801 Arunkiran
Pet name: Aru/ Ari/ Kiran/ Aunk
Meaning: bright & Radiant
802 Arunkumar
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Kumar/ Umar/ Amar
Meaning: Suns Light Or Glow Of The Sun
803 Arunoday
Pet name: Aru/ Aro/ Aron/ Aday/ Unoday
Meaning: Early Morning Sunrays
804 Arunopal
Pet name: Aru/ Arun/ Pal/ Aruno/ Nopal
Meaning: The Ruby, Precious Stone Of The Sun
805 Arup
Pet name: Aru/ Roop
Meaning: Shapeless, Extremely Beautiful
806 Arushan
Pet name: Aru/ Ushan/ Ashan/ Rushan/ Ahan
Meaning: First Rays Of Morning Sun
807 Aruth
Pet name : Aru/ Auth/ Ruth
Meaning : Wind, Breeze
808 Arvalan
Pet name: Arvan/ Alan/ Avaan/ Ara/ Valan
Meaning: Lovable, Dear, Beloved
809 Arvan
Pet name: Ara/ Avaa/ Ravan
Meaning: Righteous, Morally Correct
810 Arvind
Pet name: Arav/ Avind/ Ravindh
Meaning: Empowered
811 Arvindra
Pet name: Ara/ Arav/ Avind/ Vindra/ Indra
Meaning: Handsome, Lord Of Horses
812 Arya
Pet name: Ari/ Ayu
Meaning: Noble, Honorable
813 Aryadev
Pet name: Ari/ Arya/ Dev
Meaning: Lord Of The Honor, Noble
814 Aryadita
Pet name: Ari/ Ayu/Adith/ Adi
Meaning: Friend
815 Aryaditya
Pet name: Arya/ Adhi/ Adhitya/ Ithya/ Aryu/ Adhit
Meaning: Beloved Friend
816 Aryak
Pet name: Ara/ Ayank
Meaning: Noble Person
817 Aryaki
Pet name: Ara/ Ayaki/ Rayaki
Meaning: Respected, Honoured
818 Aryamaan
Pet name: Ara/ Ari/ Amaan/ Ayaan/ Ramaan/ Manu
Meaning: Noble-Minded, Glorious
819 Aryaman
Pet name: Arya/ Amaan/ Ari/ Yaman
Meaning: The Sun, Companion
820 Aryamitra
Pet name: Arya/ Amit/ Ari/ Mitra
Meaning: Beloved, Friendly
821 Aryan
Pet name: Ary/ Ayan/ Rayan
Meaning: Warrior, Lord Indra
822 Aryanathan
Pet name: Arya/ Nathan/ Ananthan/ Annan/ Ananath/ Ahan/ Ari
Meaning: Lord Ayyappa
823 Aryash
Pet name: Ary/ Arya/ Ansh/ Ash/ Yash
Meaning: Brilliant, Knowledgeable, Noble
824 Aryav
Pet name: Ary/ Rayan/ Ari
Meaning:  Humble, Wise
825 Aryavan
Pet name: Arya/ Avan/ Rayav/ Ari
Meaning: One Who Is Noble And Kind
826 Arystan
Pet name: Ary/ Astan/ Ryastan
Meaning: Lion
827 Aryasthan
Pet name: Arya/ Aryas/ Yasthan/ Asthan/ Yassi
Meaning: Lion
828 Asaav
Pet name: Asaa/ Assi/ Saav
Meaning: Essence, Spirit, Soul, Heart, Core Of Life
829 Asadh
Pet name: Assi/ Assu/ Sadh/ Sadhu
Meaning: Lion, Happier Or Joyful
830 Asalesh
Pet name: Asa/ Alesh/ Esh/ Assu/ Asal
Meaning: Lord Shiva
831 Asaram
Pet name: Asa/ Assi/ Aram/ Ram
Meaning: Hopeful, Promising, Optimistic, Faith
832 Asbagh
Pet name: Asa/ Abagh/ Bagh
Meaning: Creative
833 Aseed
Pet name: Asee/ Aeed/ Eed
Meaning: A Narrator Of A Hadith
834 Aseelah
