1 Becca
Pet name: Bee/ Bec
Meaning: Predict, Borrow
2 Beka
Pet name: Bek
Meaning: One Who Protects
3 Bela
Pet name: Bee/ Ella
Meaning: Time, Creeper
4 Belina
Pet name: Bes/ Elina/ Elli/ Lina/ Bina
Meaning: One Who Protects
5 Bella
Pet name: Bes/ Ela
Meaning: Beautiful
6 Benazir
Pet name: Bens/ Benaz/ Enazir/ Nazi/ Bezir/ Ezir
Meaning: Matchless Or Unequalled
7 Benisha
Pet name: Beni/ Enisha/ Nisha/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Dedicated
8 Bennett
Pet name: Benne/ Ennet/ Ben
Meaning: Little Blessed One
9 Berka
Pet name: Beka/ Erka/ Berk
Meaning: Increase, Breeding
10 Bethina
Pet name: Bethi/ Ethina/ Ehina/ Eina/ Behina
Meaning: God's Promise
11 Beula
Pet name: Beu/ Eula/ Bula
Meaning: Bride
12 Bonita
Pet name: Boni/ Onita/ Nita/ Nia
Meaning: Good,  Pretty
13 Bonnie
Pet name: Boni/ Onnie
Meaning: Good,  Pretty
14 Kaajal
Pet name: Kaaj/ Aajal/ Jal/ Aaja
Meaning: Mascara, Surma Or Eye Liner
15 Kaamisha
Pet name: Kaami/ Kaamis/ Amisha/ Ami/ Misha/ Isha/ Sha/ Mia
Meaning: A Happy Soul
16 Kaamla
Pet name: Kaamy/ Amla/ Aala/ Kaala
Meaning: Perfect, Goddess, Flower
17 Kaamna
Pet name: Kaamy/ Amna/ Aana
Meaning:  Passion Or Desire
18 Kaamnoosh
Pet name: Kaamy/ Kamnoos/ Amnosh/ Noosh/ Amoosh/ Anoosh
Meaning: Sweet Wish Or, Sweet Desire
19 Kaanchana
Pet name: Kaanch/ Kaanch/ Achana/ Achan/ Anhana/ Hana/ Chana
Meaning: Gold,  Wealth
20 Kaanti
Pet name: Kaani/ Kaant/ Anti/ Aani
Meaning: Desire, Beauty
21 Kaarthika
Pet name: Kaarthi/ Kaarthy/ Arthika/ Ari/ Arika/ Hika/ Aika/ Rika/ Riks
Meaning: A Star, Lord Karthikeya
22 Kaarunya
Pet name: Karuna/ karuny/ Arunya/ Aruna/ Aunya/ Anya
Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi, Merciful
23 Kaasni
Pet name: Kaas/ Kaay/ Aasni/ Asi/ Kaani
Meaning: Flower
24 Kaaveri
Pet name: Kaave/ Kavees/ Averi/ Aeri/ Kaeri/ / Avee
Meaning: Filled With Water, Turmeric
25 Kabani
Pet name: Kabs/ Kany/ Abani/ Bani/ Ani/ Kaani
Meaning: Name Of A River
26 Kabeesha
Pet name: Kabee/ Kabees/ Abeesha/ Aeesha/ Beesha/ Eesha/ Esh/ Kaees
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
27 Kabira
Pet name: Kabi/ Kabis/ Abira/ Aira/ Kaira/ Abia/ Abi
Meaning:  Great
28 Kabita
Pet name: Kabi/ Kabits/ Abita/ Abia/ Abi
Meaning: Poem
29 Kabra
Pet name: Kaba/ Abra/ Abha
Meaning:  Hoary, Heinous, Cardinal, White
30 Kadamba
