1 Abaan
Pet name: Abbu/ Baan/ Aaan
Meaning: Clear, Eloquent
2 Abadhy
Pet name: Abyy/ Adhy/ Badhy/ Ahy
Meaning: Always Victorious, Unopposed
3 Abayaan
Pet name: Abhay/ Ayaan/ Yaan/ Abaan
Meaning: Clearer, More Distinct
4 Abbudin
Pet name: Abbu/ Budin/ Uddin/ Auuin
Meaning: Worshippers
5 Abdalla
Pet name: Abdu/ Abal/ Dall
Meaning: A Servant Of God
6 Abdallah
Pet name: Abdu/ Abalh/ Allah/ Adalah
Meaning: God's Servant
7 Abdalrahman
Pet name: Abdu/ Abdal/ Dalarah/ Rahman/ Ahman/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Servant Of The Allah Or God
8 Abdar
Pet name: Abd/ Adar/ Abar
Meaning: Glittering With Water, Wealthy
9 Abdellah
Pet name: Abde/ Dellah/ Abellah/ Ellah/ Ellah/ Lah
Meaning: A Servant Of God
10 Abdiel
Pet name: Abdi/ Abi/ Adi/ Abiel/ Aiel/ Biel
Meaning: Servant Of God
11 Abdul
Pet name: Abdu/ Abu/ Abul/ Adul/ Aul
Meaning: Knowledge, Servant Of God
12 Abdulla
Pet name: Abdu/ Abu/ Abull/ Adull/ Aull
Meaning: Creative
13 Abdullah
Pet name: Abdu/ Abu/ Abullah/ Adullah/ Aullah/ Ullah
Meaning: Servant Of Allah, Father Of Muhammad
14 Abdullrahman
Pet name: Abdu/ Abdull/ Rahman/ Ahman/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Servant Of The Merciful One
15 Abed
Pet name: Abbe/ Aeed
Meaning: Worshipper
16 Abedin
Pet name: Abbe/ Abein/ Edin/ Aein/ Aen
Meaning: Worshippers
17 Abeer
Pet name: Abee/ Aeer
Meaning: Fragrance, Strong
18 Abeeth
Pet name: Abee/ Beeth/ Aeeth/ Abeeh/ Aeeh
Meaning: Fearless
19 Abhaidev
Pet name: Abhai/ Aidev/ Haeed/ Dev
Meaning: Free Of Fear
20 Abhaijeet
Pet name: Abhai/ Abhi/ Haijeet/ Aijeet/ Aijj/ Jeet
Meaning: Creative
21 Abhass
Pet name: Abass/ Aass
Meaning: Shining, Brilliant
22 Abhay
Pet name: Abhy/ Ahay
Meaning: Fearless
23 Abhayanand
Pet name: Abhy/ Abhay/ Ahay/ Ayan/ Anand/ Nand/ Nandu
Meaning: Delighting In Fearless
24 Abhaynandan
Pet name: Abhy/ Abhay/ Ahay/ Nandan/ Nandu/ Adan/ Dhan
Meaning: Creative
25 Abheek
Pet name: Abhee/ Ahee/ Bheek/ Aeek
Meaning: Fearless
26 Abhidyu
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahidyu/ Hidyu/ Hidu/ Hiyu
Meaning: Heavenly, Bright
27 Abhijat
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahijj/ Hijat/ Ijaa
Meaning: Noble, Wise
28 Abhijay
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahij/ Hijay/ Jay
Meaning: Victor
29 Abhijeet
Pet name: Abhi/ Hijeet/ Ijeet/ Ijee/ Jeet
Meaning: Victory
30 Abhijeevan
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahij/ Jeevan/ Jeeva/ Eevan/ Hijee
Meaning: Fearless Life
31 Abhijit
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahij/ Hijit/ Hijji/ ijit/ Jit
Meaning: One Who Is Victorious, A Star
32 Abhik
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahik/ Aik
Meaning: Beloved
33 Abhilash
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahil/ Hilash/ Hilas/ Ilash/ Iash/ Ash
Meaning: Wish, Desire
34 Abhimanyu
Pet name: Abhi/ Himanyu/ Himan/ Imanyu/ Iman/ Anyu
Meaning: Creative
35 Abhinandan
Pet name: Abhi/ Hinand/ Inand/ Nandan/ Nandu/ Anan
Meaning: Creative
36 Abhinav
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahin/ Hinav/ Inav/ Nav
Meaning: New, Special
37 Abhinavan
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahin/ Hinav/ Inavan/ Navan/ Avan
Meaning: New, Young, Fresh, Modern
38 Abhinay
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahinay/ Ahin/ Inay
Meaning: Expression
39 Abhinayan
Pet name: Abhi/ Ahinaya/ Hinayan/ Hinay/ Inayan/ Inay/ Ayan
Meaning: Creative
40 Abhinivesh
Pet name: Abhi/ Hiniv/ Nivesh/ Ivesh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Desire
41 Abhiraj
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhir/ Hiraj/ Hir/ Iraj/ Raj/ Ahir
Meaning: Fearless King
42 Abhiram
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhir/ Ahir/ Hiram/ Heer/ Ram
Meaning: Brave, Aroma, Lord Shiva
43 Abhiroop
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhir/ Ahir/ Hiroo/ Roop
Meaning: Handsome
44 Abhisar
