1 Maadhav
Pet name: Maadh/ Adhav/ Ahav/ Adav/ Dav
Meaning: Lord Krishna
2 Maadhan
Pet name: Maadhs/ Madha/ Adhan/ Ahan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
3 Maahir
Pet name: Maah/ Maahi/ Aahir/ Mir
Meaning: Brave, Talented One
4 Maalik
Pet name: Maal/ Maalis/ Aalik/ Ali/ Aiik
Meaning:  Owner, Proprietor, Master
5 Maanas
Pet name: Maan/ Maans/ Aanas/ Aana
Meaning:  Mind, Brilliant, Spiritual Thought
6 Maanan
Pet name: Maan/ Maans/ Anana
Meaning: Mind
7 Maanav
Pet name: Maan/ Maans/ Aanav/ Nav
Meaning: Youth
8 Maani
Pet name: Maan/ Maans/ Aani
Meaning: Strong
9 Maanik
Pet name: Maan/ Maans/ Aanik/ Nik/ Mani
Meaning: Ruby, Valued, Honored, Gem
10 Maanikya
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anikya/ Aniya/ Niy
Meaning:  Ruby
11 Maanvir
Pet name: Maan/ Maanav/ Aanvir/ Anvi/ Vir
Meaning: Brave Heart
12 Maartand
Pet name: Maarth/ Marthan/ Aartand/ Atand
Meaning: Sun
13 Maayur
Pet name: Maayy/ Maayu/ Aayur
Meaning: The Sun
14 Maathur
Pet name: Maath/ Maaur/ Athur/ Ahur
Meaning:  Trendy
15 Maayan
Pet name: Maay/ Maan/Aayan/ Yaan
Meaning:  Water Source, Indifferent To Wealth
16 Mabishan
Pet name: Mabi/ Abishan/ Abi/ Ishan/ Shan/ Ihan
Meaning: Intelligent
17 Madan
Pet name: Madas/ Maday/ Adan/ Maan
Meaning: God Of Love
18 Madangopal
Pet name: Madan/ Maday/ Adan/ Maan/ Gopal/ Gopi/ Pal
Meaning: Attractive One, Lord Krishna
19 Madanmohan
Pet name: Mada/ Madan/ Adan/ Mohan/ Ohan/ Han
Meaning: Attractive, Lord Krishna
20 Madesh
Pet name: Madey/ Maddy/ Adesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
21 Madhav
Pet name: Madh/ Maddy/ Adhav/ Ahav
Meaning: Lord Krishna
22 Madhavan
Pet name: Madh/ Maddy/ Adhavan/ Ahavan/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
23 Madhesh
Pet name: Madh/ Madhes/ Adhesh/ Aesh/ Hesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
24 Madhu
Pet name: Madh/ Maddy/ Adhu/ Ahu
Meaning:  Sweet
25 Madhuban
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhu/ Ahu/ Huban/ Uban
Meaning: Lord Shiva
26 Madhughosh
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhu/ Ghosh
Meaning: Sweet Sounding
27 Madhuk
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhuk/ Ahuk/ Aduk
Meaning: Honeybee, Melodious, A Bird
28 Madhukant
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhu/ Adhuk/ Kant/ Hukant
Meaning: Moon
29 Madhukar
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhuk/ Ahukar/ Hukar
Meaning: Love, Bee
30 Madhur
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhur/ Ahur/ Adur
Meaning:  Gentle
31 Madhusudhan
Pet name: Madh/ Madhu/ Adhus/ Husud/ Sudhan/ Udhan/ Dhan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
32 Madin
Pet name: Madi/ Maddy/ Adin/ Ain
Meaning: Delightful
33 Mayin
Pet name: Mayi/ Mayis/ Ayin
Meaning: Creator Of Universe
34 Magan
Pet name: Maags/ Magas/ Agan/ Maan
Meaning:  Pearl
35 Mahant
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahan/ Ahant/ Haant
Meaning:  Great
36 Maharshi
Pet name: Mahs/ Maha/ Arshi/ Ashi/ Ash