Pet name: Kadam/ Adamba/ Adam/ Amba/ Ambu/ Kaaba
Meaning: Trendy
31 Kadambaki
Pet name: Kadam/ Adambaki/ Adam/ Ambaki/ Aki/ Kaamki
Meaning: Flower Of Kadamba
32 Kadambari
Pet name: Kadam/ Adambari/ Adam/ Ambari/ Amari/ Ami
Meaning: Goddess Saraswathi, Nightingale Bird
33 Kaheesha
Pet name: Kahe/ Aheesha/ Heesha/ Eesha/ Aeesha/ Ahees/ Sha
Meaning:  Poetess,  Daughter Of Al-Waqa
34 Kahlima
Pet name: Kahli/ Ahlima/ Alima/ Alia/ Lima/ Kima
Meaning: Goddess Kalic
35 Kailas
Pet name: Kaila/ Ailas/ Aila
Meaning: Home Of The Lord
36 Kailee
Pet name: Kaile/ Ailee/ Ail/ Alee
Meaning: The Pure One
37 Kaileena
Pet name: Kail/ Aileena/ Aleena/ Ail/ Leena/ Aeena/ Ieena
Meaning: Pure Or Clean
38 Kailesvari
Pet name: Kail/ Aile/ Ailes/ Esvari/ Evari
Meaning: Goddess Of Water
39 Kailey
Pet name: Kail/ Ailey/ Aile
Meaning: Trendy
40 Kaillie
Pet name: Kailli/ Aillie/ Allie
Meaning: Kailli/ Aillie/ Allie
41 Kailynn
Pet name: Kai/ Kaily/ Ailynn/ Aily/ Ainn/ Kilynn
Meaning:  Meadow, Waterfall
42 Kailynne
Pet name: Kai/ Kaily/ Ailynne/ Ailye/ Ainne/ Anne/ Kilynne
Meaning: She Who Has The Keys
43 Kaira
Pet name: Kai/ Kair/ Aira/ Ira/ Kira
Meaning:  Peaceful,  Unique,  Lady
44 Kajal
Pet name: Kaj/ Kajas/ Ajal/ Ajaa/ Kaal
Meaning: Eyeliner
45 Kajol
Pet name: Kaj/ kajo/ Ajol/ Ajoo/ Kol
Meaning:  Mascara Or Eye Liner
46 Kala
Pet name: Kal/ Alas
Meaning: Art
47 Kalakarni
Pet name: Kala/ Alak/ Karni/ Arni/ Anii/ Arii
Meaning:  Goddess Lakshmi
48 Kalarani
Pet name: Kala/ Kalars/ Ala/ Lara/ Rani/ Arani/ Aani/ Arni
Meaning: Art, Phases Of Moon
49 Kalare
Pet name: Kala/ Alare/ Lare/ Aare
Meaning: Shines
50 Kalavati
Pet name: Kala/ Kalavy/ Alava/ Avati/ Ava/ Vati/ Avai
Meaning: Artistic
51 Kalavii
Pet name: Kala/ Kalav/ Alavii/ Avii
Meaning: Artistic
52 Kalehika
Pet name: Kale/ Kaleh/ Alehika/ Ale/ Hika/ Lehika/ Lehia
Meaning: Black Sandalwood
53 Kali
Pet name: kals/ Alis
Meaning: Dark Goddess
54 Kalika
Pet name: Kali/ Alika/ Ali/ Lika/ Alia
Meaning: Loud, Flower Bed
55 Kalima
Pet name: Kali/ Alima/ Lima/ Aima/ Ima
Meaning:  Blackish
56 Kalinda
Pet name: Kali/ Alinda/ Linda/ Lina/ Alina/ Lia
Meaning: The Sun
57 Kalindha
Pet name: Kali/ Alindha/ Lindha/ Linda/ Inha/ Liha/ Kaliha/ Kalida
Meaning:  The Sun
58 Kalindi
Pet name: Kali/ Alindi/ Lindi/ Aindi/ Indi/ Kaini
Meaning: Yamuna River
59 Kalini
Pet name: Kali/ Alini/Aini/ Lini