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhis/ Hisar/ Isar
Meaning: Companion
45 Abhishek
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhis/ Hishek/ Ishek/ Ish/ Shek
Meaning: Ritual
46 Abhishikt
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhis/ Ahis/ Ishikt/ Ishik/ Shikt
Meaning: The Devoted
47 Abhivira
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhiv/ Hivira/ Hivir/ Vira/ Veer
Meaning: A Commander
48 Abhiviran
Pet name: Abhi/ Abhiv/ Hiviran/ Hivir/ Viran/ Vian/ Veer/ Ian
Meaning: Creative
49 Abhyuday
Pet name: Abhy/ Hyuday/ Yuday/ Uday/ Udyy
Meaning: Sunrise, Elevation
50 Abimanyu
Pet name: Abi/ Abiman/ Bimanyu/ Biman/ Iman/ Manyu/ Manu/ Anyu
Meaning: Arjun’s Son
51 Abinaash
Pet name: Abi/ Abin/ Binaash/ Abinas/ Inaash/ Iaash/ Naash/ Aash
Meaning: Eternal, Immortal
52 Abraham
Pet name: Abra/ Braham/ Raham/ Aham/ Raam
Meaning: Father Of Many
53 Abyaz
Pet name: Abyy/ Abyaz/ Ayaz/ Byaz/ Abaz
Meaning: White, Brilliant, Pure
54 Abzar
Pet name: Abz/ Azar/ Abar/ Zaar
Meaning: Spice, Seed, One Who Sows
55 Abzari
Pet name: Abz/ Azar/ Abari/ Zari/ Zar
Meaning: Seed, One Who Sows
56 Acchindra
Pet name: Acch/ Acchin/ Chindra/ Hindra/ Indra
Meaning: Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect
57 Acchutan
Pet name: Acch/ Acchu/ Chutan/ Hutan/ Utan/ Huan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
58 Achal
Pet name: Acch/ Ahal/ Chal
Meaning: Stable/ Soul
59 Achalraj
Pet name: Acch/ Achal/ Chalr/ Halr/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Mountains Or Lord Shiva
60 Achar
Pet name: Acch/ Char/ Ahar
Meaning: To Distribute
61 Achintan
Pet name: Ach/ Achin/ Chintan/ Chint/ Hintan/ Hitan/ Hiian
Meaning: Lord Shiva
62 Achintya
Pet name: Acch/ Achin/ Chintya/ Hintya/ Hityy/ Hinya
Meaning: Beyond Comprehension
63 Achraj
Pet name: Ach/ Chraj/ Raj
Meaning: Wondrous
64 Achyut
Pet name: Ach/ Achyu/ Chyut/ Chut/ Hyut
Meaning: Indestructible, One Who Is Firm
65 Achyuthan
Pet name: Ach/ Achyu/ Chyuthan/ Yuthan/ Uthan/ Yutha/ Yuhan
Meaning: The Earth
66 Adam
Pet name: Addy/ Aaam
Meaning: Man, Earth
67 Adarsh
Pet name: Adar/ Darsh/ Arsh/ Arshy
Meaning: Ideal
68 Adarshit
Pet name: Adi/ Adar/ Darshit/ Arshit/ Arsh/ Darsh/ Arshi
Meaning: Creative
69 Adeeb
Pet name: Adee/ Deeb/ Aeeb
Meaning: Writer
70 Adeebh
Pet name: Adee/ Deebh/ Aeebh/ Aeeh
Meaning: Who Has Excellent Manner
71 Adeel
Pet name: Adee/ Aeel/ Dee
Meaning: Righteous Or Fair
72 Adeen
Pet name: Adee/ Deen/ Aeen
Meaning: Rare Or Precious
73 Adeep
Pet name: Adee/ Deep/ Aeep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light, Lord Vishnu
74 Adesh
Pet name: Ade/ Aesh/ Desh/ Esh
Meaning: Command
75 Adham
Pet name: Adh/ Aham/ Adam
Meaning: Creative
76 Adharv
Pet name: Adhar/ Dharv/ Darv/ Harv/ Arv
Meaning: First Veda, Lord Ganesha
77 Adharvan
Pet name: Adhar/ Dharvan/ Harvan/ Arvan/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
78 Adhavan
Pet name: Adhav/ Dhavan/ Havan/ Dav/ Avan
Meaning: The Sun
79 Adheem
Pet name: Adhee/ Aheem/ Adeem/ Aeem
Meaning: Rare
80 Adheer
Pet name: Adhee/ Aheer/ Adeer/ Aeer
Meaning: Lord Chandra Or Moon
81 Adhill
Pet name: Adhi/ Ahill/ Adill/ Dhill
Meaning: Justice
82 Adhira
Pet name: Adhi/ Adira/ Ahira/ Heer
Meaning: King
83 Adhiraj
Pet name: Adhi/ Dhiraj/ Hiraj/ Iraj/ Raj
Meaning: King
84 Adhitya
Pet name: Adhi/ Dhity/ Hity/ Ahity
Meaning: Sun
85 Adhrit
Pet name: Adi/ Dhrit/ Ahrit/ Arith
Meaning: Unrestrained, Free
86 Adhrith
Pet name: Adhr/ Dhrith/ Hrith/ Arith
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Independent
87 Adhunik
Pet name: Adi/ Adhun/ Unik/ Aunik
Meaning: Bold & Progressive
88 Adiban
Pet name: Adi/ Adib/ Diban/ Iban/ Ian/ Aiban
Meaning: Leader
89 Adibh
Pet name: Adi/ Dibh/ Aibh/ Adih
Meaning: Excellent Manner
90 Adill
Pet name: Adi/ Dill/ Aill
Meaning: Honesty, Justice
91 Adinath
Pet name: Adi/ Adin/ Dinath/ Dinah/ Inath/ Inah
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
92 Adit
Pet name: Adi/ Dit
