1 Iansina
Pet name: Ians/ Iaani/ Ansia/ Asia/ Ania/ Nia
Meaning: Trendy
2 Ibadah 
Pet name: Ibada/ Ibaady/ Iadah/ Iaah
Meaning: Worship
3 Ibadat
Pet name: Ibada/ Ibaady/ Badat/ Adat/ Ada
Meaning: Worship
4 Ibbani
Pet name: Ibba/ Ibby/ Bani/ Ani
Meaning:  Honey Dow
5 Ibhar
Pet name: Ibha/ Ibhy/ Bhar/Ibar/ Iar
Meaning: Open Like The Ocean
6 Ibina
Pet name: Ibii/ Ibny/ Bina/ Nia
Meaning: Trendy
7 IbnSina
Pet name: Ibnsi/ Ibsi/ Sina/ Sia/ Ibina/ Ina
Meaning: The Celebrated Physician Avicenna
8 Ibrah
Pet name: Ibra/ Brah/ Ibah
Meaning: Wisdom, Advice
9 Ibrat
Pet name: Ibra/ Irat/ Ira
Meaning: Wisdom To Learn From Experience
10 Ibrisam
Pet name: Ibri/ Brisa/ Sam/ Risam/ Riam/ Ria
Meaning: Silk
11 Ibsina
Pet name: Ibsi/ Ibsiny/ Sina/ Sia
Meaning: Trendy
12 Ibtisama
Pet name: Ibtis/ Isama/ Sama/ Iama
Meaning: Smile
13 Icchavati
Pet name: Iccha/ Havati/ Avati/ Ava
Meaning: One Who Desires
14 Icchitha
Pet name: Icchi/ Chitha/ Hitha/ Ihiha
Meaning: Trendy
15 Ichita
Pet name: Ichi/ Chita/ Ihita/ Hita
Meaning: Desired
16 Idaya
Pet name: Ida/ Data/ Iaya
Meaning: Heart, Goddess Parvati
17 Idhaya
Pet name: Idha/ Haya/ Dhaya/ Daya/ Ihaya/ Iaya
Meaning: Heart, Goddess Parvati
18 Idhika
Pet name: Idhi/ Hika/ Idika/ Ihika
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
19 Idhitri
Pet name: Idhi/ Hitri/ Dhitri
Meaning: One Who Praises
20 Idika
Pet name: Idia/ Idiky/ Dia
Meaning: The Earth
21 Iditri
Pet name: Iditi/ Idity/ Ditri
Meaning: Complimentary
22 Idris
Pet name: Idri/ Idriy/ Iris
Meaning: Fiery
23 Iduna
Pet name: Idu/ Iuna/ Duna/ Una
Meaning: She Who Is Active In Love
24 Ieesha
Pet name: Iees/ Eesha/ Esha/ Ieha
Meaning: Life,  Woman
25 Ieisha
Pet name: Ieis/ Ieishy/ Eisha/ Lisha/ Isha
Meaning: Alive Or She Who Lives
26 Ifrah
Pet name: Ifra/ Irah/ Irah/ Ifah
Meaning: To Make Happy
27 Ihina
Pet name: Ihin/ Hina/ Iina
Meaning: Trendy
28 Ihita
Pet name: Ihia/ Hia/ Hita/ Ihii
Meaning: Desire
29 Ihitha
Pet name: Ihia/ Ihita/ Hita/ Hia
Meaning: Desire
30 Ijaya
Pet name: Ija/ Jaya/ Iaya
Meaning: Sacrifice
31 Ikramiya
Pet name: Ikra/ Ramiya/ Rami/ Miya/ Mia
Meaning: Honorable, Dignified
32 Ikrima
Pet name: Ikri/ Krima/ Rima/ Ria/ Kriam
Meaning:  A Female Pigeon Name Of An Illustrious Sahabi
33 Ikroop
Pet name: Ikro/ Roop
Meaning: One Beauteous Form
34 Iksha
Pet name: Iks/ Isha/ Iha/ Sha
Meaning: Sight, Working Of The Senses
35 Ikshana
Pet name: Iks/ Iksha/ Ishana/ Ihana/ Shana/ Hana/ Iana
Meaning: Sight
36 Ikshita
Pet name: Iks/ Ishitha/ Ihitha/ Shitha/ Shiha/ Sitha/ Sia
Meaning: Visible, A Beautiful Women
37 Ikshula
Pet name: Iks/ Ikshu/ Ishula/ Shula/ Hula/ Iula/ Ulla
Meaning: Holy River
38 Ikshura
Pet name: Iks/ Ishura/ Ihura/ Shura/ Sura
