1 Taahir
Pet name: Taahi/ Aahir/ Heer
Meaning: Humble, Small, Good
2 Taajwar
Pet name: Taajw/ Taajway/ Aajwar/ Aaju
Meaning: King
3 Taalish
Pet name: Taals/ Taalis/ Alish/ Aish
Meaning: Lord Of Earth
4 Taamir
Pet name: Taamu/ Taamis/ Aamir/ Meer
Meaning: Fruitful
5 Taanhir
Pet name: Taanu/ Taanhy/ Anhir/ Heer
Meaning: Creative
6 Taanish
Pet name: Taanis/ Taanu/ Aanish/ Nish
Meaning: Good
7 Taaqul
Pet name: Taaqs/ Taaqu/ Aaqul/ Aaul
Meaning: Clever Thought
8 Taarush
Pet name: Taars/ Taaru/ Aarush/ Aush/ Rush
Meaning: Emperor
9 Tafheem
Pet name: Tafhe/ Tafhees/ Afheem/ Afhee/ Heem
Meaning: Knowledge
10 Tahib
Pet name: Tahi/ Tahis/ Ahib/ Hib
Meaning: Something Closely
11 Tahir
Pet name: Tahi/ Tahis/ Ahir/ Hir
Meaning: Pure, Clean
12 Tahseen
Pet name: Tahs/ Tahsee/ Ahseen/ Aseen
Meaning: Appreciation
13 Taimur
Pet name: Tai/ Taimu/ Aimur/ Imur
Meaning: Iron
14 Tajwar
Pet name: Tajwa/ Tajwu/ Ajwar/ Jwar/ Aaju
Meaning: Ruler, Emperor
15 Taksh
Pet name: Taks/ Aksh/ Ah
Meaning: Great Champion
16 Takshil
Pet name: Taksh/ Takshi/ Akshil/ Ashil
Meaning: Strong Character
17 Talish
Pet name: Talis/ Alish/ Lish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Of Earth
18 Tameez
Pet name: Tamee/ Tamees/ Ameez/ Meez
Meaning: Sense, Manners
19 Tamir
Pet name: Tami/ Tamis/ Amir/ Meer
Meaning: Wealthy One
20 Tamish
Pet name: Tami/ Tamis/ Amish/ Mish/ Ish
Meaning: Moon
21 Tanas
Pet name: Taany/ Anas/ Naas
Meaning: Humble
22 Tanav
Pet name: Taany/ Anav/ Nav
Meaning: Flute
23 Tanay
Pet name: Taany/ Anay/ Naay
Meaning: Son
24 Tanip
Pet name: Tani/ Anip
Meaning: The Sun
25 Tanish
Pet name: Tani/ Anish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: Ambition
26 Tanishq
Pet name: Tani/ Anishq/ Nishq/ Ishq/ Ish
Meaning: Jewel
27 Tanmay
Pet name: Tanm/ Anmay/ Anma/ Maay
Meaning: Calm, Humble
28 Tanuj
Pet name: Tanu/ Anuj/ Nuj
Meaning: Son
29 Tanush
Pet name: Tanu/ Anush/ Nush/ Anu/ Ush
Meaning: Lord Shiva
30 Tanveer
Pet name: Tanve/ Anveer/ Anvee/ Veer
Meaning: Strong, Brave
31 Tanvir
Pet name: Tanvi/ Anvir/ Vir
Meaning: Strong
32 Tanwir
Pet name: Tanwi/ Anwir/ Wir
Meaning: Enlightened One
33 Tapan
Pet name: Tapa/ Apan
Meaning: The Sun
34 Tapas
Pet name: Tapa/ Apas
Meaning: Sun
35 Tapasvi
Pet name: Tapas/ Apasvi/ Apas/ Asvi
Meaning: A Saint
36 Tapaswi
Pet name: Tapas/ Apaswi/ Apas/ Aswi
Meaning: A Saint
37 Tapeshwar
Pet name: Tapes/ Apesh/ Eshwar/ Esh
Meaning:  Lord Sai Baba
38 Tapio
Pet name: Tapi/ Apio
Meaning: Ruler Of Forest
39 Taradhish
Pet name: Tarad/ Radhish/ Ashish/ Hish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Of The Stars
40 Tarak
Pet name: Tara/ Arak/ Rak
Meaning: Protector, Star
41 Tarakeshwar
Pet name: Tarak/ Arak/ Akeshwar/ Keshwar/ Eshwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
42 Taraknath
Pet name: Tara/ Arak/ Aknath
Meaning: Lord Shiva
43 Taraksh
Pet name: Tara/ Araksh/ Arak/ Aksh