Meaning:  Flower
60 Kalli
Pet name: Alli
Meaning: Energy, Black Goddess
61 Kalnisha
Pet name: Kalni/ Alnisha/ Anisha/ Alisha/ Lisha/ Nisha/ Ania/ Sha/ Kali
Meaning:  Eve Of Diwali
62 Kalpana
Pet name: Kalpan/ Alpana/ Alana/ Aana/ Kalaa
Meaning: Idea, Imagination
63 Kalpavati
Pet name: Kalpav/ Alpava/ Avati/ Ava/ Vati/ Avai/ Pavai/ Lavai/ Lavi
Meaning: Competent
64 Kalphana
Pet name: Kalpha/ Alphana/ Alpana/ Hana/ Kalana
Meaning: Fantasy, Imagining
65 Kalpini
Pet name: Kalpi/ Alpini/ Apini/ Alini/ Aini/ Kalini
Meaning: Night
66 Kalyani
Pet name: Kalyi/ Alyani/ Alani/ Yani/ Kalani
Meaning: Blissful, Fortunate
67 Kamakshi
Pet name: Kama/ Amakshi/ Akshi/ Ashi/ Aksi
Meaning:  Parvati
68 Kamala
Pet name: Kama/ Amala/ Mala
Meaning: Lotus
69 Kamaladevi
Pet name: Kama/ Amalad/ Mala/ Malaevi/ Devi/ Evi
Meaning:  Lady Of The Lotus
70 Kamalakshi
Pet name: Kala/ Amala/ Kamala/ Alakshi/ Akshi/ Akhi/ Ashi
Meaning: One With Lotus Shaped Eyes
71 Kamali
Pet name: Kama/ Amali/ Mali
Meaning: Full Of Desire, Water
72 Kamalika
Pet name: Kama/ Amalika/ Malika/ Alika/ Aika/ Lika/ Kalika
Meaning:  Goddess Lakshmi 
73 Kamalini
Pet name: Kama/ Alini/ Malini/ Kamali/ Malii/ Aini
Meaning: Lotus
74 Kamana
Pet name: Kama/ Amana/ Mana/ Kaana
Meaning: Desire
75 Kamari
Pet name: Kam/ Amari/ Aari
Meaning:  Love
76 Kamini
Pet name: Kami/ Amini/ Aini/ Mini
Meaning: A Beautiful Woman
77 Kamna
Pet name: Kama/ Amna/ Aana
Meaning:  Desire
78 Kamnika
Pet name: Kamni/ Amnika/ Amika/ Ami/ Anika/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Alluring, Charming
79 Kamya
Pet name: Kamy/ Amya/ Kaya
Meaning:  Capable
80 Kamyra
Pet name: Kamy/ Amyra/ Amy/ Myra/ Ara
Meaning: Surrounded By Light
81 Kanaka
Pet name: Kanak/ Anaa
Meaning: Gold
82 Kanakalatha
Pet name: Kanak/ Kanaka/ Alatha/ Alaha/ Latha/ Analatha/ Analaha
Meaning: Golden Creeper
83 Kanakapriya
Pet name: Kanak/ Anaa/ Kapriya/ Ariya/ Ari/ Riya/ Ria
Meaning:  Lover Of Gold
84 Kanakavalli
Pet name: Kank/ Kanaka/ Avalii/ Valli/ Kallli/ Ava/ Avai
Meaning: Gold
85 Kanchana
Pet name: Kanch/ Kanchi/ Achana/ Ahana/ Aana
Meaning: Gold
86 Kangana
Pet name: Kanga/ Kangas/ Angana/ Anana/ Aana/ Gana
Meaning: Bracelet
87 Kanika
Pet name: Kani/ Kaniks/ Anika/ Ani/ Aika/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Molecule, Small Girl
88 Kaniksha
