1 Baabar
Pet name: Baba/ Abar
Meaning: One Who Is Strong Like A Lion
2 Baabul
Pet name: Baul/ Abul
Meaning: Fatherly Figure
3 Baadi
Pet name: Baad/ Adi
Meaning: Distinct, Plain, Clear
4 Baadiyah
Pet name: Badi/ Iyah/ Adiyah
Meaning:  Desert
5 Baahi
Pet name: Bahi/ Aahi
Meaning: Glorious, Magnificent
6 Baahir
Pet name: Bala/ Ala
Meaning: Child, Strength
7 Baala
Pet name : Bala/ Ala
Meaning : Child, Strength
8 Baalaaditya
Pet name: Bala/ Adi/ Ditya/ Itya
Meaning: Risen Sun
9 Baalaaji
Pet name: Bala/ Aaji
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
10 Baalaarkl
Pet name: Bala/ Laark/ Aark
Meaning: The Rising Sun
11 Baalagopaal
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Gopal/ Opaal/ Gopi/ Paal
Meaning: Lord Krishna In Young Form
12 Baalaji
Pet name: Bala/ Aji/ Laji
Meaning: The Strong Kind Person
13 Baalan
Pet name: Bala/ Aalan
Meaning: Little Boy, Young Boy
14 Baalchandar
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Chandar/ Handar/ Aalchand
Meaning: Young Moon
15 Baaligh
Pet name: Baali/ Aligh/ Baligh
Meaning: Major, Eloquent,  Learned, Vivid
16 Baalkrishan
Pet name: Bala/ Krishna/ Krish/ Rishan
Meaning: Young Krishna
17 Baare
Pet name: Baars/ Aare
Meaning: Brilliant,  Superior
18 Baariq
Pet name: Baar/ Aariq/ Riq
Meaning: Shining, Bright, Illuminating
19 Baashir
Pet name: Baash/ Ashir/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Brave And Loyal Person
20 Baasim
Pet name: Baasi/ Aasim
Meaning: Smiling, Happy
21 Baasir
Pet name: Baasi/ Aair/ Asir
Meaning: Bringer Of Good News, Knowledgeable
22 Baasit
Pet name: Baasi/ Aasit
Meaning: Kind, Generous, Friendly
23 Baaskaran
Pet name: Baas/ Askaran/ Karan/ Aran
Meaning: The Sun
24 Baaz
Pet name: Baazi
Meaning: Falcon,  Music
25 Babak
Pet name: Baba/ Abak
Meaning: Beloved Father
26 Babaljeet
Pet name: Baba/ Aljeet/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Alij
Meaning: Full With Love
27 Baban
Pet name: Baba/ Aban
Meaning: Conqueror
28 Babar
Pet name: Baba/ Abar
Meaning: Tiger, Leader
29 Babasaheb
Pet name: Babas/ Babash/ Absah/ Asaheb/ Aheb/ Aheb
Meaning: Ambitious, Great Leader
30 Babeesh
Pet name: Bab/ Abeesh/ Aeesh/ Beesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Skillful, Kind
31 Baber
Pet name: Bab/ Aber/ Baer
Meaning: Brave, Lion
32 Babhrav
Pet name: Babh/ Abhravi/ Ahrav/ Arav
Meaning: Victorious
33 Babhri
Pet name: Babhu/ Abhri/ Ahri
Meaning: Conqueror
34 Babhulkar
Pet name: Babhu/ Abhul/ Ahulkar/ Ahul/ Ulkar
Meaning: Courageous One
35 Babik
Pet name: Baik/ Abik
Meaning: Law
36 Babji
Pet name: Baji/ Aji
Meaning: Independent
37 Babrak
Pet name: Babra/ Abrak/ Arak
Meaning: Little Basilica Flower
38 Babul
Pet name: Babu/ Baul/ Abul/ Aul
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Father
39 Baburaj
Pet name: Babu/ Abu/ Aburaj/ Auraj/ Raj/ Buraj
Meaning: One Who Can Influence People
40 Badani
Pet name: Badan/ Adan/ Adani
Meaning: Handsome, Charming, Attractive
41 Badara
Pet name: Bada/ Adara/ Ara
Meaning: Creative