Pet name: Asee/ Aeel/ Alah/ Seelah
Meaning:Noble, Creative
835 Aseem
Pet name:  Ase/ Aeem/ Ieem
Meaning: Protector, Guardian, Defender
836 Asesh
Pet name:  Ase/ Aesh/ Sesh, Seshu
Meaning: Blessing, God's Grace
837 Asfand
Pet name:  Asaf/ Asaf
Meaning: Creative
838 Ashab
Pet name: Ashu/ Ahab/ Shab
Meaning: Blond, Fair
839 Ashaja
Pet name: Asha/ Shaj/ Shajju
Meaning: Courageous Or Brave
840 Ashank
Pet name: Ashan/ Ashu/ Ahank
Meaning: Faith, Hope
841 Ashankit
Pet name: Ashan/ Shankit/ Ankit/ Anit
Meaning: Hope, Faith, Promise
842 Ashanko
Pet name: Ashan/ Ahan/ Ahok/ Shan
Meaning: Fearless, Courageous, Bold
843 Ashay
Pet name: Ash/ Ahay/ Sahay
Meaning: Desire, Hope, Faith
844 Asheem
Pet name: Ashe/ Aheem/ Sheem/ Aeem/ Ash
Meaning: Boundless Or Limitless
845 Asheesh
Pet name: Ash/ Aeesh/ Sheesh/ Aheesh/ Ashe
Meaning: God’s Grace Or Blessings
846 Ashesh
Pet name: Ash/ Sesh/ Ashe/ Aesh
Meaning: Blessings From God
847 Ashfaq
Pet name: Ash/ Shaq/ Shfaq/ Afaq
Meaning: Noble Person, Sympathy, Favor
848 Ashiq
Pet name: Ashi/ Asiq
Meaning: Lover, Beloved, Dear
849 Ashirvad
Pet name: Ashi/ Shir/ Irvad/ Avad
Meaning: God’s Grace
850 Ashish
Pet name: Ashi/ Ish/ Shish/ Aish
Meaning: Blessing, God’s Grace
851 Ashit
Pet name: Ashi/ Ahith/ Sahith
Meaning: The Planet Or Desirable
852 Ashith
Pet name: Ashi/ Assi/ Isith
Meaning: Creative
853 Ashlek
Pet name: Ash/ Alek/ Shalek
Meaning: Powerful, Strong
854 Ashlesh
Pet name: Ash/ Alesh/ Shlesh
Meaning: Origin, The First
855 Ashmit
Pet name: Ash/ Amit/ Shamith
Meaning:  Pride, Superior
856 Ashneel
Pet name: Ash/ Aneel/ Neel/ Shaneel
Meaning: Unbeatable, Undefetable
857 Ashok
Pet name: Asho/ Ahok/ Aok/ Shok
Meaning: One Without Sorrow Or Pure, Holy
858 Ashokan
Pet name: Asho/ Ahok/ Aokan/ Ashan/ Ahan/ Akhan/ Shokan
Meaning: Creative
859 Ashooj
Pet name: Asho/ Shooja/ Ahooj
Meaning: Eternally Happy
860 Ashoojan
Pet name: Asho/ Oojan/ Shoojan/ Ajan/ Aja/ Ajju/ Jaan
Meaning: Creative
861 Ashraf
Pet name: Ash/ Araf/ Sharaf
Meaning: Humble Or Noble
862 Ashray
Pet name: Ash/ Aray/ Aray/ Shray
Meaning: Shelter, Protection, Defender
863 Ashraydat
Pet name: Ash/ Arya/ Ayat/ Yadat
Meaning: Protector, Defender
864 Ashrith
Pet name: Ash/ Arith/ Shrith/ Shri
Meaning:  Lord Ganesha
865 Ashrut
Pet name: Ash/ Ashu/ Arut/ Ashur
Meaning: Famous
866 Ashtak
Pet name: Ash/ Atak/ Santak
Meaning: Name Of Prophet Muhammad
867 Ashten
Pet name: Ash/ Ahten/ Shten
Meaning: A From The Ash Tree
868 Ashtik
Pet name: Ash/ Atik/ Shtik/ Ahik
Meaning: Creative
869 Ashumu
Pet name: Ashu/ Ahum