Meaning: Fragrant Grass
39 Iksita
Pet name: Iksi/ Isita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Visible, Seen
40 Iksula
Pet name: Iksu/ Isu/ Ikula/ Iula/ Ula
Meaning: Bringer Of Sweetness
41 Iksumati
Pet name: Iksu/ Sumati/ Umati/ Imati/ Suma/ Uma/ Umai
Meaning: Trendy
42 Iksuvari
Pet name: Iksu/ Suvari/ Uvari/ Isuvari/ Uvai/ Ari
Meaning: Sugarcane Juice, The Sea Of Syrup
43 Ilakshi
Pet name: Ilaks/ Lakshi/ Akshi/ Asi/ Ashi
Meaning: Center Of Earth
44 Ilana
Pet name: Ila/ Iana/ Ana
Meaning: Tree
45 Ilanila
Pet name: Ila/ Ilani/ Anila/ Ani/ Nila/ Aila
Meaning: Moon Crescent
46 Ilaria
Pet name: Ila/ Ilari/ Aria/ Ari
Meaning: Trendy
47 Ilavarasi
Pet name: Ila/ Avarsi/ Ava/ Avari/ Varsi/ Vara
Meaning: Princess
48 Ilavenil
Pet name: Ila/ Aveni/ Venil/ Aenil/ Enil
Meaning: Spring,  Youthful
49 Ileana
Pet name: Ile/ Leana/ Eana/ Ana/ Lea
Meaning: Daughter Of Sun
50 Ilena
Pet name: Ile/ Lena/ Lea/ Ena
Meaning: Bright,  Shining
51 Ilesha
Pet name: Ile/ Lesha/ Esha/ Sha/ Iesha
Meaning: Queen Of The Earth
52 Ileyana
Pet name: Ile/ Leyana/ Eyana/ Yana/ Ana/ Leya
Meaning: Daughter Of Sun
53 Ilhana
Pet name: Iha/ Hana/ Ihana/ Aana/ Iana
Meaning: Melody, Inspiration Or Composition
54 Ilisha
Pet name: Ilis/ Lisha/ Isha/ Iha/ Sha
Meaning: Queen Of Earth
55 Imaan
Pet name: Imaa/ Iaan
Meaning: Faith, Creed, Honesty, Belief, Truth Honesty 
56 Imaani
Pet name: Imaa/ Iaani/ Maani/ Anni
Meaning: Trustworthy, Faithful,  Honest, Truthful
57 Imana
Pet name: Ima/ Iana/ Mana/ Iana/ Aana
Meaning: Faith
58 Imani
Pet name: Ima/ Mani/ Iani/ Aani
Meaning: Belief
59 Imara
Pet name: Ima/ Mara/ Iara/ Ara
Meaning: Trendy
60 Immelda
Pet name: Imme/ Melda/ Ielda/ Iela/ Eda
Meaning: Entire, Whole
61 Imseera
Pet name: Imse/ Seera/ Meera/ Mea
Meaning: Wise
62 Inakshi
Pet name: Ina/ Iakshi/ Nakshi/ Akshi/ Ashi
Meaning: Sharp Eyed
63 Inas
Pet name: Ina/ Ias
Meaning: Capable, Sociability
64 Inayat
Pet name: Ina/ Nayat/ Ayat
Meaning: Kindness
65 Inbha
Pet name: Ina/ Ibha/ Iha
Meaning: Happiness
66 Indali
Pet name: Inda/ Nali/ Idali/ Dali
Meaning: Powerful
67 Indarupini
Pet name: Inda/ Arupini/ Rupini/ Ruini
Meaning: Goddess Gayatri
68 Indeela
Pet name: Inde/ Deela/ Ineela/ Ieela/ Eela 
Meaning: Like A Nightingale
69 Indhiya
Pet name: Indhi/ Dhiya/ Hiya/ Diya
Meaning: Trendy
70 Indhu
Pet name: Ind/ Idhu
Meaning: The Moon,  Nectar Or Soma
71 Indhukantha
Pet name: Indh/ Indhu/ Hukantha/ Ukantha/ Kantha/ Huantha
Meaning: Wife Of Moon
72 Indhulekha
Pet name: Indh/ Indhu/ Lekha/ Ekha
Meaning: Moon
73 Indhumathi
Pet name: Indh/ Indhu/ Humati/ Umati/ Iuati
Meaning: Full Moon
74 Indhumukhyy
Pet name: Indu/ Indhumuk/ Mukhy/ ukhy
Meaning: Trendy
