1 Eadda
Pet name: Eddy/ Addaa
Meaning: Wealthy, Successful
2 Eadita
Pet name: Eadi/ Eddy/ Adita/ Adi/ Dia
Meaning: One Who Is Very Diligent And Amusing
3 Eakshaa
Pet name: Eaksha/ Akshaa/ Asha/ Sha
Meaning: Rational
4 Ealda
Pet name: Eally/ Alda/ Ada
Meaning:  One Who Rules The Universe
5 Eama
Pet name: Eamy/ Ema
Meaning: One Who Comprises Of The Whole Universe
6 Eashi
Pet name: Eash/ Ashi/ Eshi
Meaning:  Happiness
7 Eashita
Pet name: Eashi/ Ashitha/ Shitha/ Ahitha/ Sitha
Meaning: Derisible Person
8 Eashta
Pet name: Eashy/ Easha/ Ashta/ Eahta
Meaning: Beloved, Lord Vishnu
9 Eashwari
Pet name: Eashy/ Ashwari/ Ash/ Wari
Meaning: Goddess Parvati
10 Eathelyn
Pet name: Eathe/ Athelyn/ / Ahelyn/ Aelyn/ Elyn
Meaning: Noble Waterfall
11 Ebbani
Pet name: Ebba/ Bani/ Eani/ Anni
Meaning: Fog Or Dew Drops, Desire
12 Ecchumati
Pet name: Ecchu/ Chumati/ Humati/ Mati
Meaning:  A River
13 Eddith
Pet name: Eddy/ Edith/ Eith
Meaning: Rich Gift
14 Edeline
Pet name: Eddy/ Deline/ Eline/ Eine/ Elie
Meaning:  Noble, Kind
15 Edhitha
Pet name: Edhi/ Dhitha/ Hitha/ Ehitha
Meaning: Progressed, Increased
16 Edie
Pet name: Eddy/ Eddee
Meaning:  Creative
17 Edina
Pet name: Eddy/ Dina/ Eina
Meaning: Wealthy Friend
18 Editha
Pet name: Eddy/ Eitha/ Ditha/ Eiha
Meaning: Rich Gift
19 Edmunda
Pet name: Eddy/ Edmu/ Emunda/ Unda/ Emnda
Meaning: Prosperous Protector
20 Ednit
Pet name: Eddy/ Edni/ Enit
Meaning:  Evolved
21 Ednita
Pet name: Eddy/ Edni/ Enita/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: Developed
22 Edria
Pet name: Eddy/ Eria/ Ria
Meaning: Mighty
23 Edrice
Pet name: Eddy/ Edric/ Drice/ Edrie
Meaning: Prosperous Ruler
24 Eduarda
Pet name: Eddy/ Edua/ Arda/ Uarda/ Duar
Meaning: Creative
25 Edwina
Pet name: Eddy/ Edwi/ Wina/ Edina/ Eina
Meaning: Prosperous Friend
26 Eershita
Pet name: Eresh/ Ershi/ Shita/ Sita
Meaning: Goddess Saraswati
27 Eesha
Pet name: Ees/ Esha/ Eha/ Sha
Meaning: Goddess Parvati, Purity, Desire
28 Eeshani
Pet name: Eesh/ Eshani/ Ehani/ Shani/ Hani/ Eani
Meaning:  Goddess Parvathi
29 Eeshika
Pet name: Eesh/ Eshika/ Shika/ Sika/ Sia
Meaning: A Powerful Arrow
30 Eeshta
Pet name: Eshy/ Estha/ Ehta
Meaning:  Beloved, Lord Vishnu
31 Eeshvi
Pet name: Eshi/ Ehvi/ Esvi/ Evi
Meaning: God
32 Eeshwari
Pet name: Eeshu/ Shwari/ Wari
Meaning:  Goddess
33 Ehimaya
Pet name: Ehi/ Ehima/ Maya/ Imaya
Meaning: Intelligent
34 Ehteram
Pet name: Ehte/ Eram/ Ram
Meaning:  Respect
35 Eide
Pet name: Eiddy/ Ede
Meaning: Gentle
36 Eila
Pet name: Eilly/ Ila/ Ela
Meaning: The Earth
37 Eileen
Pet name: Eile/ Ileen/ Leen
Meaning: Champion,  Lovable
38 Eilina
Pet name: Eily/ Ilina/ Lina/ Eina
