1 Daadar
Pet name: Daad/ Daada/ Aadar
Meaning: Brother, Friend
2 Daakshit
Pet name: Daaksh/ Dakshii/ Akshit/ Ashit/ Asit
Meaning: Lord Shiva
3 Daakshith
Pet name: Daaksh/ Dakshii/ Daakshih/ Akshith/ Ashith/ Asith
Meaning: Lord Shiva
4 Daamin
Pet name: Daas/ Daam/ Aamin/ Aain
Meaning: Self-Controlled, Conquering
5 Daaman
Pet name: Daas/ Daams/ Aaman/ Daan
Meaning: Self-Controlled, Conquering
6 Daamodar
Pet name: Daas/ Daamo/ Damos/ Amodar/ Modar
Meaning: Lord Krishna
7 Daarsh
Pet name : Daas/ Daars/ Aarsh/ Aash
Meaning : Lord Krishna
8 Daarshik
Pet name: Daars/ Daarshi/ Aarshik/ Aashik/ Aahik
Meaning: Perceiver
9 Daarun
Pet name: Daars/ Daaun/ Arun
Meaning: A Strong Man
10 Daasharh
Pet name: Daas/ Daashar/ Asharh/ Ash/ Hars
Meaning: Lord Rama
11 Daasharath
Pet name: Daas/ Daashar/ Sharath/ Asharath/ Aharath/ Harath/ Arath
Meaning: Lord Rama
12 Daasratt
Pet name: Daas/ Daasrr/ Aasratt/ Sratt
Meaning: Lord Rama
13 Daasrath
Pet name: Daas/ Daasrat/ Aasrath/ Srath
Meaning: Lord Rama
14 Daarul
Pet name: Daars/ Daaul/ Aarul/ Aaul
Meaning: Trendy
15 Dabir
Pet name: Dabis/ Abir/ Dair
Meaning: Judge
16 Daivin
Pet name: Daiv/ Daivis/ Aivin/ Aiin
Meaning: God's Gift
17 Daivit
Pet name: Daiv/ Daivis/ Aivit/ Daait/ Viit
Meaning: God's Gift
18 Daivy
Pet name: Daiv/ Daiiy/ Aivy/ Ivy
Meaning: Divine, Glorious
19 Daiyan
Pet name: Dai/ Aiyaan/ Ayaan/ Iyan
Meaning: A Mighty Ruler, Guardian
20 Daivik
Pet name: Dai/ Daivi/ Aivik/ Vik
Meaning: Divine, Grace Of God
21 Daiwik
Pet name: Dai/ Daiwi/ Aiwik/ Wik
Meaning: Divine
22 Daivat
Pet name: Daiv/ Aivat/ Ivat
Meaning: Beloved
23 Dakheel
Pet name: Dakh/ Akheel/ Aeel
Meaning: Foreigner
24 Dakhil
Pet name: Dakh/ Dakhi/ Akhil/ Ahil/ Ail
Meaning:  Foreigner, Stranger
25 Daksh
Pet name: Daks/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Talented, Gold
26 Dakshak
Pet name: Daks/ Daksh/ Akshak/ Akhak
Meaning: Able Daughter
27 Dakshesh
Pet name: Daks/ Dakshe/ Akshesh/ Ashesh/ Ahesh/ Aesh
Meaning: Victory Of Forest, Lord Shiva
28 Dakshit
Pet name: Daks/ Dakshi/ Akshit/ Ashit
Meaning: Lord Shiva
29 Dakshith
Pet name: Daks/ Dakshi/ Akshith/ Ashith/ Ahith
Meaning: Lord Shiva
30 Daakshi
Pet name: Daksh/ Akshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Gold
31 Daksheshwar
Pet name: Daksh/ Dakshe/ Aksh/ Eshwar/ Eshu
Meaning: Lord Shiva
32 Dakshil
Pet name: Daksh/ Dakshi/ Akshil/ Ahil
Meaning: Wisdom, Independent
33 Dakshin
Pet name: Daksh/ Dakshi/ Akshin/ Ashin
Meaning: South Direction
34 Dalbir
Pet name: Dalb/ Albir/ Abir/ Dabir
Meaning: Brave Solider
35 Dalpati
Pet name: Dalp/ Alpati/ Alati
Meaning: Commander Of A Group
36 Damodar
Pet name:  Damo/ Damu/ Amodar/ Adar
Meaning: Lord Krishna
37 Damoder
Pet name:  Damo/ Damu/ Amoder/ Ader
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
38 Damurah
Pet name: Damur/ Amurah/ Amur/ Arah
