1 Odathi
Pet name: Odha/ Odaths/ Dathi/ Athi/ Dahi/ Ahi
Meaning: Refreshing
2 Odika
Pet name: Odia/Odiks/ Oika/ Ika
Meaning: Anklet
3 Oditi
Pet name: Odii/ Diti/ Oiti
Meaning: Dawn
4 Oishika
Pet name: Oishi/ Oishs/ Ishika/ Shika/ Hika
Meaning:  Achiever
5 Ojal
Pet name: Oja/ Ojas/ jals/ Oal
Meaning: Vision
6 Ojasvi
Pet name: Oja/Ojas/ Jasvi/ Asvi/ Jasi
Meaning:  Brave, Bright
7 Ojaswini
Pet name: Oja/ Ojas/ Jaswini/ Aswini/ Awini/ Asini/ Aini
Meaning: Powerful
8 Oksana
Pet name: Oksa/ Okasaa/ Sana/ Anna
Meaning: Hospitality
9 Olena
Pet name: Ole/ Olens/ Lena/ Oena/ Ena
Meaning: Light
10 Olivette
Pet name: Olive/ Olivett/ Livette/Ivette/ Ive/ Vette
Meaning: Olive Tree
11 Olivia
Pet name: Oliv/ Olivis/ Livia/ Ovia/ Oivia/ Ivia
Meaning: Kind One, Olive Tree
12 Olympia
Pet name: Olym/ Olypis/ Pia/ Ompia
Meaning:  Goddess
13 Oma
Pet name: Om/ Omas
Meaning: Life
14 Omaja
Pet name: Om/ Omas/ Maja/ Oaja/ Aja
Meaning:  Spiritual Unity, Lotus Eyed
15 Omana
Pet name: Oma/ Omans/ Mana/ Oana/ Aana
Meaning: A Woman
16 Omarian
Pet name: Oma/ Omarias/ Marian/ Maria/ Arian/ Aria/ Ari
Meaning: Red
17 Omati
Pet name: Om/ Omats/ Omat/ Oati
Meaning: Creative
18 Omisha
Pet name: Omi/ Omis/ Misha/ Oisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Modest, Goddess Of Birth & Death
19 Omkareshwari
Pet name: Om/ Omkaresw/ Omkare/ Areshwari/ Eshwari/ Eshwa/ Shwari/ Esha
Meaning:  Goddess Parvathi
20 Omysha
Pet name: Omy/ Omys/ Mysha/ Oysha/ Sha
Meaning:  Smile
21 Onella
Pet name: Onel/ Onells/ Nella/ Ella/ Nela
Meaning:  Light 
22 Onii
Pet name: Onis
Meaning: Shelter
23 Onika
Pet name: Oni/ Nika/ Nia/ Oika
Meaning: Courageous Soldier
24 Oorja
Pet name: Oorj/ Ooja/ Orja/ Oja
Meaning:  The Energy 
25 Oormila
Pet name: Oorms/ Ormila/ Omila/ Mila/ Rila/ Ria
Meaning: Wife Of Lakshmana
26 Oorvi
Pet name: Oorvs/ Orvi/ Oovi
Meaning: Earth
27 Opal
Pet name: Opa/ Opas/ Pal
Meaning: Precious Gem
28 Oriana
Pet name: Oria/Orians/ Riana/ Ria/ Iana/ Ina
Meaning:  Born At Sun Rise, Gold
29 Orpita
Pet name: Orpi/ Orpis/ Pita/ Rita/ Ria
Meaning: Patience
30 Oshin
Pet name: Oshi/ Oshis/ Shin/ Ohin/ Oin
Meaning:  Flower
31 Osma
Pet name: Osm/ Osms/ Oma/ Osa
Meaning: Divine Protector
32 Oviya
Pet name: Ovi/ Oviys/ Viya/ Oiya/ Iya
Meaning: Artist, Picture


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