801 Avaad
Pet name: Avii/ Ava
Meaning: Marvelous
802 Avadh
Pet name: Avad/ Vaadh
Meaning: Immortal, Powerful
803 Avadhesh
Pet name: Avad/ Vadhes/ Adesh/ Ahesh/ Aesh
Meaning: King Dasaratha
804 Avadhoot
Pet name: Avad/ Vadhoot/ Ahoot/ Adhoot
Meaning: God Dattatreya
805 Avalok
Pet name: Ava/ Alok/ Aval/ Valok
Meaning: One Who Beholds
806 Avalur
Pet name: Ava/ Aval/ Aur/ Alur
Meaning: Promise Or Commit
807 Avan
Pet name: Ava/ Avi
Meaning: Ruler Of The Earth
808 Avaneesh
Pet name: Ava/ Aneesh/ Aeesh/ Eesh/ Vaneesh/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Of The Whole World
809 Avanindra
Pet name: Ava/ Anindra/ Indra/ Avan/ Vanind
Meaning: King Of The Earth Or Lord Of The Earth
810 Avanish
Pet name: Ava/ Anish/ Avi/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Of The Earth
811 Avashesh
Pet name: Ava/ Sesh/ Asesh/ Vashe/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Remainder, Something That Remains
812 Avasyu
Pet name: Ava/ Vasu/ Vasyu
Meaning: Lord Indra
813 Avdhut
Pet name: Ava/ Adhut/ Ahut/ Avad
Meaning: Lord Dutta, Good Willing
814 Aveekshith
Pet name: Avee/ Ekshit/ Ekshi/ Veekshit
Meaning: Vayu Deva, Lord Shiva
815 Aveen
Pet name: Avee/ Aeen
Meaning: Creative
816 Avichal
Pet name: Avi/ Achal/ Ahal/ Ichal
Meaning: Unmovable
817 Aviesh
Pet name: Avi/ Viesh/ Iseh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
818 Avijit
Pet name: Avi/ Vijit/ Ijit/ Ajit
Meaning: Invincible
819 Avik
Pet name: Avi/ Vik/ Aik
Meaning: Brave
820 Avikam
Pet name: Avi/ Akam/ Vikam
Meaning: Diamond
821 Avikesh
Pet name: Avi/ Vikesk/ Vike/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
822 Avilasa
Pet name: Avi/ Vilas/ Ilasa/ Ailasa/ Ail
Meaning: Faithful, Constant
823 Avilash
Pet name: Avi/ Vilash/ Ilash/ Avil
Meaning: Faithful
824 Avinash
Pet name: Avi/ Ain/ Vinash/ Inash/ Ash
Meaning: Immortal, Unconquerable
825 Avirat
Pet name: Avi/ Irat/ Avir/ Veer
Meaning: Continuous
826 Avleen
Pet name: Avle/ Aleen/ Aeen/ Leen
Meaning: First
827 Avram
Pet name: Avay/ Avam/ Ram
Meaning: Father Of Many
828 Avrum
Pet name: Avu/ Avru/ Arum
Meaning: Father Of Many
829 Avshalom
Pet name: Ava/ Ashal/ Alom/ Avsh/ Ahalom
Meaning: Father Of Peace
830 Avyaan
Pet name: Avya/ Vayaan/ Ayaan/ Avaan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Perfect
831 Avyakta
Pet name: Avy/ Vyakta/ Yakta/ Avya
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
832 Avyan
Pet name: Avys/ Vyaan/ Yaan/ Avaan
Meaning: Smooth
833 Avyukt
Pet name: Avy/ Ayukt/ Yukt
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Crystal Clear
834 Avyukta
Pet name: Avy/ Avi/ Ayuta/ Yukt/ Aukta
Meaning: Crystal Clear
835 Awad
Pet name: Awa/ Wad
Meaning: Reward, Compensation
836 Awadil
Pet name: Awa/ Adil/ Dil
Meaning: Justice, Fair
837 Awalmir
Pet name: Awas/ Awal/ Avalm/ Almir/ Amir
Meaning: Leader
838 Awamil
Pet name: Awa/ Amil/ Wamil
Meaning: Active, Effective
839 Awamiri
Pet name: Awas/ Awam/ Amir/ Meer
Meaning: Long-Lived
840 Awan
Pet name: Awa
Meaning: Moment, Or Time
841 Awdil
Pet name: Awi/ Awad/ Adil/ Dil
Meaning: Fair And Honest
842 Awlyan
Pet name: Awl/ Aiyan/ Wlyan
Meaning: Good Friend And Companion
843 Awmar
Pet name: Awma/ Amar
Meaning: Long-Lived, Ever lasting
844 Ayaan
Pet name: Ayu/ Ayaa/ Yaan
Meaning: Time, God's Gift
845 Ayaank
Pet name: Ayu/ Yaank/ Ayak

Meaning: Creative

846 Ayaaz
Pet name: Aya/ Aaz/ Yaaz
Meaning: Respectable One
847 Ayal
Pet name: Aya
Meaning: Stag, A Male Deer
848 Ayamin
Pet name: Aya/ Ami/ Yamin
Meaning: Blessed By The Grace Of God
849 Ayan
Pet name: Aya/ Yaan