42 Badari
Pet name: Badi/ Adar/ Ari
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
43 Badarinath
Pet name: Badi/ Adarinath/ Arinath/ Darin/ Arin
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
44 Badarish
Pet name: Badi/ Adarish/ Arish/ Rish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
45 Badram
Pet name: Badi/ Aram/ Ram
Meaning: Innocent, Blameless
46 Badri
Pet name: Badi/ Adri/ Arii
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
47 Badrinadh
Pet name: Badri/ Badi/ Adrinadh/ Adri/ Rinadh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu Or Lord Of Mount Badri
48 Badrinarayana
Pet name: Badri/ Adrin/ Narayana/ Aryan/ Anan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
49 Badrinath
Pet name: Badri/ Barin/ Adrinath/ Drinath/ Inath
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
50 Badrish
Pet name: Badri/ Badr/ Adris/ Rish/ Arish
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
51 Badruddin
Pet name: Baru/ Badru/ Aruddin/ Uddin
Meaning: Full Moon Of Religion
52 Badshah
Pet name: Basha/ Adshah/ Ashah
Meaning: Emperor, King
53 Bagath
Pet name: Baga/ Agath/ Bagah
Meaning: Devotee, To Serve
54 Baghi
Pet name: Bagi/ Aghi
Meaning: Tiger
55 Bagira
Pet name: Bagi/ Bagir/ Agira/ Gira/ Baira
Meaning: Loving
56 Bagyaraj
Pet name: Bagi/ Bagy/ Agyaraj/ Raj
Meaning: Lucky One
57 Bahadar
Pet name: Baha/ Ahadar/ Adar/ Hadar
Meaning: Brave And Courageous
58 Bahador
Pet name: Baha/ Hador/ Bador
Meaning: Honorable, Brave, Courageous
59 Bahadurjeet
Pet name: Baha/ Bahur/ Urjeet/ Jeet
Meaning: Victory Of The Brave And Courageous
60 Bahauddin
Pet name: Baha/ Bahu/ Auddin/ Uddin
Meaning: Glow Of The Religion
61 Bahir
Pet name: Bahi/ Ahir
Meaning: Dazzling,  Brilliant
62 Bahirun
Pet name: Bahi/ Bahir/ Ahir/ Airun/ Arun
Meaning: Brilliant
63 Bahnu
Pet name: Bahu/ Hanu
Meaning: The Sun, Brilliant
64 Bahrawar
Pet name: Bahra/ Arawar/ Ahraw
Meaning: Lion's Heart
65 Bahri
Pet name: Bahi/ Bahr/ Ahri/ Ari
Meaning: Little, Part, A Division, A Portion
66 Bahubala
Pet name: Bahu/ Bala/ Bahub/ Ahub
Meaning: Great Strength And Power
67 Bahudhar
Pet name: Bahu/ Ahudhar/ Udar/ Hudhar/ Bahdhar
Meaning: Honorable, Brave, Courageous, Fearless
68 Bahul
Pet name: Bahu/ Ahul/ Aul
Meaning: Star
69 Bahuley
Pet name: Bahu/ Ahuley/ Ahul/ Bahule/ Auley/ Aule
Meaning: Lord Karthikeya
70 Bahuleya
Pet name: Bahu/ Bhuleya/ Ahuleya/ Auleya/ Uleya/ Auley
Meaning: Lord Karthikeya, Abundant
71 Bahulya
Pet name: Bahu/ Bahul/ Ahuly/ Aulya
Meaning: Manifoldness, Variety, Multiplied, Increased, Grow
72 Bair
Pet name: Bai/ Aair
Meaning: Brave
73 Bairavan
Pet name: Bair/ Airavan/ Biravan/ Iravan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
74 Bakibulla
Pet name: Baki/ Aki/ Abulla/ Baibulla
Meaning: Owner Of A Humble Heart
75 Bakir
Pet name: Baki/ Akir/ Air
Meaning: Early
76 Bakul
Pet name: Baku/ Akul
Meaning: Clever, Lord Shiva
77 Bal Krishna
Pet name: Bal/ Krishna/ Rishan/ Ishan
Meaning: Young Krishna
78 Bala
Pet name: Bal