Meaning: First Born
93 Aditeya
Pet name: Adi/ Ditey/ Adit/ Iteya/ Ieya
Meaning: The Sun
94 Adith
Pet name: Adi/ Adit/ Dith/ Aith/ Adih
Meaning: Creative
95 Adithiya
Pet name: Adi/ Adit/ Dithiya/ Dithyy/ Ahiyy
Meaning: The Sun
96 Aditya
Pet name: Adi/ Adit/ Dity/ Aity
Meaning: The Sun
97 Adiyah
Pet name: Adi/ Adiy/ Diyah/ Iyah
Meaning: Creative
98 Adiyaman
Pet name: Adi/ Adiy/ Diyaman/ Diyam/ Yaman/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: The Sun
99 Adrut
Pet name: Adru/ Arut/ Drut/ Auth
Meaning: Creative
100 Advait
Pet name: Advai/ Avait/ Dvai/ Dvait/ Vait
Meaning: Unique
101 Advaith
Pet name: Advai/ Avaith/ Avai/ Dvaith/ Dvaih/ Vaith/ Vaih
Meaning: Unique, Lord Brahma
102 Advay
Pet name: Adv/ Dvay/ Avay/ Vay
Meaning: Unique
103 Advayan
Pet name: Adv/ Dvayan/ Avayan/ Vayan/ Aayan
Meaning: Create A Spring, A Cloud
104 Advik
Pet name: Advv/ Avik/ Vik/ Viks/ Adik/ Aiik
Meaning: Unique
105 Adwin
Pet name: Adw/ Awin/ Aiin
Meaning: Artist
106 Aenon
Pet name: Aeen/ Enon/ Anon
Meaning: A Spring, A Cloud
107 Afsar
Pet name: Afs/ Afsu/ Asar/ Afsr
Meaning: Crown
108 Aftab
Pet name: Aft/ Atab/ Afab/ Affu
Meaning: Sun
109 Afzal
Pet name: Afu/ Afz/ Azal/ Zal/ Afal
Meaning: Better, Superior
110 Agamjit
Pet name: Aga/ Agam/ Gamji/ Amjit/ Amji/ Jit
Meaning: Creative
111 Agathiyen
Pet name: Aga/ Agath/ Gathiyen/ Gathiye/ Ahiyen/ Aiyen
Meaning: Creative
112 Aghosh
Pet name: Agho/ Ghosh/ Ahosh/ Aosh
Meaning: Quiet, Soundless
113 Agrajan
Pet name: Agrs/ Agraj/ Grajan/ Rajan/ Ajan/ Ajju/ Jan
Meaning: Leader, Senior
114 Ahaan
Pet name: Haan/ Ahaas
Meaning: Early Morning Or Dawn
115 Ahil
Pet name: Ail/ Ahii
Meaning: Prince
116 Ahmad
Pet name: Ahmm/ Amad/ Ahad
Meaning: Highly Praised, Commendable
117 Ahrith
Pet name: Ahr/ Ahrs/ Hrith/ Hri/ Rith/ Ahith/ Hith
Meaning: Creative
118 Ahsan
Pet name: Ahs/ Ahan/ Asan/ Saan
Meaning: Better, More Splendid
119 Aiesh
Pet name: Aies/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
120 Ainar
Pet name: Aiin/ Inar/ Naar
Meaning: Male Moon
121 Ainesh
Pet name: Aiin/ Inesh/ Ines/ Nesh/ Esh
Meaning: Sun's Glory, Sunshine
122 Aishn
Pet name: Aiss/ Ishn/ Ish/ Aihn/ Aiish
Meaning: Desire, Wish, Crave, Longing, Want
123 Aivann
Pet name: Aivv/ Ivann/ Vann/ Iann
Meaning: Lord Shiva
124 Aivat
Pet name: Aiv/ Ivat/ Aiat
Meaning: Soul, Desired Bird
125 Aiyah
Pet name: Aiy/ Iyah/ Aiah
Meaning: Love, Honor
126 Aizat
Pet name: Aiz/ Izat/ Zat
Meaning: Moon
127 Ajaat
Pet name: Ajj/ Ajaa/ Jaat
Meaning: Unborn, Fire, One Who Is Self-Existent
128 Ajaatshatru
Pet name: Ajj/ Ajaa/ Jaatsh/ Atsha/ Shatru/ Shat
Meaning: Beloved
129 Ajaay
Pet name: Ajju/ Ajaa/ Jaay
Meaning: Unconquerable, Invincible
130 Ajar
Pet name: Ajju
Meaning: One Who Is Not Old
131 Ajawid
Pet name: Ajj/ Ajaw/ Jawid/ Awid
Meaning: Unconquerable, Invincible
132 Ajay
Pet name: Ajju/ Jay
Meaning: Invincible
133 Ajayan
Pet name: Ajju/ Jay/ Ayan
Meaning: Immortal Or Long Live
134 Ajeesh
Pet name: Ajju/ Ajee/ Eesh/ Jeesh/ Aeesh
Meaning: Unconquerable, Invincible
135 Ajeet
Pet name: Ajju/ Ajee/ Aeet
Meaning: Victorious, Invincible
136 Ajendar
Pet name: Aje/ Ajend/ Jendra/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Shiva
137 Ajendranath
Pet name: Ajee/ Ajeen/ Jendra/ Endranath/ Rananth/ Rana/ Nanth
Meaning: Lord Shiva
138 Ajey
Pet name: Ajju/ Jey
Meaning: Victorious, Invincible
139 Ajiad
Pet name: Ajji/ Jaid
Meaning: Noble, Generous And Gracious
140 Ajinka
Pet name: Ajin/ Ajji/ Jinka
Meaning: Victorious, Invincible
141 Ajit
Pet name: Ajji/ Jeeth
Meaning: Invincible
142 Ajitaabh
Pet name: Ajji/ Jithab/ Itaabh/ Jith
Meaning: Victorious, One Who Has Conquered The Sky
143 Ajitabh
Pet name: Ajji/ Jith/ Athab
Meaning: One Who Has Conquered The Sky
144 Ajitesh
Pet name: Ajji/ Itesh/ Eesh/ Ieesh/ Jitesh
Meaning: Creative
145 Ajith
Pet name: Ajji/ Jith
Meaning: Victorious, Invincible
146 Ajitkumar
Pet name: Ajit/ Kumar/ Umar/ Amar/ Jithik
Meaning: Victorious
147 Ajmal
