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We all know the importance of breast milk for the development of babies and the need to ensure your baby can get the milk when required as well. R for Rabbit understands this and is presenting you with First Feed Elite Breast Pump. Now you can ensure that your baby will have sufficient milk even when you are working or doing other chores. As First Feed Elite is made to mimic the child’s suction pattern through its different massage and suction levels, you can easily express milk at your convenience. Its memory function will remember your comfort settings and operate on those exact ones every time you use them. Its compact design helps you to easily carry it in your bag while you’re on the go. Choose comfort for you and convenience for your baby with R for Rabbit First Feed Elite.

Key Features:

Safety 1st: R for Rabbit First Feed Elite’s body is made of PP and Silicone and is BPA free, which is extremely safe for your usage.

Anti-Backflow: The breast pump ensures that no backflow of milk happens while mom is expressing milk.

Massage Mode: With 10 levels of suction and 3 degrees of frequency, you can find a frequency as per your comfort. This mode will help cause Let-Down easily before expressing milk.

Suction mode: With 15 levels of suctions and 3 degrees of frequency, the suction mode is made to mimic the baby sucking with strong but placid motion helping you express milk in a safe & comfortable way.

Memory Function: First Feed Elite has a memory function to keep a record of how you used the pump last time. With this, it will run with the same suction & frequency levels as used by you previously.  

Rechargeable Lithium Battery: You can easily recharge the battery and use this breast pump for a longer duration.

Easy to use: You can comfortably use the breast pump in a straight seated posture. As it runs on battery (1300 mAh) and has a compact design, you can use it anywhere and also carry it with you easily.

Country of Origin: India


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