Meaning: Young One
79 Balaaditya
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Aditya/ Ditya/ Ality
Meaning: Young Sun
80 Balaark
Pet name: Bala/ Alark/ Laark/ Balaar
Meaning: The Rising Sun
81 Balaasundaram
Pet name: Bala/ Alasu/ Sundaram/ Aundar/ Sundar/ Aram
Meaning: Good Looking Boy
82 Balab
Pet name: Bala/ Alab
Meaning: Very Sweet
83 Balabalaji
Pet name: Bala/ Alab/ Balaji/ Balu/ Aji/ Baji
Meaning: Youthful Man
84 Balabhadra
Pet name: Bala/ Alabh/ Bhadra
Meaning: Strong, Lucky
85 Balacandra
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Alabh/ Candra
Meaning: The Crescent Moon Or The Young Moon
86 Balachand
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Chand/ Achand/ Chandu
Meaning: Lotus, Blooming Lotus
87 Balachandar
Pet name: Bala/ Chandar/ Chandu/ Achandar
Meaning: Young Moon
88 Balachandra
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Achandra/ Chandra/ Chandu
Meaning: Young Moon, Crescent Moon
89 Baladev
Pet name: Bala/ Alad/ Dev
Meaning: Powerful Or Brother Of Lord Krishna
90 Baladhi
Pet name: Bala/ Aladhi/ Adhi
Meaning: Intelligent
91 Baladhitya
Pet name: Bala/ Balu/ Adhitya/ Adhi/ Aithya
Meaning: Young Sun Or The Newly Risen Sun
92 Baladhya
Pet name: Bala/ Adhya
Meaning: Full Of Strength, Power, Might, Courage
93 Baladitya
Pet name: Bala/ Aditya/ Ditya/ Adit/ Adi
Meaning: Young Sun Or The Newly Risen Sun
94 Balaganapati
Pet name: Bala/ Ganapati/ Gana/ Anpathi
Meaning: Beloved And Lovable Child
95 Balagopal
Pet name: Bala/ Gopal/ Gopi
Meaning: Lord Krishna
96 Balagopalan
Pet name: Bala/ Gopalan/ Gopi/ Alan
Meaning: Young Cow-Herd, Lord Shri Krishna
97 Balaji
Pet name: Bala/ Baji/ Alaj/ Aji
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
98 Balakrishan
Pet name: Bala/ Krishan/ Krish/ Rishan/ Ishan/ Ihan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
99 Balamohan
Pet name: Bala/ Mohan/ Alohan
Meaning: One Who Is Good Looking, Attractive
100 Balanatha
Pet name: Bala/ Ananth/ Nantha
Meaning: Lord Of Strength, Lord Muruga
101 Baland
Pet name: Bala/ Aland
Meaning: Supreme, Mighty, Powers Of All
102 Balanika
Pet name: Bala/ Alanika/ Anik
Meaning: With A Powerful Army, Most Mightiest Warrior Group
103 Balaraj
Pet name: Bala/ Alaj/ Raj/ Araj
Meaning: Strong,  King
104 Balaraman
Pet name: Bala/ Ala/ Araman/ Raman/ Aman
Meaning: The Elder Brother Of Lord Krishna
105 Balaravi
Pet name: Bala/ Alaravi/ Aravi/ Ravi
Meaning: The Rising Sun
106 Balarun
Pet name: Bala/ Arun/ Aru
Meaning: Dawn, Early Morning, Rising Sun
107 Balashankar
Pet name: Bala/ Shankar/ Ankar
Meaning: Young Lord Shiva
108 Balavata
Pet name: Bala/ Lavata/ Avata/ Avat/ Lava
Meaning: Very Powerful, Mighty, Strong, Intense
109 Balavir
Pet name: Bala/ Avir
Meaning: Brave, Powerful, Hero
110 Balavira
Pet name: Bala/ Avira/ Lavir
Meaning: Courageous
111 Balbahadur
Pet name: Balba/ Balb/ Bahadur/ Ahadur/ Ahadu/ Adur
Meaning: Brave, Powerful
112 Balbir
Pet name: Balb/ Balbi/ Albir/ Abir
Meaning: Strong
113 Baldev