Pet name: Ajju/ Amal/ Jamal
Meaning: Most Beautiful
148 Ajmer
Pet name: Ajju/ Amer/ Jameer
Meaning: Gods Gift
149 Ajmil
Pet name: Ajju/ Amil
Meaning: Unique
150 Ajneesh
Pet name: Ajju/ Aneesh/ Neesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Sunshine, Happiness
151 Ajnur
Pet name: Ajju/ Anur/ Ajur
Meaning: Moonlight, Glow Of The Moon
152 Ajoy
Pet name: Ajju/ Aoy/ Joy
Meaning: Joyful, Delightful
153 Akaash
Pet name: Akaas/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Sky
154 Akalank
Pet name: Akal/ Alan/ Alank/ Kalan
Meaning: Creative
155 Akalbir
Pet name: Akkal/ Akki/ Albir/ Abir
Meaning: Immortal Warrior, Protector Of God
156 Akaldeep
Pet name: Akal/ Aldeep/ Aleep/ Deep
Meaning: Eternal Lamp Of God Or God's Light
157 Akalmeet
Pet name: Akki/ Akkal/ Ameet/ Almeet
Meaning: Eternal Friend Or God's Friends
158 Akalpreet
Pet name: Akki/ Akal/ Preet/ Areet
Meaning: Eternal Love For God
159 Akampith
Pet name: Akki/ Akam/ Ampith/ Apih
Meaning: Fearless, Brave, Bold
160 Akand
Pet name: Akan/ Kan
Meaning: Calm
161 Akansh
Pet name: Akan/ Kansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Complete Or Entire
162 Akarsh
Pet name: Akars/ Karsh/ Arsh/ Ash
Meaning: Attraction, Fascination
163 Akarshan
Pet name: Akars/ Karshan/ Arshan/ Karsh/ Shan
Meaning: Attractive, Charming
164 Akash
Pet name: Akas/ Kash/ Ash
Meaning: Sky
165 Akashdeep
Pet name: Akas/ Akash/ Akshad/ Ashad/ Deep
Meaning: Star In Sky Or Guiding Light In The Sky
166 Akashpreet
Pet name: Akash/ Akashp/ Kashp/ Ashpreet/ Preet/ Areet
Meaning: Love For Sky
167 Akbar
Pet name: Akb/ Abar
Meaning: Emperor Or Great Mughal Emperor
168 Akeem
Pet name: Akee/ Aeem
Meaning: Wise, God Will Establish
169 Akendra
Pet name: Aken/ Kendra/ Endra
Meaning: Name Of God
170 Akhadanand
Pet name: Akhad/ Akhadan/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: The God, Happiness Or Joyful
171 Akhan
Pet name: Akha/ Ahan/ Khan
Meaning: Yogi Or A Saint
172 Akhandanand
Pet name: Akhan/ Khan/ Akan/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: One Who Is Fully Happy And Joyful
173 Akhandpreet
Pet name: Akhan/ Khan/ Akhand/ Akan/ Preet
Meaning: Undivided Love
174 Akhil
Pet name: Akki/ Ahil
Meaning: World, Complete
175 Akhilash
Pet name: Akki/ Ahil/ Akhil/ Hilash/ Ilash/ Iash/ Ash
Meaning: Lord Of All, Lord Shiva
176 Akhilatman
Pet name: Akki/ Akhil/ Ahil/ Hilatm/ Atman/ Aman
Meaning: Universal Soul Of Brahman
177 Akhilendra
Pet name: Akki/ Ahil/ Akhil/ Ilendra/ Ilen/ Endra
Meaning: Lord Of The Universe
178 Akhilesh
Pet name: Akki/ Ahil/ Akhil/ Hilesh/ Ilesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of The Universe
179 Akhileshwar
Pet name: Akki/ Ileshwar/ Akhil/ Eshwar/ Eshu/ Ahilesh
Meaning: Supreme Being, Lord Shiva
180 Akhira
Pet name: Akhi/ Hira/ Ahira
Meaning: Elegant, Charming
181 Akhmet
Pet name: Akke/ Ahmet/ Akmet
Meaning: Commendable Or Leader
182 Akhtar
Pet name: Akki/ Ahtar/ Aktar
Meaning: Star, Good Man
183 Akhyath
Pet name: Akki/ Hyath/ Ayath/ Ahyath
Meaning: Famous
184 Akif
Pet name: Akki/ Aiff
Meaning: Devoted To God
185 Akilesh
Pet name: Akki/ Ilesh/ Akil/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
186 Akill
Pet name: Akki/ Ail
Meaning: Fire, Intelligent, Thoughtful
187 Akira
Pet name: Akki/ Aeer
Meaning: Bright, Clear, Ideal
188 Akiyatri
Pet name: Akki/ Akiyat/ Yatri/ Kiyatri/ Kiyat
Meaning: Diagram
189 Akkashh
Pet name: Akku/ Ashh/ Kkash
Meaning: Sky
190 Akkiraju
Pet name: Akki/ Akkir/ Iraj/ Raju/ Aju
Meaning: Beloved, Accepted
191 Aksar
Pet name: Aks/ Asar/ Akar
Meaning: Immortal Or Eternal
192 Aksat
Pet name: Aks/ Asat/ Akat
Meaning: Whole, Lord Shiva
193 Aksh
Pet name: Aks/ Ash
Meaning: Chariot Of Thousand Horses
194 Akshad
Pet name: Aks/ Ashad/ Ahad/ Shad
Meaning: Blessings
195 Akshagna
Pet name: Aks/ Aksh/ Shagn/ Hagn/ Haan
Meaning: Lord Murugan
195 Akshahantrey
Pet name: Aksh/ Kshahan/ Shahan/ Shan/ Antrey/ Antry
Meaning: Slayer Of Aksha