Meaning: Mountain
44 Taran
Pet name: Tara/ Aran
Meaning: Heaven
45 Tarang
Pet name: Tara/ Arang/ Rang
Meaning: Waves
46 Tarani
Pet name: Tara/ Arani/ Aran
Meaning: Sun
47 Tareef
Pet name: Taree/ Areef/ Aree/ Aeef
Meaning: Rare
48 Tarendra
Pet name: Taren/ Aren/ Endra
Meaning:  Prince Of Stars
49 Taresh
Pet name: Tares/ Aresh/ Ares/ Resh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of The Stars Or The Moon
50 Tariq
Pet name: Tari/ Ariq/ Riq
Meaning: Name Of The Star
51 Tarish
Pet name: Taris/ Arish/ Rish/ Ish
Meaning: The Ocean, Competent Person
52 Tarkesh
Pet name: Tark/ Arkesh/ Arke/ Kesh/ Esh
Meaning: God Of Stars
53 Tarkeshwar
Pet name: Tark/ Arkeshwar/ Arkesh/ Eshwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
54 Tarpan
Pet name: Tarp/ Arpan/ Aran
Meaning: Refreshing
55 Tarun
Pet name: Tarp/ Arun/ Aun
Meaning: Young Boy
56 Tarush
Pet name: Taru/ Arush/ Rush/ Ush
Meaning: Ruler
57 Tasheer
Pet name: Tash/ Asheer/ Ashee/ Sheer
Meaning: Energetic
58 Tashvin
Pet name: Tash/ Ashvin/ Ash/ Avin
Meaning: Born To Win
59 Tautik
Pet name: Tau/ Autik/ Utik
Meaning: Pearl
60 Tavian
Pet name: Tavi/ Avian/ Avi/ Vian/ Ian
Meaning: Eight
61 Tavish
Pet name: Tavi/ Avish/ Vish/ Ish
Meaning: Gold, Heaven, Brave
62 Tazeem
Pet name: Taze/ Azeem/ Zeem/ Azee
Meaning: Honor, Respect
63 Tej
Pet name: Teju/ Tejs
Meaning: Shine
64 Teja
Pet name: Tej/ Teju
Meaning: Creative
65 Tejal
Pet name: Tej/ Teju/ Ejal/ Eja/ Jal/ Teja
Meaning: Bright
66 Tejas
Pet name: Tej/ Teja/ Teju/ Ejas/ Eja/ Jas
Meaning: Smart, Brilliance
67 Tejasvar
Pet name: Tej/ Teja/ Ejasvar/ Jasvar/ Asvar/ Asva/ Svar
Meaning: Smart, Intelligent
68 Tejeshwar
Pet name: Tej/ Teju/ Tejes/ Jeshwar/ Jesh/ Eshwar/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Brightness
69 Tejindra
Pet name: Tej/ Tejin/ Ejindra/ Jindra/ Indra
Meaning: Glorious Chief
70 Tejit
Pet name: Tej/ Tejii/ Ejit
Meaning: Sharpened, Excited
71 Teniayo
Pet name: Teni/ Teniay/ Eniayo/ Niayo/ Iayo
Meaning: Joyful, Happiness
72 Thaaqib
Pet name: Thaaq/ Thaaqis/ Haaqib/ Aaqib/ Qib
Meaning: Shooting Star
73 Thabit
Pet name: Thakar/ Thakars/ Hakarsh/ Akarsh/ Arsh
Meaning: Firm
74 Thakarsh
Pet name: Thakar/ Thakars/ Hakarsh/ Akarsh/ Arsh
Meaning: Lord Krishna
75 Thaman
Pet name: Thamu/ Thamas/ Aman
Meaning: Leader, Worthy
76 Thaqib
Pet name: Thaq/ Thaqi/ Haqib/ Aqib
Meaning: Shooting Star
77 Thavanesh
Pet name: Thavan/ Thavu/ Avanesh/ Avan/ Anesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
78 Theenash
Pet name: Theen/ Theeny/ Heenash/ Eenash/ Ash
Meaning: Rising Star
79 Thomas
Pet name: Thom/ Thoms/ Omas
Meaning: Twin Or Looking A Like
80 Thompson
Pet name: Thom/ Thomps/ Hompson/ Ompson
Meaning: Twin
81 Tijil
Pet name: Tij/ Iji/ Jil
Meaning: Moon
82 Tirumala
Pet name: Tiru/ Tirus/ Irumala/ Umala
Meaning: Seven Hills
83 Tiyash
Pet name: Tiya/ Tiyas/ Iyansh/ Yansh/ Ash