Pet name: Bala/ Dev/ Alev
Meaning: Strong
114 Balendu
Pet name: Bala/ Aendu/ Alendu/ Bandu
Meaning: Young Moon
115 Balgovind
Pet name: Bal/ Govind/ Vind
Meaning: Lord Krishna
116 Balmani
Pet name: Bal/ Mani/ Alani
Meaning: Young Jewel,  Small Jewel
117 Balraj
Pet name: Bla/ Raj
Meaning: Strong, Brave
118 Balu
Pet name: Bal
Meaning: Young Boy
119 Balula
Pet name: Balu/ Alula/ Aula/ Baula
Meaning: Powerful, Strong, Mighty, Courageous
120 Balusamy
Pet name: Balu/ Samy/ Balus/ Alusamy
Meaning: Young God
121 Balvaari
Pet name: Bal/ Alvaari/ Avaari/ Avaar
Meaning: Lord Krishna
122 Balveer
Pet name: Bal/ Alveer/ Aveer/ Aeer/ Veer
Meaning: Brave, Powerful
123 Balvindar
Pet name: Bal/ Balvin/ Alvin/ Alvinder/ Vindar/ Indar
Meaning: Powerful, Strong And Brave
124 Balvinder
Pet name: Bal/ Alvinder/ Avinder/ Bavinder/ Vinder/ Inder
Meaning: God Of Force,  Strong
125 Balvindra
Pet name: Bal/ Alvindra/ Avindra/ Vindra/ Indra
Meaning: Strong
126 Balvir
Pet name: Bal/ Alvir/ Avir/ Vir/ Bavir
Meaning: Strong Soldier,  Powerful And Brave
127 Banajit
Pet name: Bana/ Ajit/ Jeet/ Anaji
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
128 Baneswar
Pet name: Bane/ Eswar/ Banes/ Aneswar/ Esar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
129 Banibrata
Pet name: Banib/ Bana/ Anibrata/ Nibrata/ Brata
Meaning: Controller Of Speech
130 Banikant
Pet name: Bani/ Kanta/ Anikan
Meaning: He Who Can Control His Destiny
131 Banjeet
Pet name: Banj/ Anjeet/ Ajeet/ Jeet
Meaning: Victory Of Forest
132 Banke
Pet name: Bane/ Anke
Meaning: Lord Krishna
133 Banner
Pet name: Bane/ Anner/ Aer
Meaning: Flagbearer
134 Banny
Pet name: Bany/ Anny
Meaning: Petite And Good-Looking Person
135 Banpati
Pet name: Banp/ Anpati/ Apati/ Anti
Meaning: One Who Defends And Protects The Wild
136 Banseel
Pet name: Bane/ Ansee/ Baseel/ Neel/ Aeel/ Eel
Meaning: Brave
137 Banshi
Pet name: Bani/ Anshi/ Bashi
Meaning: Flute
138 Banshidhar
Pet name: Banshi/ Bani/ Shindhar/ Hindar/ Indar
Meaning: Krishna
139 Banshik
Pet name: Banshi/ Anshik/ Ashik/ Ahik/ Aik
Meaning: King Of The Forest, Lion
140 Bansidhar
Pet name: Bansi/ Ansidhar/ Sidhar/ Basihar
Meaning: Lord Krishna Or The Bearer Of The Flute
141 Bansilal
Pet name: Bansi/ Ansilal/ Ansil/ Basil/ Ilal
Meaning: Lord Krishna
142 Bansuri
Pet name: Bans/ Ansuri/ Suri/ Basuri
Meaning: Flute, Lord Krishna, Flash Of Lightning
143 Banush
Pet name: Banu/ Anush/ Anus/ Banus
Meaning: Youthful
144 Banwari
Pet name: Banw/ Anwari/ Anwari/ Anari
Meaning: Lord Krishna
145 Baqai
Pet name: Baqa/ Aqai/ Baqi
Meaning: Immortal
146 Baqar
Pet name: Baqa/ Aqar
Meaning: Inevitable,  Lion,  Powerful
147 Baqer
Pet name: Baqe/ Aqer/ Baer
Meaning: Man Of Knowledge
148 Baqil
Pet name: Baqi/ Aqil/ Baqi
Meaning: Handsome And Youthful Person
149 Barindra
Pet name: Barin/ Bari/ Arindra/ Aindra/ Indra
Meaning: Ocean
150 Bariq
Pet name: Baiq/ Ariq/ Riq
Meaning: Shining, Lighting
151 Barry
Pet name: Bary
Meaning: Cherished, Beloved
152 Barsat
Pet name: Bars/ Arsat/ Basat