Pet name: Kani/ Kaniks/ Anishka/ Anisha/ Nishka/ Nisha/ Ishka/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Grain
89 Kanira
Pet name: Kanir/ Kany/ Anira/ Nira/ Nia
Meaning: Grain
90 Kanishka
Pet name: Kanisa/ Kanisy/ Anishka/ Anisha/ Nishka/ Ishka/ Isha/ Sha
Meaning: Name Of A King
91 Kanjri
Pet name: Kanj/ Anri/ Ari/ Anjri
Meaning:  Bird
92 Kanka
Pet name: Kana/ Anka/ Aana
Meaning: Scent Of The Lotus
93 Kankavati
Pet name: Kanka/ Ankav/ Anavati/ Avati/ Vati/ Avaii
Meaning:  Possessing Gold, Golden One
94 Kannika
Pet name: Kanni/ Annika/ Anni/ Nika/ Aika/ Nia
Meaning: Beautiful
95 Kanta
Pet name: Kana/ Anta/ Aana
Meaning:  Beauty
96 Kantha
Pet name: Kana/ Antha/ Atha/ Anha/ Aana
Meaning: Beauty
97 Kanti
Pet name: Kani/ Anti
Meaning:  Light
98 Kanushi
Pet name: Kanu/ Anushi/ Nushi/ Aushi/ Ushi
Meaning: Beloved
99 Kapalini
Pet name: Kapali/ Alini/ Aini/ Lini/ Apali
Meaning: Goddess Durga
100 Kapila
Pet name: Kapi/ Kapis/ Apila/ Ila
Meaning: Sacred Cow Or Divine Cow
101 Karabi
Pet name: Karab/ Karas/ Arabi/ Rabi/ Arai
Meaning: Flower
102 Karalika
Pet name: Kara/ Aralika/ Ara/ Ralika/ Rali/ Alika/ Ali/ Aika
Meaning: Goddess Durga
103 Kareema
Pet name: Karee/ Areema/ Aeema/ Reema/ Eema
Meaning: Generous, Noble
104 Kareena
Pet name: Karee/ Areena/ Aeena/ Reena/ Areea/ Aree
Meaning: Pure, Innocent
105 Karelyn
Pet name: Kare/ Arelyn/ Arely/ Aren/ Karen
Meaning:  Free Man
106 Karen
Pet name: Kare/ Aren
Meaning: The Pure One
107 Karena
Pet name: Kre/ Arena/ Areea/ Rena/ Aena
Meaning: The Pure One
108 Karika
Pet name: Karik/ Arika/ Aria/ Rika/ Ria
Meaning: A Collection Of Verses On Philosophy
109 Karima
Pet name: Kaari/ Karis/ Arima/ Aima/ Rima/ Kima
Meaning:  Generous,  Noble,  Precious,  Perfect
110 Karime
Pet name: Kari/ Karis/ Arime/ Ari/ Rime/ Aime
Meaning: The Attractive One
111 Karina
Pet name: Kari/ Kariny/ Arina/ Rina/ Ria
Meaning:  A Pure,  Innocent
112 Karisha
Pet name: Karis/ Karishy/ Arisha/ Aisha/ Risha/ Isha/ Riha/ Sha
Meaning: A Miracle
113 Karishma
Pet name: Karis/ Karish/ Aris/ Arishma/ Rishma/ Ishma/ Isha/ Isma/ Aari
Meaning: Miracle
114 Karnika
Pet name: Karni/ Karniky/ Arnika/ Anika/ Aika/ Nika/ Rika/ Ria
Meaning: Creeper, Heart Of A Lotus
115 Karthika
Pet name: Karth/ Arthika/ Arika/ Arhika/ Hika
Meaning: A Star, Lord Karthikeya
116 Karthiki
Pet name: Karthi/ Arthiki/ Arthi/ Arhiki/ Hiki