Meaning: Time, Lord Ganesh
850 Ayansh
Pet name: Ayan/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Creative
851 Ayas
Pet name: Aya/ Yaas
Meaning: Gold
852 Ayavanth
Pet name: Aya/ Avanth/ Yavanth/ Ayav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
853 Aybak
Pet name: Aya/ Abak
Meaning: Messenger
854 Aydann
Pet name: Aya/ Adan/ Yadan
Meaning: A Fiery Young Man
855 Aydar
Pet name: Aya/ Adar/ Yadar
Meaning: Creative
856 Aydeen
Pet name: Ayad/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Adee/ Yadeen
Meaning: Radiant, Light Or Pure
857 Ayden
Pet name: Ayad/ Ayen
Meaning: Radiant, Light Or Pure
858 Ayers
Pet name: Aye/ Aers/ Ayes/ Ayer
Meaning: Creative
859 Aylmer
Pet name: Ayl/ Almer/ Amer
Meaning: Noble, Honest
860 Aylwin
Pet name: Aly/ Awin/ Alwin
Meaning: Humble Friend
861 Ayman
Pet name: Aym/ Aya/ Aman
Meaning: Fortunate, Blessed
862 Aymil
Pet name: Aym/ Ail/ Amil
Meaning: Talented, excellent
863 Aynan
Pet name: Ayan/ Anan
Meaning: Two Springs, Two Fountains
864 Ayngaran
Pet name: Ayn/ Aran/ Agaran
Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva
865 Ayog
Pet name: Ayo/ Yog
Meaning: Auspicious Time
866 Aysar
Pet name: Ayas/ Asar/ Asu/ Yasar
Meaning: One Who Leads A Better Life
867 Ayub
Pet name: Ayu/ Aub
Meaning: A Prophet Name
868 Ayukhan
Pet name: Ayu/ Aukh/ Khan
Meaning: Leader Of The Bear
869 Ayus
Pet name: Ayu/ Aus
Meaning: Long Life, Age
870 Ayush
Pet name: Ayu/ Aush/ Yush
Meaning: Time, Long Lived
871 Ayushman
Pet name: Ayu/ Aush/ Ahman/ Ayush
Meaning: Blessed With Long Life
872 Ayusman
Pet name: Ayu/ Usman/ Aman/ Usan
Meaning: Immortal, Everlasting
873 Ayustejas
Pet name: Ayu/ Aus/ Tejas/ Ejas
Meaning: Energy Of Life, A Buddha
874 Ayutajit
Pet name: Ayu/ Tajit/ Ajit/ Ajju
Meaning: Adorable, Charming
875 Ayyappan
Pet name: Ayya/ Appan/ Yappan/ Yaan
Meaning: God Ayyappan
876 Ayyash
Pet name: Ayas/ Yash/ Ash
Meaning: Long Lived
877 Ayyub
Pet name: Ayu/ Aub
Meaning: A Prophets Name
878 Ayyubi
Pet name: Ayu/ Yubi/ Aubi
Meaning: Humble, Patience
879 Azaan
Pet name: Azz/ Zaan/ Aaan
Meaning: Prayer's Call
880 Azad
Pet name: Azz/ Zaad
Meaning: Free, Independent
881 Azam
Pet name: Azz/ Zaam
Meaning: Faithful, Greatest
882 Azamat
Pet name: Azz/ Amat/ Zamat/ Azam
Meaning: Majesty, Glory Or Pride
883 Azari
Pet name: Azar/ Ari/ Zaari
Meaning: Creative
884 Azariah
Pet name: Aza/ Aria/ Zariah/ Riah
Meaning: God's Strength
885 Azaz
Pet name: Aza/ Zaz
Meaning: Humble, Strong
886 Azaziah
Pet name: Aza/ Azai/ Ziah/ Aiah
Meaning: From the Strength of the God
887 Azban
Pet name: Azba/ Aban/ Zaban
Meaning: Fresh And Sweet
888 Azeeb
Pet name: Azee/ Aeeb/ Zeeb
Meaning: Fresh Or Refreshing
889 Azeem
Pet name: Azee/ Aeem
Meaning: Defender, Protector
890 Azem
Pet name: Azze/ Aem
Meaning: Big Or Large
891 Azfaar
Pet name: Azz/ Afaar/ Zafar
Meaning: Victory And Triumph
892 Azhagu
Pet name: Azha/ Ahangu
Meaning: Handsome, Attractive
893 Azhar
Pet name: Azza/ Azar
Meaning: Shining, Brilliant, Radiant
894 Azharuddin
Pet name: Azha/ Azhar/ Zhar/ Arudd/ Uddin/ Aruddin
Meaning: Most Visible
895 Azhmeer
Pet name: Azhm/ Zhmeer/ Meer
Meaning: Clever, Wise
896 Azim
Pet name: Azzi/ Aiem
Meaning: Creative
897 Aziz
Pet name: Azzu
Meaning: Strong, Beloved
898 Azizbek
Pet name: Aziz/ Azib/ Zibek/ Aiek
Meaning: Creative
899 Azmaray
Pet name: Azma/ Maray/ Zaray
Meaning: Creative
900 Azmi
Pet name: Azzi/ Ami
Meaning: The Cherished One
901 Azrael
Pet name: Azr/ Azzi/ Azra/ Arael
Meaning: Angel Of Death
902 Azraf
Pet name: Azzr/ Azzi/ Zraf/ Araf
Meaning: Elegant Or Graceful