Meaning: One With Beautiful And Pleasing Face
870 Ashuthosh
Pet name: Ashu/ Athosh/ Aosh/ Ahosh
Meaning:  Delighted And Pleasure
871 Ashutosh
Pet name: Ashut/ Atosh/ Aosh/ Ahosh
Meaning: Lord Shiva
872 Ashvanth
Pet name: Ash/ Avanth/ Shavan/ Vanth
Meaning: Strong, Courageous
873 Ashvath
Pet name: Ash/ Avath/ Avath
Meaning: Brave, Powerful, Courageous
874 Ashvik
Pet name: Ash/ Avik/ Vik
Meaning: Blessed And Victorious
875 Ashvin
Pet name: Ash/ Avin/ Asvin
Meaning:  Light, First Star In The Sky
876 Ashwajit
Pet name: Ashaw/ Wajith/ Ajith/ Ajju/ Shawa
Meaning: Glorious Victory
877 Ashwalayan
Pet name: Ash/ Walayan/ Alayan/ Layan/ Shwalyan
Meaning: Son Of Vishwamitra
878 Ashwani
Pet name: Ash/ Awan/ Ashan
Meaning: Son Of Lord Sun
879 Ashwanth
Pet name: Ash/ Awanth/ Shawanth/ Ashwa
Meaning: Creative
880 Ashwasan
Pet name: Ash/ Awasan/ Wasan/ Ashwa
Meaning: Creative
881 Ashwath
Pet name: Ash/ Awath/ Aswa
Meaning: Knowledge, Brilliance, Intelligence
882 Ashwathama
Pet name: Ash/ Awathama/ Athama/ Shawath/ Aswath
Meaning:  Immortal, Eternal
883 Ashwin
Pet name: Ashw/ Awin/ Shawin
Meaning: A Star, Light
884 Asidhan
Pet name: Asi/ Adan/ Sidhan/ Idhan/ Asihan
Meaning:  Lord Vishnu And Shiva
885 Asif
Pet name: Asi/ Asis/ Aif
Meaning:  Forgiveness
886 Asija
Pet name: Asi/ Asijj/ Aij/ Seeja/ Aija
Meaning: A Great Sage
887 Asil
Pet name: Asi/ Asils/ Ail
Meaning: Highborn, Pure
888 Asim
Pet name: Asi/ Asu/ Aim
Meaning: Protector, Guardian
889 Asir
Pet name: Asi/ Asis/ Aiir
Meaning: Honored, Chosen One
890 Asish
Pet name: Asi/ Asis/ Aish
Meaning: Blessings
891 Asit
Pet name: Asi/ Asis
Meaning: Dark Coloured, Dark Coloured Stone
892 Asith
Pet name: Asi/ Asis/ Sith
Meaning: Creative
893 Asitvaran
Pet name: Asi/ Avaran/ Varan/ Aran
Meaning: Creative
894 Asiya
Pet name: Asi/ Aiya
Meaning: Creative
895 Askar
Pet name: Aska/ Asar/ Akar
Meaning: Creative
896 Askari
Pet name: Aska/ Asari/ Kari/ Aari
Meaning: Soldier Or Protector
897 Askhan
Pet name: Ash/ Khan/ Ashan/ Ahan
Meaning: More Liberal, Free
898 Aslam
Pet name: Asl/ Sam/ Alam
Meaning: Healthy, Safer, Freer
899 Aslesh
Pet name: Asl/ Alesh/ Aesh/ Slesh/ Lesh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
900 Asmaro
Pet name: Asm/ Amaro/ Aro/ Asaro/ Saro
Meaning: Brown
901 Asmit
Pet name: Asm/ Aith/ Amit
Meaning: Pride, Superior
902 Asokan
Pet name: Aso/ Akan/ Shokan/ Aokan
Meaning: One Who Is Always Blessed With Happiness Or Joy
903 Asotosa
Pet name: Aso/ Astosa/ Atosa/ Asos
Meaning: Lord Shiva
904 Assaf
Pet name: Assa/ Ssaf
Meaning: Grand Vizier Of Sulayman