197 Akshaj
Pet name: Aksh/ Ahaj/ Ash/ Shaj/ Akaj
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
198 Akshan
Pet name: Aksh/ Shan/ Akhan/ Ahan
Meaning: Eye
199 Akshansh
Pet name: Aksh/ Shansh/ Hansh/ Ansh/ Shan
Meaning: Universe, The Whole World
200 Akshant
Pet name: Aksh/ Akshan/ Shant/ Shan/ Akant
Meaning: The Winner, Sea
201 Akshapad
Pet name: Aksh/ Shapad/ Hapad/ Aspad/ Ahad
Meaning: Bright Light
202 Akshar
Pet name: Aksh/ Ashar/ Akhar/ Asar
Meaning: Immortal Being
203 Aksharan
Pet name: Aksh/ Shar/ Hara/ Aran
Meaning: Lord Shiva
204 Akshat
Pet name: Aksh/ Akashat/ Ashath
Meaning: Creative
205 Akshath
Pet name: Aksh/ Shath/ Ahath
Meaning: One Who Cannot Be Destroyed
206 Akshay
Pet name: Akksh/ Akky/ Ashay/ Shay
Meaning: Eternal Or Immortal
207 Akshayaguna
Pet name: Aksh/ Akky/ Akshay/ Shay/ Ayaguna/ Guna
Meaning: Lord Shiva
208 Akshayakumar
Pet name: Aksh/ Akky/ Akshay/ Shayak/ Kumar
Meaning: Perfect, Flawless
209 Akshayan
Pet name: Aksh/ Akshay/ Shayan/ Hayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Immortal Or Indestructible
210 Aksheen
Pet name: Aksh/ Asheen/ Sheen/ Akeen
Meaning: Very Strong, Mighty, Power, Force
211 Akshey
Pet name: Aksh/ Shey/ Akhey
Meaning: Unscathed, Perfect, Flawless, Spotless, Whole
212 Akshin
Pet name: Aksh/ Ashin/ Shin
Meaning: Gods Blessings
213 Akshit
Pet name: Aksh/ Ashit/ Ahit
Meaning: Eye
214 Akshun
Pet name: Aksh/ Ashun/ Ahun/ Asun
Meaning: A Significant Particle
215 Aksmalin
Pet name: Aksm/ Malin/ Alin/ Aiin
Meaning: Not Better
216 Aktar
Pet name: Akkt/ Atar
Meaning: Fragrance, Scent
217 Akul
Pet name: Akku/ Aul
Meaning: Lord Shiva
218 Akush
Pet name: Akku/ Akus/ Akki/ Aush/ Ush
Meaning: Creative
219 Akutil
Pet name: Akku/ Uthil/ Kutil/ Akki/ Atil
Meaning: Straight Forward, Upright, Simple
220 Akyath
Pet name: Akky/ Kyath/ Ayath/ Akath
Meaning: Famous,Popular,Well Known
221 Alakanand
Pet name: Alak/ Alakan/ Kanan/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: River, Outpouring Stream
222 Alake
Pet name: Alae/ Aake
Meaning: One To Be Honored
223 Alan
Pet name: Ala/ Aan
Meaning: Noble, Harmony
224 Alankar
Pet name: Alan/ Ankar/ Lanar
Meaning: Gold, Ornament
225 Alankrit
Pet name: Alan/ Akrit/ Ankrit/ Arit
Meaning: Fully Decorated, Poetic
226 Alap
Pet name: Ala/ Lap
Meaning: Brave
227 Alark
Pet name: Ala/ Arak/ Alak/ Alak
Meaning: White Lotus, Furious Or Excited One
228 Alavayannal
Pet name: Alav/ Lavay/ Vayan/ Ayannal/ Ayann
Meaning: Lord Shiva
229 Alavilan
Pet name: Alav/ Lavil/ Lavilan/ Avilan/ Avian/ Vian
Meaning: Lord Shiva
230 Alavili
Pet name: Alav/ Lavili/ lavil/ Avil
Meaning: Lord Shiva
231 Alaz
Pet name: Alay/ Laaz
Meaning: Fire Or Flame
232 Albazi
Pet name: Alba/ Azi/ Abiz/ Labiz
Meaning: Falcon
233 Aleem
Pet name: Alee/ Aeem/ Leem
Meaning: Creative
234 Alekh
Pet name: Alle/ Lekh/ Aekh
Meaning: A Beautiful Painting
235 Alex
Pet name: Ale/ Lex
Meaning: To Defeat, To Protect
236 Alhaadi
Pet name: Alha/ Ahaadi/ Haadi
Meaning: Guide
237 Alie
Pet name: Ali/ Ale
Meaning: Creative
238 Alohan
Pet name: Alo/ Lohan/ Ohan/ Haan
Meaning: Creative
239 Alok
Pet name: Alo/ Aok
Meaning: Brightness
240 Alokendra
Pet name: Alo/ Aken/Akendra/ Endra/ Ken
Meaning: Victorious, Intelligent
241 Alpesh
Pet name: Alp/ Iesh/ Esh/ Lapesh
Meaning: Tiny, Small, Little
242 Alvar
Pet name: Alv/ Avar
Meaning: Elf Warrior
243 Alvilian
Pet name: Alv/ Avin/ Alvin/ Vilian/ Ilian/ Lian/ Ian
Meaning: Creative
244 Alvin
Pet name: Alvi/ Avin/ Alin/ Aiin
Meaning: Noble Friend
245 Amaal
Pet name: Aaal/ Maal
Meaning: Bright, Clean Or Pure
246 Amail
Pet name: Amal/ Maail/ Ail
Meaning: A Necklace
247 Amajgar
Pet name: Amaj/ Ajgar/ Majj/ Agar/ Majgar
Meaning: A Sound Advisor
248 Amalanand
Pet name: Amal/ Amalan/ Malan/ Lanand/ Anand/ Nand
Meaning: Pure Joy, Blissful Life
249 Amalesh
Pet name: Amal/ Malesh/ Male/ Alesh/ Lesh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Pure
250 Aman
Pet name: Aan/ Maan