Meaning:Divine, Light
117 Karuka
Pet name: Karus/ Aruka/ Arua/ Auka
Meaning:  Heavenly Piece Of Art
118 Karuli
Pet name: Karul/ Aruli/ Auli/ Ruli
Meaning: Innocent
119 Karuna
Pet name: Karus/ Aruna/ Auna/ Kauna
Meaning:  Mercifu, Gentle One
120 Karunamayee
Pet name: Karun/ Karuna/ Aruna/ Unmayee/ Mayee/ Unayee
Meaning: Merciful, Full Of Pity For Others
121 Karunamayi
Pet name: Karun/ Aruna/ Unmayi/ Mayi/ Namayi
Meaning: Merciful, Full Of Pity For Others
122 Karunasree
Pet name: Karu/ Karuna/ Aruna/ Sree/ Aree/ Asee
Meaning: Compassion, Mercy, Pity
123 Karunya
Pet name: Karu/ Arunya/ Aruna/ Runya/ Unya
Meaning: Compassionate
124 Kashika
Pet name: Kashi/ Ashika/ Ashi/ Ahika/ Aika/ Hika
Meaning: The Shiny One
125 Kashish
Pet name: Kashi/ Ashish/ Asish/ Asish
Meaning:  Attraction
126 Kashvi
Pet name: Kash/ Ashvi/ Asi/ Ahvi Asvi
Meaning: Shining
127 Kashyapi
Pet name: Kashy/ Ashyapi/ Ashyi/ Shyapi/ Ahyai
Meaning:  Earth
128 Kassie
Pet name: Kassi/ Assie/ Kaie
Meaning: Trendy
129 Kasthuri
Pet name: Kasth/ Asthuri/ Asthu/ Auri/ Ahuri/ Auri
Meaning:  Fragrance In Musk Deer
130 Kasturi
Pet name: Kastu/ Asturi/ Astu/ Auri
Meaning: Musk
131 Kathie
Pet name: Kath/ Athie/ Kaie
Meaning: Pure, Innocent
132 Katyayani
Pet name: Kat/ Katya/ Atyayi/ Ayani/ Tanyi/ Ani
Meaning: Goddess Parvathi
133 Kaumudi
Pet name: Kaumu/ Aumudi/ Umudi/ Udi/ Kaummu
Meaning:  Moonlight
134 Kaureen
Pet name: Kaure/ Aureen/ Areen/ Uree
Meaning: Beautiful Girl, Pretty Girl
135 Kausala
Pet name: Kausal/ Auala/ Ala
Meaning: Trendy
136 Kausalya
Pet name: Kausy/ Asalya/ Aulya/ Alya
Meaning: Mother Of Lord Rama
137 Kaushali
Pet name: Kaushi/ Aushali/ Ausha/ Ushali/ Usha/ Shali
Meaning: Skilful
138 Kaushalya
Pet name: Kaushy/ Aushalya/ Ausha/ Ushalya/ Shalya/ Ahalya/ Alya
Meaning: Mother Of Lord Rama
139 Kaushika
Pet name: Kaushi/ Aushika/ Aushi/ Shika/ Sika/ Ushi/ Sia
Meaning: Silk
140 Kaushiki
Pet name: Kaushi/ Aushiki/ Aushi/ Ushiki/ Ushi/ Ashiki
Meaning: Goddess Durga
141 Kaveri
Pet name: Kavs/ Averi/ Ave/ Aeri/ Ari
Meaning:  Name Of A Riverc
142 Kavika
Pet name: Kavs/ Avika/ Vika/ Aika/ Ika
Meaning: Poetess
143 Kavin
Pet name: Kavs/ Avin/ Avi
Meaning:  Beautiful
144 Kavina
Pet name: Kavs/ Avina/ Aiina/ Vina
Meaning: Remover Of Universal Agonies Or Sufferings
145 Kavita
Pet name: Kavs/ Avita/ Avia/ Avi
Meaning:  Kindness, Unique
