1 Zaaba
Pet name: Zaab/ Zaabs/ Aaba
Meaning: Gold, Precious
2 Zaaha
Pet name: Zaah/ Zaahs/ Aaha
Meaning: Brilliant, Cheerful
3 Zabeen
Pet name: Zabe/ Zabees/ Abeen/ Abee/ Aeen
Meaning: Gorgeous, Pure
4 Zabeena
Pet name: Zabe/ Zabee/ Abeena/ Aeena/ Abee/ Beena
Meaning: Friendly, Beloved
5 Zabeth
Pet name: Zabe/ Zabes/ Abeth/ Abe/ Beth
Meaning: Humble, Spiritual
6 Zabreen
Pet name: Zabre/ Zabrs/ Abreen/ Abeen/ Reen
Meaning: Humble, Superior
7 Zabrina
Pet name: Zabriu/ Zabri/ Abrina/ Abri/ Rina
Meaning: Princess
8 Zabya
Pet name: Zaby/ Zabys/ Abya/ Zaya
Meaning: Gazelle
9 Zaera
Pet name: Zae/ Zaes/ Aera/ Era/ Ara
Meaning: Guest, Sacrifice
10 Zafirah
Pet name: Zafi/ Zafis/ Afirah/ Afi/ Irah/ Ira
Meaning: Successful, Leader
11 Zahaan
Pet name: Zaha/ Zahaas/ Ahaan/ Haan
Meaning: Sensitive
12 Zahabia
Pet name: Zaha/ Zahabi/ Ahabia/ Ahab/ Habia/ Habi/ Abia
Meaning: Gold
13 Zahar
Pet name: Zaha/ Zahas/ Ahar/ Har
Meaning: Moon Light
14 Zahara
Pet name: Zaha/ Zaharz/ Ahar/ Hara/ Ara
Meaning: Sparkling, Beauty, Flower
15 Zaharina
Pet name: Zaha/ Zahari/ Aharina/ Harina/ Arina/ Ari/ Rina/ Ina
Meaning: God Remembers
16 Zaheera
Pet name: Zahee/ Zahees/ Aheera/ Ahee/ Heera
Meaning: Sparkling, Radiant
17 Zahia
Pet name: Zahi/ Zahis/ Ahia/ Hia
Meaning: Humble, Charming, Rich
18 Zahida
Pet name: Zahi/ Zahis/ Ahida/ Hida/ Hia
Meaning: Faithful, Devoted To God
19 Zahidha
Pet name: Zahi/ Ahidha/ Hidha/ Iha/ Hia
Meaning: Beautiful, Pure
20 Zahina
Pet name: Zahi/ Ahina/ Hina/ Ina
Meaning: Beautiful, Intelligent
21 Zahira
Pet name: Zahi/ Ahira/ Hira/ Ira
Meaning: Sparkling, Light
22 Zahra
Pet name: Zahr/ Ahra/ Ara
Meaning: Fair Skinned
23 Zaida
Pet name: Zaid/ Aida/ Ida
Meaning: Famous, Leader
24 Zaila
Pet name: Zail/ Zails/ Aila/ Ila/ Ail
Meaning: Power, Strong
25 Zainab
Pet name: Zai/ Zainas/ Ainab/ Inab/ Ina
Meaning: Fragrance, Flower
26 Zakira
Pet name: Zaki/ Akira/ Aira/ Kira
Meaning: Appreciative, Speech
27 Zalak
Pet name: Zala/ Alak/ Lak
Meaning: Appearance
28 Zalima
Pet name: Zali/ Alima/ Alim/ Lima/ Lia
Meaning: Courageous, Bold
29 Zara
Pet name: Zar/ Ara
Meaning: Princess, Flower
30 Zareen
Pet name: Zar/ Zaree/ Areen/ Aeen
Meaning: Creative
31 Zareena
Pet name: Zare/ Areena/ Aree/ Reena/ Eena
Meaning: Precious, Gold
32 Zarena
Pet name: Zare/ Arena/ Rena/ Ena
Meaning: Precious, Gold
33 Zarima
Pet name: Zari/ Arima/ Ari/ Rima/ Ima
Meaning: Beloved, Precious
34 Zarina
Pet name: Zari/ Arina/ Rina/ Ina
Meaning: Charming, Brilliant
35 Zariya
Pet name: Zari/ Ariya/ Ari/ Riya/ Ria