Meaning: Sparkle Of Light, Fire
39 Dandak
Pet name: Dan/ Andak/ Adak
Meaning: A Forest
40 Danush
Pet name: Dan/ Anush/ Anus/ Ush/ Danu
Meaning: A Bow In Hand
41 Danvir
Pet name: Dan/ Anvir/ Avir/ Danvi
Meaning: Generous, Liberal
42 Danesh
Pet name: Dan/ Danee/ Anesh/ Aesh/ Nesh/ Ash
Meaning: Knowledge , Learning
43 Daniel
Pet name: Dan/ Danni/ Aniel/ Niel
Meaning: Attractive
44 Danvit
Pet name: Dan/ Danvi/ Anvit/ Avit/ Anit
Meaning: Wealthy
45 Dananjay
Pet name: Dana/ Anan/ Anjay/ Ajay
Meaning: One Who Wins Wealth
46 Danasvi
Pet name: Dana/ Anasvi/ Ansvi/ Asvi
Meaning: Fortune
47 Danbir
Pet name: Danb/ Anbir/ Anbir/ Anir
Meaning: Charitable
48 Daneer
Pet name: Danee/ Aneer/ Aeer
Meaning: Radiant
49 Daanish
Pet name: Danni/ Aanish/ Nish
Meaning: Full Of Knowledge
50 Danniell
Pet name: Danni/ Anniell/ Niell
Meaning: God Is My Judge
51 Daaood
Pet name: Daoo/ Aood/ Daod
Meaning: Name Of A Prophet
52 Darmendar
Pet name: Dar/ Armendra/ Amendra/ Aendra/ Endra/ Armen
Meaning: God Of Religion
53 Darpan
Pet name: Dar/ Arpan/ Aran
Meaning: A Mirror
54 Darpit
Pet name: Dar/ Arpit/ Arit
Meaning: Our Reflection
55 Darshak
Pet name: Dar/ Arshak/ Ashak/ Ahak
Meaning:  Spectator
56 Darshal
Pet name: Dar/ Arshal/ Ashal/ Ahal
Meaning: Prayer Of God
57 Darsh
Pet name: Dar/ Dars/ Arsh
Meaning: Competent, Lord Krishna
58 Darshan
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Arshan/ Ashan/ Ahan
Meaning: Vision,  Knowledge
59 Darshat
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Arshat/ Ashat/ Arhat
Meaning: Making Things Visible
60 Darshee
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Arshee/ Ashee
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Moonlight
61 Darshi
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Arshi/ Ashi
Meaning: A Mentor, Guide
62 Darshit
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Arshit/ Ashit/ Ahit
Meaning: Vision
63 Darshith
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Arshith/ Ashith/ Ahith/ Asith
Meaning: Display, Signs
64 Darsheel
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Darshe/ Arsheel/ Aheel/ Aeel
Meaning: Perfection
65 Darshik
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Darshi/ Arshik/ Ashik/ Ahik
Meaning: The One Who Perceives
66 Darshil
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Darshi/ Arshil/ Ashil/ Ahil
Meaning: Handsome, Perfect
67 Darshish
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Darshi/ Arshish/ Ashish/ Ahish
Meaning: Examination
68 Darshpreet
Pet name: Dar/ Darsh/ Preet/ Arsh
Meaning: The Love For Lord Krishna
69 Daruka
Pet name: Dar/ Daru/ Aruk/ Ruka
Meaning: Deodar Tree
70 Darwesh
Pet name: Dar/ Darwe/ Awesh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Of Truth,  Holy Man
71 Daryab
Pet name: Dar/ Dary/ Aryab/ Ayab
Meaning: River
72 Darahaas
Pet name: Dara/ Ara/ Ahaas/ Rahaas