Meaning:  Forever, Immortal
251 Amanar
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Manar/ Amar
Meaning: Guide Or Leader, Ruler
252 Amanat
Pet name: Aman/ Mana/ Anat/ Amant
Meaning: Creative
253 Amanath
Pet name: Aman/ Mananth/ Manan/ Ananth/ Anan
Meaning: One Who Is Precious And Valuable
254 Amanbir
Pet name: Aman/ Anan/ Abir/ Manab/ Manir
Meaning: One Who Fights For Peace
255 Amanc
Pet name: Aman/ Manc/ Naac
Meaning: Aim Or Goal
256 Amandev
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Dev/ Manev
Meaning: The God Of Peace
257 Amandip
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Deep/ Anip
Meaning:  Light Of Peace Or One Who Shines With Peace
258 Amaneesh
Pet name: Aman/ Maneesh/ Aneesh/ Eesh/ Manee/ Anee
Meaning: God Of Peace
259 Amanjeet
Pet name: Aman/ Anjeet/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Manjee
Meaning: Peace Attainder, One Who Wins Peace In His Life
260 Amanjeevan
Pet name: Aman/ Jeevan/ Maan/ Eevan/ Anjeev/ Jeev/ Eean
Meaning: Peaceful, Blessed
261 Amanjot
Pet name: Aman/ Manjot/ Manjo/ Anjo/ Jot
Meaning: Light Of Peace
262 Amanpal
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Apal/ Pal/ Anpal
Meaning: Peace Protector
263 Amanpreet
Pet name: Aman/ Apreet/ Areet/ Maan
Meaning: One Who Loves Peace
264 Amanroop
Pet name: Aman/ Aroop/ Roop/ Maan
Meaning: Peaceful And Blessed
265 Amantej
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Tej/ Manej/ Manee
Meaning: Creative
266 Amanth
Pet name: Aman/ Manth/ Anth
Meaning: Creative
267 Amanuday
Pet name: Aman/ Maan/ Uday/ Anuday/ Manu
Meaning: Peace Rising
268 Amanvir
Pet name: Aman/ Avir/ Maan/ Anvir/ Veer/ Manvir
Meaning: One Who Fights For Peace
269 Amar
Pet name: Maar/ Aaar
Meaning: Long Life Or Hukum Order
270 Amaran
Pet name: Amar/ Maran/ Aran
Meaning: The Immortal, Long Life
271 Amaranaath
Pet name: Amar/ Annath/ Rana/ Aranth
Meaning: Immortal, Lord Shiva
272 Amardeep
Pet name: Amar/ Adeep/ Deepu/ Mareep/ Maree
Meaning: Eternal Light Or Immortal Light
273 Amardev
Pet name: Amar/ Dev/ Amaad/ Maard
Meaning: The Immortal God, Lord Shiva
274 Amardit
Pet name: Amki/ Rdit/ Athri/ Kiyath
Meaning: The Moon
275 Amarendra
Pet name: Amki/ Marendra/ Arendra
Meaning: King Of Devas Or Lord Indra
276 Amaresh
Pet name: Amar/ Esh/ Aresh/ Amae 
Meaning: Lord Indra Or King Of Sky
277 Amarjeet
Pet name: Amar/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Maraj/ Areet
Meaning: Victorious Or Undefeatable
278 Amarjit
Pet name: Amki/ Rjit/ Athri/ Kiyath
Meaning: Lord Indra
279 Amarjot
Pet name: Amki/ Marjot/ Arjot
Meaning: Eternal Light
280 Amarkeerti
Pet name: Amki/ Markeerti/ Arkeerti
Meaning: Eternal Flame
281 Amarleen
Pet name: Amki/ Rleen/ Athri/ Kiyath
Meaning: Forever Absorbed In God Or Immortal
282 Amarnath
Pet name: Amar/ Ananth/ Nath/ Arnath
Meaning: Lord Shiva
283 Amarpreet
Pet name: Amar/ Ammi/ Aram/ Preeth/ Areeth
Meaning: Immortal Love For God
284 Amarthevan

Pet name: Amar/ Athevan/ Evan/ Atrhavanad

Meaning: Hero For Heaven
285 Amav
Pet name: Amaan/ Aaav
Meaning: Ocean
286 Amay
Pet name: Ami/ Ayam
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
287 Ambak
Pet name: Amak/ Abak
Meaning: The Eye
288 Ambar
Pet name: Amba/ Mbar
Meaning: Creative
289 Ambar            
Pet name: Ambu/ Amar/ Abar
Meaning: Sky
290 Ambareesh
Pet name: Ambu/ Areesh/ Aru/ Eesh/ Baree
Meaning: King Of The Sky
291 Ambarish
Pet name: Ambu/ Arish/ Rishi/ Baris
Meaning:  The Sky, Lord Shiva
292 Amber
Pet name: Ammu/ Abeer/ Aeer
Meaning: Sky
293 Amberam
Pet name: Ambi/ Eram/ Ram/ Amber/ Mabeer
Meaning: The Sky
294 Amberish
Pet name: Amber/ Rish/ Erish/ Ambee/ Abe
Meaning: The Sky Or Angel From Heaven
295 Ambikapathi
Pet name: Ambi/ Abi/ Ami/ Pathi/ Kaathi
Meaning: Lord Of Shiva
296 Ambuj
Pet name: Ambu/ Auj/ Amu
Meaning: Lotus, Water Lilly
297 Ambujanabh
Pet name: Amu/ Ambu/ Ambuj/ Anabh/ Nabh/ Annabh
Meaning: Lotus Or Water Lily
298 Ambunath
