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Generally speaking, Colic or tummy bloating is often caused by trapped gas or disturbances in your baby’s digestive system. Due to such tummy related discomforts, it is often found that your baby may cry for no reason and become upset.For quick home remedy, giving a tummy massage to your baby gives quick relief from tummy related discomforts. Massaging your baby’s tummy or burping can support your baby’s digestion & move out the trapped gas from the digestive system. In some cases massaging the spine area of your baby can also relieve out the trapped gas/air.

It is often said that prevention is always better than cure, and taking this theory into account, there are specially designed Anti-colic baby Feeding Bottles which have colic blocking mechanism. These Feeding Bottles with soft silicone teat are clinically tested and have builtin anti-colic valve to effectively block air mix-up while feeding your baby. Features include easy latch, ergonomic shape, and a cleverly designed anti-colic system that reduces air travelling into your baby’s tummy.

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One such interesting product is an Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle from the house of Chicco. This bio-functional bottle with soft sense silicone teat perfectly adapts to suction intensity for smooth baby feeding. Unique equilibrium membrane at the bottle base cleverly lets in air from the lower end when the feeding bottle is placed in upright position for feeding. This way vacuum formation is reduced along with blocking of air mix up while feeding your baby.

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Speaking of baby Feeding Bottles, presently there are a whole lot of top Brands to choose from. Philips Avent, Dr browns & Chicco are the popular ones which have been clinically certified, BPA free and baby safe for regular use.To make your parenting journey easy, you can choose from various baby Feeding Bottles from top Brands at and get these products home delivered to you.

Studies have found that regularly feeding your baby with anti-colic baby Feeding Bottle helps in reducing tummy upsets & colic related discomforts. These easy to wash Feeding Bottles are made from BPA free food grade materials and convenient for one handed use. To ensure a stress free feeding experience and to reduce colic related tummy discomforts, investing in an anti-colic baby Feeding Bottle is one of the must have essential for your little one.

Words for the wise: It is always a good idea to consult a children’s specialist if such tummy related discomfort is found to continue.

*Mother’s milk is always best to your newborn baby

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