903 Azraq
Pet name: Azra/ Araq/ Azaq
Meaning: Blue, A Prophet Name
904 Azriel
Pet name: Azri/ Azzi/ Ariel/ Aiel
Meaning: God Is My strength
905 Azud
Pet name: Azzu/ Zud
Meaning: Strong, Power
906 Azwer
Pet name: Azzw/ Azzi/ Azzzu/ Awer
Meaning: Proud
907 Azzam
Pet name: Azza/ Azzu/ Azzi
Meaning: Very Determined, Intelligent
908 Azzami
Pet name: Azza/ Azam/ Ami
Meaning: Lion
909 Azzat
Pet name: Azza/ Azzi
Meaning: Precious
910 Eashan
Pet name: Eash/ Ashan/ Ahan/ Asan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
911 Earoid
Pet name: Earoi/ Aroid/ Aro
Meaning: Trendy
912 Eashar
Pet name: Eash/ Ashar/ Eshar
Meaning: Good Person, Divine Person
913 Easharjeet
Pet name: Eash/ Eshar/ Ashar/ Arjeet/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Ajee
Meaning: God's Victory
914 Eashav
Pet name: Eash/ Ashav/ Ahav/ Eshav
Meaning: Gifted
915 Ebrahim
Pet name: Ebrah/ Brahim/ Rahim/ Eahim/ Ehim/ Ahim
Meaning: Prophets Name
916 Edaar
Pet name : Edaa/ Daar
Meaning : Trendy
917 Edan
Pet name: Ed/ Ean/ Dan
Meaning: Little Fire
918 Eddie
Pet name: Ed/ Eddi/ Ddie
Meaning: Guardian, Rich
919 Eden
Pet name: Ed/ Edde/ Een
Meaning: Delightful, Adornment
920 Edgar
Pet name: Ed/ Edg/ Dar/ Egar
Meaning: Prosperous, Spear
921 Edhas
Pet name: Ed/ Ehas/ Has/ Dhas
Meaning: Happiness
922 Ednit
Pet name: Ed/ Edn/ Edi/ Enit
Meaning: Evolved
923 Edward
Pet name: Ed/ Edwar/ Dward/ Ewar
Meaning: Guardian
924 Edwin
Pet name: Ed/ Edi/ Ewin/ Edin/ Ein
Meaning: Rich
925 Eehan
Pet name: Eeh/ Ehan/ Han
Meaning: Full Moon
926 Eeren
Pet name: Ere/ Eren/ Een
Meaning: Lovable
927 Eeshan
Pet name: Ees/ Eesh/ Eshan/ Ehan/ Ean
Meaning: Desire, Agni, Lord Shiva
928 Effren
Pet name: Effr/ Fren/ Efren/ Eren
Meaning: One Who Is Fertile, Productive
929 Ehaan
Pet name: Ehaa/ Haan
Meaning: Trendy
930 Ehimay
Pet name: Ehi/ Ehim/ Himay/ Imay
Meaning: Ubiquitous
931 Ehsan
Pet name: Ehs/ Esan/ Ean
Meaning: Favor, Good, Goodness
932 Eiham
Pet name: Eih/ Iham/ Eiam
Meaning: Fantasy
933 Eijaz
Pet name: Eij/ Ijaz/ Jaz
Meaning: Blessings
934 Eikram
Pet name: Eikr/ Ikram/ Iram/ Ram
Meaning: Honor
935 Eilshan
Pet name: Eil/ Ilshan/ Ishan/ Ihan/ Ilan/ Ian
Meaning: Ruler
936 Eiman
Pet name: Eim, Iman
Meaning: Religion
937 Ekaaksh
Pet name: Ekaa/ Aksh/ Ekash
Meaning: One Eyed, Shiva
938 Ekaant
Pet name: Ekaa/ Kaant/ Eaant
Meaning: Silence
939 Ekachit
Pet name: Eka/ Achit/ Ahit/ Acit/ Ait
Meaning: With One Mind, One Concentration
940 Ekaksh
Pet name: Eka/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Lord Shiva, One Eyed
941 Ekaksha
Pet name: Eka/ Aksha/ Aksh/ Sha
Meaning: Lord Shiva
942 Ekalinga
Pet name: Eka/ Alinga/ Alin/ Linga/ Ali
Meaning: Shiva
943 Ekambir
Pet name: Eka/ Ambir/ Abir/ Kambir/ Kabir/ Amir
Meaning: One Heroic Or Brave God
944 Ekamveer
Pet name: Eka/ Amveer/ Aveer/ Veer/ Aeer
Meaning: Only One
945 Ekana
Pet name: Ekan/ Kana/ Ean
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
946 Ekanath
Pet name: Eka/ Ekan/ Ekana/ Anath
Meaning: King
947 Ekani
Pet name: Eka/ Ekan/ Ean
Meaning: One
948 Ekansh
Pet name: Eka/ Ekan / Kansh/ Ansh/ Ash/ Kash
Meaning: Whole
949 Ekaraj
Pet name: Eka/ Ekar/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Emperor
950 Ekas
Pet name: Eka/ Eas/ Kas
Meaning: One In The World
951 Ekbal
Pet name: Ekb/ Bal/ Ebal/ Ekal
Meaning: Dignity
952 Ekjeeth
Pet name: Eki/ Ekj/ Jeeth/ Ejeeth/ Jee
Meaning: Trendy
953 Ekjit
Pet name: Eki/ Ekj/ Jit/ Ejit
Meaning: Victorious One
954 Ekjith
Pet name: Eki/ Ekj/ Jith/ Ejith
Meaning: Trendy
955 Eklavya
