1 Ubadah
Pet name: Ubay/ Ubadh/ Badah/ Adah
Meaning: Worshipper To Diety
2 Ubaidh
Pet name: Ubai/ Ubaid/ Baidh/ Aidh
Meaning: The Original, Lovable
3 Ubay
Pet name: Uba/ Ubas/ Bay
Meaning: Worshipper
4 Ubhay
Pet name: Ubha/ Ubhas/ Bhay/ Uhay
Meaning: Blessing
5 Uccherya
Pet name: Uccher/ Ucchery/ Cherya/ Cher/ Herya/ Erya
Meaning: Noble
6 Uchadev
Pet name: Uchad/ Chadev/ Hadev/ Dev
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
7 Udant
Pet name: Udan/ Uant
Meaning: Gods Message
8 Udarathi
Pet name: Uda/ Darathi/ Arathi/ Darth/ Arath
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
9 Udarsh
Pet name: Uda/ Darsh/ Arsh/ Ash
Meaning: Blue Lotus
10 Udath
Pet name: Udat/ Dath
Meaning: King
11 Uday
Pet name: Uda/ Udas
Meaning: Sun Rise
12 Udayan
Pet name: Uda/ Uday/ Dayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Hope, Rising
13 Udayat
Pet name: Uda/ Uday/ Dayat/ Ayat
Meaning: Morning Sun Light
14 Udayin
Pet name: Uda/ Uday/ Dayin/ Ayin/ Dayi
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
15 Udbal
Pet name: Udb/ Bal
Meaning: Mighty
16 Udbav
Pet name: Udba/ Dbav
Meaning: Rise, Origin
17 Udbhav
Pet name: Udba/ Dbhav/ Bhav
Meaning: Rise, Origin
18 Uddhav
Pet name: Uddh/ Dhav
Meaning: A Festival, Fire
19 Uddip
Pet name: Uddi/ Dip
Meaning: Giving Light
20 Uddiran
Pet name: Uddi/ Diran/ Iran
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
21 Uddish
Pet name: Uddi/ Dish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
22 Uddiyan
Pet name: Uddi/ Diyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Flying Speed
23 Uddunath
Pet name: Uddu/ Dunath/ Unath
Meaning: Lord Of Stars
24 Udeep
Pet name: Udee/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Burn, Beam Of Light
25 Udesh
Pet name: Udes/ Desh/ Esh
Meaning: Purpose
26 Udhar
Pet name: Udha/ Dhar
Meaning: Salvation
27 Udhay
Pet name: Udha/ Dhay
Meaning: Arise, Blue Lotus
28 Udit
Pet name: Udi/ Dit
Meaning: Shining, Grown
29 Udjith
Pet name: Udji/ Jith
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
30 Udupati
Pet name: Udup/ Dupati/ Upati
Meaning:  Lord Of Stars
31 Uduraj
Pet name: Udur/ Duraj/ Uraj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Stars
32 Udyam
Pet name: Udya/ Dyam
Meaning: Action
33 Udyan
Pet name: Udya/ Dyan
Meaning: Garden
34 Udyat
Pet name: Udya/ Dyat
Meaning: A Star, Rising
35 Udyath
Pet name: Udya/ Dyanth/ Yanth/ Anth
Meaning: A Rising Star
36 Ugresh
Pet name: Ugre/ Gresh/ Resh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
37 Ujithra
Pet name: Uji/ Ujith/ Jithra/ Ithra
Meaning: Light
38 Ujjivan
Pet name: Ujjiv/ Jivan/ Ivan
Meaning: Strength
39 Ujwal
Pet name: Ujwa/ Jwal
Meaning: Bright
40 Ulhas
Pet name: Ulha/ Haas
Meaning:  Delight, Joy
41 Umachandra
Pet name: Uma/ Chandra/ Andra
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi And Lord Shiva
42 Umaesh
Pet name: Umas/ Umaes/ Mesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
43 Umair
Pet name: Uma/ Mair
Meaning: Immortal, Habitual
44 Umakant
Pet name: Uma/ Makant/ Akant/ Kant
Meaning: Lord Shiva
45 Umakanth
Pet name: Uma/ Makanth/ Kanth
Meaning: Moon Light
46 Umal
Pet name: Uma/ Mal
Meaning: Garland Of Rays
47 Umanand
Pet name: Uma/ Manan/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: Lord Shiva
48 Umang
Pet name: Uma/ Uman/ Mang/ Ang
Meaning: Happiness
49 Umar
Pet name: Uma/ Maar
Meaning: Golden, Wealthy
50 Umasuthan
Pet name: Uma/ Umasu/ Masuthan/ Suthan/ Uthan
Meaning: Son Of Goddess Parvathi
51 Umay
Pet name: Uma/ Maay
Meaning: Hope
52 Umayr
Pet name: Uma/ Mayr
Meaning: Brilliant
53 Umed
Pet name: Ume/ Med
Meaning: Hope
54 Umesh
Pet name: Ume/ Mesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
55 Umeshwer
Pet name: Ume/ Meshwer/ Eshwer/ Eshu
Meaning: Lord Shiva
56 Upal
Pet name: Upa/ Pal
Meaning: Stone
57 Upendra
Pet name: Upen/ Pendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
58 Upneet
Pet name: Upnee/ Neet
Meaning: Presence
59 Uppal
Pet name: Uppa/ Pal
Meaning: Stone
60 Uppas
Pet name: Uppa
Meaning: Gem
61 Uriel
Pet name: Uri/ Riel/ Iel
Meaning: Angel Of Light
62 Urijit
Pet name: Uri/ Rijit/ Ijith/ Jit
Meaning: Powerful
63 Urinath
Pet name: Urina/ Rinath/ Rinat/ Nath
Meaning: Creative
64 Urmit
Pet name: Urmi/ Rmit
Meaning: Joyful, Peace
65 Urmiya
Pet name: Urmi/ Rmiya/ Miya
Meaning: Lord Of Light
66 Urugay
Pet name: Urug/ Rugay/ Ugay
Meaning: Lord Krishna
67 Urvish
Pet name: Urvi/ Rvish/ Ish
Meaning: King, Lord Of The Earth
68 Uryan
Pet name: Urya/ Ryan/ Yaan
Meaning: Radiance, Glow
69 Usayin
Pet name: Usay/ Usayis/ Sayi/ Ayin
Meaning: Creative
70 Ushraayush
Pet name: Ushr/ Ushraay/ Raayush/ Raayu/ Aayush/ Yush
Meaning: Bright Life
71 Utarak
Pet name: Uttar/ Tarak/ Arak
Meaning: Lord Shiva
72 Utej
Pet name: Utte/ Tej
Meaning: Wealth
73 Utham
Pet name: Utta/ Uam
Meaning: Best
74 Uthar
Pet name: Uthas/ Uar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
75 Utpal
Pet name: Utpa/ Utpas/ Pal
Meaning: Fragile, Water Lilly
76 Uzair
Pet name: Uza/ Zair/ Zai
Meaning: Precious, A Prophet's Name


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