pet name: Vags/ Vagds/ Agde/ Devi/ Evi
Meaning: Goddess Sarswathi
125 Vahini
Pet name: Vahi/ Vahins/ Vahu/ Ahini/ Hini/ Aini
Meaning: Flower
126 Vaidehi
Pet name: Vaide/ Vaides/ Aide/ Idehi/ Ehi
Meaning: Sita, Wife Of Ram
127 Vaijayanti
Pet name: Vaiiju/ Vaijas/ Aijayanti/ Ijaya/ Jayanti/ Jaya/ Ayanti/ Yanti/ Yani
Meaning: Prize
128 Vainavi
Pet name: Vais/ Vainas/ Ainavi/ Aina/ Inavi/ Navi/ Avi
Meaning: Gold
129 Vaishali
Pet name: Vais/ Vaishu/ Aishalii/ Ishali/ Isha/ Shali/ Hali
Meaning: Name Of An Ancient City
130 Vaishavi
Pet name: Vais/ Vaishu/ Aishavi/ Aisha/ Ishavi/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Lord Vishnu'S Devotee
131 Vaisakhi
Pet name: Vais/ Vaisu/ Aisakhi/ Aish/ Sakhi/ Akhi/ Ahi
Meaning: Auspicious Day In Punjab
132 Vaishnavi
Pet name: Vaishu/ Vais/ Aishnavi/ Aisha/ Ishnavi/ Isha/ Nvai/ Avi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
133 Valli
Pet name: Vall/ Vallu/ Alli
Meaning: Creeper
134 Vallari
Pet name: Valla/ Vallu/ Alla/ Lari/ Ari
Meaning: Goddess Sita
135 Vallabhi
Pet name: Vallas/ Vallu/ Allabhi/ Labhi/ Abhi
Meaning: Lovable, Beloved
136 Vallika
Pet name: Valli/ Vallus/ Valliks/ Allika/ Alli/ Lika/ Lia
Meaning: Intelligent, Creeper
137 Valini
Pet name: Vallis/ Vallus/ Allini/ Aini/ Lini
Meaning: Stars
138 Vamika
Pet name: Vami/ Vamu/ Amika/ Mika/ Mia
Meaning: Goddess Durga
139 Vamakshi
Pet name: Vamu/ Vamaks/ Amakshi/ Amaks/ Maks/ Akshi/ Ashi/ Aksi
Meaning: Beautiful Eyes
140 Vanaja
Pet name: Vaans/ Vaanu/ Anaja/ Anaju/ Aja/ Aju
Meaning: Blue Lotus
141 Vanajay
Pet name: Vaans/ Vaanu/ Anjay/ Jay
Meaning: Creative
142 Vanalika
Pet name: Vana/ Vanali/ Nalika/ Alika/ Lika/ Lia
Meaning: Sunflower
143 Vandana
Pet name: Vanda/ Vandu/ Adana/ Dana/ Aana
Meaning: Adoration, Salutation
144 Vandita
Pet name: Vandi/ Vandu/ Andita/ Andi/ Dita/ Anita/ Nita
Meaning: Praised, Adored
145 Vanhi
Pet name: Vanhs/ Vanhu/ Anhi/ Ahi
Meaning:  Fire
146 Vani
Pet name: Vaans/ Vaanu/ Aani
Meaning: Saraswati
147 Vanita
Pet name: Vani/ Anita/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: Lady
148 Vanitha
Pet name: Vani/ Anitha/ Nitha/ Niha/ Nia
Meaning: Goddess Sarswathi
149 Vanishri
Pet name: Vani/ Vanis/ Vaanishi/ Ani/ Anis/ Nishri/ Shri
Meaning: Goddess Saraswati
150 Vanini
Pet name: Vani/ Vaanu/ Anini/ Aani
Meaning: Soft Spoken
151 Vanmala
Pet name: Vanms/ Vanma/ Anmala/ Mala/ Ala
Meaning: Wildflower Garland
152 Vanmalli
Pet name: Vanms/ Vanma/ Anmali/ Mali/ Anmal/ Ali
Meaning: Wild Flower
153 Vanmayi
Pet name: Vanms/ Vanmays/ Anmayi/ Mayi
Meaning: Goddess Saraswati
154 Vanshi
Pet name: Vaans/ Vanshis/ Anshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Flute
155 Vanshika
Pet name: Vaans/ Vanshi/ Anshika/ Anshi/ Shika/ Hika/ Hia
Meaning: Flute
156 Vartika
Pet name: Var/ Vartis/ Varti/ Artika/ Atika/ Rika
Meaning: Lamp
157 Varalakshmi
Pet name: Vara/ Varala/ Ara/ Vara/ Laks/ Lakshmi/ Akshmi/ Akshi/ Aksi
Meaning: Blessed One, Goddess Lakshmi
158 Varaa
Pet name: Vara/ Varu/ Araa
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