Meaning: Rain Or Shower Of Blessings
153 Barshan
Pet name: Barsh/ Arshan/ Ashan/ Ahan/ Bashan
Meaning: Rained
154 Barth
Pet name: Barh/ Arth
Meaning: Son Of Tolmai
155 Barton
Pet name: Baron/ Arton/ Bartn
Meaning: Settlement
156 Basant
Pet name: Basan/ Asant/ Basa
Meaning: Season Of Spring
157 Baseem
Pet name: Basee/ Aseem/ Aeem
Meaning: Smiling
158 Baseer
Pet name: Basee/ Aseer/ Baeer/ Aeer
Meaning: Vision
159 Baseerat
Pet name: Basee/ Seerat/ Baseer/ Eerat
Meaning: Insight,  Wisdom
160 Basel
Pet name: Base/ Asel/ Ael
Meaning: Brave
161 Basem
Pet name: Base/ Aem/ Asem
Meaning: Smiling
162 Basha
Pet name: Baha
Meaning: King
163 Bashil
Pet name: Bashi/ Ashil/ Ahil/ Bahil
Meaning: Royal, Grand
164 Bashir
Pet name: Bashi/ Ashir/ Ahir
Meaning: Gods Messenger
165 Bashvith
Pet name: Bashvi/ Ashvith/ Ahvith/ Bavith
Meaning: A Flower
166 Basim
Pet name: Basi/ Asim/ Bsim
Meaning: Smile
167 Basiq
Pet name: Basi/ Asiq/ Baiq
Meaning: Clear
168 Basu
Pet name: Asu
Meaning: Wealth
169 Basuri
Pet name: Basu/ Suri
Meaning: Trendy
170 Baula
Pet name: Bau/ Aula/ Ala/ Ula
Meaning: Charismatic
171 Bavesh
Pet name: Bave/ Aesha/ Avesh/ Bvesh/ Vesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
172 Bavyesh
Pet name: Bavy/ Bavesh/ Bavy/ Avyesh/ Avesh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
173 Bayana
Pet name: Bayan/ Ayan/ Yana
Meaning: Clear Knowledge
174 Bayle
Pet name: Bayl/ Ayle/ Baye
Meaning: Beautiful
175 Bazigar
Pet name: Bazi/ Azigar/ Bazig/ Aziar/ Zair
Meaning: Gambler
176 Behram
Pet name: Behr/ Ehram/ Bhram/ Ram
Meaning: Who Comes From Mars
177 Behrouz
Pet name: Behr/ Ehrouz/ Bhrouz/ Rouz
Meaning: Good Day, Good Luck
178 Behroz
Pet name: Behr/ Ehroz/ Behro
Meaning: Sacred, Noble
179 Benedict
Pet name: Bene/ Enedict/ Edict/ Bedict
Meaning: Blessed
180 Bennett
Pet name: Benne/ Ennett/ Bnnet
Meaning: Blessed
181 Bennie
Pet name: Benni/ Ennie
Meaning: Brave, Blessed
182 Bennjamin
Pet name: Benn/ Ennjamin/ Jamin/ Ejamin
Meaning: Son Of My Right Hand
183 Bhaanu
Pet name: Bhanu/ Hannu
Meaning: The Sun,  Brilliant
184 Bhaargav
Pet name: Bharga/ Hargav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
185 Bhaaskar
Pet name: Bhass/ Askar/ Hasskar
Meaning: Brilliant, The Sun, Gold
186 Bhaasu
Pet name: Bhasu/ Hasu
Meaning: The Sun
187 Bhaasur
Pet name: Bhas/ Aasur/ Haasur/ Haur
Meaning: Bright,  Shining Holy
188 Bhaasvan
Pet name: Bhas/ Haasvan/ Asvan/ Avan/ Bhasva
Meaning: Lord Surya Or The Sun
189 Bhaasvar
Pet name: Bhas/ Baasvar/ Bavar/ Hasvar/ Asvar/ Avar
Meaning: Luminous, Brilliant,  Shining
190 Bhaavan
Pet name: Bhas/ Baavan/ Bavar/ Havan/ Avan/ Aan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
191 Bhaavik
Pet name: Bhav/ Haavik/ Avikk/ Aik
Meaning: Sentimental, Full Of Emotions
192 Bhagat
Pet name: Bhaga/ Agat
Meaning: Devotee
193 Bhaghat
Pet name: Bhaga/ Agath/ Ahag
Meaning: Follower
194 Bhagirath
Pet name: Bhagi/ Agirath/ Hairath/ Girath/ Irath
Meaning: Name Of An Ancient King
195 Bhagwan