75 Indhusri
Pet name: Ind/ Indhi/ Sri
Meaning: Lakshmi
76 Indiana
Pet name: Indi/ Diana/ Iana/ Aana
Meaning: Land Of Indians
77 Indira
Pet name: Indi/ Ira/ Dira/ Inia
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi
78 Indiya
Pet name: Indi/ Diya/ Iniya
Meaning: Knowledgeable
79 Indiya
Pet name: Indi/ Indiy/ Niya/ Nia/ Diya/ Idia/ Dia
Meaning: Knowledgeable
80 Indrabala
Pet name: Indu/ Indray/ Abala/ Bala/ Aala
Meaning: Daughter Of Indra
81 Indradevi
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Devi/ Radevi/ Raevi/ Evi
Meaning: Trendy
82 Indraja
Pet name: Indray/ Indraj/ Draja/ Aja/ Indu
Meaning: Daughter Of Lord Indra
83 Indrakanta
Pet name: Indra/ Indrakans/ Rakanta/ Akanata/ Kanta/ Aanta
Meaning: Indrani
84 Indrakshi
Pet name: Indra/ Indraky/ Indu/ Rakshi/ Akshi/ Ashi
Meaning: One With Beautiful Eyes
85 Indrani
Pet name: Indray/ Indras/ Rani/ Aani
Meaning: Wife Of Indra
86 Indrasakti
Pet name: Indra/ Indrasa/ Sakti/ Drasakti/ Rasakti/ Asati
Meaning: The Energy Of Indra
87 Indrasena
Pet name: Indras/ Indrse/ Sena/ Rasrn/ Raena/ Aena
Meaning: Organized
88 Indravathi
Pet name: Indras/ Indrava/ Ravathi/ Avathi/ Vathi/ Vahi
Meaning: Goddess Of Skies
89 Indrayani
Pet name: Indras/ Indraya/ Rayani/ Ayani/ Indru
Meaning: Sacred River
90 Indreesha 
Pet name: Indree/ Indreey/ Dreesha/ Reesha/ Eesha
Meaning: Having Control Upon All Abilities
91 Indrila
Pet name: Indri/ Indrily/ Rila/ Ila
Meaning: Trendy
92 Indrina
Pet name: Indri/ Indriy/ Inrina/ Rina/ Iina
Meaning: Deep
93 Indu
Pet name: Ind
Meaning: Moon
94 Induamati
Pet name: Ind/ Indua/ Amati/ Amti
Meaning: Soft
95 Indudala
Pet name: Ind/ Indu/ Idula/ Nuala
Meaning: Crescent Moon
96 Induja
Pet name: Ind/ Indu/ Inuja/ Iuja
Meaning: River Narmada
97 Indukala
Pet name: Ind/ Indu/ Kala/ Inuala
Meaning: Phases Of Moon
98 Indukalika
Pet name: Indh/ Indu/ Kalika/ Alika/ Lia/ Lika
Meaning: Piece Of Moon
99 Indukanta
Pet name: Indh/ Indu/ Kanta/ Inukanta/ Inuanta
Meaning: Wife Of Moon
100 Indulekha
Pet name: Indh/ Indu/ Lekha/ Leha
Meaning: A Digit Of The Moon
101 Induleksh
Pet name: Indu/ Indule/ Leksh/ Indul/ Eksh/ Esh
Meaning: The Moon
102 Induma
Pet name: Indu/ Induas/ Inuma/ Iuma/ Duma
Meaning: Moon
103 Indumati
Pet name: Indu/ Indumay/ Mati/ Induma/ Iumati/ Iumai
Meaning: Full Moon
104 Indumauli
Pet name: Indu/ Induma/ Mauli/ Auli/ Umauli/ Uma
Meaning: Moon Crested
105 Indumukhi
Pet name: Indu/ Indumuk/ Mukhi/ Ukhi/ Indumu
Meaning: With Moon Like Face
106 Induprabha
Pet name: Indu/ Indupra/ Prabha/ Rabha/ Abha
Meaning: Moon Rays
107 Indurekha
Pet name: Indu/ Indure/ Rekha/ Ekha/ Reha/ Eha/ Rea
Meaning: A Creeper
108 Indusa
Pet name: Indu/ Indus/ Inusa/ Iusa/ Idusa