146 Kavya
Pet name: Kavs/ Avya/ Kaya
Meaning: Poem
147 Kavyashri
Pet name: Kavs/ Avya/ Kavya/ Shri/ Sri
Meaning:  Poetry In Motion
148 Kaya
Pet name: Kays
Meaning: A Dark Purple Flower, Peaceful Name
149 Kayal
Pet name: Kays/ Kaya/ Ayal
Meaning: With Beautiful Eyes
150 Kayra
Pet name: Kays/ Kaya/ Ayra
Meaning: Kindness, Unique
151 Kazima
Pet name: Kazi/ Azima/ Azia/ Zima/ Aima
Meaning: One Who Controls
152 Kiara
Pet name: Kia/ Iara/ Ara/ Kiar
Meaning: First Ray Of Sun
153 Kimaya
Pet name: Kima/ Imaya/ Maya/ Iaya
Meaning:  Divine
154 Kinaari
Pet name: Kina/ Inaari/ Iaani/ Aari
Meaning: Shore
155 Kinjal
Pet name: Kinj/ Injal/ Kijal
Meaning: River Bank
156 Kinnari
Pet name: Kinna/ Innari/ Kinnai/ Nari/ Ari
Meaning: Musical Instrument
157 Kiran
Pet name: Kira/ Kian/ Iran
Meaning: Ray Of Light
158 Kiranmayi
Pet name: Kira/ Kiran/ Iranmayi/ Ranmayi/ Mayi
Meaning: Full Of Rays
159 Kirati
Pet name: Kira/ Irati/ Ira/ Rati
Meaning:  Goddess Durga
160 Kirsi
Pet name: Kiri/ Irsi
Meaning: Amaranth Blossoms
161 Kirtana
Pet name: Kirta/ Irtana/ Iana/ Irana/ Aana
Meaning: Praise
162 Kirthi
Pet name: Kirhi/ Irthi
Meaning: Fame
163 Kirti
Pet name: Kirt/ Irti
Meaning: Fame
164 Kirtika
Pet name: Kirti/ Rrtika/ Irika/ Rika/ Riks
Meaning: Famous Action
165 Kishika
Pet name: Kishi/ Krish/ Ishika/ Isha/ Shika/ Sika/ Sia
Meaning: Sweet As Grapes
166 Vedika
Pet name: Ved/ Vedis/ Edika/ Eika
Meaning: Full Of Knowledge
167 Vedya
Pet name: Ved/ Vedys/ Edya/ Eya
Meaning: Celebrated
168 Vedanti
Pet name: Ved/ Veda/ Edanti/ Eanti/ Anti
Meaning: Knower Of The Vedas
169 Vedha
Pet name: Ved/ Veda/ Edha
Meaning: Wisdom, Knowledge
170 Veda
Pet name: Ved/ veds/ Eda
Meaning: Knowledgeable
171 Vedhika
Pet name: Ved/ Vedhs/ Ehika/ Hiks
Meaning: Knowledgeable
172 Vedhitha
Pet name: Ved/ Veds/ Dhitha/ Hitha
Meaning: Knowledgeable
173 Vedhiha
Pet name: Ved/ Veds/ Vedhi/ Dhiha
Meaning: Knowledgeable
174 Veena
Pet name: Vee/ Veens/ Eena
Meaning: Lightning, Musical Instrument
175 Venah
Pet name: Vee/ Veena/Ean/ Eah
Meaning: Pining
176 Verna
Pet name: Vee/ Veers/ Erna/ Ena
Meaning: Colorful
177 Venika
Pet name: Vee/ Veni/ Enika/ Eni/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Holy River
178 Venya
Pet name: Vee/ Veny/ Enya/ Eya
Meaning: Lovable
179 Vernika
Pet name: Vee/ Verni/ Ernika/ Nika/ Nia
Meaning: Colorful