Pet name: Bhag/ Agwan/ Awan/ Bhaga/ Hawan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
196 Bhagyaraj
Pet name: Bhagy/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Luck
197 Bhagyesh
Pet name: Bhagy/ Agyesh/ Ayesh
Meaning: Lord Of Luck
198 Bhairav
Pet name: Bhaira/ Airav/ Irav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
199 Bhaithwik
Pet name: Bhai/ Haitwik/ Aithwik/ Awik
Meaning: Trendy
200 Bhajnaam
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajnaam/ Anaam/ Ajaam/ Bhajna
Meaning: Remembering The Love Of God
201 Bhajneek
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajneek/ Aneek/ Bajneek
Meaning: Absorbed In The Love Of God
202 Bhajneet
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajneet/ Aneet/ Neet
Meaning: One Who Always Loves The Lord
203 Bhajraam
Pet name: Bhaj/ Ajraam/ Hanjraam/ Raam
Meaning: Remembering The Lord
204 Bhanu
Pet name: Hanu/ Banu
Meaning: The Sun
205 Bhanumitra
Pet name: Bhanu/ Anumitra/ Mitra/ Hanu
Meaning: Friend Of Sun / Planet Mercury
206 Bhanuprakash
Pet name: Bhanu/ Hanu/ Prakash/ Araksh
Meaning: Sun Light
207 Bhanuprasad
Pet name: Bhanu/ Hanu/ Prasad/ Prasu
Meaning: Sun's Gift
208 Bharadwaj
Pet name: Bhara/ Hara/ Arawaj/ Adwaj/ Awaj
Meaning: A Sage, A Mythical Bird
209 Bharanidhar
Pet name: Bhara/ Aranidhar/ Anidhar/ Haranidhar/ Hara
Meaning: Who Rule The World
210 Bharat
Pet name: Bhar/ Harat/ Barat
Meaning: India, Universal Monarch
211 Bharath
Pet name: Bhara/ Hara/ Arath
Meaning: Fire, Clever
212 Bharathwaj
Pet name: Bhara/ Arathwaj/ Rathwaj/ Atwaj/ Rawaj/ Awaj
Meaning: A Sage
213 Bhargav
Pet name: Bhar/ Hargav/ Argav/ Bhagav
Meaning: Luck, Lord Shiva
214 Bhargava
Pet name: Bharg/ Hargava/ Bhagava
Meaning: Lord Shiva
215 Bhargavan
Pet name: Bharg/ Gavan/ Avan/ Aravan/ Ravan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
216 Bhargyaraj
Pet name: Bhar/ Argy/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Luck
217 Bhartesh
Pet name: Bhar/ Artesh/ Atesh/ Aesh/ Bharesh
Meaning: King Of Bharat
218 Bhasin
Pet name: Bhas/ Hasin/ Basin
Meaning: Brilliant Or Skill Full
219 Bhaskar
Pet name: Bhas/ Haskar/ Askar/ Akar
Meaning: The Sun Or Bright Light
220 Bhaskara
Pet name: Bhas/ Haskara/ Askara/ Akara
Meaning: The Sun
221 Bhasu
Pet name: Basu/ Hasu
Meaning: The Sun Or Creator Of Light
222 Bhasvan
Pet name: Bhaa/ Hasvan/ Asvan/ Avan
Meaning: Bright
223 Bhaswar
Pet name: Bhas/ Aswar/ Haswar/ Awar
Meaning: Shining
224 Bhavan
Pet name: Bha/ Havan/ Avan
Meaning: Palace
225 Bhaveeth
Pet name: Bhavee/ Haveeth/ Aveeth/ Aeeth/ Veeth
Meaning: Trendy
226 Bhavesh
Pet name: Bhave/ Avesh/ Aesh/ Baesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
227 Bhavik
Pet name: Bhavi/ Havik/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning: Gods Devotee
228 Bhavin
Pet name: Bhavi/ Avin/ Havin/ Bhain
Meaning: Handsome Or Attractive
229 Bhavnish
Pet name: Bhav/ Avnish/ Havnish/ Anish/ Vnish
Meaning: Emperor, Leader
230 Bhavyaraj