Meaning: Champion,  Lovable
39 Eiliyah
Pet name: Eily/ Liyah/ Liya/ Eyah
Meaning: Creative
40 Eillin
Pet name: Eily/ Ilin/ Ellin/ Llin
Meaning: Lovable
41 Eilnaz
Pet name: Eilna/ Ilnaz/ Inaz/ Naz/ Enaz
Meaning: Most Beautiful
42 Eimaan
Pet name: Eima/ Eimmy/ Maan/ Imaa
Meaning:  Faith
43 Eimana
Pet name: Eima/ Eimmy/ Imana/ Maana/ Anna
Meaning: Faith
44 Eimen
Pet name: Eima/ Imen
Meaning:  Protector, Wealthy One
45 Eira
Pet name: Eira/ Ira/ Era
Meaning: Snow
46 Eirama
Pet name: Eira/ Irama/ Rama/ Iraa
Meaning:  Heaven
47 Eiravati
Pet name: Eir/ Iravati/ Ravati/ Avati/ Vati
Meaning: Lightening, Ravi River
48 Eisha
Pet name: Eis/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning:  Desire,  Attractive, Goddess Parvathi
49 Ekaania
Pet name: Ekaan/ Ekani/ Ania/ Nia/ Anii
Meaning: Creative
50 Ekaja
Pet name: Ekas/ Kaja/ Eaja/ Aja
Meaning: Only Child
51 Ekami
Pet name: Ekky/ Eami/ Aami
Meaning: Single
52 Ekamati
Pet name: Ekamy/ Amati/ Ekmati
Meaning: Concentrated
53 Ekambari
Pet name: Ekamy/ Ambari/ Mari
54 Ekani
Pet name: Ekan/ Anny/ Eani
Meaning:  One, Unique
55 Ekanshi
Pet name: Eka/ Kanshi/ Anshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Part Of The Body
56 Ekanta
Pet name:Eka/ Kanta/ Anta/ Eanta
Meaning: Devoted
57 Ekantha
Pet name: Ekan/ Kantha/ Kanna
Meaning: Devoted, A Girl
58 Ekanthi
Pet name: Eka/ Ekani/ Eanhi/ Anhi
Meaning: Devoted
59 Ekanthika
Pet name: Eka/ Ekanthi/ Anthika/ Athika/ Ahika
Meaning:  Devoted To One Aim
60 Ekantika
Pet name: Ekan/ Ekani/ Antika/ Anika/ Ntika/ Nika
Meaning: Devoted To One Aim
61 Ekaparna
Pet name: Eka/ Aparna/ Appu/ Arna/ Ana
Meaning: Creative
62 Ekaparnika
Pet name: Eka/ Aparnika/ Parnika/ Arnika/ Anika/ Arika/ Rika
Meaning:  Goddess Durga
63 Ekarishi
Pet name: Eka/ Karishi/ Arishi/ Aishi/ Rishi/ Ishi
Meaning:First Rishi
64 Ekarnika
Pet name: Eka/ Ekarni/ Ekari/ Ekani/ Karnika/ Arnika/ Aarny/ Nia
Meaning:  Goddess Durga
65 Ekata
Pet name: Eka/ Kata/ Eata
Meaning: Unity
66 Ekathva
Pet name: Eka/ Ektha/ Athva/ Ahva/ Ava
Meaning:  Oneness
67 Ekavali
Pet name:Eka/ Kavali/ Avali/ Vali
Meaning: Single-String
68 Ekavaria
Pet name:Eka/ Ekava/ Avaria/ Varia/ Aria
Meaning: Daughter Of Lord Shiva
69 Ekisha
Pet name: Eki/ Ekisa/ Eisha/ Isha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: One Goddess
70 Ekshika
Pet name: Ekshi/ Shika/ Sika/ Sia/ Hika
Meaning:  The Eye
71 Ekshita
Pet name: Ekshi/ Shita/ Ehita/ Hita/ Eksita
Meaning: Permanent
72 Ekshitha
Pet name: Ekshi/ Shitha/ Shi/ Hitha
Meaning: Appreciable,  Permanent
73 Eksitha
Pet name: Eksi/ Sitha/ Eitha/ Eitha
Meaning: Creative
74 Ekta
