1 Laalin
Pet name: Laals/ Alin/ Ali
Meaning: Creative
2 Laalit
Pet name: Laals/ Alit/ Ali
Meaning: Beloved, Caring, Friendly
3 Lalit
Pet name: Lal/ Lalis/ Alit/ Lait
Meaning: Beautiful, Desire
4 Lalitaditya
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Laait/ Aditya/ Adi/ Dity/ Adit
Meaning: A Beautiful Sun
5 Lalitakumar
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Laait/ Kumar/ Umar/ Kuma
Meaning: Desirable
6 Lalitchandra
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Laait/ Chandra/ Chandr/ Chand/ Chandu
Meaning: A Beautiful Moon
7 Lalitesh
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Ali/ Alite/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of Beauty, Husband Of A Beautiful Wife
8 Lalith
Pet name: Lal/ Lalith/ Alith/ Ali
Meaning: Handsome, Good Looking
9 Lalithadithya
Pet name: Lall/ Lalith/ Alith/ Ali/ Adhitya/ Adi/ Dithya/ Ithya
Meaning: Beautiful Sun
10 Lalitkishore
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Alit/ Ali/ Kishore/ Kisho/ Ihore
Meaning: Beautiful
11 Lalitkumar
Pet name: Lal/ Lalit/ Ali/ Kumar/ Umar/ Kumr
Meaning: Handsome, Attractive
12 Lalitmohan
Pet name: Lal/ lalit/ Alit/ Lalit/ Mohan/ Ohan
Meaning: Beautiful And Attractive
13 Leehaan
Pet name: Lee/ Leehs/ Lees/ Leehu/ Leeaan/ Eehan/ Haan
Meaning: Talented, Brilliant
14 Leehar
Pet name: Lee/ Leehs/ Lees/ Leehu/ Haar
Meaning: Sea Tide Or Wave
15 Leekshan
Pet name: Lee/ Leeksh/ Ekshan/ Shan/ Eeshu/ Leekshu
Meaning: Goal Or Traget
16 Leekshant
Pet name: Lee/ Leeksh/ Ekshan/ Shant/ Ekshu/ Leekshu
Meaning: God's Gift
17 Leekshil
Pet name: Lee/ Leeksh/ Lees/ Leesh/ Leeshu/ Leekshu/ Eshil
Meaning: Creative
18 Leekshit
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leekshu/ Eekshit/ Leeshu/ Eekshi
Meaning: Creative
19 Leela
Pet name: Lee/ Leel/ Leelu/ Lelas
Meaning: Graceful, Happy
20 Leeladhar
Pet name: Lee/ Leel/ Leelad/ Adhar/ Lahar
Meaning: One Who Works Miracles, Lord Krishna
21 Leenish
Pet name: Lee/ Leens/ Leenis/ Nish
Meaning: Beloved, Intelligent
22 Leepesh
Pet name: Lee/ Leeps/ Lees/ Leepes/ Leepu/ Esh
Meaning: Light From Sun
23 Leepit
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leepis/ Leepu
Meaning: Creative
24 Leepith
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leepits
Meaning: Creative
25 Leepul
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leepus/ Eepul
Meaning: Creative
26 Leeraaj
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leers/ Leers/ Leeu/ Raj/ Rajs/ Rajju
Meaning: Creative
27 Leeshan
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leeshu/ Eeshan/ Shan
Meaning: Creative
28 Leeshil
Pet name: Lee/ Leeshi/ Lees/ Leesh/ Leeshu/ Leeshu/ Eshil
Meaning: Creative
29 Leevesh
Pet name: Lee/ Leevs/ Leeves/ Leesh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
30 Leevin
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leevis/ Evin
Meaning: Creative
31 Leeyan
Pet name: Lee/ Lees/ Leeys/ Eeyan
