1 Faabis
Pet name: Faabi/ Aabis/ Ais
Meaning: Happy
2 Faadhil
Pet name: Faadhi/ Aadhil/ Ahil/ Dhil
Meaning: A Generous Personality
3 Faahad
Pet name: Faah/ Ahad/ Faad
Meaning: Trendy
4 Faaiz
Pet name: Faai/ Aaiz
Meaning: Liberty, Victorious
5 Faakhir
Pet name: Faakhi/ Akhir/ Ahir/ Heer
Meaning: Good Character, Excellent
6 Faakir
Pet name: Faa/ Akir/ Aeer
Meaning: Pride
7 Faareh
Pet name : Faare/ Areh/ Aaeh
Meaning : A Joyful Person
8 Faarih
Pet name: Faari/ Aarih/ Aain
Meaning: A Happy Person, Delightful
9 Faaris
Pet name: Faa/ Aaris/ Ris/ Fris
Meaning: Knight
10 Faarooq
Pet name: Faaro/ Arooq/ Aooq/ Laark/ Aark
Meaning: Trendy
11 Faateh
Pet name: Fate/ Ateh
Meaning: Conqueror
12 Faatih
Pet name: Faati/ Atih/ Faih
Meaning: Leader
13 Faazal
Pet name: Faz/ Aazal/ Zal
Meaning: Victorious
14 Fabio
Pet name: Fabi/ Abio/ Abi
Meaning: Noble
15 Fadgham
Pet name: Fad/ Gham/ Adham
Meaning: Handsome
16 Fadhil
Pet name: Fadhi/ Adhil/ Ahil/ Ail
Meaning: Generous, Honorable
17 Fadi
Pet name: Fadi/ Adi
Meaning: Warrior
18 Faeem
Pet name: Faee/ Aeem
Meaning: Famed
19 Faham
Pet name: Fah/ Aham
Meaning: Brilliant
20 Fahdah
Pet name: Fah/ Dah/ Ahdah
Meaning: Leopard
21 Fahdi
Pet name: Fahi/ Ahdi
Meaning: Strong
22 Faheel
Pet name: Fahee/ Aheel/ Aeel/ Heel
Meaning: Intelligent
23 Faheem
Pet name: Fahee/ Aheem/ Aeem/ Heem
Meaning: Intelligent,  Beautiful
24 Fahid
Pet name: Fahi/ Ahid/ Faid
Meaning: Panther
25 Fahim
Pet name: Fahi/ Ahim/ Aim
Meaning: Intelligent,  Beautiful
26 Fahimuddin
Pet name: Fahi/ Ahimuddin/ Himuddin/ Imuddin/ Uddin
27 Fairuz
Pet name: Fair/Airuz/ Iruz/ Iuz
Meaning: Victorious, Triumphant
28 Faisal
Pet name: Fais/ Aisal/ Aial/ Isal
Meaning: Barrier, Judge
29 Faiyaz
Pet name: Faiy/ Aiyaz/ Iyaz
Meaning: Artistic
30 Faizal
Pet name: Faiz/ Aizal/ Izal
Meaning: Empathetic, Victorious
31 Faizan
Pet name: Faiz/ Aizan/ Izan/ Fizan
Meaning: Beneficence, Generosity, Abundance, Benefit
32 Faizeen
Pet name: Faiz/ Aizeen/ Aieen/ Zeen/ Aizee
Meaning: Honest
33 Fajaruddin
Pet name: Faja/ Jaruddin/ Aruddin/ Auddin/ Uddin
Meaning: The First
34 Fakhir
Pet name: Fakhi/ Akhir/ Ahir
Meaning: Excellent, Pride
35 Falgun
Pet name: Fal/ Algun/ Agun/ Aun/ Alun
Meaning: Arjuna
36 Faliq
Pet name: Fali/ Aliq/ Aiq/ Ali
Meaning: Trendy
37 Faoz
Pet name: Fao/ Aoz
Meaning: Success,  Victory, Advantage
38 Faqid
Pet name: Faqi/ Aqid/ Qid/ Faid
Meaning: Divinity
39 Faqih
Pet name: Faqi/ Aqih/ Faih/ Qih
Meaning: Trendy
40 Faqir
Pet name:Faqi/ Fai/ Aqir/ Qir
Meaning: Trendy
41 Faraan
Pet name: Far/ Araan/ Fara
Meaning: Happy
42 Farahat
Pet name: Fara/ Arahat/ Ahat/ Rahat
Meaning: Joys, Delights
43 Faran
Pet name: Fara/ Aran
Meaning: Happy, Advances
44 Faraz
Pet name: Fara/ Araz/ Faaz
Meaning: Great
45 Fardeen
Pet name: Fard/ Ardeen/ Aeen/ Areen/ Adeen
Meaning: Radiant
46 Fardin
Pet name: Far/ Ardin/ Adin/ Arin
Meaning: Radiant
47 Fareeq
Pet name: Faree/ Areeq/ Aeeq
Meaning: General
48 Farees
Pet name: Faree/ Arees/ Aees/ Faees
Meaning: Intelligent
49 Farhad
Pet name: Farh/ Arhad/ Ahad
Meaning: Wise
50 Farhan
Pet name: Far/ Arhan/ Ahan/ Aran
Meaning: Joy
51 Farin
Pet name: Fari/ Arin/ Ain
Meaning: Adventurous
52 Faris
Pet name: Fari/ Aris/ Fais
Meaning: King, Ruler
53 Fariz