Meaning: Smile
73 Dasarath
Pet name: Das/ Dasarat/ Asarath/ Arath
Meaning: Father Of Lord Rama
74 Dastagir
Pet name: Das/ Dasta/ Asta/ Gir
Meaning: Brave, Saint
75 Dasthagiri
Pet name: Das/ Dastha/ Giri
Meaning:  Brave, Strong
76 Dasharath
Pet name: Dash/ Dasharat/ Asharath/ Arath
Meaning: Father Of Lord Ram
77 Daskh
Pet name: Dask/ Askh/ Ash
Meaning: God
78 Datta
Pet name: Dat/ Atta
Meaning: Given, Granted, Presented
79 Dattathreya
Pet name: Datta/ Athreya/ Areya/ Reya
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
80 Dattathreyan
Pet name: Datta/ Athreyan/ Areyan/ Reyan
Meaning: Trendy
81 David
Pet name: Davi/ Avid
Meaning: Prince, Loved One
82 Davinder
Pet name: Davi/ Avindera
Meaning:  Leader Of All Gods
83 Dayakara
Pet name: Daya/ Akara/ Ayakara/ Yakara
Meaning: Lord Shiva
84 Dayanand
Pet name: Daya/ Anand/ Anan/ Nand/ Nandu
Meaning:  Merciful Or Kind
85 Dayal
Pet name: Daya/ Ayal
Meaning:  Kind Hearted
86 Dayaram
Pet name: Daya/ Ayaram/ Ayar/ Ram
Meaning: Merciful
87 Dayaswaroop
Pet name: Daya/ Ayas/ Swaroop/ Swa/ Swaroo/ Roop
Meaning: Merciful, Lord Shiva
88 Dayasagar
Pet name: Daya/ Sagar/ Ayas
Meaning: Extremely Mercy, Sea Of Mercy
89 Dayaal
Pet name: Dayaa/ Ayyal/ Yaal
Meaning: Kind Hearted
90 Debjit
Pet name: Deb/ Debj/ Ebjit/ Ejit
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The God
91 Dev
Pet name: Dee
Meaning: God, King
92 Deekshit
Pet name: Dee/ Deeksh/ Eekshit/ Ekshit/ Eshit/ Eshi
Meaning: Initiated, Prepaid
93 Deelip
Pet name: Dee/ Deeli/ Eelip/ Deep
Meaning: Protector, Kind Hearted
94 Deepu
Pet name: Dee/ Deep
Meaning: Flame,  Light,  Shinning
95 Deepankar
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepan/ Ankar/ Akar/ Deepu
Meaning: One Who Lights Lamps
96 Deependra
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepe/ Endra/ Deepu
Meaning: Lord Of Light
97 Deepak
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Lamp, Kindle
98 Deepansh
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Deepan/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Part Of Light
99 Deepith
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Deepit/ Eeith
Meaning: Radiant, Lamp
100 Deepit
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Eeit
Meaning: Excited, Passionate
101 Deepan
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Eepan/ Eean
Meaning: Lord Of The Lamp
102 Deepesh
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Epensh/ Ensh
Meaning: Lord Of Light, Sun
103 Deependar
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Pendar/ Endar/ Edar
Meaning: Lord Of Light
104 Deeptanshu
Pet name: Dee/ Deep/ Deepu/ Tanshu/ Anshu/ Eansh/ Ashu
Meaning: Light, Sun
105 Deevesh
Pet name: Dee/ Deev/ Evesh/ Vesh
Meaning: Light
106 Deeyan
Pet name: Dee/ Deey/ Eeyan
Meaning:  Trendy
107 Deekshant
Pet name: Deeksh/ Eekshant/ Eshant/ Shant/ Ehant