Pet name: Ekl/ Lavya/ Lavy/ Lav/ Evay
Meaning: Trendy
956 Eknath
Pet name: Ekn/ Nath/ Eknat/ Enath
Meaning: The Sky, Heaven
957 Ekshit
Pet name: Eksh/ Eshit/ Ehit/ Kshit
Meaning: Desire
958 Ekshith
Pet name: Eksh/ Eshith/ Ehith/ Kshith/ Shith
Meaning: Desire
959 Ekta
Pet name: Ekt/ Eta
Meaning: Unity
960 Ekvair
Pet name: Ekv/ Evair/ Vair/ Evai
Meaning: Brave
961 Elian
Pet name: Eli/ Lian/ Eian
Meaning: Light
962 Elijah
Pet name: Eli/ Lijah/ Ijah/ Jah/ Ejah
Meaning: Beauty, Sweet, Smart
963 Elilen
Pet name: Elil/ Lilen/ Ilen/ Eien
Meaning: Handsome
964 Elliot
Pet name: Elli/ Eiot/ Lliot
Meaning: Right, Strength
965 Elvin
Pet name: Elv/ Evin/ Vin
Meaning: Noble Friend
966 Elvis
Pet name: Elv/ Evis/ Lvis
Meaning: Wise, A Genuine Friend
967 Elvyn
Pet name: Elv/ Evyn
Meaning: Magical Being
968 Elyas
Pet name: Elya/ Lyas/ Eyas
Meaning: Name Of Prophet
969 Emad
Pet name: Emm/ Ead
Meaning: Confidence, Trust
970 Eman
Pet name: Emm/ Ema/ Maan
Meaning: Faith, Belief
971 Eman
Pet name: Emm/ Eman/ Mani/ Maan
Meaning: Believer
972 Emanuel
Pet name: Emm/ Eman/ Anuel/ Nuel/ Auel/ Ael
Meaning: God Is With Us
973 Emir
Pet name: Emi/ Meer
Meaning: King, Humble
974 Emmanuel
Pet name: Emm/ Emman/ Anuel/ Nuel/ Auel/ Ael
Meaning: God Is With Us
975 Emmet
Pet name: Emm/ Emme
Meaning: World, Powerful
976 Emran
Pet name: Emra/ Mran
Meaning: Achievement
977 Enzo
Pet name: Enz/ Eno
Meaning: Ruler, Powerful
978 Eric
Pet name: Eri/ Ric
Meaning: Eternal Ruler
979 Erin
Pet name: Eri/ Ein

Maning: Gorgeous

980 Erish
Pet name: Eri/ Rish/ Ish
Meaning: To Cherish
981 Erman
Pet name: Erm/ Maan
Meaning: Friend Of God
982 Ernie
Pet name: Erni/ Enie/ Erie
Meaning: Trendy
983 Errick
Pet name: Erri/ Rick/ Rik
Meaning: Trendy
984 Ersheen
Pet name: Ersh/ Esheen/ Eheen
Meaning: God's Beauty
985 Ervin
Pet name: Erv/ Evin
Meaning: Sea Friend
986 Ervine
Pet name: Erv/ Evine/ Vine
Meaning: A Form Of Irving
987 Esana
Pet name: Esan/ Eaan
Meaning: Desire, Wish, Aim
988 Esaq
Pet name: Eaq/ Saq
Meaning: A Prophets Name
989 Eshaan
Pet name: Esh/ Shaan/ Ehaan
Meaning: Important
990 Eshan
Pet name: Esh/ Shan/ Ehan
Meaning: Kindness
991 Eshanputra
Pet name: Esh/ Eshan/ Shan/ Anputra/ Antra
Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva
992 Eshanth
Pet name: Esh/ Eshan/ Shan/ Shanth/ Hanth
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
993 Eshaq
Pet name: Esh/ Shaq/ Ehaq
Meaning: A Prophet's Name
994 Eshar
Pet name: Esh/ Shar
Meaning: Blessed
995 Esharvir
Pet name: Esh/ Eshar/ Harvir/ Arvir/ Vir
Meaning: Gods Warrior
996 Eshin
Pet name: Esh/ Shin/ Ehin
997 Eshit
Pet name: Esh/ Ehith
Meaning: Desired
998 Eshwar
Pet name: Esh/ Eshu/ Ewar/ Shwar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
999 Esish
Pet name: Esis/ Ish
Meaning: Trendy
1000 Esmaeel
Pet name: Esm/ Esmae/ Maeel/ Aeel
Meaning: Peace
1001 Eswar
Pet name: Esw/ Swar
Meaning: A Famous Poet-Saint Of India
1002 Ethan
Pet name: Eth/ Ehan/ Etan/ Ean
Meaning: Brave, Strong
1003 Ethen
Pet name: Eth/ Ehen
Meaning: Long Lived, Strong
1004 Evaan
Pet name: Evaa/ Vaan/ Eaan
Meaning: Trendy
1005 Evan
Pet name: Eva/ Van
Meaning: God Is Gracious
1006 Evansh
Pet name: Eva/ Vansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: A Part Of Eva
1007 Evaraj
Pet name: Eva/ Varaj/ Araj/ Raj
Meaning: Bright As The Sun
1008 Eveleen
Pet name: Eve/ Veleen/ Eleen/ Leen
Meaning: Bringer Of Light
1009 Evon
Pet name: Evo/ Eon
Meaning: Call
1010 Evril
Pet name: Evri/ Eril/ Vril
Meaning: Fruitful
1011 Evyatar
Pet name: Evy/ Vyatar/ Vya/ Atar
Meaning: God Is Great
1012 Evyavan