Meaning: Saint
37 Maharvin
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahar/ Harvin/ Arvin/ Avin/ Vin
Meaning: Glorious
38 Mahat
Pet name: Mahs/ Maha/ Hant
Meaning: Great
39 Mahaveer
Pet name: Mahs/ Maha/ Haveer/ Aveer/ Veer
Meaning: Most Courageous
40 Mahavir
Pet name: Mahs/ Maha/ Avir/ Vir
Meaning:  Courageous One
41 Maheem
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Aheem/ Aeem
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Great
42 Maheen
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Aheen/ Aeen
Meaning: The Earth, Fine Or Thin Texture
43 Mahendar
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Ahend/ Hendar/ Endar
Meaning: Lord Indra
44 Mahendaran
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Mahend/ Daran/ Aran
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
45 Mahender
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Mahend/ Hender/ Ender
Meaning:  Earth
46 Mahendra
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Mahen/ Hendra/ Endra/ Edra
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
47 Mahesh
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahe/ Ahesh/ Aesh/ Hesh/ Esh
Meaning: Ruler
48 Mahid
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahi/ Ahid
Meaning: Bringer Of Ease
49 Mahid
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahi/ Ahid
Meaning: Bringer Of Ease
50 Mahidhar
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahi/ Ahindhar/ Ahin/ Hindar/ Indar
Meaning: Angry Man
51 Mahin 
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahi/ Ahin/ Aain
Meaning: Earth
52 Mahipal
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahi/ Ahipal/ Ahi/ Pal
Meaning: King
53 Mahir
Pet name: Mahs/ Ahir/ Mahi/ Hir
Meaning: Skillful
54 Mahish
Pet name: Mahs/ Ahish/ Aish/ Ish/ Mahi
Meaning:  A King, The Sun, Lord Of The Earth
55 Mahit
Pet name: Mahs/ Mahi/ Ahit
Meaning:  Honored
56 Majid
Pet name: Maji/ Majis/ Ajid/ Aji
Meaning: Glorious
57 Makarand
Pet name: Makar/ Makarn/ Akarand/ Arand/ Rand
Meaning: Bee
58 Makeen
Pet name: Maks/ Makeey/ Akeen/ Aeen
Meaning: Strong, Firm
59 Makesh
Pet name: Maks/ Maakes/ Akesh/ Aesh/ Akes/ Ake/ Esh
Meaning: God, Lord Shiva
60 Makool
Pet name: Maks/ Makoo/ Akool/ Aool
Meaning:  Good
61 Maaul
Pet name: Maau/ Maaus/ Aaul
Meaning: Good
62 Makul
Pet name: Maks/ Maul/ Akul/ Aul
Meaning: Good
63 Makur
Pet name: Maks/ Maur/ Akur/ Aur/ Maur
Meaning: Mirror, Jasmine, A Bud, Reflection
64 Malang
Pet name: Malay/ Malans/ Alang/ Maan
Meaning:  Mystic
65 Malank
Pet name: Mals/ Malan/ Alank/ Alan/ Lank
Meaning:  King
66 Malcom
Pet name: Mals/ Malco/ Alcom/ Acom/ Alom
Meaning: King
67 Malhari
Pet name: Malh/ Malhas/ Alhari/ Ahari/ Hari/ Aari
Meaning: Lord Shiva
68 Malik
Pet name: Mali/ Mallis/ Alik/ Ali/ Aik
Meaning: King
69 Mallaki
Pet name: Malay/ Mallu/ Allaki/ Allak
Meaning: Messenger Of God
70 Mallesh
Pet name: Males/ Mallu/ Allesh/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
71 Mallesha
