1 Obama
Pet name: Oba/ Oma
Meaning: Blessed
2 Oblesh
Pet name: Oble/Obles/ Blesh/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
3 Ogaan
Pet name: Ogaa/ Ogaas/ Gaan/ Oaan
Meaning: United
4 Ohmkar
Pet name: Ohm/ Omkar/ Okar
Meaning:  Sacred Sound, Ganesha
5 Ojas
Pet name: Oja/ Jas
Meaning:  Noble, Strength
6 Ojaswin
Pet name: Oja/ Ojas/ Jaswin/ Aswin/ Awin/ Aiin
Meaning: Powerful
7 Ojasvin
Pet name: Oja/ Ojas/ Jasvin/ Asvin/ Avin
Meaning: Powerful
8 Ojasvith
Pet name: Oja/ Ojas/ Jasvith/ Jass/ Asvith/ Svith
Meaning: Radiant, Powerful
9 Ojaswit
Pet name: Oja/ Ojas/ Jaswit/ Jas/ Aswit/ Awit
Meaning: Radiant, Powerful
10 Ojayit
Pet name: Oja/ Ojayis/ Jayit/ Jay/ Ayit
Meaning:  Brave, Courageous 
11 Olaf
Pet name: Ola/ Olas/ Laf
Meaning: Ancestors Relic
12 Olliver
Pet name: Olli/ Ollives/ Oiver/ Iver
Meaning: Descendant Of The Ancestor
13 Om
Pet name: Om
Meaning: Sacred Sound, Ganesha
14 Om Praksah
Pet name: Om/ Praksah/ Raksah/ Aks/ Ash
Meaning: Light Of God
15 Omair
Pet name: Omi/ Omais/ Mair/ Oiar
Meaning: Problem Solver
16 Omal
Pet name: Om/ Oms/ Mal/ Oma
Meaning: Trendy
17 Omaldeep
Pet name: Om/ Omal/ Mal/ Deep
Meaning: Creative
18 Oman
Pet name: Om/ Maans
Meaning: Good
19 Omang
Pet name: Om/ Oman/ Maang
Meaning: Creative
20 Omav
Pet name: Om/ Mav
Meaning: Avatar Of Om
21 Omesh
Pet name: Om/ Ome/ Mesh/ Esh
Meaning: Avatar Of Om
22 Omkar
Pet name: Om/ Omee/ Maar
Meaning: Sound Of Om, Divine Sound
23 Omee
Pet name: Om/ Oms
Meaning: Divine
24 Omkaranath
Pet name: Om/ Karanath/ Aranath/ Aran/ Ranath
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
25 Omkaresh
Pet name: Om/ Omkar/ Omk/ Aresh/ Aesh/ Resh/ Esh
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
26 Omprakash
Pet name: Om/ Oms/ Prakash/ Rakash/ Akash/ Kash/ Ash
Meaning: Light Of Om
27 Omran
Pet name: Om/ Omras/ Oran/ Oman
Meaning: Solid Structure
28 Omyshan
Pet name: Om/ Omy/ Myshan/ Shan
Meaning: Smile, God Of Birth & Death
29 Onik
Pet name: Oni/ Onis/ Nik/ Oik
Meaning: Warrior
30 Onir
Pet name: Oni/ Onis/ Neer/ Oeer
Meaning: Shining
31 Onkar
Pet name: Onka/ Onkas/ Onar/ Okar
Meaning: God
32 Orian
Pet name: Ori/ Oris/ Rian/ Ian
Meaning: Boundary, Limit
33 Osama
Pet name: Osa/ Osams/ Sama/ Oama/ Sam
Meaning: Lion
34 Osbert
Pet name: Osb/ Osbers/ Bert/ Osert
Meaning:  Divine
35 Osborn
Pet name: Osb/ Osbos/ Sorn/ Orn
Meaning:  Warrior Of God
36 Oshal
Pet name: Osh/ Oshay/ Shal/ Osha
Meaning: Gods Protector
37 Osheen
Pet name: Osh/ Oshees/ Sheen/ Oseen
Meaning: Bright
38 Oslan
Pet name: Osla/ Oslas/ Slan/ Olan
Meaning: Elegant, Knowledgeable
39 Osman
Pet name: Oushi/ Oushis/ Ushik/ ShikOsm/ Osmas/ Oman
Meaning: Servant Of The God
40 Oushik
Pet name: Oushi/ Oushis/ Ushik/ Shik
Meaning: Creative
41 Ovin
Pet name: Ovs/ Ovis/ Vin/ Oin
Meaning: Clever, Brilliant
42 Oviyan
Pet name: Oviy/ Oviyas/ Viyan/ Iyan/ Vyan
Meaning: Artist


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