1 Paarthivi
Pet name: Paars/ Paaru/ Aarthivi/ Hivi/ Ivi
Meaning: Daughter Of The Earth
2 Paarul
Pet name: Paaru/ Paarus/ Aarul/ Aul
Meaning: Beautiful, A Flower
3 Paarvati
Pet name: Paaru/ Arvati/ Vati/ Avati
Meaning: Goddess Durga
4 Paarvi
Pet name: Paaru/ Paars/ Arvi/ Avi
Meaning: Festival
5 Paavai
Pet name: Paavs/ Paavay/ Aavai/ Vai
Meaning: Beautiful Girl
6 Paavana
Pet name: Pavs/ Pavaas/ Avana/ Anna
Meaning: Holy, Pure
7 Paayal
Pet name: Paays/ Paayu/ Aayal
Meaning: Anklets
8 Padamavati
Pet name: Paads/ Padama/ Damavati/ Avati/ Avaa
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
9 Padini
Pet name: Padis/ Padu/ Adi/ Aini
Meaning: Confidence, Strong
10 Padma
Pet name: Padu/ Padms/ Padmas
Meaning: Lotus
11 Padmagriha
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Admagri/ Padma/ Griha/ Riha/ Ria
Meaning: Who Resides In A Lotus
12 Padmaja
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Maja/ Admaja
Meaning: Lotus Born
13 Padmakali
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Makali/ Kali
Meaning: Lotus Bud
14 Padmakalyani
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Kalyani/ Alyani/ Alyni
Meaning: Name Of A Raga
15 Padmakshi
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Makshi/ Akshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
16 Padmakshya
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Makshya/ Akshya/ Ashya
Meaning: One With Lotus Like Eyes
17 Padmal
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Admal/ Amal
Meaning: Lotus
18 Padmalaya
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Malaya/ Alaya/ Laya
Meaning: Lake Of Lotuses
19 Padmamalini
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Malini/ Alini/ Aini
Meaning: One who wearing Lotus Garland Or Goddess Lakshmi
20 Padmanjali
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Manjali/ Anjali/ Anjuu
Meaning: An Offering Of Lotuses
21 Padmapriya
Pet name: Padu/ Adma/ Priya/ Riya/ Piya
Meaning: Lover Of Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
22 Padmarekha
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Marekha/ Rekha/ Arekha/ Ekha
Meaning: Lotus Like Lines On The Palm
23 Padmaroopa
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Aroopa/ Roopa/ Aroo
Meaning: Like A Lotus
24 Padmarupa
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Rupa
Meaning: With The Beauty Of A Lotus, Goddess Laksmi
25 Padmashree
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Mashree/ Mashee/ Ashree/ Shree/ Ashee
Meaning: Divine Lotus
26 Padmashri
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Mashri/ Shri/ Sri
Meaning: Divine Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
27 Padmavathi
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Avathi/ Ava/ Vathi
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
28 Padmavati
Pet name: Padu/ Padma/ Avati/ Ava/ Vati
Meaning: Full Of Lotus Flowers
29 Padmini
Pet name: Padu/ Padmi/ Amini/ Aini