Meaning: God's Gift
108 Deep
Pet name: Deepu/ Dee
Meaning: Light
109 Denadayal
Pet name: Dena/ Dayal/ Ayal
Meaning: Humble And Merciful
110 Deva
Pet name: Dev/ De
Meaning: Divinity
111 Devadhithya
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Adithya/ Adi/ Adith/ Dithy
Meaning: Trendy
112 Devaditya
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Aditya/ Adi/ Aitya/ Dity
Meaning: God Of The Sun
113 Devananda
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Ananda/ Anan/ Nanda/ Nandu
Meaning: Joy Of The Gods
114 Devadutt
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Dutt
Meaning: Gift From God
115 Devaj
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evaj/ Vaj
Meaning: Born From The Gods
116 Devajith
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evajith/ Vajith/ Vaji
Meaning: One Who Conquered Devas
117 Devak
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evak
Meaning: Glorious, Divine
118 Devan
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evan/ Ean
Meaning: Like A God, Food Offered To Gods,  Holy
119 Devank
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evank/ Evan
Meaning: Godly
120 Devash
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evash/ Eash/ Ash
Meaning: Divine Power
121 Devdan
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evdan/ Edan/ Evan
Meaning: The Gift Of The Gods
122 Devdas
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Evdas/ Das
Meaning: Servant Of Lord, A Servant Of Temple
123 Devaraj
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Varaj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Indra
124 Devarsh
Pet name: Dev/ Deva/ Varsh/ Arsh
Meaning:  God's Gift
125 Devendra
Pet name: Dev/ Deven/ Evendra/ Endra
Meaning: King Of Gods, Lord Indra
126 Deveshwar
Pet name: Dev/ Devesh/ Eshwar/ Evesh/ Ewar/ Eshu
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Devas
127 Devish
Pet name: Dev/ Devi/ Evish
Meaning: King Of Gods
128 Deviprasad
Pet name: Dev/ Devi/ Prasad/ Prasu
Meaning: Gift Of A Goddess
129 Devyansh
Pet name: Dev/ Devy/ Evansh/ Eansh/ Evyansh/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Yash
Meaning: Part Of Divine Light
130 Devraj
Pet name: Dev/ Eraj/ Raj/ Evraj
Meaning: King Of The Gods
131 Devesh
Pet name: Dev/ Evesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Lord Indra
132 Devkumar
Pet name: Dev/ Kumar/ Umar
Meaning: Son Of The God
133 Dhanraj
Pet name: Dha/ Dhan/ Anraj/ Raj
Meaning: King Of Wealth
134 Dhanush
Pet name: Dha/ Dhan/ Dhanu/ Anush/ Anu/ Aush/ Ash
Meaning: A Bow In Hand
135 Dhanaraj
Pet name: Dha/ Dhana/ Anaraj/ Naraj/ Raj
Meaning:   King Of Wealth
136 Dhanapathi
Pet name: Dha/ Dhana/ Hanapathi/ Anapthi/ Apathi/ Ananth
Meaning: Lord Of Wealth
137 Dhanapati
Pet name: Dha/ Dhana/ Hanapati/ Anapat/ Apath/ Anant
Meaning: Lord Of Wealth
138 Dharmesh