Meaning: Desire For A System
109 Indushree
Pet name: Indu/ Indus/ Ushree/ Ushee/ Shree/ Sree
Meaning: Lord Chandra
110 Indusya
Pet name: Indu/ Indusy/ Inusya/ Indusa
Meaning: Trendy
111 Inika
Pet name: Inia/ Iniks/ Nika
Meaning: Small Earth
112 Inimai
Pet name: Inim/ Inimy/ Nimai/ Nima/ Imai/ Mai
Meaning: Sweetness
113 Insha
Pet name: Insy/ Isha/ Sha/ Inha
Meaning: Creation, Origination
114 Insiya
Pet name: Insi/ Insiy/ Siya/Iniya
Meaning: Someone Who Remembers 
115 Ipsa 
Pet name: Ipsy/ Ipsay/ Isaa
Meaning: Ambition, Desire
116 Ipsaya
Pet name: Ipsy/Ipsay/ Isa
Meaning: Ambition, Desire
117 Ipshita
Pet name: Ipsh/ Ipshy/ Ishita/ Ihita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Desired, Goddess Lakshmi
118 Ipsita
Pet name: Ipsi/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Desired
119 Iqra
Pet name: Iqas/ Iqry/ Ira
Meaning: Study
120 Iraja
Pet name: Iraa/iraay/ Raja
Meaning: Wind’s Daughter
121 Irakli
Pet name: Iraks/ Rakli/ Rali
Meaning: Glory Of Hera
122 Iram
Pet name: Iray/ Ram
Meaning: Garden In Paradise, Eden
123 Iravati 
Pet name: Iras/ Iray/ Ravati/ Avati/ Avai
Meaning: Ravi River In India
124 Irene
Pet name: Ires/ Irey/ Rene/ Iene
Meaning: Peace
125 Irfana
Pet name: Irfay/ Irana/ Fana/ Rana/ Iana
Meaning: Believer
126 Irfanya
Pet name: Irfas/ Irfany/ Anya/ Anny
Meaning: Trendy
127 Isabel
Pet name: Isas/ Isabee/ Sabel/ Abel/ Abe/ Sabe
Meaning: God Is My Oath
128 Isabell
Pet name: Isas/ Isabee/ Sabell/ Abell/ Abe/ Sabe
Meaning: Pledge To God
129 Isabella
Pet name: Isas/ Isabee/ Sabella/ Abella/ Bella/ Ella/ Abea/ Sabea
Meaning: God Devote
130 Isanika
Pet name: Isas/ Isani/ Anika/ Ania/ Sanika/ Sani/ Sika/ Sia
Meaning: Belonging To The North East
131 Isha
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishs/ Sha
Meaning: PowerfulC
132 Ishaa
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishay/ Ihaa/ Sha
Meaning: Goddess Parvati, Pure
133 Ishaana
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishany/ Ihaana/ Shaana/ Haana/ Saana/ Iaana/ Aana
Meaning: Rich
134 Ishana
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishay/ Shana/ Hana/ Sana/ Ana
Meaning: Rich, Ruler
135 Ishana
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishany/ Shana/ Ihana/ Hana
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
136 Ishani
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishani/ Shani/ Hani/ Iani/ Ihani/ Ani
Meaning: Desire, Goddess Parvathi
137 Ishanika
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishani/ Shanika/ Anika/ Sanika/ Ania/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Desire
138 Ishanvi
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishany/ Shanvi/ Sanvi/ Hanvi/ Anvi/ Avi