Pet name: Evy/ Yavan/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1013 Ezekial
Pet name: Eze/ Ekial/ Zekial/ Kial/ Kal
Meaning: God Make Me Stronger
1014 Ezhar
Pet name: Ezh/ Zhar/ Ehar
Meaning: Feelings
1015 Ezhumalai
Pet name: Ezh/ Zhumalai/ Umalai/ Malai
Meaning: Lord Murugan
1016 Ezian
Pet name: Ezi/ Zian/ Zia/ Aiin
Meaning: Trendy
1017 Ezra
Pet name: Ezr/ Eza/ Era
Meaning: Helper, One Who Supports
1018 Ezriel
Pet name: Ezr/ Ezrie/ Zriel/ Riel/ Eriel
Meaning: God Is My Helper
1019 Ezzah
Pet name: Ezz/ Zah/ Eza
Meaning: Respect
1020 Ezzy
Pet name: Ezzr
Meaning: God Is My Helper
1021 Iaan
Pet name: Ian/ Iaans
Meaning: Lord Shiva
1022 Iahaan
Pet name: Iah/ Ahaan/ Haan
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Light
1023 Ibhan
Pet name: Ibha/ Ibhay/ Bhan/ Ihan
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
1024 Ibhay
Pet name: Ibha/ Ibay/ Ihay
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
1025 Ibraham
Pet name: Ibra/ Ibrah/ Braham/ Raham/ Aham
Meaning: Prophet Name
1026 Ibraheem
Pet name: Ibra/ Ibrah/ Raheem/ Aheem/ Aeem
Meaning: Prophet Name
1027 Ibrahim
Pet name : Ibra/ Ibrah/ Rahim/ Rahi/ Ahim/ Raim
Meaning : Prophet Name
1028 Ibrar
Pet name: Ibra/ Irar
Meaning: Helpful, Peaceful
1029 Idhant
Pet name: Idha/ Idhan/ Dhant/ Hant/ Ihant
Meaning: Luminous
1030 Idhayan
Pet name: Idhay/ Idhays/ Dhayan/ Hayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Heart Of Joy
1031 Ifran
Pet name: Ifra/ Ifray/ Fran/ Iran
Meaning: Identity
1032 Ifraz
Pet name: Ifra/ Ifray/ Iraz/ Raz
Meaning: Height, Altitude, Elevation
1033 Ijay
Pet name: Ija/ Jay/ Iaay
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1034 Ijaz
Pet name: Ija/Jaz/ Iaz
Meaning: Honor, Esteem, Regard
1035 Ikansh
Pet name: Ikan/ Ikans/ Kansh/ Ansh/ Iansh/ Ansh
Meaning: Whole Universe
1036 Ikbal
Pet name: Ikba/ Ibal/ Bal
Meaning: Destiny
1037 Ikram
Pet name: Ikra/ Ikray/ Iram/ Ram
Meaning: Honor, Hospitality, Generosity
1038 Ikshan
Pet name: Iksh/ Ikshay/ Ikha/ Shan
Meaning: Sight, Working Of The Senses
1039 Ikshay
Pet name: Iksh/ Ikshas/ Shay
Meaning: Trendy
1040 Ikshit
Pet name: Iksh/ Ikshis/ Ikhit/ Ishit
Meaning: Chosen
1041 Imaan
Pet name: Imaa/ Imaay/ Maan/ Iaan
Meaning: Faith, Honesty, Belief
1042 Iman
Pet name: Imas/ Man/ Ian
Meaning: Faith, Belief
1043 Imaran
Pet name: Imar/ Maran/ Iaran/ Iaan
Meaning: Strong
1044 Imdad
Pet name: Imds/ Idad
Meaning: Help, Aid, Support
1045 Immanuel
Pet name: Imman/ Immanu/ Manuel/ Anuel/ Auel/ Ael
Meaning: God Is With Us
1046 Immay
Pet name: Imaa/ Immas/ Mayy
Meaning: Trendy
1047 Imran
Pet name: Imras/ Mran/ Ian
Meaning: Prophets Name
1048 Imran Ali
Pet name: Imra/ Ian/ Ali
Meaning: Strong, A Prophets Name
1049 Inban
Pet name: Inba/ Ian/ Ban
Meaning: Happy
1050 Indar
Pet name: Indy/ Inday/ Idar
Meaning: Lord
1051 Indardeep
Pet name: Inda/ Indar/ Deep/ Areep/ Aeep
Meaning: Light Of The Lord
1052 Indaresh
Pet name: Indar/ Daresh/ Aresh/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1053 Indarjeeet
Pet name: Indar/ Indraj/ Arjeet/ Ajeet/ Jeet/ Ajee/ Aeet
Meaning: The Victory Of The Lord
1054 Indarjot
Pet name: Indar/ Arjot/ Ajot/ Ajo
Meaning: God's Light
1055 Indarmeet
Pet name: Indar/ Armeet/ Ameet/ Aeet
Meaning: God's Friend
1056 Indarpal
Pet name: Indar/ Indras/ Pal/ Darpal
Meaning: Preserver Of God
1057 Indarpreet
Pet name: Indar/ Areet/ Preet
Meaning: Love For God
1058 Indarprem
Pet name: Indar/ Prem/ Arem
Meaning: Love For God
1059 Indarsukh
Pet name: Indar/ Sukh/ Arukh/ Aukh
Meaning: Peace With God
1060 Indeevar