Pet name: Dha/ Dhar/ Dharm/ Armesh/ Amesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Righteousness
139 Dharmik
Pet name: Dha/ Dhar/ Dharm/ Armik/ Amik
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
140 Dharvesh
Pet name: Dha/ Dhar/ Dharv/ Harvesh/ Arvesh/ Avesh/ Vrsh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Truth, Holy Man
141 Dharun
Pet name: Dha/ Dhar/ Harun/ Arun/ Haun
Meaning: Lord Brahma
142 Dharvik
Pet name: Dha/ Dhar/ Harvik/ Arvik/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning: King
143 Dharama
Pet name: Dha/ Dharam/ Rama/ Ram
Meaning: Law Religious
144 Dharksh
Pet name: Dha/ Dharks/ Arksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Protecting
145 Dharma
Pet name: Dha/ Dharm/ Arma
Meaning: Law
146 Dharmadas
Pet name: Dha/ Dharm/ Dharma/ Armad/ Das
Meaning: One Who Serves His Religion
147 Dharmadev
Pet name: Dha/ Dharm/ Dharma/ Armad/ Dev
Meaning:  Lord Of Law
148 Dharmendra
Pet name: Dha/ Dharm/ Dharma/ Armen/ Armendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Of Dharma
149 Dharmandra
Pet name: Dha/ Dharma/ Arman/ Armandar/ Mandar/ Madar/ Adar
Meaning: King Of Religion
150 Dharshith
Pet name: Dha/ Dhars/ Darsh/ Darshi/ Harshith/ Arshith/ Ashith/ Ahith/ Arshi
Meaning: Display, Signs
151 Dharshik
Pet name: Dha/ Dhars/ Dharsh/ Darshi/ Harshik/ Arshik/ Ashik/ Ahik/ Shik
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
152 Dharshan
Pet name: Dha/ Dhars/ Dharsh/ Harshan/ Arshan/ Ashan/ Ahan
Meaning: Vision, Knowledge
153 Dhanish
Pet name: Dha/ Hanish/ Anish/ Aish/ Nish/ Aish
Meaning: Lord Of Wealth
154 Dhanisth
Pet name: Dha/ Hanisth/ Anisth/ Aisth/ Nisth/ Aisth
Meaning: Dhanvan (Wealthy)
155 Dhanvith
Pet name: Dha/ Hanvith/ Anvith/ Avith/ Aith/ Nivith
Meaning: Lord Shiva
156 Dhasvan
Pet name: Dha/ Hasvan/ Asvan/ Avan
Meaning: Priest
157 Dhaivik
Pet name: Dhai/ Haivik/ Aivik/ Vik
Meaning: Good Strength
158 Dhairyan
Pet name: Dhair/ Hariyan/ Ariyan/ Ari/ Riyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Patience
159 Dhaksh
Pet name: Dhaks/ Aksh/ Aks/ Ash
Meaning: Eshwar
160 Dhakshesh
Pet name: Dhaks/ Dhaksh/ Akshesh/ Asheh/ Ashe/ Akshe
Meaning: Lord Shiva
161 Dhakshit
Pet name: Dhaks/ Dhaksh/ Akshit/ Ashit/ Akhit/ Ahit/ Akit
Meaning: Lord Shiva
162 Dhakshith
Pet name: Dhaks/ Dhaksh/ Akshith/ Ashith/ Akhith/ Ahith/ Akith
Meaning: Lord Shiva
163 Dhananjay
Pet name: Dhana/ Dhananja/ Ajay/ Ananjay/ Anana/ Jay/ Anju
Meaning: One Who Wins Wealth, Lord Arjun
164 Dheera
Pet name: Dhee/ Dheer/ Heera/ Deera
Meaning: Courageous
165 Dheeraj
Pet name: Dhee/ Dheer/ Heeraj/ Eeraj/ Raj
Meaning: Bravery
166 Dhivakar
Pet name: Dhiv/ Hivakar/ Ivakar/ Vakar/ Akar/ Ivak
Meaning: The Sun
167 Dhrupad
Pet name: Dhru/ Rupad/ Upad
Meaning: Lord Krishna
168 Dhrushil
Pet name: Dhru/ Rushill/ Ushil/ Rushi/ Shil
Meaning: Charming
169 Dhrushya