Pet name: Malle/ Mallu/ Allesha/ Lesha/ Esha/ Esh
Meaning: Name Of Lord Shiva
72 Mallik
Pet name: Mallu/ Malli/ Allik/ Aik
Meaning: Great King
73 Mallikarjun
Pet name: Mallu/ Malli/ Karjun/ Arjun/ Arun/ Arjj
Meaning: Lord Shiva
74 Mallinga
Pet name: Mallu/ Allinga/ Alling/ Allin/ Alli
Meaning:  Charming Boy
75 Manaas
Pet name: Maans/ Maanu/ Anaas/ Naas
Meaning:  Mind
76 Manajith
Pet name: Maanu/ Maanaj/ Anaj/ Ajith/ Aji
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered Thought
77 Manan
Pet name: Maan/ Maanu/ Anan
Meaning: Deep Thought
78 Manas
Pet name: Maan/ Maanu/ Anas
Meaning: Wise, Mind
79 Manasdeep
Pet name: Maanu/ Manas/ Anasd/ Manas/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light Of Human Being
80 Mandeep
Pet name: Maanu/ Mandee/ Andeep/ Adeep/ Deep
Meaning:  Light Of The Mind
81 Mandhatri
Pet name: Mannu/ Mandhat/ / Andhatri/ Andhat/ Dhatri/ Dhat/ Atri
Meaning: Prince
82 Maneesh
Pet name: Maanu/ Manee/ Aneesh/ Aeesh/ Aees/ Aeeh
Meaning: God Of Mind
83 Manendra
Pet name: Maanu/ ManeAnen/ Endra/ Anend
Meaning: King Of Mind
84 Mangal
Pet name: Maanu/ Mangs/ Angal/ Agal
Meaning:  Favorable
85 Mangesh
Pet name: Maanu/ Manges/ Angesh/ Agesh/ Gesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
86 Manhar
Pet name: Maanu/ Manhy/ Anhar/ Haar
Meaning: Lord Krishna
87 Manibushan
Pet name: Maanu/ Mani/ Bushan/ Ushan/ Uhan/ Usan
Meaning: Supreme Gem
88 Manideep
Pet name: Maanu/ Mani/ Anid/ Mani/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Shine Like Diamond
89 Manidhar
Pet name: Maan/ Maanu/ Mani/ Anidhar/ Anid/ Idhar/ Anihar/ Anih
Meaning: A Mythical Snake With Jewel In Its Hood
90 Manik
Pet name: Maan/ Manu/ Mani/ Anik/ Aani
Meaning:  Ruby, Valued, Honored, Gem
91 Manikandan
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anik/ Kandan/ Andan/ Anan
Meaning: Lord Ayyappa
92 Manikanta
Pet name: Maan/ Maani/ Anik/ Kanta
Meaning: Lord Ayyapa
93 Manikya
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anikya/ Anik/ Aniy/ Mani
Meaning: Ruby
94 Maninderjit
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Manin/ Inderjir/ Erjit// Jit
Meaning:  One Who Conquers Lord Of Mind
95 Manindra
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Manin/ Indra/ Anind
Meaning:  Diamond
96 Maninth
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Manin/ Aninth/ Anin/ Ainth
Meaning: Carried By The Mind
97 Manipal
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anipal/ Anip/ Pal
Meaning: Great Speech
98 Maniram
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anir/ Ram
Meaning: Jewel Of A Person
99 Manish
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anish/ Ani/ Aish/ Ish/ Nish
Meaning: God Of The Mind
100 Manishankar
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anis/ Mani/ Shankar/ Hankar/ Ankar/ Akar
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
101 Manishit
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anishi/ Anish/ Ishit/ Ihit
Meaning: Wished, Desired
102 Manit