Pet name: Ambu/ Ammu/ Nath/ Unath/ Munath
Meaning: Lord Of Waters Or Ocean
299 Ameda
Pet name: Amme/ Eda/ Medh/ Aeda
Meaning: Prince
300 Ameek
Pet name: Aeek/ Meek/ Eekm
Meaning: Very Deep
301 Ameen
Pet name: Amee/ Aeen/ Ieen/ Ieem
Meaning: Faithful Or Trustworthy
302 Ameer
Pet name: Amee/ Aeer/ Ieen/ Meer
Meaning: Ruler, Prince
303 Ameet
Pet name: Aeet/ Amee/ Meeth/ Ieeth/
Meaning: Boundless Or Never Ending
304 Amer
Pet name: Ami/ Ier/ Meer
Meaning: Ruler, Commander
305 Ameya
Pet name: Amey/ Meya/ Amee/ Eyam
Meaning: Boundless Or Infinite, Midnight Rain
306 Amid
Pet name: Amii/ Aied/ Meedh
Meaning: A Great Man, Leader
307 Amir
Pet name: Ammi/ Ier/ Meer/ Aeer
Meaning: Rich
308 Amirtharasan
Pet name: Amir/ Arit/ Amee/ Arasan/ Asan/ Hasan/ Meer
Meaning: Sweet Person
309 Amish
Pet name: Ami/ Iesh/ Aiesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Pure, Honest
310 Amit
Pet name: Ammi/ Mith/ Amee
Meaning: Limitless Or Endless
311 Amitabh
Pet name: Ammi/ Itabh/ Amit/ Aabh
Meaning: Unlimited
312 Amitatej
Pet name: Amit/ Iyath/ Tej/ Iej/ Aiej
Meaning:  Lord Buddha
313 Amitath
Pet name: Amit/ Itath/ Iyath/ Ammi
Meaning: Creative
314 Amitav
Pet name: Ammi/ Itav/ Mithav
Meaning: Most Glorious, Lord Buddha
315 Amitava
Pet name: Ammi/ Atava/ Amit/ Itavan/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Buddha
316 Amitbikram
Pet name: Ammi/ Amit/ Ikram/ Aram/ Ram/ Mitib
Meaning: Limitless Prowess Or Talented
317 Amitesh
Pet name: Ammi/ Ieesh/ Itesh/ Mitesh
Meaning: Infinite God
318 Amithnal
Pet name: Amith/ Annal/ Mithal/ Mithnal
Meaning: A Loving And Wise Leader
319 Amitoj
Pet name: Amit/ Itoj/ Mitoj
Meaning: Enlightened, Limitless Glow
320 Amitosh
Pet name: Amit/ Itosh/ Ammi/ Iosh
Meaning: Everlasting Happiness Or Unlimited Joy
321 Amitrasudan
Pet name: Amith/ Ammi/ Mitra/ Asudan/ Sudan/ Udan/ Audan
Meaning: Destroyer Of Enemies
322 Amiy
Pet name: Ammi/ Miiy
Meaning: Nectar
323 Amjad
Pet name: Amja/ Ajad/ Majad/ Maaj
Meaning: More Glorious, Magnified
324 Amlan
Pet name: Amal/ Alan/ Malan/ Aman/ Maan
Meaning: Brilliant, Unfading
325 Ammaan
Pet name: Ammu/ Maan
Meaning: Trustworthy
326 Ammar
Pet name: Ammu/ Maar
Meaning: Virtuous, Devout, Religious
327 Amogh
Pet name: Amoh/ Gosh
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
328 Amolak
Pet name: Amol/ Alak/ Aolak
Meaning: Valuable, Precious
329 Amolik
Pet name: Amju/ Aolik
Meaning: Priceless Or Precious
330 Amraj
Pet name: Ami/ Raj/ Araj/ Amaj
Meaning: One Who Will Rule Forever
331 Amrakuta
Pet name: Amra/ Ammu/ Akuth/ Rakuta/ Uktha
Meaning:  Special Halls, Disciple Of Lord Buddha
332 Amraz
Pet name: Amar/ Araz/ Raz
Meaning: Target
333 Amresh
Pet name: Ammu/ Arresh/ Maresh/ Marres
Meaning: Lord Indra
334 Amrish
Pet name: Ami/ Rish/ Misha/ Mrish/ Amri
Meaning: Lord Indra Or King Of The Sky
335 Amrit
Pet name: Ammi/ Arit/ Mrith/ Reeth
Meaning: Nectar
336 Amritalal
Pet name: Ammi/ Arit/ Rith/ Alalal/ Lal/ Rithal
Meaning: Immortal
337 Amritambu
Pet name: Amimi/ Arit/ Ambu/ Amir/ Ithamb
Meaning:  Moon
338 Amritansh
Pet name: Ammi/ Arith/ Ansh/ Ritansh/ Ritan
Meaning: Creative
339 Amritayan
Pet name: Amrith/ Mrith/ Rityan/ Ayan/ Ityan
Meaning: Creative
340 Amrith
Pet name: Amrith/ Mrith/ Arith
Meaning: Nectar
341 Amritleen
Pet name: Amir/ Leen/ Riteen/ Ieen
Meaning:  One In Charge Of Lord's Nectar
342 Amritpal
Pet name: Amir/ Amrit/ Apal/ Pal/ Ritap/ Itapal
Meaning: Creative
343 Amudhan
Pet name: Ammi/ Adham/ Udhan/ Adhan/ Ammudh
Meaning: Sweet
344 Amuk
Pet name: Ammu/ Auk/ Maauk
Meaning: Some, One Or Another
345 Amul
Pet name: Ammu/ Aul/ Mual
Meaning: Precious Or Valuable
346 Amura
Pet name: Ammu/ Aurr/ Umrr
Meaning: Wise, Intelligent
347 Amuthan
Pet name: Ammu/ Uthan/ Amuthan
Meaning:  Purity, Precious One Or Valuable
348 Anaan
Pet name: Annu/ Anan
Meaning: Clouds, Bearing Water, Sky
349 Anagh
Pet name: Anah/ Anagh/ Ahag
Meaning: Sinless, Pure, Perfect
350 Anak
Pet name: Anna
Meaning: A Collar, Ornament