Pet name: Inde/ Deev/ Eevar/ Deevar
Meaning: A Blue Lotus
1061 Indeevaraksh
Pet name: Inde/ Deev/ Deevar/ Araksh/ Raksh/ Aksh/ Ash
Meaning: Lotus Eyed
1062 Inderdeep
Pet name: Inde/ Der/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Light Of The Lord
1063 Inderharjeet
Pet name: Inder/ Harjeet/ Arjeet/ Ajee/ Jeet
Meaning: The Victory Of The Lord
1064 Inderjeet
Pet name: Inder/ Jeet/ Erjeet/ Erjee/ Ereet
Meaning: Victorious God Of Heaven
1065 Inderjit
Pet name: Ind/ Inder/ Erjit/ Rijit/ Ijit
Meaning: Conqueror Of Lord Indra
1066 Inderjot
Pet name: Ind/ Inder/ Erjot/ Ejot/ Jot
Meaning: God's Light
1067 Inderlal
Pet name: Ind/ Inder/ Erlal/ Elal/ Lal
Meaning: Son Of The Supreme Lord, Inder
1068 Indermohan
Pet name: Ind/ Inder/ Mohan/ Erohan/ Rohan/ Haan
Meaning: Charm Of The Lord
1069 Indhuhasan
Pet name: Ind/ Indhu/ Hasan/ Asan/ Uhas
Meaning: Moon
1070 Indivara
Pet name: Indi/ Vara/ Ivaara/ Ara
Meaning: Precious, Blessing, The Blue Lotus
1071 Indra
Pet name: Ind/ Idra
Meaning: Excellent, God Of Sky
1072 Indradatt
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Dradutt/ Dutt
Meaning: Gift Of Lord Indra
1073 Indradhanu
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Rahanu/ Ahanu/ Hanu/ Han
Meaning: Rainbow
1074 Indradhanush
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Dhanush/ Anush/ Hanush/ Radhan/ Adhan
Meaning: Rainbow
1075 Indradu
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Irad
Meaning: Desired By Lord Indra
1076 Indradutt
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Radutt/ Dutt/ Autt
Meaning: Gift Of Indra
1077 Indrajay
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ajay/ Aja/ Jay
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
1078 Indrajeeth
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Arjeeth/ Arjee/ Jeeth/ Aeeth
Meaning: Conqueror Of indra
1079 Indrajit
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ajit/ Aji
Meaning: Conqueror Of indra
1080 Indrajith
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ajith/ Ajii/ Jith
Meaning: Lord Indra
1081 Indran
Pet name: Ind/ Indran/ Dran
Meaning: Lord Indra
1082 Indraneel
Pet name: Ind/ Draneel/ Raneel/ Aneel/ Aeel
Meaning: Emerald
1083 Indranil
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ranil/ Anil/ Ail/ Neel
Meaning: Sapphire, Deep Blue Sky, Lord Shiva
1084 Indransh
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ransh/ Ansh/ Drash/ Ash
Meaning: Part Of Lord Indra
1085 Indrarjun
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Arjun/ Ajun/ Arun
Meaning: Bright And Brave Lord Indra
1086 Indrasen
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Asen/ Sen/ Raen
Meaning: Eldest Of Pandavas
1087 Indrasena
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Sena/ Rena/ Asen
Meaning: The Army Of Indra
1088 Indrashish
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Asish/ Asis/ Sish/ Ish
Meaning: Blessing From Indra
1089 Indrasuta
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Suta/ Auut
Meaning: Son Of Indra
1090 Indratan
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ratan/ Ataan/ Draan
Meaning: As Strong As Lord Indra
1091 Indratej
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ratej/ Tej/ Aej
Meaning: Trendy
1092 Indravadan
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ravadan/ Avadan/ Vadan/ Adan/ Avaan
Meaning: Lord Indra's Name
1093 Indravathi
Pet name: Ind/ Indra/ Ravathi/ Avathi/ Avahi/ Vahi
Meaning: Excellent, First, God Of The Skies
1094 Indresh