Meaning: Quest
84 Toshin
Pet name: Toshi/ Tosh/ Oshin/ Shin/ Ohin
Meaning: Self-Love
85 Tovino
Pet name: Tovi/ Tovin/ Ovino/ Vino/ Ovin
Meaning: Lover, Joyful
86 Triambak
Pet name: Triam/ Triambs/ Riambak/ Iambak/ Ambak
Meaning: Lord Shiva
87 Tridev
Pet name: Trid/ Trides/ Ridev/ Dev
Meaning: Hindu Trinity Or Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva
88 Tridhaman
Pet name: Trid/ Tridha/ Ridhaman/ Idhaman/ Dhaman
Meaning: Lord Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva
89 Tridhatri
Pet name: Trid/ Tridha/ Ridhatri/ Ridha/ Dhat
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
90 Trilochan
Pet name: Tril/ Triloch/ Rilochan/ Lochan/ Locha/ Ochan
Meaning: One With Three Eyes Or Lord Shiva
91 Trilok
Pet name: Tril/ Rilo/ Lok/ Ilos
Meaning: All the Three Worlds
92 Trilokan
Pet name: Trils/ Trilok/ Rilo/ Lokan/ Lok
Meaning: Creative
93 Trilokanath
Pet name: Tril/ Trilok/ Rilo/ Lokanath/ Lokan/ Lok
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
94 Trilokchand
Pet name: Tril/ Rilok/ Lok/ Chand/ Chan/ Chandu
Meaning: Moon Of The Three Worlds
95 Trimaan
Pet name: Trimu/ Trimaas/ / Rimaan/ Imaan/ Maan
Meaning: Worshipped In Three Worlds
96 Trimurthi
Pet name: Trimu/ Trimurs/ Rimurthi/ Rimur/ Murthi/ Urthi
Meaning: Holy Trinity
97 Trimurti
Pet name: Trimu/ Trimurts/ Rimur/ Murti
Meaning: The Holy Trinity
98 Trinaay
Pet name: Trinu/ Trins/ Inaay
Meaning: Lord Shiva
99 Trinabh
Pet name: Trinu/ Trinas/ Rinabh/ Inabh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
100 Trinadh
Pet name: Trinu/ Trinas/ Rinadh/ Inadh/ Nadh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
101 Trinayan
Pet name: Trinu/ Trinay/ Rinayan/ Nayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
102 Tripur
Pet name: Tris/ Tripu/ Ripur
Meaning: A form of Three Cities
103 Tripurajit
Pet name: Tripu/ Tripu/ Ripur/ Purajit/ Rajit/ Ajit/ Jitu
Meaning: Lord Shiva
104 Tripurari
Pet name: Tirpu/ Tripur/ Ripur/ Urari/ Ari
Meaning: Lord Shiva
105 Trishan
Pet name: Trish/ Tris/ Rishan/ Ishan/ Shan
Meaning: Victory
106 Trishanbir
Pet name: Trish/ Tris/ Rishan/ Shanb/ Anbir/ Ishan/ Shan
Meaning: Craving For Bravery
107 Trishar
Pet name: Trish/ Trishy/ Rishar/ Ishar/ Shar
Meaning: Pearl Necklace
108 Trishulank
Pet name: Trish/ Trishy/ Rishulank/ Ishul/ Shulank/ Shula/ Hulank
Meaning: Lord Shiva
109 Trishulin
Pet name: Trish/ Trishu/ Rishulin/ Ishulin/ Ishul/ Hulin
Meaning: Lord Shiva
110 Trivid
Pet name: Trivi/ Trivis/ Rivid/ Ivid/ Vid
Meaning:  Knowing Three Vedas
111 Tupil
Pet name: Tupi/ Tupils/ Upil
Meaning: Moon
112 Turag
Pet name: Tura/ Turags/ Urag/ Rag
Meaning: A Thought
113 Tushar
Pet name: Tush/ Tushas/ Ushar/ Shar/ Ush
Meaning: Winter, Dew Drop
114 Tuvijat
Pet name: Tuvis/ Tuvij/ Uvijat/ Uvi/ Vijat/ Vija/ Jat
Meaning: Lord Indra


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