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anit
Meaning: Highly Respected
103 Manith
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Anith/ Anih/ Nith
Meaning: Honored, Chosen
104 Maniv
Pet name: Maan/ Mani/ Aniv/ Aiv/ Niv
Meaning:  Human
105 Manjeet
Pet name: Maan/ Manjee/ Anjeet/ Manj/ Ajeet/ Aeet/ Jeet
Meaning:  Conqueror Of The Mind Or Knowledge
106 Manjuh
Pet name: Maan/ Manu/ Anjuh/ Anuh
Meaning: Handsome
107 Manjughosh
Pet name: Maan/ Manju/ Anju/ Ghosh
Meaning: Sweet Sounding
108 Manjul
Pet name: Maan/ Manju/ Anjul/ Ajul/ Anul/ Aul
Meaning: Handsome
109 Manjunath
Pet name: Maan/ Manju/ Anjunath/ Anjun/ Unath/ Nath
Meaning: Snow, Dewdrops, Beautiful
110 Mankaran
Pet name: Maan/ Mankar/ Ankaran/ Karan/ Aran/ Ankar
Meaning:  Strong-Willed & Self Sufficient
111 Mankit
Pet name: Maan/ Manny/ Ankit/ Akith/ Anith
Meaning: Man Of Heart
112 Manksh
Pet name: Maan/ Mank/ Anksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Longing, Desire
113 Manmit
Pet name: Maan/ Manmi/ Anmit/ Amit/ Anit
Meaning: Friend Of Mind
114 Manmohan
Pet name: Maan/ Maanmo/ Mohan/ Ohan
Meaning:  Winner Of Hearts, Lord Vishnu
115 Manmohit
Pet name: Maan/ Manmo/ Mohit/ Ohit/ Moit
Meaning:  Attracted
116 Mannan
Pet name: Maan/ Annan
Meaning: Thought
117 Mannith
Pet name: Maan/ Manni/ Anith/ Aith/ Nith
Meaning: Honored, Chosen
118 Manohar
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anohar/ Anoh/ Ohar
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
119 Manoharan
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anoh/ Anoharan/ Haran
Meaning: Lord Murugan, Attractive, Charming
120 Manohardeep
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anoh/ Anohard/ Hardeep/ Ardeep/ Deep
Meaning:  Charming Lamp
121 Manohari 
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anohari/ Hari/ Anoari
Meaning: Beauty, Lovable, Jasmine, An Apsara
122 Manoharjeet
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anoharjeet/ Harjeet/ Jeet/ Arjeet/ Arjee/ Aeet
Meaning: Victory Of Charm
123 Manoj
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anoj
Meaning: Born Of Mind 
124 Manonith
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Anonith/ Anon/ Onith/ Nith
Meaning: Carried By The Mind
125 Manoranjan
Pet name: Mano/ Manu/ Manoran/ Anor/ Ranjan/ Rajan/ Anjan
Meaning:  One Who Pleases The Mind
126 Mansoor
Pet name: Maan/ Manu/ Manso/ Ansoor/ Asoor/ Soor
Meaning: Victorious
127 Mansur
Pet name: Maan/ Manu/ Ansur/ Asur/ Anur
Meaning: Assisted, Victorious, Triumphant
128 Manu
Pet name: Maan/ Anu
Meaning: First Human Being, Sage
129 Manuj
Pet name: Maan/ Anuj/ Auj
Meaning: Human, Born Of Manu, Man
130 Manvik
Pet name: Maan/ Maanvii/ Anvik/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning:  Kind Hearted
131 Manvir
Pet name: Maan/ Manvii/ Anvir/ Avir/ Vir
Meaning: Brave
132 Manvith
Pet name: Maan/ Maanvi/ Anvith/ Avith/ Anith/ Vith
Meaning: Human
133 Maqbul
Pet name: Maq/ Maqbu/ Aqbul/ Qbul/ Aqul
Meaning: Accepted, Admitted, Granted