Pet name: Ind/ Indre/ Resh/ Dresh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Indra
1095 Indresvara
Pet name: Ind/ Indre/ Resvara/ Esvara/ Esvar
Meaning: Lord Of The Senses
1096 Indubhava
Pet name: Ind/ Indhu/ Bhava/ Hava/ Bhava/ Ava
Meaning: Creating The Moon, Lord Siva
1097 Indubhushan
Pet name: Ind/ Indu/ Inubhu/ Bhushan/ Hushan/ Ushan/ Uhan
Meaning: The Moon
1098 Induhasan
Pet name: Ind/ Indu/ Duhasan/ Uhasan/ Hasan/ Asan
Meaning: Moon
1099 Induj
Pet name: Ind/ Inuj
Meaning: Planet Mercury
1100 Indukanth
Pet name: Ind/ Indu/ Ukanth/ Kanth/ Uanth/ Anth
Meaning: Like Moon
1101 Indumauli
Pet name: Ind/ Indum/ Mauli/ Auli/ Ali
Meaning: Cresented Moon
1102 Indusekhar
Pet name: Ind/ Indus/ Sekhar/ Sekh/ Ekhar/ Ehar
Meaning: Moon
1103 Indushekhar
Pet name: Ind/ Indush/ Shekhar/ Shekh/ Ekhar/ Ehar
Meaning: Lord Shiva
1104 Inesh
Pet name: Ine/ Nesh/ Esh/ Iesh
Meaning: Strong King
1105 Inodaya
Pet name: Ino/ Nodaya/ Daya/ Inoaya
Meaning: Sunrise
1106 Insar
Pet name: Ins/ Isar/ Inar
Meaning: Helper
1107 Insu
Pet name: Ins/ Iisu
Meaning: Humanity/Wise
1108 Ipsit
Pet name: Ipsi/ Isith
Meaning: Desired
1109 Iqbal
Pet name: Iq/ Bal/ Iqal/ Ibal
Meaning: Desire
1110 Iqraj
Pet name: Iq/ Iqr/ Iraj/ Raj/ Iqaj
Meaning: Peaceful
1111 Irah
Pet name: DIra/ Iah
Meaning: Calm
1112 Iraj
Pet name: Ira/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Hanuman
1113 Irana
Pet name: Iran/ Rana/ Iana
Meaning: Lord Of Braves
1114 Iranga
Pet name: Irag/ Ranga/ Anga/ Aga
Meaning: Expressive
1115 Iraq
Pet name: Ira/ Iaq
Meaning: River Bank
1116 Iravaj
Pet name: Irav/ Ravaj/ Avaj/ Vaj
Meaning: Born Of Water
1117 Iravan
Pet name: Irav/ Raav/ Avan/ Iaan
Meaning: King Of Ocean
1118 Iravat
Pet name: Irav/ Ravat/ Avat/ Iava
Meaning: Rain Clouds
1119 Iresh
Pet name: Ires/ Resh/ Iesh/ Esh
Meaning: Lord Of Earth, Vishnu
1120 Irfan
Pet name: Irf/ Ian/ Ifaan
Meaning: Knowledgeable
1121 Irham
Pet name: Irh/ Aham/ Iram/ Iham
Meaning: Loveable, Merciful
1122 Irhsad
Pet name: Irh/ Irsad/ Isad/ Ihsad
Meaning: Command, Mandate
1123 Irmas
Pet name: Irm/ Imas/ Iras/ Ras
Meaning: Strong
1124 Irshad
Pet name: Irsh/ Shad/ Ishad/ Ihad/ Isad/ Iad
Meaning: Guidance
1125 Isaac
Pet name: Isaa/ Iaac
Meaning: Protector
1126 Isaad
Pet name: Isaa/ Iaad
Meaning: Provide Help
1127 Isaam
Pet name: Isaa/ Isaam
Meaning: Safeguard
1128 Isaar
Pet name: Isaa/ Saar/ Iaar
Meaning: Selflessness
1129 Isahaq
Pet name: Isah/ Isah/ Ahaq
Meaning: Laughs
1130 Isam
Pet name: Isa/ Sam/ Iam
Meaning: Self-Made
1131 Isar
Pet name: Isa/ Iar
Meaning: Eminent, Lord Shiva
1132 Isbahani
Pet name: Isba/ Sbahani/ Bahani/ Hani/ Ahani/ Ahan
Meaning: From Isbahan
1133 Ishaan
Pet name: Isha/ Shaan/ Ihaan/ Haan
Meaning: Lord Shiva
1134 Ishaaq
Pet name: Ishaq/ Shaaq/ Ihaaq
Meaning: Believer, Prophets Name
1135 Ishak
Pet name: Ish/ Shak/ Haak
Meaning: Lord Shiva
1136 Ishank
Pet name: Ish/ Shank/ Ihank/ Iank
Meaning: Shiva, Peak Of Himalaya
1137 Ishaq
Pet name: Ish/ Ishaq/ Shaq
Meaning: Trendy
1138 Ishat
Pet name: Ish/ Shat/ Isat
Meaning: Superior
1139 Ishfaq
Pet name: Ish/ Ishf/ Ihfaq/ Ishaq
Meaning: Compassion, Sympathy
1140 Ishik
Pet name: Ish/ Shik/ Ihik/ Isik
Meaning: Light, Desirable
1141 Ishin
Pet name: Ish/ Shin/ Ihin/ Isin
Meaning: Powerful
1142 Ishir
Pet name: Ish/ Shir/ Ihir/ Heer
Meaning: Fire, Powerful
1143 Ishith
Pet name: Ish/ Shith/ Ihith/ Sith
Meaning: One Who Desires To Rule
1144 Ishjeet
Pet name: Ish/ Shjeet/ Jeet/ Hjeet
Meaning: Victorious Supreme Being
1145 Ishraaq
Pet name: Ish/ Shraaq/ Shraq/ Hraq/ Ishq
Meaning: Sunrise
1146 Ishraq
Pet name: Ish/ Shraq/ Hraq/ Ishaq