905 Asseem
Pet name: Asee/ Aeem
Meaning: Limitless, Infinite, Never Ending
906 Assi
Pet name: Asi
Meaning:  A Beautiful And Fair God
907 Asthamurthi
Pet name: Astham/ Amur/ Murthi/ Aurth
Meaning: Lord Shiva
908 Asthik
Pet name: Ash/ Athik/ Ahik/ Asik
Meaning: Religious Or Devoted To God
909 Astik
Pet name: Asik/ Atik/ Aiik
Meaning: One Who Believes In God
910 Astitva
Pet name: Asti/ Stitva/ Itva
Meaning: Existence, Survival, Life
911 Astutayu
Pet name: Astu/ Utayu/ Astuta
Meaning: Aristanemis Son
912 Asul
Pet name: Asu/ Aul
Meaning: Wealth, Rich
913 Asuman
Pet name: Asu/ Aman/ Uman
Meaning: Creative
914 Asur
Pet name: Asu/ Aur
Meaning: Creative
915 Asuya
Pet name: Asu/ Auya
Meaning: Jealous
916 Asvajit
Pet name: Asva/ Ajit/ Ajju/ Vajit/ Vaji
Meaning: Horses By Conquest Gaining
917 Asvathama
Pet name: Asva/ Atham/ Svath
Meaning: Creative
918 Asvin
Pet name: Asi/ Asvi/ Avin
Meaning: A Star, Wealthy
919 Aswab
Pet name: Asa/ Asab/ Awab
Meaning: The One Who Is Best
920 Aswad
Pet name: Asa/ Awad/ Asad
Meaning: Black
921 Aswaghosh
Pet name: Aswa/ Awa/ Agosh/ Ahosh
Meaning: Name Of A Philosopher, Horses Neigh
922 Aswanth
Pet name: Asa/ Aswa/ Awanth/ Swanth/ Awan
Meaning: Victorious, Conquering, Great King
923 Aswantha
Pet name: Aswa/ Antha/ Aswan/ Awan
Meaning: Creative
924 Aswath
Pet name: Aswa/ Awath/ Sawath
Meaning: Creative
925 Aswin
Pet name: Aswi/ Awin
Meaning: Spear-Friend
926 Aswinkumar
Pet name: Aswi/ Awin/ Kumar/ Umar/ Amar
Meaning: Creative
927 Atal            
Pet name: Ata
Meaning: Creative
928 Atambhu
Pet name:  Atam/ Abhu/ Ahu/ Ambhu/ Atamb
Meaning: The Holy Trinity
929 Atamendra
Pet name: Atam/ Atam/ Endra/ Amendra/ Tamen
Meaning: Bliss Of Soul, Happy Soul, Peaceful Soul
930 Atamjit
Pet name: Atam/ Amit/ Ajith/ Amjit/ Ajju
Meaning: Creative
931 Atamjyot
Pet name: Atam/ Ajyot/ Ajju
Meaning: Light Of The Soul, Flame Of Spirit
932 Atamveer
Pet name: Atam/ Aveer/ Veer/ Amveer
Meaning: Brave, Courageous, Strong From Soul
933 Atchut
Pet name: Atchu/ Chut/ Auth
Meaning: Great Person
934 Ateef
Pet name: Aeef
Meaning: Chaste, Modest
935 Ateeksh
Pet name: Atee/ Aeeksh/ Eeksh
Meaning:  Wise, Knowledgeable, Learned, Noble
936 Atfat
Pet name: Afat/ Atat
Meaning: Affection, Compassion
937 Athar
Pet name: Athar/ Atar
Meaning: White, Pure
938 Atharv
Pet name: Athar/ Atarv
Meaning: Lord Ganesh, Knowledgeable One
939 Atharva
Pet name: Atha/ Arva/ Athar
Meaning: Lord Ganesha, Knows Vedas, Knowledgeable
940 Atharvan
Pet name: Athar/ Atarv/ Avan/ Arav
Meaning: Lord Ganesha, Knowledgeable