Pet name: Fari/ Ariz/ Aiz/ Riz
Meaning: Determined
54 Farjad
Pet name: Farj/ Arjad/ Ajad/ Fajad
Meaning: Excellent, Eminent In Learning
55 Farokh
Pet name: Faro/ Arokh/ Aro/ Faokh
Meaning: Power
56 Farooq
Pet name: Faroo/ Arooq/ Aroo/ Aooq
Meaning: Barrier Of Truth & False
57 Farqad
Pet name: Farqa/ Arqad/ Aqad
Meaning: Two Bright Stars
58 Farukh
Pet name: Faru/ Arukh/ Aukh/ Faruh
Meaning: Powerful
59 Farvash
Pet name: Farv/ Arvash/ Avash/ Vash
Meaning: Gods Angel
60 Farz
Pet name: Far/ Arz
Meaning: A Commandment Of Allah
61 Farzaan
Pet name: Far/ Arzaan/ Araan/ Arz/ Farz
Meaning: An Intelligent And Wise Person
62 Farzam
Pet name: Farz/ Arzam/ Azam
Meaning: Worthy, Befittin
63 Farzan
Pet name: Farz/ Arzan/ Azan/ Fazan
Meaning: Wise
64 Farzeen
Pet name: Farz/ Arzeen/ Azeen/ Zeen/ Farze
Meaning: Beautiful, Gift Of God
65 Farzin
Pet name: Farz/ Farzi/ Arzin/ Azin
Meaning: Learned
66 Fasih
Pet name: Fas/ Asih/ Faih
Meaning: Eloquent, Fluent, Well-Spoken
67 Fathah
Pet name: Fath/ Athah/ Fahah
Meaning: A Successor
68 Fathi
Pet name: Fath/ Athi/ Fahi
Meaning:  Conqueror,  Warrior
69 Fatir
Pet name: Fati/ Atir
Meaning: One Who Creates
70 Faud
Pet name: Fau/ Aud
Meaning: Good Heart
71 Fawad
Pet name: Fawa/ Awad
Meaning: Successful Man
72 Fawaz
Pet name: Fawa/ Awaz/ Wad
Meaning: Successful
73 Fayaaz
Pet name: Fay/ Ayaaz/ Yaaz
Meaning:  Kind & Generous, Gracious
74 Fayan
Pet name: Fay/ Ayan
Meaning: Trust
75 Fayaz
Pet name: Fay/ Ayaz
Meaning: Trendy
76 Fayyim
Pet name: Fayyi/ Ayyim/ Faim
Meaning: Strong
77 Fayzal
Pet name: Fay/ Ayzal/ Azal
Meaning: Trendy
78 Fayzan
Pet name: Fay/ Ayzan/ Azan
Meaning: Favorite, Generosity
79 Fazal
Pet name: Faza/ Azal/ Aza
Meaning: Excellence
80 Fazil
Pet name: Fazi/ Azil/ Zil
Meaning: Superior
81 Faziuddin
Pet name: Fazi/ Aziuddin/ Uddind
Meaning: Trendy
82 Fazle
Pet name: Faze/ Azle
Meaning: Blessed By The Lord’s
83 Fedrick
Pet name: Fed/ Edrick/ Erick/ Rick
Meaning: Peaceful Ruler
84 Feoras
Pet name: Feo/ Eoras/ Feaor
Meaning: Smooth Rock
85 Fergus
Pet name: Fer/ Ergus/ Fergu
Meaning: Man Of Strength
86 Ferin
Pet name: Fer/ Erin/ Ein
Meaning: West Wind
87 Feriz
Pet name: Fer/ Eriz/ Feiz
Meaning: The Fortunate Soul
88 Fernando
Pet name: Fer/ Ernando/ Nando
Meaning: Courage, Leader
89 Fidaa
Pet name: Fid/ Idaa
Meaning: Sacrifice
90 Fidaan
Pet name: Fid/ Idaan/ Iaan
Meaning: One Who Manipulates The Situation
91 Fidel
Pet name: Fid/ Iel
Meaning: Faithful
92 Firaas
Pet name: Fira/ Iraas/ Raas
Meaning: Knight, Lion
93 Firooz
Pet name: Firoo/ Irooz/ Rooz/ Iroo
Meaning: Ruler
94 Firouz
Pet name: Firo/ Irouz/ Rouz/ Iro
Meaning: Victorious
95 Firoz
Pet name: Firo/ Iroz
Meaning: King Or Ruler
96 Fiyaz
Pet name: Fiy/ Iyaz/ Iya
Meaning: Artistic
97 Flagun

Pet name: Fla/ Lagun/ Agun

Meaning: Arjun
98 Francis
Pet name: Fra/ Fran/ Rancis/ Acis
Meaning: French Man
99 Frank
Pet name: Fra/ Fran
Meaning: Trendy
100 Frankie
Pet name: Fra/ Frank/ Rankie/ Ankie/ Anki
Meaning: Free Women
101 Franklin
Pet name: Fra/ Frank/ Ranklin/ Anklin
Meaning: Free Holder
102 Freddrick
Pet name: Fedd/ Reddrick/ Eddi/ Rick
Meaning: A Peaceful Ruler
103 Fuzail
Pet name: Fuz/ Zail/ Ail
Meaning: Trendy


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