Meaning: Sunrise Or Day Break
1147 Ishrat
Pet name: Ish/ Shrat/ Hrat
Meaning: Affection
1148 Ishrit
Pet name: Ish/ Shrit/ Hrut
Meaning: Trendy
1149 Ishwar
Pet name: Ish/ Shwar/ Ishar
Meaning: Ruler, Lord
1150 Ishwin
Pet name: Ish/ Ihwin/ Ishin/ Ihin
Meaning: One Who Praises The Lord
1151 Ismail
Pet name: Ismai/ Imail/ Smail/ Isail
Meaning: God Will Hear
1152 Isminder
Pet name: Ismin/ Minder/ Inder/ Isinder/ Simnder
Meaning: Lord
1153 Ivan
Pet name: Iaan/ Vaan
Meaning: Merciful, Gentle
1154 Ivyaan
Pet name: Ivy/ Vyaan/ Yaan/ Iyaan
Meaning: The Grace Of God, Lord Shiva
1155 Iyaad
Pet name: Iya/ Yaad/ Iaad
Meaning: Generous
1156 Iyaan
Pet name: Iaan/ Yaan
Meaning: Gift
1157 Izaan
Pet name: Izaa/ Zaan/ Iaan
Meaning: Obedience
1158 Izaiah
Pet name: Izai/ Zaiah/ Iah/ Zai
Meaning: Salvation Of God
1159 Izat
Pet name: Iza/ Zat
Meaning: Respect
1160 Izaz
Pet name: Iza/ ZazAesh/ Esh
Meaning: Honor, Esteem, Regard
1161 Izet
Pet name: Ize/ Zeet
Meaning: Greatness, Glory
1162 Izhar
Pet name: Izh/ Zhar/ Ihar/ Izar
Meaning: Submission
1163 Izudin
Pet name: Izu/ Zudin/ Udin/ Zuin
Meaning: Power, Glory Of Faith
1164 Izum
Pet name: Izu/ Zum/ Ium
Meaning: Obedient, Sincere
1165 Izyaan
Pet name: Izy/ Zyan/ Zan/ Iyaan
Meaning: Intelligent
1166 Ubadah
Pet name: Ubay/ Ubadh/ Badah/ Adah
Meaning: Worshipper To Diety
1167 Ubaidh
Pet name: Ubai/ Ubaid/ Baidh/ Aidh
Meaning: The Original, Lovable
1168 Ubay
Pet name: Uba/ Ubas/ Bay
Meaning: Worshipper
1169 Ubhay
Pet name: Ubha/ Ubhas/ Bhay/ Uhay
Meaning: Blessing
1170 Uccherya
Pet name: Uccher/ Ucchery/ Cherya/ Cher/ Herya/ Erya
Meaning: Noble
1171 Uchadev
Pet name: Uchad/ Chadev/ Hadev/ Dev
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1172 Udant
Pet name: Udan/ Uant
Meaning: Gods Message
1173 Udarathi
Pet name: Uda/ Darathi/ Arathi/ Darth/ Arath
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1174 Udarsh
Pet name: Uda/ Darsh/ Arsh/ Ash
Meaning: Blue Lotus
1175 Udath
Pet name: Udat/ Dath
Meaning: King
1176 Uday
Pet name: Uda/ Udas
Meaning: Sun Rise
1177 Udayan
Pet name: Uda/ Uday/ Dayan/ Ayan
Meaning: Hope, Rising
1178 Udayat
Pet name: Uda/ Uday/ Dayat/ Ayat
Meaning: Morning Sun Light
1179 Udayin
Pet name: Uda/ Uday/ Dayin/ Ayin/ Dayi
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1180 Udbal
Pet name: Udb/ Bal
Meaning: Mighty
1181 Udbav
Pet name: Udba/ Dbav
Meaning: Rise, Origin
1182 Udbhav
Pet name: Udba/ Dbhav/ Bhav
Meaning: Rise, Origin
1183 Uddhav
Pet name: Uddh/ Dhav
Meaning: A Festival, Fire
1184 Uddip
Pet name: Uddi/ Dip
Meaning: Giving Light
1185 Uddiran
Pet name: Uddi/ Diran/ Iran
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1186 Uddish
Pet name: Uddi/ Dish/ Ish
Meaning: Lord Shiva
1187 Uddiyan
Pet name: Uddi/ Diyan/ Iyan
Meaning: Flying Speed
1188 Uddunath
Pet name: Uddu/ Dunath/ Unath
Meaning: Lord Of Stars
1189 Udeep
Pet name: Udee/ Deep/ Deepu
Meaning: Burn, Beam Of Light
1190 Udesh
Pet name: Udes/ Desh/ Esh
Meaning: Purpose
1191 Udhar
Pet name: Udha/ Dhar
Meaning: Salvation
1192 Udhay
Pet name: Udha/ Dhay
Meaning: Arise, Blue Lotus
1193 Udit
Pet name: Udi/ Dit
Meaning: Shining, Grown
1194 Udjith
Pet name: Udji/ Jith
Meaning: Lord Vishnu
1195 Udupati
Pet name: Udup/ Dupati/ Upati
Meaning: Lord Of Stars
1196 Uduraj
Pet name: Udur/ Duraj/ Uraj/ Raj
Meaning: Lord Of Stars
1197 Udyam
Pet name: Udya/ Dyam
Meaning: Action
1198 Udyan
Pet name: Udya/ Dyan
Meaning: Garden
1199 Udyat
Pet name: Udya/ Dyat
Meaning: A Star, Rising
1200 Udyath
Pet name: Udya/ Dyanth/ Yanth/ Anth
Meaning: A Rising Star