Pet name: Dhru/ Rushya/ Ushya/ Ushay
Meaning: Good Eyes
170 Dhruvan
Pet name: Dhru/ Ruvan/ Uvan
Meaning: Star
171 Dhruvansh
Pet name: Dhru/ Uvansh/ Vansh/ Ansh/ Dhruv
Meaning: A Part Of The Polar Star
172 Dhushyant
Pet name: Dhus/ Dhush/ Ushyant/ Shyant/ Uhyant
Meaning: A King From
173 Dhusyanth
Pet name: Dhus/ Dhusy/ Usyanth/ Syant
Meaning: Destroyer Of Evil
174 Dhyuti
Pet name: Dhy/ Dhyu/ Hyuti/ Yuti/ Huti
Meaning: Lord Krishna
175 Dhyansh
Pet name: Dhy/ Yash/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Attention
176 Dikshan
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshan/ Ishan/ Ihan/ Ian/ Iksh
Meaning: Hindu
177 Dikshant
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshant/ Ishant/ Ihant/ Iant/ Ikshan/ Iksh
Meaning: Trendy
178 Dikshil
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshil/ Ishil
Meaning: The Respectful
179 Dikshit
Pet name: Di/ Diksh/ Ikshit/ Ishit
Meaning: Initiated
180 Dileep
Pet name: Di/ Dil/ Ileep/ Dilee/ Deep
Meaning: Protector
181 Dillip
Pet name: Di/ Dil/ Ilip
Meaning: Protector
182 Dinkar
Pet name: Di/ Dina/ Inkar/ Inar/ Iar
Meaning: The Sun
183 Dinesh
Pet name: Di/ Dine/ Inesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Sun
184 Dipanshu
Pet name: Di/ Dipa/ Dipan/ Anshu/ Ipan/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: The Sun
185 Dipak
Pet name: Di/ Dipa/ Ipak/ Iak/ Diak
Meaning:  Lamp, Kindling, Inflaming
186 Dipan
Pet name: Di/ Dipa/ Ipan/ Ian
Meaning: Brilliant, One Who Lights Lamps
187 Dipesh
Pet name: Di/ Dipe/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Light
188 Dipendra
Pet name: Di/ Dipen/ Ipendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Of Lights
189 Dixit
Pet name: Di/ Dixi/ Ixit
Meaning: Full Of Joy
190 Diyan
Pet name: Di/ Iyan/ Ian
Meaning: Bright Light
191 Divyant
Pet name: Div/ Divyan/ Ivyant/ Iyant
Meaning: Handsome Or Attractive
192 Divyanth
Pet name: Div/ Divyan/ Ivyanth/ Iyanth/ Ivanth/ Ianth
Meaning: Trendy
193 Divakar
Pet name: Div/ Ivakar/ Iakar/ Vakar
Meaning: The Sun
194 Divakara
Pet name: Div/ Ivakara/ Vakara/ Vakar
Meaning: The Sun
195 Divakaran
Pet name: Div/ Ivakaran/ Vakaran/ Karan/ Vakar/ Aran
Meaning: God Loving Child
196 Divish
Pet name: Div/ Ivish/ Vish/ Iish
Meaning: Part Of Divine
197 Divin
Pet name: Divs/ Divv/ Ivvin
Meaning: Immortal
198 Diwin
Pet name: Diws/ Diw/ Iwin
Meaning: Immortal
199 Divit
Pet name: Div/ Ivit/ Vit
Meaning: Immortal
200 Divyank
Pet name: Div/ Ivyank/ Iyank/ Ivyan/ Ivank
Meaning: Part Of Light
201 Divyansh
Pet name: Div/ Ivyansh/ Iyansh/ Ivansh/ Vansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Part Of God
202 Divyanshu
Pet name: Div/ Ivyanshu/ Iyanshu/ Ivanshu/ Vanshu/ Anshu/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Divine Light, Sun
203 Diwaker
Pet name: Diw/ Diwa/ Iwaker/ Iwak/ Waker
Meaning: The Sun, Lord Of Light