159 Varali
Pet name: Vara/ Varu/ Arali/ Rali/ Ali
Meaning: Moon
160 Varalika
Pet name: Vara/ Varu/ Varalis/ Aralika/ Ara/ Lika/ Lia
Meaning: Goddess Durga
161 Vardah
Pet name: Varda/ Vardu/ Ardah/ Arda
Meaning: Rose
162 Varna
Pet name: Vars/ Varu/ Varns/ Arna/ Aana
Meaning: Goddess Sraswati, Colors
163 Varnika
Pet name: Varni/ Vars/ Arnika/ Anika/ Ani/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Bold, Pure
164 Varsha
Pet name: Vars/ Varshas/ Arsha/ Arsh/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Rain
165 Varij
Pet name: Vars/ Vari/ Arij/ Ari/ Rijs
Meaning: Lotus
166 Varija
Pet name: Vars/ Vari/ Arija/ Ari/ Rija
Meaning: Lotus
167 Varshini
Pet name: Vars/ Varshi/ Arshini/ Arshi/ Shini/ Hini
Meaning: Goddess Of Rain
168 Varshita
Pet name: Vars/ Varshi/ Arshita/ Arshi/ Shita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Beautiful Rain
169 Varuna
Pet name: Varu/ Vara/ Aruna/ Runa/ Una
Meaning: Goddess Of All
170 Varunavi
Pet name: Varu/ Varuna/ Arunavi/ Aruna/ Runavi/ Navi/ Avi
Meaning: Goddess Laxmi
171 Varuni
Pet name: Varu/ Varus/ Aruni/ Runu/ Unni
Meaning: A Goddess
172 Varunika
Pet name: Varu/ Varuni/ Arunika/ Aru/ Runika/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Goddess Of Rain
173 Varya
Pet name: Vars/ Varu/ Varys/ Arya
Meaning: Form
174 Vasant
Pet name: Vas/ Vasu/ Asant/ Sant
Meaning: Spring Season
175 Vasanti
Pet name: Vasa/ Vasu/ Asan/ Santi/ San
Meaning: Season, Spring, Yellow
176 Vasantika
Pet name: Vasa/ Vasu/ Asan/ Santika/ Santi/ Atika/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Goddess Of Spring
177 Vasanta
Pet name: Vasa/ Vasu/ Asanta/ Asan/ Sana
Meaning: Spring
178 Vasatika
Pet name: Vasa/ Vasu/ Asatik/ Satika/ Atika/ Aika
Meaning: Morning Light
179 Vasavi
Pet name: Vasa/ Vasu/ Asavi/ Savi/ Avi
Meaning: Creative
180 Vasanthi
Pet name: Vasa/ Vasu/ Santhi/ Santhu/ Anhi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
181 Vasudeva
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasu/ Asud/ Sude/ Deva/ Eva
Meaning: Goddess Of Wealth
182 Vasuda
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasuds/ Asuda/ Suda/ Uda
Meaning: Earth
183 Vasudha
Pet name: Vasu/ Asudh/ Sudha/ Udha
Meaning: The Earth
184 Vasudhara
Pet name: Vasu/ Asudha/ Sudha/ Dhara/ Hara
Meaning: Earth
185 Vasukhi
Pet name: Vasu/ Asukhi/ Sukhi/ Ukhi
Meaning: Lord Krishna
186 Vasuki
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasuks/ Asuki/ Suki
Meaning: Earth
187 Vasumathi
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasuma/ Asuma/ Sumanthi/ Suma/ Umanthi/ Uma/ Manthi/ Manhi
Meaning: Golden Moon, Beautiful
188 Vasundhara
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasudha/ Asundh/ Sundhara/ Sudha/ Dhara/ Hara
Meaning: Earth
189 Vasaantha
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasaans/ Asaantha/ Santha/ Santhu
Meaning: Spring
190 Vasana
Pet name: Vasu/ Vasans/ Asana/ Asa/ Sana/ Aana
Meaning: Goddess Durga
191 Vatsala
Pet name: Vats/ Vatsals/ Atsala/ Atsa
Meaning: Love, Affection