134 Marcelion
Pet name: Marc/ Marcel/ Marce/ Arcelion/ Arceli/ Celion/ Celi/ Elion
Meaning:  Little Soldier
135 Marcos
Pet name: Marc/ Marco/ Arcos/ Acos
Meaning: Trendy
136 Marcus
Pet name: Marc/ Marcs/ Arcus/ Arus
Meaning: Creative
137 Markus
Pet name: Marks/ Marks/ Arkus
138 Markanday
Pet name: Mark/ Markan/ Arkanday/ Markan/ Anday/ Kanday
Meaning: Lord Shiva
139 Marley
Pet name: Marl/ Marey/ Arley/ Aley/ Arey
Meaning: Lake Meadow
140 Marshan
Pet name: Marsh/ Marsha/ Arshan/ Ashan/ Ahan/ Arhan
Meaning:  The Sea, Patient
141 Martand
Pet name: Mart/ Martan/ Artand/ Atand
Meaning: Sun
142 Martanda
Pet name: Mart/ Martan/ Artanda/ Artan/ Arand
Meaning: The Sun, Sun God
143 Marthand
Pet name: Marth/ Marthan/ Arthand/ Athand/ Ahand
Meaning: The Sun, Sun God
144 Martin
Pet name: Maar/ Marti/ Artin/ Arin/ Atin
Meaning:  God Of War
145 Maruthi
Pet name: Maru/ Maruth/ Aruth/ Auth
Meaning:  Hanuman
146 Masood
Pet name: Masoo/ Masoos/ Asood/ Sood
Meaning: Happy, Lucky
147 Masoos
Pet name: Masoo/ Asoos/ Aoos
Meaning: Creative
148 Massey
Pet name: Masse/ Assey/ Asse
Meaning: Twin
149 Mastaan
Pet name: Masts/ Mastaas/ Astaan/ Asaan
Meaning: The Guy Who Always Have Fun
150 Masud
Pet name: Masu/ Masus/ Asud/ Aud
Meaning:  Fortunate One
151 Mathew
Pet name: Mathe/ Mahew/ Athew
Meaning: Gift Of Lord
152 Mathews
Pet name: Mathe/Mathew/ Athews/ Ahews/ Ahes
Meaning: Gift Of Lord
153 Maulesh
Pet name: Maul/Maule/ Aulesh/ Alesh/ Lesh/ Esh/ Aesh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
154 Maulik
Pet name: Maul/ Mauli/ Aulik/ Auli/ Uli/ Ali
Meaning: Precious
155 Maurya
Pet name: Maur/ Maurys/ Aurya/ Arya/ Aura
Meaning: King, Leader
156 Mausuf
Pet name: Mausu/ Maus/ Ausuf/ Ausu/ Usuf
Meaning: Worthy Of Description
157 Mayan
Pet name: Mayas/ Maya/ Ayan/ Yaan
Meaning: God Of Love
158 Mayank
Pet name: Maays/ Maya/ Mayan/ Ayank/ Yaank
Meaning: Moon
159 Mayur
Pet name: Maay/ Mayu/ Ayur/ Maur
Meaning: Grace Like Peacock
160 Mazhar
Pet name: Maaz/ Mazh/ Azhar/ Azar/ Mazhr
Meaning:  Manifestation, Expression
161 Meer
Pet name: Mee/ Meey/ Eer
Meaning: Leader, Commander
162 Meghaj
Pet name: Megh/ Meghas/ Eghaj/ Ehaj/ Egaj
Meaning: Pearl
163 Meghan
Pet name: Megh/ Meghas/ Eghan/ Ehan/ Egan
Meaning: Pearl
164 Meghanad
Pet name: Meg/ Megh/ Eghanand/ Hanand/ Anand/ Anan
Meaning:  Thunder
165 Mehaboob
Pet name: Meh/ Mehab/ Ehab/ Aboob
Meaning: Lover, Friend
166 Mehan
Pet name: Meh/ Mehas/ Ehan/ Meean
Meaning: Suddh, Pure
167 Mehat
Pet name: Meh/ Mehas/ Ehat
Meaning: Greatness
168 Mehboob
Pet name: Meh/ Mehb/ Ehab/ Ahboob/ Ahoob
Meaning: Beloved
169 Mehran
Pet name: Meh/ Mehr/ Ehran/ Hran/ Eran
Meaning: A River Sindh
170 Mehtab
Pet name: Meh/ Meht/ Ehtab/ Ehab/ Etaab
Meaning: Moon
171 Mehul
Pet name: Meld/ Meldris/ Eldrick/ Edrick/ Rick/ Rik
Meaning: Rain
172 Meldrick
Pet name: Aatma/ Maaj/ Aataj/ Aaj
Meaning: Mill Ruler
173 Menon
Pet name: Meen/ Meeny/ Enon/ Meon
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Exalted One
174 Merlin