Meaning: Creative
32 Leezat
Pet name: Lee/ Leez/ Leezs/ Leezy/ Leezu/ Zats
Meaning: Creative
33 Lehar
Pet name: Lee/ Leeh/ Ehar/ Lear
Meaning: Wave
34 Lekhan
Pet name: Lek/ Lekhas/ Ekhan/ Ehan/ Lekan
Meaning: Writing
35 Lekith
Pet name: Lek/ Lekit/ Ekith/ Eith
Meaning: Written
36 Leo
Pet name: Lees
Meaning: Lion
37 Lepaksh
Pet name: Lee/ Lepan/ Epaksh/ Paksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Beautifully Painted Eyes
38 Levius
Pet name: Levi/ Evius/ Evis
Meaning: Attached To Loved Ones
39 Levushka
Pet name: Levu/ Evushka/ Vushka/ Shka
Meaning: Lion
40 Lewis
Pet name: Lew/ Lewy/ Ewis/ Leis
Meaning: Warrior, Fame, Brave, Fighter
41 Leyshya
Pet name: Ley/ Leysh/ Eyshyan/ Eysh/ Shyan/ Shan
Meaning: Intelligent, Brilliant
42 Liban
Pet name: Lib/ Lian/ Iban/ Lian
Meaning: Successful, Charmed
43 Libeesh
Pet name: Libe/ Libeeh/ Ibeesh/ Ieesh/ Eesh/ Beesh
Meaning: One Who Has Serious Outlook To Life
44 Libeeshan
Pet name: Libee/ Libesh/ Ibeeshan/ Beeshan/ Shan
Meaning: Creative
45 Lidaan
Pet name: Lis/ Lidu/ Liaan/ Liaas/ Iaan
Meaning: Trendy
46 Lihaan
Pet name: Li/ Lis/ Lihs/ Lihaas/ Ihaan/ Haans
Meaning: Creative
47 Lihar
Pet name: Li/ Lihs/ Lihy/ Lihas/ Lihu/ Haar
Meaning:  Creative
48 Lijesh
Pet name: Li/ Lijj/ Lijju/ Lijes/ Jesh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
49 Likhil
Pet name: Likh/ Likki/ Ikhil/ Ihil
Meaning: Goddess Saraswati
50 Likhit
Pet name: Likh/ likki/ Ikhit/ Ikhi
Meaning: Written, Drawn
51 Likhith
Pet name: Lik/ Likki/ Ikhith/ Ihith
Meaning: Written, Drawn
52 Likilesh
Pet name: Lik/ Likki/Likil/ Ikileshilesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Educated
53 Likith
Pet name: Lik/ likki/ Ikith/ Ikit
Meaning: Aim, Lord Vishnu
54 Likshant
Pet name: Liks/ Likky/ Liksh/ Lihan/ Iksh/ Shant
Meaning: Trendy
55 Likshil
Pet name: Liks/ Likky/ Likshis/ Iksh/ Lishil
Meaning: Trendy
56 Likshith
Pet name: Liks/ Likky/ likshis/ Ikshith/ Iksh/ Lishith
Meaning: Creative
57 Liladhar
Pet name: Lil/ Lilan / Adhar/ Dhar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
58 Linesh
Pet name: Lis/ Liees/ Linu/ Linee/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
59 Lingan
Pet name: Lin/ Linga/ Ingan/ Iaan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
60 Lingesh
Pet name: Lin/ Linu/ Lingu/ Liesh/ Ingesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
61 Lingeshvaran
Pet name: Lin/ Lingesh/ Shvaran/ Varan/ Araan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
62 Lipansh
Pet name: Lis/ Lipan/ Lippu/ Lipans/ Lian/ Linu/ Ansh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
63 Lipanshu
Pet name: Lis/ Lipan/ Lipans/ Lipu/ Lians/ Linu/ Anshu/ Ansh
Meaning: Trendy
64 Lipesh
Pet name: Lis/ Lipes/ Liesh/ Esh
Meaning: Trendy
65 Lipin
Pet name: Lipis/ Lippu/ Liis
Meaning: Creative
66 Lipith
Pet name: Lipis/ Lipits/ Liiths
Meaning: Creative
67 Lipshit
Pet name: Lip/ Lipsi/ Ipshit/ Ishit/ Ihit
Meaning: Desired
68 Liraaj