Pet name: Bhav/ Bhavy/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Grand,  Splendid, Goddess Parvathi
231 Bhavyesh
Pet name: Bhavy/ Avyesh/ Havyesh/ Yesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
232 Bheema
Pet name: Bahee/ Aheema/ Ahem/ Aeem/ Heema
Meaning: Huge, The Mighty One
233 Bhima
Pet name: Bhi/ Hima/ Bima
Meaning: The Mighty One
234 Bhirav
Pet name: Bhi/ Irav/ Hirav/ Irav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
235 Bhishma
Pet name: Bhi/ Hishma/ Isham/ Hisham
Meaning: The Vedic God
236 Bhivesh
Pet name: Bhi/ Hivesh/ Bivesh/ Ivesh/ Bivesh/ Vesh/ Esh
Meaning: Brilliant
237 Bhoopal
Pet name: Bhoo/ Hoopal/ Pal/ Oopal
Meaning: King
238 Bhoothanathan
Pet name: Bhoo/ Bhu/ Oothan/ Nathan/ Anathan
Meaning: Ruler Of The Earth
239 Bhorish
Pet name: Bho/ Bhu/ Orish/ Rish/ Brish
Meaning: Wise
240 Bhrij
Pet name: Bhij/ Rij/ Brij
Meaning: Lord Krishna
241 Bhudhav
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhud/ Udhav/ Dhav
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
242 Bhupati
Pet name: Bhu/ Hupati/ Upati/ Bupati
Meaning: Lord Of The Earth
243 Bhupendra
Pet name: Bhu/ Upendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Or Emperor
244 Bhupesh
Pet name: Bhupe/ Upesh/ Uesh
Meaning: King Of The Earth
245 Bhupinder
Pet name: Bhupi/ Upinder/ Upin/ Inder
Meaning: The King Of Kings
246 Bhupinderpal
Pet name: Bhupin/ Bhupi/ Upinderpal/ Upinder/ Pal/ Upin
Meaning: Preserved By God
247 Bhushan
Pet name: Bhu/ Husha/ Ushan/ Shan
Meaning: Decoration
248 Bhushana
Pet name: Bhu/ Hushana/ Ushana/ Shana
Meaning: Lord Shiva
249 Bhutivardhana
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuti/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Ahan
Meaning: A King, A Saint
250 Bhuvan
Pet name: Bhuv/ Huvan/ Uvan
Meaning: Palace
251 Bhuvaneshwar
Pet name: Bhuv/ Uvan/ Aneshwar/ Eshwar/ Eshu
Meaning: Creative
252 Bhuvesh
Pet name: Bhuv/ Uvesh/ Huvesh/ Vesh
Meaning: The King Of Earth
253 Bhuvik
Pet name: Bhu/ Huvik/ Uvik/ Vik
Meaning: Heaven
254 Bhuvnesh
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuv/ Uvnesh/ Bvnesh/ Nesh/ Esh
Meaning: King Of Earth
255 Bhuvneshwar
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuv/ Neshwar/ Eshwar/ Eshu/ Uvnesh
Meaning: God Of Earth
256 Bhuwan
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Huwan/ Uwan
Meaning: World Or Universe Or Home
257 Bhuwanesh
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Huwanesh/ Uwanesh/ Uwan/ Anesh/ Nesh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
258 Bhuwaneshwar
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Huwan/ Huwanesh/ Aneshwar/ Eshwar/ Eshu/ Ewar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
259 Bhuwnendra
Pet name: Bhu/ Bhuw/ Uwnendra/ Endra
Meaning: Trendy
260 Bidula
Pet name: Bidu/ Biula/ Idula/ Iula/ Diul
Meaning: Attractive Or Handsome
261 Bidwan
Pet name: Bid/ Biwan/ Bidwa/ Iwan/ Dhwan
Meaning: Scholar
262 Bidyut
Pet name: Bid/ Bidy/ Bidyu/ Iyut
Meaning: Full Of Knowledge, Enlightened
263 Bigul