941 Atheel
Pet name: Athe/ Aeel/ Aheel
Meaning: One Who Is High In Status Or Nobility
942 Atheer
Pet name: Athe/ Aeer/ Aheer
Meaning: Honorable
943 Athervan
Pet name: Ather/ Athe/ Ervan/ Aerav
Meaning: Creative
944 Athi
Pet name: Ahi
Meaning: The Sun, The Beginning
945 Athiban
Pet name: Athi/ Aban/ Atiban
Meaning: Creative
946 Athif
Pet name: Ahif/ Aiif
Meaning: Creative
947 Athiya
Pet name: Athi/ Aiya
Meaning: Lord Ganesha
948 Athrv
Pet name: Athr
Meaning: Lord Ganesha, Knowledgeable One
949 Athula
Pet name: Athu/ Aula
Meaning: Immeasurable, Incomparable
950 Atif
Pet name: Ati/ Aif
Meaning: Kind One, Generous
951 Atiksh
Pet name: Ati/ Aiksh/ Atik
Meaning: Wise, Knowledgeable, Learned, Noble
952 Atimanav
Pet name: Atim/ Amanav/ Anav/ Iman
Meaning: Extremely Efficient
953 Atiq
Pet name: Ati/ Aiq
Meaning: Ancient, Noble
954 Atish
Pet name: Ati/ Aish
Meaning: Creative
955 Atishay
Pet name: Ati/ Ashay/ Ahay
Meaning: Successful, Bright
956 Atishk
Pet name: Ati/ Aishk/ Ishk/ Atish
Meaning: Wise
957 Atith
Pet name: Ati/ Aith
Meaning: To Exceed
958 Atitheya
Pet name: Ati/ Atit/ Aeya/ Atheya
Meaning: Humble, Hospitality
959 Atithi
Pet name: Ati/ Aith/ Atith
Meaning: Guest, Caller
960 Atiya
Pet name: Ati/ Aiya
Meaning: Gift
961 Atlee
Pet name: Alee
Meaning: The Meadow
962 Atmaj
Pet name: Atm/ Amaj/ Majj
Meaning: Son, Descendant
963 Atman
Pet name: Aman/ Atan
Meaning: Soul, Spiritual
964 Atmanand
Pet name: Atma/ Anand/ Nand/ Manan
Meaning:  Blissful, Happy, Delightful, Joyous, Pleasant
965 Atmananda
Pet name: Atman/ Atma/ Anand/ Nandan/ Nandu/ Manan
Meaning: Bliss Of Soul Or Happy Soul
966 Atmaram
Pet name: Atma/ Amar/ Aram/ Ram
Meaning: Soul, Spritual
967 Atmik
Pet name: Atmi/ Ami/ Amik/ Atik/ Aik
Meaning: The Soul
968 Atmiyan
Pet name: Atmi/ Miyan/ Iyan/ Amiyan
Meaning: Friend, Beloved
969 Atmoja
Pet name: Atm/ Amoj/ Aoj
Meaning: Son Of The Soul
970 Atraiu
Pet name: Atrai/ Arai/ Atai/ Traiu
Meaning: Great Warrior, Fighter, Defender
971 Atral
Pet name: Atal/ Aral/ Aal
Meaning: Skilled, Powerful
972 Atreya
Pet name: Atre/ Arey/ Treya
Meaning: Clever, A Sage
973 Attamjit
Pet name: Attam/ Amjit/ Ajith/ Ajju/ Jitt
Meaning: Creative
974 Atuf
Pet name: Atu/ Auf
Meaning: Affectionate, Beloved, Friendly
975 Atul
Pet name: Atu/ Aul
Meaning: Incomparable
976 Atulya          
Pet name: Atu/ Aulya/ Alya/ Atlya
Meaning: Incomparable, Unique
977 Atvar
Pet name: Atar/ Avar
Meaning: Creative
978 Atvi
Pet name: Avi
Meaning: Creative
979 Audvik
Pet name: Aud/ Avik/ Vik/ Udvik
Meaning: Lord Shiva