Pet name: Eksi/ Sitha/ Eitha/ Eitha
Meaning: Unity, Harmony
75 Ektara
Pet name: Ekta/ Eka/ Tara
Meaning: One String
76 Ekvira
Pet name: Ekvi/ Vira/ Eira
Meaning: Queen Fish
77 Elakshi
Pet name: Ela/ Lakshi/ Akshi/ Ashi/ Eshi
Meaning: A Woman With Bright Eyes
78 Elberta
Pet name: Elbe/ Berta/ Bera
Meaning:  Creative
79 Elena
Pet name: Elen/ Lena/ Eena
Meaning: Brilliant, Sun Rays
80 Elham
Pet name: Elh/ Eham/ Elam
Meaning:  Inspiration, Revelation
81 Elika
Pet name: Eli/ Lika/ Elik
Meaning: Earth
82 Elile
Pet name: Eli/ Elily/ Eile
Meaning:  Beautiful
83 Elina
Pet name: Eli/ Lina/ Eina
Meaning: Pure, Intelligent Greek
84 Eline
Pet name: Eli/ Eine
Meaning:  Creative
85 Elisa
Pet name: Elis/ Lisa/ Eisa
Meaning: I Swear To God
86 Elisabelle
Pet name: Elis/ Lisabelle/ Lisa/ Belle/ Isabelle/ Elisa
Meaning: Helpful
87 Elisabeth
Pet name: Elis/ Elisa/ Lisa/ Sabeth/ Beth
Meaning: Oath Of God
88 Elisha
Pet name: Eli/ Lisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: God Is Salvation
89 Elisse
Pet name: Elis/ Lisse/ Eisse
Meaning: Blissful
90 Eliza
Pet name: Eli/ Liza/ Iza
Meaning: Precious
91 Elizabeth
Pet name: Eliz/ Elliy/ Elizze/ Lizze/ Zabeh
Meaning: God Is My Oath
92 Ella
Pet name: Elly/ Elaa
Meaning:  Earth
93 Ellen
Pet name: Elle/ Llen
Meaning: Shining Light
94 Ellena
Pet name: Elle/ Lena/ Ena
Meaning:  Shining Light
95 Ellie
Pet name: Elli/ Llie
Meaning: Beautiful Women Or Lady
96 Elyssa
Pet name: Elly/ Elyss/ Elyya/ Lyssa
Meaning:  Blissful
97 Emanda
Pet name: Ema/ Manda/ Maan/ Eanda
Meaning: Creative
98 Emely
Pet name: Emyy/ Emly/ Mely/ Eely
Meaning:  Charisma
99 Emika
Pet name: Emi/ Emmy/ Mika/ Mia
Meaning: Beautiful, Gorgeous
100 Emily
Pet name: Emi/ Mily/ Ily
Meaning: Flower
101 Emma
Pet name: Ema/ Emmy
Meaning: Complete, Entire
102 Emmily
Pet name: Emm/ Emmi/ Mily
Meaning: Creative
103 Enaksi
Pet name: Ena/ Aksi/ Easi/ Asi
Meaning: Creative
104 Enazh
Pet name: Ena/ Nazh/ Eaazh
Meaning:  Creative
105 Enisha
Pet name: Eniyy/ Eniis/ Nisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Creative
106 Epshita
Pet name: Epshi/ Shitha/ Hitha
Meaning:  Goddess Lakshmi, Desired
107 Epsrita
Pet name: Epsy/ Epsri/ Epsi/ Srita/ Rita/ Ria
Meaning: Desires One
108 Eravati
Pet name: Era/ Erava/ Avathi/ Vathi/ Ravathi
Meaning: Name Of Goddess
109 Erika
Pet name: Eri/ Erry/ Rika/ Eika
Meaning: Ruler
110 Erinna
Pet name: Erinn/ Rina/ Inna
Meaning: Creative
111 Erishav
Pet name: Eris/ Risha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Joyful
112 Ernika
Pet name: Erni/ Nika/ Erika
Meaning:  Sunlight
113 Erica
Pet name: Eric/ Rica/ Eica
Meaning: Ever The Ruler