204 Diwesh
Pet name: Diw/ Diwes/ Iwesh/ Iesh
Meaning: Lord Of Gods
205 Dravid
Pet name: Dravi/ Ravid/ Ravi/ Avid
Meaning: Wealthy, Landlord
206 Drishit
Pet name: Dri/ Drish/ Rishit/ Ishit/ Ihit/ Isit
Meaning: Vision, Signs
207 Dritik
Pet name: Dri/ Ritik/ Ditik/ Itik
Meaning: Creative
208 Drona
Pet name: Dron/ Dro/ Rona/ Ro
Meaning: Guide, Savior
209 Druvan
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Druva/ Ruvan/ Uvan
Meaning: Unreachable
210 Druvank
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Druva/ Uvank
Meaning: God Gifted Friend
211 Druvik
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Ruvik/ Uvik/ Vik
Meaning: Star
212 Druvil
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Ruvil/ Uvil
Meaning: Patient
213 Druvish
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Ruvish/ Uvish/ Vish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
214 Durvasa
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Urvasa/ Uvasa/ Vasa
Meaning: Saint Or Powerful Sage
215 Druva
Pet name: Dru/ Druv/ Uva
Meaning: The Polar Star
216 Durvasha
Pet name: Dur/ Druv/ Druva/ Urvasha/ Vasha/ Vasa
Meaning: A Powerful Rishi
217 Durgadas
Pet name: Dur/ Durg/ Durga/ Das
Meaning: Devotee Or Servant Of Goddess Druga
218 Durgesh
Pet name: Dur/ Durg/ Durge/ Urgesh/ Ugesh/ Uresh/ Resh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Fort
219 Durvansh
Pet name: Dur/ Durv/ Urvansh/ Uvansh/ Vansh/ Ansh
Meaning: One Who Lives Far
220 Duskala
Pet name: Dus/ Uskal/ Kala
Meaning:  Destroyer Of Time, Lord Shiva
221 Dushyant
Pet name: Dush/ Dushya/ Ushyant/ Uhyant/ Hayant/ Uyant
Meaning: Destroyer Of Evil
222 Dvija
Pet name: Dvi/ Vija/ Dija/ Ija
Meaning: Twice Born, A Bird, A Brahmin
223 Dwarika
Pet name: Dwa/ Dwar/ Arik/ Rik/ Aria
Meaning: Capital Of Lord Krishna’s Kingdom
224 Dwarka
Pet name: Dwa/ Dwar/ Arka
Meaning: Capital Of Lord Krishna’s Kingdom
225 Dwarkanath
Pet name: Dwa/ Dwar/ Dwark/ Kanath/ Kana/ Ananth/ Anan
Meaning: Lord  Krishna
226 Dwarkadhish
Pet name: Dwa/ Dwar/ Kadish/ Adish/ Aish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord  Krishna
227 Dwarakesh
Pet name: Dwa/ Dwar/ Rakesh/ Rake/ Akesh/ Kesh
Meaning: Lord Krishna
228 Dwij
Pet name: Dwi/ Wij/ Dij
Meaning: Saint
229 Dwijain
Pet name: Dwi/ Wijain/ Ijain/ Jain/ Jai
Meaning: The Moon
230 Dwijesh
Pet name: Dwi/ Wijesh/ Ijesh/ Ijes/ Jesh/ Esh
Meaning: River
231 Dyan
Pet name: Dya/ Dan/ Yan
Meaning: Divine
232 Dyansh
Pet name: Dya/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: To Give Mercy
233 Dylan
Pet name: Dyl/ Ylan/ Yan/ Dyan
Meaning: Son Of The Sea, Sea
234 Dyut
Pet name: Dyu/ Yut/ Dut
Meaning: Radiance
235 Dyutir
Pet name: Dyu/ Yutir/ Utir/ Dyut
Meaning: Radiance
236 Dyutit
Pet name: Dyu/ Yutit/ Utit/ Dyut
Meaning: Illuminated


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