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
30 Pakhi
Pet name: Pakh/ Pakhs/ Akhi/ Ahi
Meaning: Bird
31 Pakshalika
Pet name: Paksh/ Pakshalis/ Shalika/ Halika/ Alika/ Lika
Meaning: On The Right Path
32 Palak
Pet name: Palas/ Alak/ Ala
Meaning: Eye Lash
33 Palakshi
Pet name: Pallu/ Palak/ Alakshi/ Lakshi/ Akshi/ Ashi
Meaning: White
34 Pallavi
Pet name: Pallu/ Pallavis/ Allavu/ Lavi/ Lav
Meaning: New Leaves
35 Pallavika
Pet name: Pallu/ Pallavi/ Allavika/ Lavika/ Lavi/ Avika/ Avi/ Vika
Meaning: Blossom
36 Pallavini
Pet name: Pallu/ Pallavi/ Allavini/ Lavini/ Avini/ Aini
Meaning: Creeper In Full Bloom, New Leaves, New Beginings
37 Palvi
Pet name: Pallu/ Pals/ Alvi/ Avi
Meaning: Bird, Hot
38 Palwasha
Pet name: Palwa/ Palu/ Alwasha/ Washa/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Light Ray Of Moon
39 Pameela
Pet name: Pamee/ Pamees/ Ameela/ Meela/ Aeela/ Amee/ Eela
Meaning: Honey
40 Pamella
Pet name: Pame/ Pamells/ Amella/ Amee/ Ella
Meaning: Sweet
41 Panavi
Pet name: Panav/ Panavy/ Anavi/ Navi/ Avi
Meaning: Happy
42 Pankaja
Pet name: Panks/ Pankas/ Ankaja/ Anaja/ Anaja/ Ajju
Meaning: Lotus
43 Panvi
Pet name: Paans/ Panvy/ Anvi/ Avi
Meaning: Festival Of God's
44 Parameshwari
Pet name: Params/ Parames/ Aramesh/ Ameshwari/ Eshwari/ Esh
Meaning: Goddess Durga
45 Paramita
Pet name: Parami/ Parmits/ Aramita/ Amita/ Mita/ Mia
Meaning: Wisdom, Expert
46 Paramjot
Pet name: Param/ Paramjo/ Aramjot/ Amjot/ Jot
Meaning: The Highest Light, God'S Light
47 Paramjyothi
Pet name: Param/ Pramajyo/ Aramjyothi/ Ramjyo/ Jyothi/ Jyo/ Yothi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
48 Parankshi
Pet name: Parans/ Paranks/ Arankshi/ Arana/ Ankshi/ Akshi/ Shi
Meaning: Eyes Like Leaves
49 Pari
Pet name: Parrs/ Ari
Meaning: Bird
50 Parimala
Pet name: Pari/ Parimals/ Arimala/ Ari/ Mala/ Ala
Meaning: Fragrance
51 Parimitaa
Pet name: Pari/ Parimis/ Arimi/ Mitaa/ Rimi
Meaning: Parimitaa Means A Moderate Woman
52 Parineetha
Pet name: Pari/ Parinees/ Arineetha/ Arin/ Neetha/ Arinee/ Neeha/ Neea
Meaning: Complete, Brilliant
53 Parinika
Pet name: Pari/ Parini/ Arinika/ Rinika/ Nika/ Inika/ Nia
Meaning: Small Leaf
54 Parinisha
Pet name: Pari/ Parinis/ Arinisha/ Rinisha/ Ari/ Nisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Trendy
55 Parinitha
Pet name: Pari/ Parinis/ Arinitha/ Arini/ Ari/ Nitha/ Niha/ Nia
Meaning: Complete, Brilliant
56 Parinithi
Pet name: Pari/ Parini/ Arinithi/ Arini/ Ari/ Nithi/ Nihi
Meaning: Matured
57 Parisha
Pet name: Pari/ Parishy/ Arisha/ Risha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Like Paris, Fairy Or Like A Fairy,  Beautiful
58 Parishna
Pet name: Pari/ Parishns/ Arishna/ Rishna/ Ishna/ Isha
Meaning: Lovely,  Love For Life
59 Pariza
Pet name: Pari/ Parizs/ Ariza/ Riza/ Ria/ Iza
Meaning: Fairy
60 Parmeshwari
Pet name: Parme/ Parmesha/ Armesh/ Meshwari/ Eshwari/ Esha
Meaning: Goddess Durga
61 Parmila
Pet name: Parmi/ Parmils/ Armila/ Armi/ Mila/ Ila
Meaning: Wisdom
