1 Judy
Pet name: Juds/ Udy
Meaning: Praised
2 Juhi
Pet name: Juhs/ Uhi
Meaning: Gorgeous
3 Juily
Pet name: Juis/ Uily
Meaning: A Flower
4 Julia
Pet name: Juli/ Ulia
Meaning: Women With Curly Hair
5 Juliane
Pet name: Juli/ Uliane/ Liane/ Lia
Meaning: Trendy
6 Julie
Pet name: Juli/ Ulie/ Juie
Meaning: Youthful
7 Juliett
Pet name: Julie/ Uliett/ Ulie
Meaning: Youthful
8 Jumaina
Pet name: Juma/ Umaina/ Maina/ Aina/ Ina
Meaning: Silver Pearl
9 Juniper
Pet name: Juni/ Uniper/ Juni/ Juper
Meaning: Ever Green Herb
10 Justin
Pet name: Jus/ Ustin/ Justi
Meaning: Flame
11 Jebisha
Pet name: Jebi/ Jebis/ Ebisha/ Isha/ Bisha/ Ebi/ Sha
Meaning: Prayerful
12 Jeenifer
Pet name: Jeeni/ Jeenif/ Enifer/ Jinfer/ Jifer
Meaning: Beautiful Girl
13 Jeevana
Pet name: Jeeva/ Eevana/ Vana/ Eena
Meaning: Life
14 Jeevanalatha
Pet name: Jeeva/ Jeevana/ Eevana/ Vana/ Latha/ Anatha
Meaning: Creeper Of Life
15 Jeevani
Pet name: Jee/ Jeevis/ Jeevas/ Evani/ Eani/ Vani
Meaning: Life
16 Jeevika
Pet name: Jee/ Jeevis/ Evika/ Vika/ Eiva/ Eva
Meaning: Water
17 Jeevita
Pet name: Jeevi/ Evita/ Vita/ Evia/ Eva
Meaning: Water
18 Jeevitha
Pet name: Jeevi/ Jeevithy/ Evitha/ Eviha/ Vitha/ Via/ Viha
Meaning: Alive , Life
19 Jeeya
Pet name: Jeya/ Eeya
Meaning: Heart, Soul
20 Jehannaz
Pet name: Jeha/ Jehans/ Ehannaz/ Naz/ Hannaz/ Anna
Meaning: Trendy
21 Jemila
Pet name: Jemi/ Jemily/ Emila/ Mila/ Mia
Meaning: Beautiful
22 Jemima
Pet name: Jemi/ Jeemy/ Emima/ Emi/ Mima
Meaning: Dove
23 Jemisha
Pet name: Jemi/ Jemisy/ Emisha/ Emi/ Isha/ Misha/ Misa/ Mia/ Isa
Meaning: Queen Of Night
24 Jenet
Pet name: Jene/ Jenees/ Enet
Meaning: One Who Is Heaven Sent
25 Jenett
Pet name: Jenne/ Jennes/ Enett/ Ene
Meaning: Merciful
26 Jeniffer
Pet name: Jeni/ Jennif/ Eniffer/ Nifer/ Jenier
Meaning: Beautiful Girl
27 Jenil
Pet name: Jeni/ Jenis/ Enil/ Jeil
Meaning: Victorious
28 Jennisha
Pet name: Jenni/ jennis/ Ennisha/ Nisha/ Isha/ Nia
Meaning: Dispeller Of Ignorance
29 Jershika
Pet name: Jershi/ Jerry/ Ershika/ Eshika/ Shika/ Esika/ Sika/ Sia
30 Jesmitha
Pet name: Jes/ Jesmi/ Esmitha/ Esmi/ Mitha/ Miha/ Mia
Meaning: Smiley, Smiles
31 Jessica
Pet name: Jessi/ Jessy/ Essica/ Essi/ Sica/ Sia
Meaning: Behold Of God
32 Jeyapriya
Pet name: Jeya/ Jeyas/ Priya/ Riya/ Piya
Meaning: Victory
33 Jodha
Pet name: Jodh/ Odha/ Joha
Meaning: Princess
34 Johi
Pet name: Joh/ Ohi
Meaning: Jasmine
35 Joshika
Pet name: Josh/ Oshika/ Shika/ Sika/ Hika/ Joshi
Meaning: Young Maiden
36 Joshila
Pet name: Joshi/ Oshila/ Shila/ Shia/ Joila
Meaning: One Who Is Filled With Enthusiasm
37 Joshita
Pet name: Joshi/ Oshitha/ Shitha/ Sitha/ Hitha/ Shia/ Sia/ Sita
Meaning: Pleased
38 Joshna
Pet name: Josh/ Oshna/ Ohna/ Shna
Meaning: Moon Light, Happiness
39 Jothika
Pet name: Jo/ Jothi/ Othika/ Hika/ Oika
Meaning: Sun Light, Light
40 Joycee
Pet name: Jo/ Joye/ Oycee/ Joyc
Meaning: One Who Spreads Happiness