980 Aurangzeb
Pet name: Aura/ Arang/ Azeb
Meaning: Ornament Of The Throne
981 Auraq
Pet name: Aura/ Araq/ Uraq
Meaning: Dust Or Sand Colored
982 Aurva
Pet name: Aur/ Urva/ Arva
Meaning: Name Of A Rishi Or A Sage
983 Austen
Pet name: Aust/ Aen
Meaning: Hevanily Like
984 Avaad
Pet name: Avii/ Ava
Meaning: Marvelous
985 Avadh
Pet name: Avad/ Vaadh
Meaning: Immortal, Powerful
986 Avadhesh
Pet name: Avad/ Vadhes/ Adesh/ Ahesh/ Aesh
Meaning: King Dasaratha
987 Avadhoot
Pet name: Avad/ Vadhoot/ Ahoot/ Adhoot
Meaning: God Dattatreya
988 Avalok
Pet name: Ava/ Alok/ Aval/ Valok
Meaning: One Who Beholds
1989 Avalur
Pet name: Ava/ Aval/ Aur/ Alur
Meaning: Promise Or Commit
910 Avan
Pet name: Ava/ Avi
Meaning: Ruler Of The Earth
991 Avaneesh
Pet name: Ava/ Aneesh/ Aeesh/ Eesh/ Vaneesh/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Of The Whole World
992 Avanindra
Pet name: Ava/ Anindra/ Indra/ Avan/ Vanind
Meaning: King Of The Earth Or Lord Of The Earth
993 Avanish
Pet name: Ava/ Anish/ Avi/ Avan
Meaning: Lord Of The Earth
994 Avashesh
Pet name: Ava/ Sesh/ Asesh/ Vashe/ Aesh/ Esh
Meaning: Remainder, Something That Remains
995 Avasyu
Pet name: Ava/ Vasu/ Vasyu
Meaning: Lord Indra
996 Avdhut
Pet name: Ava/ Adhut/ Ahut/ Avad
Meaning: Lord Dutta, Good Willing
997 Aveekshith
Pet name: Avee/ Ekshit/ Ekshi/ Veekshit
Meaning: Vayu Deva, Lord Shiva
998 Aveen
Pet name: Avee/ Aeen
Meaning: Creative
999 Avichal      
Pet name: Avi/ Achal/ Ahal/ Ichal
Meaning: Unmovable
1000 Aviesh
Pet name: Avi/ Viesh/ Iseh/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
1001 Avijit
Pet name: Avi/ Vijit/ Ijit/ Ajit
Meaning: Invincible
1002 Avik
Pet name: Avi/ Vik/ Aik
Meaning: Brave
1003 Avikam
Pet name: Avi/ Akam/ Vikam
Meaning: Diamond
1004 Avikesh
Pet name: Avi/ Vikesk/ Vike/ Esh
Meaning: Creative
1005 Avilasa
Pet name: Avi/ Vilas/ Ilasa/ Ailasa/ Ail
Meaning: Faithful, Constant
1006 Avilash
Pet name: Avi/ Vilash/ Ilash/ Avil
Meaning: Faithful
1007 Avinash
Pet name: Avi/ Ain/ Vinash/ Inash/ Ash
Meaning: Immortal, Unconquerable
1008 Avirat
Pet name: Avi/ Irat/ Avir/ Veer
Meaning: Continuous
1009 Avleen
Pet name: Avle/ Aleen/ Aeen/ Leen
Meaning: First
1010 Avram
Pet name: Avay/ Avam/ Ram
Meaning: Father Of Many
1011 Avrum
Pet name: Avu/ Avru/ Arum
Meaning: Father Of Many
1012 Avshalom
Pet name: Ava/ Ashal/ Alom/ Avsh/ Ahalom
Meaning: Father Of Peace
1013 Avyaan
Pet name: Avya/ Vayaan/ Ayaan/ Avaan
Meaning: Lord Vishnu, Perfect
1014 Avyakta
Pet name: Avy/ Vyakta/ Yakta/ Avya
Meaning: Lord Ganesh
1015 Avyan