Pet name: Li/ Lis/ Liray/ Liraas/ Raaj/ Liru
Meaning: Creative
69 Liren
Pet name: Li/ Lirs/ Liru/ Lires/ Reen
Meaning: Trendy
70 Lishan
Pet name: Lis/ Lish/ Lishu/ Ishan/ Shan
Meaning: Creative
71 Lithesh
Pet name: Lith/ Lithes/ Ithesh/ Ihesh/ Esh
Meaning: Attractive, Charming
72 Lithiesh
Pet name: Lith/ Lithis/ Ithiesh
Meaning: Aim, Goal
73 Lithin
Pet name: Lith/ Lithis/ Ithin/ Ihin
Meaning: Writer, King
74 Lithvik
Pet name: Lith/ Lithvi/ Ithvik/ Ihvik/ Ivik/ Vik
Meaning: Bright 
75 Liyan
Pet name: Lis/ Liyas/ Iyan/ Ian
Meaning: Trendy
76 Lize
Pet name: Liz/ Izee/ Lizzs
Meaning: Gods Promise
77 Lochan
Pet name: Loch/ Lochas/ Ochan/ Chan/ Ohan
Meaning:  The Eye
78 Logan
Pet name: Log/ Logas/ Ogan/ Oan
Meaning: Hollow
79 Lohajit
Pet name: Loh/ Lohaj/ Hajit/ Ajit/ Jit
Meaning: One Who Is Like A Diamond
80 Lohendra
Pet name: Loh/ Lohen/ Endra/ Hendra
Meaning: Lord Of Three Worlds
81 Lohit
Pet name: Loh/ Lohi/ Ohit/ Loit
Meaning: Red, Made Of Copper
82 Lohitaksh
Pet name: Loh/ Lohit/ Ohith/ Hitaksh/ Itaksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
83 Lohith
Pet name: Loh/ Lohit/ Ohith/ Hith
Meaning: Beautiful, Lord Shiva
84 Lokajit
Pet name: Lok/ Lokaj/ Akajt/ Kajit/ Jit
Meaning: Conqueror Of World
85 Lokakriti
Pet name: Lok/Lokak/ Kakriti/ Akriti/ Ariti
Meaning: Creater Of Universe
86 Lokanath
Pet name: Lok/ Lokan/ Ananth/ Anan
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Lord Of The World
87 Lokendra
Pet name: Lok/ Loken/ Endra/ Kedra
Meaning: King Of World
88 Lokesh
Pet name: Lok/ Loke/ Kesh/ Esh/ Oke
Meaning: Lord Brahma
89 Loki
Pet name: Lok/ Oki
Meaning: Trickster
90 Lokit
Pet name: Lok/ Loki/ Okit/ Oit
Meaning: Enlighted One
91 Loknaath
Pet name: Lok/ Loknaa/ Naath
Meaning: Lord Of The World
92 Loknath
Pet name: Lok/ Lokna/ Nath
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
93 Lokpal
Pet name: Lok/ lokap/ Okpal/ Pal
Meaning: Protector Of The People
94 Lokshith
Pet name: Lok/ Lokshi/ Okshith/ Ashith/ Shith/ Hith
Meaning: Distinguished
95 Lorant
Pet name: Loran/ Lors/ Orant/ Oant
Meaning: A Land Of Fame
96 Lorenzo
Pet name: Loren/ lorey/ Orenzo/ Enzo/ Ezo
Meaning: Sensitive, Fun Loving
97 Lorian
Pet name: Lori/ Loris/ Rian/ Ian
Meaning: Honor Of Victory
98 Lorien
Pet name: Lori/ loriey/ Orien/ Rien/ Ien
Meaning: God Of Dreams
99 Louis
Pet name: Lou/ Louii/ Ouis/ Uis
Meaning: Great Warrior
100 Loukya
Pet name: Lou/ louky/ Oukya/ Ukya/ Okya
Meaning: Wordily Wise
101 Lovesh
Pet name: Lov/ Love/ Vesh/ Esh
Meaning: Love
102 Lucas
Pet name: Luc/ Lucay/ Ucas/ Luas
Meaning: Barrier Of Light
103 Lucca
Pet name: Lucc/ luccy/ Ucca
Meaning: Light
104 Lucifer
Pet name: Luc/ Luci/ Cifer/ Cier
Meaning: Morning Star
105 Lukas
Pet name: Luk/ Lukky/ Ukas
Meaning: Light Color, White
106 Luke
Pet name: Luk/ Lukky/ Uke
Meaning: Giving Light
107 Lukka
Pet name: Luk/ Lukky/ Ukka
Meaning: Light
108 Luther
Pet name: Luth/ Uther/ Uher
Meaning: People’s Army