Meaning: Gorgeous, Bright
36 Zarna
Pet name: Zarn/ Arna/ Ara
Meaning: Spring
37 Zeah
Pet name: Zea/ Eah
Meaning: Light, Glow
38 Zeena
Pet name: Zeen/ Eena
Meaning: Charitable, Humble Women
39 Zeenat
Pet name: Zeen/ Zeena/ Eenat/ Ena
Meaning: Beauty, Charming
40 Zeenath
Pet name: Zeena/ Eenath/ Nath/ Eath
Meaning: Gracious, Humble
41 Zehra
Pet name: Zeh/ Ehra/ Era
Meaning: Life, Joyful
42 Zein
Pet name: Zei/ Ein/ Zin
Meaning: Beautiful
43 Zelda
Pet name: Zel/ Elda/ Ela
Meaning: Blessed, Cheerful
44 Zelena
Pet name: Zel/ Elena/ Ele/ Lena
Meaning: Moon Light
45 Zelma
Pet name: Zelm/ Elma/ Ela
Meaning: River, Protector
46 Zena
Pet name: Zen/ Ena
Meaning: Humble, Women
47 Zenia
Pet name: Zeni/ Enia/ Nia
Meaning: Flower
48 Zenish
Pet name: Zeni/ Enish/ Nish/ Ish
Meaning: Leader, Ruler
49 Zenisha
Pet name: Zeni/ Enisha/ Nisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Gorgeous, Blessed
50 Zerina
Pet name: Zeri/ Erina/ Rina/ Erin
Meaning: Beautiful, Intelligent
51 Zevida
Pet name: Zevi/ Evida/ Vida/ Evi
Meaning: Gift
52 Zibiah
Pet name: Zibi/ Ibiah/ Iba/ Biah/ Iah
Meaning: Gazelle
53 Zinnia
Pet name: Zinni/ Innia/ Nia
Meaning: Bright Flower
54 Ziva
Pet name: Ziv/ Iva
Meaning: Radiant
55 Zivah
Pet name: Ziv/Ivah/ Iva
Meaning: Radiant
56 Zivanka
Pet name: Ziva/ Ivanka/ Ivan/ Anka/ Ana
Meaning: Life
57 Zivika
Pet name: Zivi/ Zivis/ Ivika/ Vika/ Via
Meaning: Water, Life
58 Ziya
Pet name: Ziy/ Ziys/ Iya/ Zia
Meaning: Light, Glow
59 Zobia
Pet name: Zobi/ Obia/ Oia
Meaning: God’s Gift
60 Zoey
Pet name: Zoe/ Zoes/ Oey
Meaning: Life, Alive
61 Zoha
Pet name: Zoh/ Zohs/ Oha
Meaning: Ray Of Light
62 Zohal
Pet name: Zoha/ Zoh/ Ohal/ Oal
Meaning: Moon
63 Zoharin
Pet name: Zoha/ Zohas/ Oharin/ Harin/ Hari/ Arin/ Ain
Meaning: Dawn
64 Zohra
Pet name: Zohr/ Ohra/ Ora
Meaning: Light
65 Zoya
Pet name: Zoy/ Zoys/ Oya
Meaning: Radiant, Love
66 Zoyi
Pet name: Zoy/ Zoys/ Oyi/ Zoi
Meaning: Soft, Humble
67 Zubaidha
Pet name: Zuba/ Ubaidha/ Ubai/ Baidha/ Aidha/ Aiha/ Iha
Meaning: Intelligent
68 Zuleika
Pet name: Zulei/ Uleika/ Leika/ Eika
Meaning: Brilliant, Cheerful
69 Zuleykha
Pet name: Zuley/ Uleykha/ Uley/ Leykha/ Lekha/ Eykha
Meaning: Graceful
70 Zurafa
Pet name: Zura/ Urafa/ Rafa
Meaning: Everlasting Youth
71 Zuvairiya
Pet name: Zuvai/ Uvairiya/ Uvair/ Vairiya/ Riya/ Ria
Meaning: Light
72 Zyaha
Pet name: Zya/ Yaha/ Zaha
Meaning: Angel
73 Zyvana
Pet name: Zyva/ Vana/ Zyana/ Yana/ Aana
Meaning: Creative


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