Pet name: Avys/ Vyaan/ Yaan/ Avaan
Meaning: Smooth
1016 Avyukt
Pet name: Avy/ Ayukt/ Yukt
Meaning: Lord Krishna, Crystal Clear
1017 Avyukta
Pet name: Avy/ Avi/ Ayuta/ Yukt/ Aukta
Meaning: Crystal Clear
1018 Awad
Pet name: Awa/ Wad
Meaning: Reward, Compensation
1019 Awadil
Pet name: Awa/ Adil/ Dil
Meaning: Justice, Fair
1020 Awalmir
Pet name: Awas/ Awal/ Avalm/ Almir/ Amir
Meaning:  Leader
1021 Awamil
Pet name: Awa/ Amil/ Wamil
Meaning: Active, Effective
1022 Awamiri
Pet name: Awas/ Awam/ Amir/ Meer
Meaning: Long-Lived
1023 Awan
Pet name: Awa
Meaning: Moment, Or Time
1024 Awdil
Pet name: Awi/ Awad/ Adil/ Dil
Meaning: Fair And Honest
1025 Awlyan
Pet name: Awl/ Aiyan/ Wlyan
Meaning: Good Friend And Companion
1026 Awmar
Pet name: Awma/ Amar
Meaning: Long-Lived, Ever lasting
1027 Ayaan
Pet name: Ayu/ Ayaa/ Yaan
Meaning: Time, God's Gift
1028 Ayaank
Pet name: Ayu/ Yaank/ Ayak

Meaning: Creative

1029 Ayaaz
Pet name: Aya/ Aaz/ Yaaz
Meaning: Respectable One
1030 Ayal
Pet name: Aya
Meaning:  Stag, A Male Deer
1031 Ayamin
Pet name: Aya/ Ami/ Yamin
Meaning: Blessed By The Grace Of God
1032 Ayan
Pet name: Aya/ Yaan
Meaning: Time, Lord Ganesh
1033 Ayansh
Pet name: Ayan/ Yansh/ Ansh/ Ash
Meaning: Creative
1034 Ayas
Pet name: Aya/ Yaas
Meaning: Gold
1035 Ayavanth
Pet name: Aya/ Avanth/ Yavanth/ Ayav
Meaning: Lord Shiva
1036 Aybak
Pet name: Aya/ Abak
Meaning: Messenger
1037 Aydann
Pet name: Aya/ Adan/ Yadan
Meaning: A Fiery Young Man
1038 Aydar
Pet name: Aya/ Adar/ Yadar
Meaning: Creative
1039 Aydeen
Pet name: Ayad/ Adeen/ Aeen/ Adee/ Yadeen
Meaning: Radiant, Light Or Pure
1040 Ayden
Pet name: Ayad/ Ayen
Meaning: Radiant, Light Or Pure
1041 Ayers
Pet name: Aye/ Aers/ Ayes/ Ayer
Meaning: Creative
1042 Aylmer
Pet name: Ayl/ Almer/ Amer
Meaning: Noble, Honest
1043 Aylwin
Pet name: Aly/ Awin/ Alwin
Meaning: Humble Friend
1044 Ayman
Pet name: Aym/ Aya/ Aman
Meaning: Fortunate, Blessed
1045 Aymil
Pet name: Aym/ Ail/ Amil
Meaning: Talented, excellent
1046 Aynan
Pet name: Ayan/ Anan
Meaning: Two Springs, Two Fountains
1047 Ayngaran
Pet name: Ayn/ Aran/ Agaran
Meaning: Son Of Lord Shiva
1048 Ayog
Pet name: Ayo/ Yog
Meaning: Auspicious Time
1049 Aysar
Pet name: Ayas/ Asar/ Asu/ Yasar
Meaning: One Who Leads A Better Life
1050 Ayub
Pet name: Ayu/ Aub
Meaning: A Prophet Name
1051 Ayukhan
Pet name: Ayu/ Aukh/ Khan
Meaning: Leader Of The Bear
1052 Ayus
Pet name: Ayu/ Aus
Meaning: Long Life, Age
1053 Ayush
Pet name: Ayu/ Aush/ Yush
Meaning: Time, Long Lived
1054 Ayushman
Pet name: Ayu/ Aush/ Ahman/ Ayush
Meaning: Blessed With Long Life