Pet name: Biul/ Igul
Meaning: Musical Instrument
264 Bihaan
Pet name: Biha/ Ihaan/ Iaan
Meaning: Morning,  Dawn
265 Bihar
Pet name: Biha/ Ihar/ Iar
Meaning: Temple, Monastery
266 Bijesh
Pet name: Bije/ Ijesh/ Iesh/ Jesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
267 Bijon
Pet name: Bij/ Ijon/ Bion
Meaning: Trendy
268 Bilal
Pet name: Bil/ Ilal/ Bila
Meaning: The Prophets Person Calling
269 Bimal
Pet name: Bim/ Imal/ Bmal
Meaning: Pure
270 Binish
Pet name: Bini/ Inish/ Bnish
Meaning: Clever, Intelligent
271 Binoy
Pet name: Bino/ Inoy/ Bnoy
Meaning: Humility, Humble
272 Bipin
Pet name: Bipi/ Bini/ Ipin
Meaning: King, Independent
273 Bipul
Pet name: Bipu/ Ipul/ Iul/ Bpul
Meaning: Plenty, Abundance,  Powerful
, Justice
274 Biraaj
Pet name: Bir/ Iraaj/ Raaj/ Biaaj
Meaning: Born Of Moon
275 Biraat
Pet name: Bira/ Iraat
Meaning: Great
276 Birakaal
Pet name: Bir/ Irakaal/ Rakaal/ Brakaal
Meaning: Eternally Brave
277 Birbal
Pet name: Bir/ Bal/ Ibal/ Irbal/ Iral
Meaning: Brave Heart
278 Biren
Pet name: Bir/ Iren/ Ien
Meaning: Lord Of Warriors
279 Bishmeet
Pet name: Bish/ Bis/ Ishmeet/ Shmeet/ Ihmeet/ Isheet
Meaning: Great Friend
280 Blaire
Pet name: Blai/ Laire/ Baire
Meaning: Battlefield, Simple
281 Blake
Pet name: Bla/ Blak
Meaning: Signifies Dark
282 Blaze
Pet name: Blaz/ Aze/ Laze/ Bazee
Meaning: Flame, Trail Mark Made On A Tree
283 Bobby
Pet name: Bob/ Obby
Meaning: Shine
284 Branesh
Pet name: Bran/ Ranesh/ Banesh/ Anesh
Meaning: Lord Of Life
285 Bratish
Pet name: Brat/ Ratish/ Batish/ Atish/ Brtish
Meaning: Pray Of God
286 Brayan
Pet name: Bray/ Rayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Humble, Polite
287 Brihant
Pet name: Bri/ Rihant/ Bihant/ Ihant/ Iant
Meaning: Powerful
288 Brihaspati
Pet name: Bri/ Rihaspathi/ Rihas/ Aspati/ Brispathi
Meaning: Teacher Of Devas, Jupiter,  Guru Planet
289 Brijendra
Pet name: Brij/ Rijen/ Ijendra/ Brijen/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Krishna
290 Brijesh
Pet name: Brij/ Rijesh/ Ijesh/ Jesh
Meaning: Lord Krishna
291 Brijnandan
Pet name: Brij/ Ijinandan/ Riji/ Nandan/ Nadu
Meaning: Lord Krishna
292 Brijodh
Pet name: Brij/ Ijodh/ Brijo/ Jodh
Meaning: Super Strong
293 Brijraj
Pet name: Bri/ Rijraj/ Ijraj/ Raj/ Iraj
Meaning: The One Who Rules The Nature
294 Briyaan
Pet name: Briy/ Riyaan/ Iyaan
Meaning: High Hill
295 Buddhinath
Pet name: Buddhi/ Hinath/ Inath
Meaning: God Of Wisdom
296 Buddhipriyan
Pet name: Buddh/ Uddhi/ Priyan/ Riyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Knowledge Bestowed
297 Burayd
Pet name: Bur/ Rayd/ Urayd
Meaning: Cold, Mild
298 Burhan
Pet name: Buh/ Urhan/ Uhan
Meaning: Proof
299 Bushan
Pet name: Bush/ Ushan/ Buhan/ Uhan
Meaning: Enhancement
300 Buvan
Pet name: Buva/ Uvan
Meaning: Earth
301 Buvaneswaran
Pet name: Buvan/ Uvan/ Eswaran/ Eswa
Meaning: Born To Win
302 Buvesh
Pet name: Buvh/ Uvesh/ Vesh
Meaning: The King Of Earth
303 Byron
Pet name: Byon/ Ron
Meaning: Barn


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