114 Esha
Pet name: Eshy/ Eha/ Sha
Meaning:  Attractive, Desire
115 Eshaala
Pet name: Esha/ Eshy/ Shaala/ Shaa
Meaning: Flower From Paradise
116 Eshana
Pet name: Esha/ Eshy/ Ehana/ Shana/ Sana/ Haana
Meaning:  Goddess Durga, Desire
117 Eshani
Pet name:Esha/ Eshy/ Ehani/ Shaani/ Haani/ Eani
Meaning: Gods Favorite
118 Eshanika
Pet name: Esha/ Eshy/ Eshani/ Eaani/ Shanika/ Hanika/ Anika/ Eika
Meaning: Fulfilling Desire
119 Eshanka
Pet name: Esha/ Eshy/ Shanka/ Shana/ Hanka
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
120 Eshita
Pet name: Eshi/ Shitha/ Ehita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning:  One Who Desired
121 Eshitha
Pet name: Eshi/ Shitha/ Shiha/ Siha/ Sia
Meaning: Creative
122 Eshiva
Pet name: Esh/ Eshi/ Shiva/ Hiva/ Eiva
Meaning: Creative
123 Eshna
Pet name: Eshn/ Shna
Meaning: Desire
124 Eshrat
Pet name: Esh/ Eshy/ Shrat/ Srat
Meaning: Rich, Comfort
125 Eshta
Pet name: Esh/ Eshy/ Esta
Meaning: Creative
126 Eshtha
Pet name: Esh/ Esha
Meaning: Creative
127 Eshva
Pet name: Esh/ Shva/ Esva
Meaning: Born On East
128 Eshwari
Pet name: Esh/ Wari/ Shwari/ Shari
Meaning:  Goddess Parvathi
129 Esita
Pet name: Esi/ Sita/ Sia/ Eita
Meaning: Desirable
130 Esta
Pet name: Est/ Eta
Meaning:  Star
131 Esther
Pet name: Esth/ Shther
Meaning: Star, Mountain Rose Herb
132 Ethasha
Pet name: Etha/ Hasha/ Asha
Meaning:  Charming
133 Eugenie
Pet name: Euge/ Genie/ Enie
Meaning: Well Born
134 Eva
Pet name: Evvy
Meaning: Living One, Life
135 Evani
Pet name: Eva/Evvy/ Vani/ Ani
Meaning: Creative
136 Evanka
Pet name: Eva/ Evvy/ Anka/ Evana
Meaning: Polite, Merciful
137 Evanna
Pet name: Eva/ Evvy/ Vanna
Meaning: Fighter
138 Evanshi
Pet name: Eva/ Evvy/ Evaany/ Vanshi/ Anshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Creative
139 Evelynn
Pet name: Eve/ Evvy/ Eveely/ Elynn/ Velynn/ Elynn
Meaning: A Bird- Like Woman
140 Evika
Pet name: Evi/ Evvy/ Eviia/ Vika/ Vik
Meaning: A Little One
141 Ewana
Pet name: Ewa/ Ewy/ Eaana/ Ewany/ Wana/ Anna
Meaning: Creative
142 Ewaz
Pet name: Ewa/ Ewyy/ Eazy/ Wazz
Meaning:  Attractive
143 Ezaana
Pet name: Ezaa/ Ezzy/ Zaana/ Eaana
Meaning: Obedient, Trust
144 Ezegha
Pet name: Eze/ Ezzy/ Ezegh/ Zegha/ Zega/ Eha
Meaning:  Creative
145 Ezekiel
Pet name: Eze/ Ezzy/ Zekiel/ Ekiel/ Kiel
Meaning: God Will Strengthen
146 Ezhil
Pet name: Ezhi/ Ezzy/ Zhil/ Eil
Meaning:  Beautiful Art
147 Ezra
Pet name: Eza/ Ezzy/ Era/ Zra
Meaning: Help
148 Ezrine
Pet name: Ezr/ Ezzry/ Ezri/ Zrine/ Erine/ Eine
Meaning:  Lovable
149 Ezzah
Pet name: Ezz/ Ezzy/ Eah/ Zzah
Meaning: Honor, Respect


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