1055 Ayusman
Pet name: Ayu/ Usman/ Aman/ Usan
Meaning: Immortal, Everlasting
1056 Ayustejas
Pet name: Ayu/ Aus/ Tejas/ Ejas
Meaning: Energy Of Life, A Buddha
1057 Ayutajit
Pet name: Ayu/ Tajit/ Ajit/ Ajju
Meaning: Adorable, Charming
1058 Ayyappan
Pet name: Ayya/ Appan/ Yappan/ Yaan
Meaning: God Ayyappan
1059 Ayyash
Pet name: Ayas/ Yash/ Ash
Meaning: Long Lived
1060 Ayyub
Pet name: Ayu/ Aub
Meaning: A Prophets Name
1061 Ayyubi
Pet name: Ayu/ Yubi/ Aubi
Meaning: Humble, Patience
1062 Azaan
Pet name: Azz/ Zaan/ Aaan
Meaning: Prayer's Call
1063 Azad
Pet name: Azz/ Zaad
Meaning: Free, Independent
1064 Azam
Pet name: Azz/ Zaam
Meaning: Faithful, Greatest
1065 Azamat
Pet name: Azz/ Amat/ Zamat/ Azam
Meaning: Majesty, Glory Or Pride
1066 Azari
Pet name: Azar/ Ari/ Zaari
Meaning: Creative
1067 Azariah
Pet name: Aza/ Aria/ Zariah/ Riah
Meaning: God's Strength
1068 Azaz
Pet name: Aza/ Zaz
Meaning: Humble, Strong
1069 Azaziah
Pet name: Aza/ Azai/ Ziah/ Aiah
Meaning: From the Strength of the God
1070 Azban
Pet name: Azba/ Aban/ Zaban
Meaning: Fresh And Sweet
1071 Azeeb
Pet name: Azee/ Aeeb/ Zeeb
Meaning: Fresh Or Refreshing
1072 Azeem
Pet name: Azee/ Aeem
Meaning: Defender, Protector
1073 Azem
Pet name: Azze/ Aem
Meaning: Big Or Large
1074 Azfaar
Pet name: Azz/ Afaar/ Zafar
Meaning: Victory And Triumph
1075 Azhagu
Pet name: Azha/ Ahangu
Meaning: Handsome, Attractive
1076 Azhar
Pet name: Azza/ Azar
Meaning: Shining, Brilliant, Radiant
1077 Azharuddin
Pet name: Azha/ Azhar/ Zhar/ Arudd/ Uddin/ Aruddin
Meaning: Most Visible
1078 Azhmeer
Pet name: Azhm/ Zhmeer/ Meer
Meaning: Clever, Wise
1079 Azim
Pet name: Azzi/ Aiem
Meaning: Creative
1080 Aziz
Pet name: Azzu
Meaning: Strong, Beloved
1081 Azizbek
Pet name: Aziz/ Azib/ Zibek/ Aiek
Meaning: Creative
1082 Azmaray
Pet name: Azma/ Maray/ Zaray
Meaning: Creative
1083 Azmi
Pet name: Azzi/ Ami
Meaning: The Cherished One
1084 Azrael
Pet name: Azr/ Azzi/ Azra/ Arael
Meaning: Angel Of Death
1085 Azraf
Pet name: Azzr/ Azzi/ Zraf/ Araf
Meaning: Elegant Or Graceful
1086 Azraq
Pet name: Azra/ Araq/ Azaq
Meaning: Blue, A Prophet Name
1087 Azriel
Pet name: Azri/ Azzi/ Ariel/ Aiel
Meaning: God Is My strength
1088 Azud
Pet name: Azzu/ Zud
Meaning: Strong, Power
1089 Azwer
Pet name: Azzw/ Azzi/ Azzzu/ Awer
Meaning: Proud
1090 Azzam
Pet name: Azza/ Azzu/ Azzi
Meaning: Very Determined, Intelligent
1091 Azzami
Pet name: Azza/ Azam/ Ami
Meaning: Lion
1092 Azzat
Pet name: Azza/ Azzi
Meaning: Precious


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