Pet name: Meer/ Merli/ Erlin/ Elin
Meaning: Soul
175 Mervin
Pet name: Meer/ Merv/ Ervin/ Evin/ Vin
Meaning:  Famous Friend
176 Micheal
Pet name: Mich/ Miche/ Cheal/ Miche
Meaning: Who Is Like God
177 Mihir
Pet name: Mih/ Mihi/ Ihir/ Miir
Meaning: Sun
178 Mihit
Pet name: Miih/ Mihi/ Ihit/ Miit
Meaning: Sun
179 Mikesh
Pet name: Mike/ Mikes/ Ikesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: A Kind Of Lord
180 Mikhael
Pet name: Mik/ Mikhe/ Ikhael/ Iheal/ Ieal
Meaning:  Who Is Like God
181 Mikul
Pet name: Mik/ Miks/ Mikky/ Ikul/ Miul
Meaning: Comrade, Protector
182 Milan
Pet name: Miil/ Milas/ Ilan/ Ian
Meaning: Trendy
183 Miland
Pet name: Mil/ Millay/ Iland/ Iand/ Miand
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Honey Bee
184 Millan
Pet name: Mill/ Millay/ Illan/ Ian
Meaning: Hard Working, Eloquent
185 Millind
Pet name: Mill/ Millin/ Illind/ Illin
Meaning:  Honey Bee
186 Miraj
Pet name: Mir/ Miras/ Iraj/ Raj
Meaning: Placement Of Ascent
187 Mishab
Pet name: Mish/ Misha/ Ishab/ Ihab
Meaning: Lamb
188 Mitansh
Pet name: Miit/ Mitan/ Itansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Friend, Sweet
189 Mitanshu
Pet name: Miit/ Mitan/ Anshu/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Bordered, Friendly Element
190 Mitesh
Pet name: Miit/ Miteh/ Itesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: One With Few Desires
191 Mithil
Pet name: Miit/ Ithil/ Ihil/ Mihil
Meaning: Kingdom
192 Mithila
Pet name: Miit/ Ithila/ Ithi/ Hil
Meaning: Kingdom
193 Mithilesh
Pet name: Miit/ Mithil/ Ithilesh/ Ilesh/ Lesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Father Of Goddess Sita
194 Mithun
Pet name: Miit/ Mith/ Ithin/ Ihin
Meaning: Governor, Moment In Time
195 Mithul
Pet name: Mith/ Ithul/ Miul
Meaning: Kingdom
196 Mithun
Pet name: Mith/ Ithun/ Ihun/ Iun
Meaning: Couple Or Union
197 Mitra
Pet name: Mitr/ Itra/ Iraan/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Friend, The Sun
198 Mitrajit
Pet name: Miit/ Mitr/ Irajit/ Iraj/ Raj
Meaning: Friendly
199 Mittali
Pet name: Mitt/ Ittali/ Ali
Meaning: Friendly
200 Mitul
Pet name: Mit/ Mitus/ Itul/ Miul/ Mitu
Meaning: Friend
201 Mivaan
Pet name: Miva/ Mivaay/ Ivaan/ Vaan/ Iaan
Meaning: Sun Ray’s
202 Miyaz
Pet name: Miy/ Miyay/ Iyaz/ Iaz
Meaning: Distinguished, Preferred
203 Mizan
Pet name: Miz/ Mizas/ Izan/ Ian/ Mian
Meaning: Balance, Scales
204 Mohak
Pet name: Moh/ Ohak
Meaning: Attractive
205 Mohamad
Pet name: Moh/ Moha/ Hamad/ Oham/ Amad
Meaning: The Prophet
206 Mohammed
Pet name: Moh/ Mohamm/ Ammed/ Hammed
Meaning: Glorified
207 Mohan
Pet name: Moh/ Moha/ Ohan/ Han
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Fascinating
208 Mohana
Pet name: Moh/ moha/ Ohana/ Hana/ Han
Meaning: Infatuating, One Of The 5 Arrows Of Kamas
209 Mohanish
Pet name: Moh/ Mohan/ Ohanish/ Hanish/ Anish/ Ani/ Ish
Meaning: Attractive God, Krishna
210 Mohiddin
Pet name: Moh/ Mohidd/ Hiddin/ Oiddin/ Iddin
Meaning: Reviver Of Faith
211 Mohin
Pet name: Moh/ Mohis/ Ohin/ Ain