Meaning: Parvathi
139 Ishanya
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishany/ Shanya/ Hanya/ Sanya/ Anya/ Ianya
Meaning: East, Northeast
140 Isheeta
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishee/ Sheeta/ Iseeta/ Seeta/ Seea
Meaning: Wealth
141 Ishfaq
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishfa/ Shaq
Meaning: Compassion, Sympathy, Pity
142 Ishi
Pet name: Ishy/ Ihi
Meaning: Goddess Durga
143 Ishika
Pet name: Ishi/ Ishiky/ Shika/ Sika/ Hika/ SiaC
Meaning: Paint Brush
144 Ishita
Pet name: Ishi/ Ishity/ Ihita/ Isita/ Sita/ Sia
Meaning: Desired
145 Ishitha
Pet name: Ishi/ Ishity/ Ihitha/ Shitha/ Sitha/ Sita/ Sia/ Siha
Meaning: Mastery,  Wealth,  Superior, Desired, Eminence
146 Ishmita
Pet name: Ishi/ Ishmy/ Ihmita/ Ihmia/ Mia/ Mita
Meaning: Friend Of God
147 Ishrat
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishray/ Israt/ Irat
Meaning: Happy
148 Ishraya
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishray/ Shraya/ Raya
Meaning: Happy
149 Ishta
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishty/ Sha/ Isa
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
150 Ishvi
Pet name: Ishy/ Ihvi/ Isvi
Meaning: Saraswati Ji, Goddess Of Knowledge
151 Ishwarya
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishwa/ Iwarya/ Iwa/ Arya
Meaning: Trendy
152 Ishwika
Pet name: Ishy/ Ishwi/ Shwika/ Shwia/ Wika/ Ishia
Meaning: Smooth Snow
153 Ishya
Pet name: Ishy/ Ihya/ Isha
Meaning: Spring
154 Isika
Pet name: Isi/ Issy/ Sika/ Sia
Meaning: A Painter Brush
155 Ismita
Pet name: Ismi/ Ismy/ Mita/ Mia/ Ismia
Meaning: Lover Of God,  Friend Of God
156 Israa
Pet name: Isay/ Iraa
Meaning: Trendy
157 Israt
Pet name: Isra/ Isray/ Srat
Meaning: Pure And Gentle
158 Issmia
Pet name: Issmi/ Issmy/ Smia/ Mia
Meaning: Friend Of The God
159 Istilah
Pet name: Isti/ Istily/ Stilah/ Isila/ Sia/ Ilah
Meaning: Agreement
160 Itkila
Pet name: Itki/ Itkky/ Iila/ Ikila
Meaning: Fragrant
161 Iundhukala
Pet name: Iundhu/Iudhy/ Undhu/ Kala
Meaning: Moon
162 Ivaanka
Pet name: Ivaa/ Ivaana/Vaanka/ Ivaana/ Ianka/ Iana
Meaning: God Is Gracious
163 Ivaany
Pet name: Ivaa/ Ivaay/ Vaany/ Aany
Meaning: Merciful, Gentle
164 Ivana
Pet name: Iva/ Ivany/ Vana/ Iana
Meaning: God Is Gracious
165 Ivanshika
Pet name: Ivaa/ Ivany/ Vanshika/ Shika/ Vanshia/ Anshia
Meaning: God Blessed Child
166 Iyana
Pet name: Iya/ Iyany/ Iana/ Yana
Meaning: Merciful, Gentle
167 Izabel
Pet name: Iza/ Izzy/ Zabel/ Abel
Meaning: God Is An Oath
168 Izna
Pet name: Iza/ Izzy/ Zna
Meaning: Radiance, Light
169 Izra
Pet name: Iza/ Izzy/ Ira
Meaning: Star


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