351 Analaksha
Pet name: Anal/ Alaksha/ Aksh/ Ash/ Hash
Meaning:  Lord Shiva
352 Anam
Pet name: Naam/ Anna
Meaning: Blessed
353 Anamaya
Pet name: Anan/ Amay/ Namaya/ Nama
Meaning: Lord Shiva
354 Anamol
Pet name: Ana/ Amol/ Ammu
Meaning: Precious Or Priceless
355 Anan
Pet name: Anna/ Naan
Meaning: Clouds
356 Ananay
Pet name: Anay/ Nanay/ Naay
Meaning: Unique
357 Anand
Pet name: Anan/ Nand/ Nandu
Meaning: Joy, Bliss
358 Anandagiri
Pet name: Anan/ Anand/ Nanda/ Nandu/ Giri/ Agir
Meaning: Mountain Of Happiness Or Peak Of Pleasure
359 Anandamaya
Pet name: Anan/ Nanda/ Amay/ Maya
Meaning: Consisting Of Bliss, Full Of Happiness And Joy
360 Anandan
Pet name: Anand/ Anan/ Nandan/ Nandu
Meaning: One Who Brings Happiness, Bliss 
361 Anandashankar
Pet name: Anand/ Anan/ Nandan/ Nandu/ Shankar/ Ankar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
362 Anandleen
Pet name: Anand/ Anna/ Nandu/ Aleen/ Leen/ Adleen
Meaning:  Lord Of Bliss, Joy, Happiness
363 Anandmohan
Pet name: Anand/ Anna/ Nandu/ Mohan/ Ahan
Meaning: Lord Krishna
364 Anandroop
Pet name: Anand/ Nand/ Anan/ Aroop/ Roop/ Aroo
Meaning: Blissful Form Or Radiating Bliss
365 Anandswaroop
Pet name: Anand/ Nand/ Swaroop/ Aswa/ Swa/ Aroop/ Aru
Meaning: Journey Of Happiness
366 Anandvardhan
Pet name: Anand/ Nandu/ Vardhan/ Ardhan/ Adhan/ Ahan/ Anan
Meaning: One Who Increases Happiness, Lord Ram
367 Anang
Pet name: Anan/ Anag
Meaning: Name Of Cupid Or Formless Divine Being
368 Anant
Pet name: Anan/ Nanth
Meaning: Immortal Or Eternal
369 Anantajeet
Pet name: Anan/ Nanta/ Ajeeth/ Jeeth/ Jeethu/ Aeeth
Meaning: The Victor Of Infinity
370 Anantaram
Pet name: Anan/ Atram/ Ram/ Ananta/ Aram
Meaning: Eternal Or Immortal, Lord Vishnu
371 Anantarjot
Pet name: Ananta/ Antar/ Antarjot/ Arjot
Meaning: Eternal Lamp Of God Or God's Light
372 Anantbir
Pet name: Anant/ Antbir/ Abir/ Anbir
Meaning: Eternal Warrior
373 Anantdev
Pet name: Ananth/ Nanth/ Dev
Meaning: Eternal Devotion Or Eternal Divinity
374 Ananth
Pet name: Nanth/ Annu/ Anna
Meaning: Immortal Or Endless
375 Anantram
Pet name: Anan/ Nanta/ Aram/ Ram
Meaning: Eternal God Or Immortal God, Lord Rama
376 Anbumathi
Pet name: Anub/ Anbu/ Amathi/ Mathi/ Athi/ Abuthi
Meaning: Love With The Moon
377 Anbumoli
Pet name: Anbu/ Amoli/ Moli
Meaning: One Who Speaks Kindly
378 Anchit
Pet name: Ann/ Achit/ Nchit
Meaning: Worshipped, Prayed, Great Devotion
379 Aneel
Pet name: Anee/ Neel/ Aeel
Meaning: Child Of Air Or Wind
380 Aneesh
Pet name: Anee/ Aeesh/ Neesh/ Ieesh
Meaning: Supreme, Ultimate, Greatest Authority
381 Anesh
Pet name: Ane/ Nesh/ Iesh
Meaning: Smart One, Brilliant
382 Angad
Pet name: Anga/ Agad/ Nagad
Meaning: Bracelet, Armlet
383 Angaj
Pet name: Anu/ Agaj/ Gaaj
Meaning: Son
384 Angak
Pet name: Anak/ Agak/ Gaank
Meaning: Son
385 Anhil
Pet name: Anil/ Ahi/ Anhii/ Ahil
Meaning: Wind
386 Aniesh
Pet name: Ani/ Iesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Sunshine
387 Aniij
Pet name: Anii/ Anij/ Neej
Meaning: Charming, Handsome
388 Anik
Pet name: Anni/ Nik/ Aiik
Meaning: Light, Lord Ganesha
389 Anikait
Pet name: Anni/ Ikaith/ Nikaith/ Kaiith
Meaning: Lord Of The World
390 Aniket
Pet name: Anni/ Iket/ Niket
Meaning: Homeless, Lord Shiva
391 Aniketh
Pet name: Anni/ Niketh/ Iketh/ Kieth
Meaning: Lord Of Worlds Or Lord Shiva
392 Anil
Pet name: Anni/ Neel
Meaning: Wind
393 Anilesh
Pet name: Anni/ Nilesh/ Ilesh/ Eesh
Meaning: Spirit Of The Wind
394 Anilkumar
Pet name: Anni/ Neel/ Kumar/ Amar/ Umar
Meaning: Son Of Wind, Hanuman
395 Animesh
Pet name: Anni/ Mesh/ Imesh/ Iesh/ Nimesh
Meaning: Bright
396 Animish
Pet name: Anni/ Mish/ Imish/ Nimish
Meaning: Attractive
397 Anindit
Pet name: Anni/ Iddit/ Indit/ Nindit
Meaning: Blameless, Perfect
398 Anindith  
Pet name: Anni/ Iddit/ Indith/ Nidith
Meaning: The Perfect One
399 Anindo
Pet name: Anni/ Inod/ Anod/ Ninod
Meaning: Happiness, Joy
400 Anindya
Pet name: Anni/ Nindya/ Inday
Meaning: Handsome, Praiseworthy