Meaning: Fascinating
212 Mohit
Pet name: Moh/ Mohis/ Ohit/ Oit
Meaning: Charmed
213 Mohnish
Pet name: Moh/ Mohnis/ Ohnish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Attractive God
214 Moksh
Pet name: Mok/ Moksy/ Oksh/ Osh
Meaning:  Salvation
215 Mokshith
Pet name: Mok/ Mokshi/ Okshith/ Okshit/ Oshith
Meaning: Free Man, Liberated
216 Monik
Pet name: Mon/ Moniy/ Onik/ Oik
Meaning: Advise
217 Monil
Pet name: Mon/ Monis/ Onil/ Nil
Meaning: Bird
218 Monish
Pet name: Mon/ Monis/ Onish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Of Minds
219 Monit
Pet name: Mon/ Moni/ Onit/ Nit
Meaning: Smart, Intelligent, All In One, Poison
221 Mookesh
Pet name: Mook/ Mookes/ Kesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva, To Liberate
222 Moosa
Pet name: Moos/ Moosy/ Oosa
Meaning: Prophet
223 Moriya
Pet name: Mori/ Moriy/ Oriya/ Riya
Meaning: Teacher
224 Moulik
Pet name: Mou/Mouli/ Oulik/ Ulik/ Uli
Meaning: Valuable
225 Mridul
Pet name: Mrid/ Mrids/ Ridul/ Idul
Meaning: Soft, Tender
226 Mrigaj
Pet name: Mir/ Mrigs/ Rigaj/ Riaj/ Iaj
Meaning: Son Of The Moon
227 Mriganka
Pet name: Mrig/ Mirgan/ Riganka/ Iganka/ Iank/ Ian
Meaning: The Moon
228 Mrugan
Pet name: Mruga/ Murg/ Rugan/ Ugan
Meaning: Lord
229 Muhammad
Pet name: Muham/ Muhas/ Uham/ Hammad/ Ammad
Meaning: Praise Worthy
230 Mukesh
Pet name: Muke/ Mukes/ Ukesh/ Kesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
231 Mukta
Pet name: Mukt/ Uktt
Meaning: Means A Pearl In Telugu
232 Muktanand
Pet name: Mukt/ Muktan/ Uktanand/ Anand/ Anan/ Nand
Meaning: Happiness Of Freedom
233 Mukul
Pet name: Muk/ mukus/ Ukul/ Muul
Meaning: Bud, Body, Earth, Soul
234 Mukund
Pet name: Muk/ Mukun/ Ukund/ Kund/ Muund
Meaning: Lord Krishna
235 Mukunda
Pet name: Muk/ Mukun/ Ukunda/ Kunda/ Muuna
Meaning: Lord Krishna
Of Many

236 Mukundh
Pet name: Abyy/ Abyaz/ Ayaz/ Byaz/ Abaz
Meaning: White, Brilliant, Pure
237 Muneer
Pet name: Mune/ Munees/ Uneer/ Neer
Meaning: Brilliant, Shining
238 Muni
Pet name: Mun/ Uni
Meaning: Village God
239 Munish
Pet name: Mun/ Munnis/ Unish/ Anis/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: God Of Mind
240 Murali
Pet name: Mur/ Mural/ Urali/ Ali/ Uali
Meaning: Flute
241 Muralidhar
Pet name: Mur/ Murali/ Alidhar/ Alidh/ Lidhar/ Ihar
Meaning: One Holding A Flute Or Lord Krishna
242 Murari
Pet name: Murar/ Urari/ Uari
Meaning: Lord Krishna
243 Murthi
Pet name: Murth/ Urthi/ Uhi
Meaning: An Idol
244 Mustafa
Pet name: Musta/ Mustaf/ Ustafa/ Usta/ Afa
Meaning: Chosen One
245 Muzahir
Pet name: Muza/ Muzah/ Zahir/ Ahir/ Zair
Meaning: Protector, Defender, Supporter
246 Muzack
Pet name: Muza/ Muzas/ Uzack/ Uzac
Meaning: Defender
247 Muzahik
Pet name: Muza/ Muzah/ Uzahik/ Zahik/ Ahik/ Hiks
Meaning: Defender
248 Muzakir
Pet name: Muza/ Muzak/ Zakir/ Akir/ Zair
Meaning: One Who Reminds People Of Allah
249 Muzhir
Pet name: Muzh/ Muzhi/ Uzhir/ Uhir/ Aaam
Meaning: A Plant Whose Flowers Are Opening Or Have Opened


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