62 Parmita
Pet name: Parmi/ Zparmils/ Armita/ Amita/ Mita/ Mia
Meaning: Wisdom
63 Parnavi
Pet name: Parna/Parnavs/ Arnavi/ Navi/ Avi
Meaning: Bird
64 Parnika
Pet name: Parni/ Parniks/ Arnika/ Nika
Meaning: Goddess Paravathi
65 Parnvi
Pet name: Pars/ Parnvs/ Arnvi/ Anvi
Meaning: Bird
66 Parthavi
Pet name: Parths/ Parthu/ Arthavi/ Arthavs/ Avii
Meaning: Goddess Sita
67 Parthivi
Pet name: Parths/ Parthu/ Arthivi/ Arthi
Meaning: Goddess Sita
68 Partibha
Pet name: Pars/ Partibs/ Artibha/ Arti/ Ibha
Meaning: Derived From Parth
69 Paru
Pet name: Pars/ Arus
Meaning: The Sun, Goddess Parvathi, Graceful
70 Parul
Pet name: Pars/ Paru/ Arul
Meaning: Beautiful, Kind, A Flower
71 Parushi
Pet name: Pars/ Paru/ Arushi/ Arshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Beautiful, Brilliant
72 Parvathi
Pet name: Paru/ Pars/ Arvathi/ Avathi/ Vahi
Meaning: Trendy
73 Parvati
Pet name: Paru/ Pars/ Arvati/ Avati/ Avaa
Meaning: Goddess Paravathi
74 Parvin
Pet name: Parvi/ Parvis/ Arvin/ Arvin/ Avin
Meaning: Talented, Capable
75 Pasha
Pet name: Pash/ Asha
Meaning: Tiny Or Small
76 Pavana
Pet name: Pavs/ Pavans/ Avana/ Vana/ Aana
Meaning: Devoted, Divine, Pure
77 Pavani
Pet name: Pava/ Pavas/ Avani/ Ava/ Vani/ Aani
Meaning: Goddess Ganga, Sacred
78 Pavanika
Pet name: Pavas/ Pavani/ Avanika/ Pavani/ Avani/ Ava/ Anika/ Nik
Meaning: Devotee Of Lord Hanuman
79 Pavithra
Pet name: Pavi/ Paviths/ Avithra/ Avi/ Vithra/ Vitha/ Ithra
Meaning: Pure
80 Pavitra
Pet name: Pavi/ Pavits/ Avita/ Vitra/ Vita/ Itra
Meaning: Pure , Holy 
81 Payal
Pet name: Paays/ Ayal/ Yaal
Meaning: Anklets
82 Pazia
Pet name: Pazi/ Pazis/ Azia/ Zia/ Azi
Meaning: Golden
83 Phalguni
Pet name: Phal/ Halguni/ Alguni/ Guni/ Uni
Meaning: Full Moon Day
84 Prabhavathi
Pet name: Parbha/ Bhavathi/ Avathi/ Ava/ Vathi
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
85 Pradhi
Pet name: Pardi/ Radhi/ Adhi
Meaning: Intelligent
86 Pragati
Pet name: Parga/ Ragati/ Agati/ Raga
Meaning: Progress
87 Prameela
Pet name: Parme/ Rameela/ Ameela/ Ame/ Meela/ Eela
Meaning: Arjunas Wife
88 Pramika
Pet name: Parmi/ Armika/ Mika/ Amika/ Rika
Meaning: Best, Fulfilling Desires
89 Pramiti
Pet name: Parmi/ Ramiti/ Amiti/ Ami
Meaning: Wisdom
90 Praneeksha
Pet name: Parnee/ Raneeksha/ Ranee/ Aneeksha/ Anee/ Neekska/ Eeksha/ Sha
Meaning: Water
91 Pranidhi
Pet name: Parni/ Ranidhi/ Anidhi/ Nidhi/ Rani/ Aani
Meaning: Spy
92 Pranitha
Pet name: Parni/ Ranitha/ Anitha/ Aani/ Nitha/ Niha/ Nia
Meaning: Grown, Holy Water
93 Pranithi
Pet name: Parni/ Ranithi/ Rani/ Anithi/ Nithi/ Nihi
Meaning: Breath, Life
94 Prashansha
Pet name: Parsh/ Rashansha/ Ashansha/ Asha/ Ansha/ Sha
Meaning: Admiration, Praise, Compliment
95 Pratinjita
Pet name: Parti/ Ratinjita/ Atinjita/ Jita
Meaning: Angle Of God
96 Pravalitha
Pet name: Parva/ Aravalitha/ Ravali/ Valitha/ Vali/ Alitha/ Litha
Meaning: Unlimited Power
97 Pravashthi
Pet name: Parava/ Ravashthi/ Ravash/ Vashthi/ Ashthi
Meaning: Trendy